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Studying this book will help you become a well-grounded Java developer. Not only ). yazik.info Contribute to rupali/book development by creating an account on GitHub. The Well-Grounded Java Developer starts with thorough coverage of Java 7 features like try-with-resources and NIO You'll then explore a cross-section of.

Well Grounded Java Developer Pdf

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The Well-Grounded Java Developer: Vital techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming Programming Groovy: Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer. In this chapter, we'll begin with basic concepts and a whistle-stop tour of block- structured concurrency. This was the only game in town prior to Java 5, and it's. The Well-Grounded. Java Developer. Vital techniques ofJava 7 and. Polyglot Programming. BENJAMINJ. EVANS. MARTIJN VERBURG. II. MANNING.

I found the class files and bytecode chapter mildly interesting, but perked up again to learn more about how to do performance tuning, VisualVM and the new G1 garbage collector.

Polyglot programming on the JVM The polyglot programming section was largely a reinforcement of my existing knowledge since I've used Groovy and Scala quite a bit. The chapter on Clojure was an eye-opener since I hadn't used Clojure before.

I wasn't quite convinced of its merits, but I did learn enough to read and understand its syntax. Reading the Scala chapter while doing the Coursera course made me realize that Ben and Martijn really packed a lot into each language's chapter. This section is really a great intro to all these languages, especially if you've never worked with them before.

The Well-Grounded Java Developer

Crafting the polyglot project While the final section was good, I learned the least in this section. My guess is the authors assumed most Java devs already know it.

The final chapter had a lot of tips on staying well-grounded what's coming in Java 8, how the JVM is supporting polyglot programming, future concurrency trends and new directions in the JVM. I really enjoyed this book and feel I became a more knowledgeable Java developer by reading it.

It contained a lot of high-level concepts as well as nitty-gritty details. In my opinion, the sign of a great book is one that you feel you'll refer back to as a reference guide. The first half of this book definitely feels like something I'll refer back to.

The second half I'll recommend to Java developers wanted to get caught up with the latest trends. A pragmatic approach to performance analysis. What went wrong? Why we have to care. A question of time—from the hardware up.

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Alternative JVM languages 7. Java too clumsy? Polyglot programming on the JVM. How to choose a non-Java language for your project. How the JVM supports alternative languages.

Getting started with Groovy. Groovy —syntax and semantics. Differences from Java—traps for new players.

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Groovy features not yet in Java. Interoperating between Groovy and Java. A quick tour of Scala. Is Scala right for my project? Making code beautiful again with Scala. Data structures and collections.

Introducing Clojure. Looking for Clojure—syntax and semantics.

The Well-Grounded Java Developer: Vital techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming

Working with functions and loops in Clojure. Introducing Clojure sequences. Interoperating between Clojure and Java.

Test-driven development TDD in a nutshell. Build and continuous integration Getting started with Maven 3. Maven 3—a quick-start project.

Maven 3—the Java7developer build. Jenkins—serving your CI needs. Code metrics with Maven and Jenkins. Rapid web development The problem with Java-based web frameworks. Criteria in selecting a web framework. Getting started with Compojure.

Staying well-grounded What to expect in Java 8. Appendix A: Java7developer—source code installation.

Appendix B: Glob pattern syntax and examples. Appendix C: Installing alternative JVM languages.

Appendix D: Downloading and installing Jenkins. Appendix E: Java7developer—the Maven POM. About the book The Well-Grounded Java Developer offers a fresh and practical look at new Java 7 features, new JVM languages, and the array of supporting technologies you need for the next generation of Java-based software. About the reader Written for readers familiar with Java.Free Resource.

Comment 0. Doing a quick search on the internet reveals lots of free books, resource, and tutorials to learn Java. Paperback edition of this Java book is also available for download on site, here. Further Learning.

Rapid web development The problem with Java-based web frameworks. Introducing Java 7 1. Installing alternative JVM languages. Test-driven development