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The End Times Thanquol - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Wakka. End Times vol 4 - Thanquol book 2 - The yazik.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. The End Times yazik.info, , KB. file, The End Times yazik.info, , KB. file, The End Times yazik.info

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More Warhammer: The End Times stories from yazik.info Thanquol. Now their bodies were displayed with the rest, and those that survived had. However, this time plot armor is on the villains side, as At the end, Skreech Verminking sends Thanquol to formally ally the. When i started playing Vermintide i knew nothing about Warhammer Fantasy universe. You might be able to download them in pdf form from here. There are also The End Times companion books The Rise of the and the Thanquol and Boneripper series if you're looking for more stuff about skaven.

In the southern realms of Tilea and Estalia , the mortals of those distant fractious nations are beset by a nightmarish hordes from the depths of the World below.

Soon entire cities are lost as the Skaven race have once more invaded in order to bring about the start of the Great Ascendancy and summon forth their foul deity to usher in the downfall of the surface world. In the course of this conflict, two ancient secrets shall be revealed, one which would save this kingdom from utter destruction whilst the other shall reveal a truth that shall shatter their nation, their people and their very faith apart.

As the World draws its last dying breath, refugees by the tens of thousands have begun to flow like a river towards the Empire , the last bastion of defiance against the doom that seeks to destroy them all. To the north, upon the lost lands of Kislev , the Auric Bastion , the greatest magical wall ever created, loomed higher then the Bastion in Eastern Cathay , so high that it would pierce the clouds themselves.

This great wall is the only thing holding the darkness at bay, and should it fall, then the final battle for the entire world shall take place, and to the victors shall inherit the ultimate prize; the dominion of the Warhammer World. In the End however, this world is doomed, and from the ashes of the Old, a New World shall emerge out of the Darkness, following a cycle of creation and destruction that has been long in the making.

The World stands in the brink of Annihilation. It has done so since the beginning of time itself, when the great Old Ones of ancient times were destroyed long ago. The Polar Warp Gates of the Old Ones, once a marvel of ancient technology had collapsed and with them, Chaos flowed like water into the cold harsh lands of the northern and southern waste. Since then, every few hundreds years, the Gods of Chaos will reach out their hands towards this dying world and demand a claim of it as their own.

So it is fitting that a Champion of Chaos shall unite the warring tribes of the North and put about the End of Time as we know it. The threat of Chaos comes in many shapes and forms, from the mutating winds of magic and the barbarian tribes of the North, to the vile beastmen tribes that lurks within the dark forest of the Old World. However, it is the corruption of souls, the pollution of ideals and dreams that is its most subtle and deadliest weapons, for within every person lurks the heart of Chaos.

It is perhaps fitting then that the greatest threat to the Empire came not from a Kurgan Warlord, nor a Beastmen Chieftain, but from one of their very own. Though Diederick Kastner, the man who would in his despair take up the dreaded mantle of Archaon, was born as an Imperial in the province of Nordland , it was foretold in the Liber Caelistior , the dread Book of Divination penned by Necrodomo the Insane , that North and South would meet in the Everchosen's blood.

And indeed this was so; for Archaon bears mixed Norscan and Nordlander heritage, his father having been a champion from the Varg tribes who forced himself upon a cowering innocent during a raid that had seen his birth-village of Hargendorf burned to the ground in IC.

But once his true heritage and destiny was revealed to him, Diederick Kastner despaired and looked for salvation, travelling many miles towards the heart of his faith. Upon the massive Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf , the cursed Templar knelt before the Golden Statue of Sigmar and begged for a sign, to ask for his help from the darkness that has come to consume him whole.

But the golden statue stood silent, and with it's unspoken words, the Templar knew that it was hopeless. He renounced the gods of the south but still affirmed his hatred for the dark gods of his father, accepting the cruel destiny engineered for him as a final means to repay the Fates for the evil they had done upon him.

His deeds legend and his armies vast, innumerable foes of dauntless might lie bleeding in his calamitous stride. But deep inside, he wholly resented the Gods of Chaos and the misery they have brought upon him.

Thus the half-Norscan warlord stood ready to fulfill his destiny and to usher in the end of all things, and in the very end, he shall come face the very God of his people, of all Mankind. So it was that Archaon journeyed to the wastes for nearly years, searching for the legendary Artifacts that would exalt him to his true destiny as the Everchosen.

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The first treasure he sought was a unique " Mark of Chaos " that bears the blessings of all four powers in unison. It combines all of the advantages of the individual Marks of Chaos, blessing the bearer with all their power. The first part of Archaon's dark quest was to go to the Altar of True Darkness in Naggaroth and offer himself to the Gods to gain their favour and recognition.

He gathered a small band of Chaos Warriors he called the Swords of Chaos and battled his way to a citadel so tall it appeared to pierce Morrslieb itself. Inside the citadel, it was said to be blacker than even the heart of a Dark Elf soul, for when one of Archaon's followers attempted to light a torch, it was snuffed out instead by the all-consuming darkness.

Archaon was unafraid, and marched off alone with his steed into the darkness. As he continued to march, an untold number of creatures threw themselves upon the potential Everchosen. In this dire moment, his loyal steed was consumed by these monsters, and realising the death of a loyal friend he knew since his early years as a squire had boiled Archaon into a killing frenzy.

Within a matter of hours, he was able to slay hundreds of the misshapen monsters that had infested the mighty citadel, until finally his sword-arm turned numb and the ground grew slippery with the blood and gore of the fallen. Rising up from the filth, Archaon reconsecrated the altar for the Gods of Chaos, offering up the hearts of the creatures that had crawled in and defiled it.

When he emerged he bore the eternally burning Mark of Chaos on his forehead. The next artifact he sought was the " Armour of Morkar " the armour worn by the very first Everchosen. It makes the wearer invulnerable to all but the most powerful of attacks, making the wearer nigh-unstoppable in the heat of combat. After leaving Naggaroth on a stolen ship made of black metal and pulled by a massive sea-drake, Archaon took leadership of a seafaring war-band along the way to his destination.

They sailed to a mysterious land populated with savage half-humans. Neither sun nor moon had ever touched their pallid skin and after six days and six nights of battle after battle, the city of these creatures had been reduced to rubble.

Archaon delved deep into their necropolis until he found the Tomb of Morkar and the armour he sought. However, as Archaon reached out to take it, the spirit of Morkar animated the armour and attacked him.

The vengeful spirit laid down a relentless flurry of blows until Archaon cursed it in the language of the Unberogen tribe. The attack ceased for a moment, and Archaon smashed him aside, banishing the spirit of Morkar and allowing him to claim the armour as his own. Then there was the " Eye of Sheerian ", which is named after the Tzeentchian Sorcerer who discovered it. Although on its own it grants the bearer prophetic powers, when placed in the Crown of Domination its prophetic powers can be used to their true ability and allow the bearer to predict and avoid the attacks of the enemy.

At that time it lay in the lair of the Chaos Dragon Flamefang, who valued the Eye above all of it's other treasures. Archaon placed his claim for the Eye by smashing his axe into Flamefang's head. Long did man and monster battle at the base of the Cliff of Beasts. Flamefang breathed fire and even swallowed Archaon whole, but the Armour of Morkar protected him from its acidic stomach.

Archaon hacked his way out of the Dragon's gullet with the ferocity of a Flesh Hound, until Flamefang's throat was hacked to shreds and it died of exhaustion and blood loss. Archaon plucked the Eye of Sheerian from its place on the belly of the Dragon and hung it around his neck as his rightful reward.

The next treasure to be won was the dreaded demonic mount of Agrammon. Archaon battled his way past the Daemons guarding Agrammon's palace and sneaked inside, hiding beneath a beast that was part man, part mammoth and part insect. Inside was every beast imaginable, and some that are not. Archaon tracked Dorghar through the menagerie by its sulphurous stench.

When he found it he vaulted on to its back. The Steed of the Apocalypse changed shape and burst into flames, but Archaon was able to break it like a wayward stallion and escape from the Realm of Chaos. Eventually he sought a legendary Chaos Blade, known by many as the " Slayer of Kings " which was the sacred blade of Vangel, the second Everchosen. He bound the Greater Daemon U'zuhl into the blade, and the millennia of imprisonment have sent it insane with rage and fury.

It was said to rest at the top of Chimera Plateau, located near the roof of the world, where Archaon and his steed Dorghar journeyed. The warriors battling around the plateau saw the determination and destiny of Archaon, and he quickly gathered a huge horde of followers to wage war against the Chimeras.

They swiftly defeated the Chimera hordes guarding the higher passes where Archaon and his three companions climbed to the top of the plateau. From the top, Archaon looked down on the world, swearing that he would one day rule over all of it. Suddenly, what he had taken for a mountain behind him turned over in its sleep, causing a series of earthquakes in the lands below.

Archaon soon realised that the mountain was actually the father of the Dragon Ogre race, Krakanrok the Black. Even he could not defeat such a foe, so instead he and his companions sneaked past the titanic monster, only to find that the Slayer of Kings was clasped into its chest.

Prince Ograx the Great, the strongest of Archaon's companions, was able to lift up one of Krakanrok's talons high enough for Archaon to retrieve the Daemonsword. However, the Daemon bound inside began to shriek with deafening volume. With the blade's thirst quenched with royal blood, Archaon was able to sheath it and return from the plateau to the cheers of his followers, carrying his blade with him throughout all his battles. After many years of endless journeying, Archaon had finally gathered all of the Artifacts except one.

Forged before the dawn of man, the " Crown of Domination " once held the Eye of Sheerian, but had since been lost to history. It strikes terror into the bearer's foes and gives strength to his allies. Decades after finding the Slayer of Kings, Archaon still had no clue as to the whereabouts of this ancient battle-helm.

Eventually Be'lakor revealed its location, planning to steal the crown after Archaon found it. Be'lakor led Archaon up the mountain, the Steed of the Apocalypse carrying him over the most difficult terrain. After a day and a half of ceaseless climbing, Archaon stood before the massive double gate that was the entrance to the Shrine. Through the gateway was a labyrinth filled with dire beasts and vengeful Daemons.

Archaon was tested by each of the Chaos Gods to see if he was truly worthy to be the Everchosen. Nurgle sent deadly diseases that Archaon fought off with sheer willpower.

Tzeentch created a labyrinth of crystal, but Archaon blindfolded himself and used instinct alone to navigate it. Slaanesh sent temptation after temptation, but Archaon resisted, never diverting from the path to the inner gates of the Shrine.

After passing through the inner gates, Archaon found himself on a narrow causeway surrounded with hellfire that scorched his skin and burnt away his hair. Suddenly, a mighty Bloodthirster of Khorne erupted from the flames and attacked the potential Everchosen. The Greater Daemon was strong, but Archaon drew strength from the Slayer of Kings and wrested the Bloodthirster's weapons away and strangled it with it's own whip.

The hellfire died away, leaving Archaon gravely injured and standing in a simple shrine. A throne stood at the back of the shrine, with a withered corpse sitting on it. On the top of its withered skull sat the Crown of Domination. Archaon took the crown and, with his wounds healing and frame swelling with power, he held it to the heavens. After over a century of searching, he had claimed the title of Everchosen. All that he needed now was a coronation. Upon retrieving the Crown, the daemon prince Be'lakor performed the coronation that made Archaon the Lord of the End Times, and he began mustering the largest army ever seen by mortal kind.

It was from that day forward that the last spark of Archaon's humanity was extinguished, and from then until the end of days, Archaon finally embraced the destiny that lay before him. By the cursed year of IC, to herald the beginning of the end, the Twin-Tailed Comet soured through the night-sky like the birthing of a second sun.

No mortal could deny its existence, for the comet's bright aura of light would illuminate the very night sky. Within the realm of Chaos, the Dark Gods gathered in the Court of Covenants , all Four Powers having agreed to put aside their differences for a time in order to bring the world to their rule. Soon, massive warpstorms broke out of the Chaos Waste in great numbers, and eventually swept their mutation down south into the mortal kingdoms of the Old World.

With this sudden phenomenon, Warp rifts would suddenly open in random locations around the world, disgorging a host of daemons for mere moments before they once more disappear. To the north, the Winds of Magic grows like a torrent down towards the south, and the whispers of the Dark Gods fell into every mortal ear. Very few could have resisted such urges, and soon thousands of Mankind 's own people have committed atrocities unspeakable, following the whispers north where a great gathering was taking place.

Within the walls of the Inevitable City , Archaon sat upon a throne of brass and bone and saw the chieftains and warlords of uncountable tribes lend their allegiance to the new Everchosen.

Though these tribes crave bloodshed, Archaon was patient and bides his time. Soon some tribes left south or fought against each other to quench their battle-lust, but Archaon did not intervene, for he knew that those that stayed their hands were the strongest of will and strength, and would follow the Everchosen to the very end.

The End Times is upon this world, and Archaon's hour of triumph is nigh. As war loomed on the horizon, it was perhaps fitting that the first nations to feel the wrath of the Dark Gods were actually the ones, who had first stood against them, in the earlier years of this world's existence. On the massive island continent of Ulthuan, discontent ran rife amongst the noble courtiers of the Phoenix King.

The Daughter of the Everqueen, Aliathra the Everchild, was captured by the devious vampire, Mannfred von Carstein and taken to the nightmarish undead Fortress-City of Nagashizzar. The legendary warrior, Prince Tyrion and his brother, the mighty sorcerer, Loremaster Teclis , set out to rescue her. Though the brothers fought with great determination to save their beloved future Everqueen, the Vampire inevitably stole her away and vanished without a trace.

Disheartened, the brothers returned to Ulthuan empty-handed. Worst was it for Tyrion, who was himself, the true father of Aliathra. As the brothers returned, they saw their land ruined by war and destruction.

The Phoenix King and Everqueen had vanished from Ulthuan's shores in mere hours of a daemonic onslaught. A terrible mist from the highlands of the Annulii Mountains had disgorged a daemonic host in unforeseen numbers. In the face of such peril, the Lords of the Ten Kingdoms immediately mustered their own mighty armies and began defending every village, mansion and Elven city with stoic determination.

However, the daemonic hordes could not be defeated by conventional means, like any mortal army, and they thus returned to the material world time and again. With the Winds of Magic blowing strongly in the north, the entity which anchored these daemons to the material realm persisted, eventually granting them enough time and strength to overcome even the hardiest of obstacles. The Kingdom of Chrace bore the brunt of the fighting, resulting in Lion's March becoming nothing more than a massive graveyard, with fields of unburied bodies stretching as far as the eye could see and the capital city of Tor Achare lying in ruins.

The resulting clashes between Elven and Daemonic armies led to the loss of thousands upon thousands of irreplaceable Elven lives and the only Kingdom to have any semblance of peace in this dire time was the fallen Kingdom of Nargarythe. For the mighty Aesanar , known by many as the Shadow Warriors , these daemons were nothing but one more invader to be cast into the sea, and soon refugees by the hundreds are streaming into the kingdom, feeling safe under the watchful eye of the dreaded Shadow King.

As the war continued, politics once more threatened to tear the Ten Kingdoms apart. Without the wisdom and guidance of Phoenix King Finubar and their beloved Everqueen Alarielle , the Phoenix Court soon fell into disarray, with Prince Imrik of Caledor calling for the election of a new Phoenix King to guide the war effort.

None doubted Imriks true intentions for himself to be the next ruler and too many Elven nobles spoke out in support of his cause to have it dismissed outright. The salvation of Ulthuan came once more at the hands of Prince Tyrion. Though his shoulders were weary with burdens and his heart broken over the loss of Aliathra, Tyrion knew his kingdom needed him now more than ever, and so Tyrion faced down Prince Imrik and took command of Ulthuans armies.

In retaliation, the enraged Prince of Caledor ordered his kingdom to sever its ties with the other Nine, but this proved a minor disturbance as Prince Tyrion still commanded a large force and a multitude of lesser Caledorian Princes still took up arms for Prince Tyrion.

With the Kingdom of Caledor isolated and alone, Prince Tyrion moved his armies north through the Kingdom of Eataine , pushing back one daemonic host after another.

Driving his men onward to the point of fatigue, Tyrion fought on constantly at the forefront of these battles with unparalleled fury. As the Dragon of Cothique guided his army north, Tyrion and his host of Elves broke the sieges of several villages and cities along the coast, but as the war continued, Tyrion's heart and soul slowly began to deteriorate as the thought of his lost daughter and the disappearance of the Everqueen plagued his mind.

This burden eventually made Tyrion reckless as the Elven army pushed north, winning battles at Port Elistor , and Cairn Avon. However, due to his recklessness, Tyrion suffered a serious wound, one far too great to be ignored, during the battle at Cairn Avon and upon his arrival at the Siege of Hoeth , the wounded Tyrion was bested by his long-ago nemesis, the daemon N'kari.

Close to death, Tyrion was miraculously saved by the valiant efforts of Korhil Lionmane and the determined onslaught of the Phoenix Guard, forcing N'kari to retreat into the hills. With the battle over and Saphery being refortified against new assaults, Teclis delved deep into the Library of the White Tower in an effort to seek ancient lore from the time of Caledor Dragontamer , in the hopes of permanently removing the daemons from this homeland.

Whilst recovering, Prince Tyrion tried once more to make amends between Ulthuan and Caledor. However, Prince Irmik once more declined and ordered Tyrions messengers to turn back empty-handed. The refusal pushed Tyrion into a fiery rage and he ultimately denounced the Kingdom of Caledor as a legitimate kingdom no longer. This resulted in the remaining Caledorian generals finally turning their backs on Tyrion and head back home.

Not taken aback by his actions, Tyrion and the Elven armies once more moved north and drove the daemons from the Kingdom of Yvresse , and finally towards the enchanted forest of the Kingdom of Avelorn.

By the time the Elven armies reached its borders, Tyrion was once more fit to lead at the front, and was now determined to finish off N'kari. With the advice of his brother, Tyrion knew that the key to victory lay with the Deamon Prince's death, for he was the entity that anchored the Daemons to this world.

When his scouts found N'Kari, Prince Tyrion quickly rose from his stupor and took the army of Ulthuan on the march once more, trekking through the wilderness until they reached Moonspire pinnacle. The Battle of Moonspire would later be told of, by the Elves, as the greatest battle during the Wars of Reclamation. Tens of thousands of daemons had flocked to N'Kari's banner, eager to share in his plunder, mayhem and glory.

Arrayed against them was a much smaller force of Elven warriors led by Tyrion himself. Believing victory to be inevitable, the arrogant Daemon Prince ordered a frontal assault on the Elven formations, without giving thoughts to tactic or strategy. The Elven army however, fought according to a precise and highly calculated battleplan. Knowing that Moonspire Temple was a shrine to the Goddess Lileath, Teclis intended to use the magical energies of the temple, to empower him to cast out the daemons.

Teclis gathered his strength and, with magical energy spiralling around the temple tower, unleashed a brilliant storm of meteors from the blackened heavens. The mighty rocks streaked across the sky, smashed down upon battlefield and banished daemons by the hundreds in mere seconds, without harming a single Elven warrior.


With the Chaos assault now blunted, the Phoenix Guard quickly counter-attacked, led by Tyrion and Teclis themselves. As the Elven forces drove deep into the enemy lines, N'Kari had no choice but to finally confront the twins in combat.

Teclis unleashed a hellstorm of moonfire upon N'kari, searing flesh and blinding the daemon with terrible rage. While charging towards the mage, N'Kari was intercepted by Tyrion, riding his mighty steed Malhandir , avoiding N'Kari's attacks and inflicting a smoldering, deep wound upon the Daemon Prince.

N'kari tried to retaliate ferociously, but his grievous injuries slowed him considerably and the Elven Prince proved too nimble. Then, a host of Elven halberdiers came to Tyrion's assistance, distracting the Greater Daemon while Teclis unleashed another storm of moonfire upon it. As pain seared once more through the daemons body, Tyrion struck N'kari yet again upon his spine, forcing him down unto his knees.

Without mercy or hesitation, Tyrion smites the daemons head from its body and handed it to Teclis. With the battle still raging all around them, Teclis and a vanguard of Swordmasters fought their way to the summit of the Moonspire Temple and laid the head upon its altar.

Then, with a thunderous voice, Teclis began to weave a spell of banishment and the daemons, perhaps sensing their demise, howled with one terrible voice as Teclis intoned the final word of the spell and slammed the base of his staff down upon the daemons severed head. As N'Kari's skull split asunder, a massive, deafening crack of thunder filled the skies, and a magnificent flash of light shone down from the heavens. Those who looked directly at it thought they saw the Goddess Lileath looking down upon them.

From Moonspire's pinnacle, a great torrent of fire raced across the Kingdoms of Ulthuan, banishing all the daemons that still clung to the mortal plane, preventing the Dark Gods from intervening in the affairs of Elves for a time. The climactic defeat of the Daemon Prince N'Kari ended the Wars of Reclamation, but a newer, deadlier conflict waited just beyond the horizon.

To the north-west of Ulthuan, upon the cold and harsh shores of Naggaroth , a second Chaos army of Khornate followers marched south from the Chaos waste almost at the same time the daemonic hordes of N'kari invaded the lands of Ulthuan.

So it was that to the north of Ironfrost Glacier , the banners of the invaders were black against the storm-laden sky; the tramp of their iron-shod feet a rumble of thunder in distant lands. The armies of Khorne are marching under one bloody banner; with Valkia the Bloody following at the fore as she drove the Bloodied Horde upon Naggaroths northern defenses.

The duty eventually fell upon the raven-cloaked border patrols that watch over the northern defences to bring these dire sightings towards the many Watchtowers that guard the approach south. Many of these scouts were overtaken by mysterious demons, yet to those that survived and arrived upon the Tower of Volroth , they were able to send the warnings to all the remaining cites before they too died of their wounds.

With the entire kingdom alerted of their presence, Ebnir Soulflayer , most trusted of the Witch Kings generals, rode out towards the Tower of Volroth with what force he could readily muster, only to find the fortress that housed 80, elite Druchii warriors lying in ruins. The Bloodied Horde has already breached the first of Naggaroths defences.

With the path southward cleared, the titanic horde eventually split apart to seek their own individual glory's, whilst Valkia stood true to the path laid by her God and besieged the very capital of Naggarond itself.

The splinter hordes that left the main body traveled eastward towards the shrine-city of Har Ganeth where they met the bloodthirsty warriors of Hellebron , High-Priestess of Khaine. Those hordes that journeyed southward were confronted by Malus Darkblade and the cold-hearted legions of Hag Graef , painting the Dark Road red with the blood of the invaders. Yet the pride of the Dark Elves have proved to be their folly, as time and again the armies of Naggaroth stood alone against their foes rather than united under a single force.

The city of Clar Karond could have been saved from utter destruction had Lord Darkblade's army lent his aid towards their beleaguered brethren instead of looking to his own interest. Many times have Hellebron ranted and railed for aid to stop the berserking invaders from breaching her very gates, but none have dared to answer the call. Eventually her city was finally overrun, and in her bloody madness, the Blood Queen accepted her fate and gave praise to Khaine as she and her remaining acolytes filled the streets with blood offerings.

To the north, what remains of Ebnir Soulflayer's badly needed armies have been wiped out after a failed attempt by the General to stem the tide of Khornate warriors, not out of a sense of duty to his country and people but as a chance of forgiveness from the Witch King's wrath. With their deaths, another large chunk of the Dark Elves already dwindling military reserves have been once again wiped out.

Miraculously however, in other parts of Naggaroth, some of the Dark Elven Lords knew better then most to squabble amongst themselves over petty grudges whilst their entire kingdom is crumbling into ruins. Upon the port-city of Karond Kar , the war-fleets of both Lokhir Fellheart and Drane Brackblood finally put aside their differences and joined forces to blockade the harbours from the impending armada's of longships heading towards their city.

Though they made the coastal bay a graveyard of broken ships, there were simply far to many of them to sink and soon they finally made landfall upon the harbours and shores of the city.

Even then the city could have held firm if it weren't for a mysterious earthquake shattering the outer walls of the city, and the sudden appearance of an entire Skaven army coming up from the city's underground catacombs.

Caught between two armies, the city inhabitants were forced to flee to open sea. With the loss of Karond Kar, three cities have been conquered by the bloodied horde, leaving only three cities left standing.

Within the capital city of Naggarond, the absence of the Witch King to take command of Naggaroth's armies has resulted in General Kouran Darkhand , Master of the Black Guards , to take command of the city defenses, where he fought Valkia twice in single-combat. Lacking the tactical genius to break the siege, the Lords and Ladies of the Black Council were torn with civil strife. After three months of constant siege, Malekith once more returned with the dried blood of Finubar in his hands.

Taking in the perils of his kingdom, Malekith rode with his dragon Seraphon and pushed back the Bloodied Horde from Naggarond's gates. With much of Naggaroth lying in ruin, Malekith was forced to delay his intended invasion of Ulthuan and recall his invasion fleet back into harbor to be disembarked and armed for an upcoming counter-attack. Following his victory, Malekith met with the remaining Dark Elven leaders and laid out the plans for the forthcoming campaign in the north.

He personally appointed Lord Darkblade to take command of an expedition towards the Tower of Prophecy to find out what has happened there. He did, and Lord Darkblade was reassigned south to protect and escort the broken refugees back into the safety of Hag Graef. So the task then was set upon Malekith once again as he rode north to face his mother in person. Though nearly one-third of Malekith's army was lost on the journey, the Witch King continued on with silent determination, going as far as to isolate himself from his generals.

Some forty leagues short of Ghrond , Malekith's army was blocked by a massive horde of Daemons led by a mighty Bloodthirster of Khorne. Though powerful, the Witch King could not be denied entrance, and with the daemon's defeat, Malekith entered the Tower and met with his mother in person.

Morathi had told her son that the End Times is nigh and that upon the shores of Ulthaun his destiny awaited him. However, Morathi warned that should he pursue this path, should he return to the lands of his birth, it shall destroy everything that has ever made him her son. Prideful to the last, Malekith abandoned his mother and gathered what remains of his entire people to set sail on a fleet of Warships so massive that it stretched from horizon to horizon. Thus upon the same hour that Teclis banished the daemons from the shores of Ulthuan did the last great host of Naggarth embarked upon their fleet of Black Arks.

Without a backwards glance to his burning Kingdom, Malekith looked fixed upon the land of Ulthuan, determined that this time, there is no going back.

By the year of IC, what remains of the Elven Kingdoms have begun to slowly rebuild and refortify their holdings as they believe that this incursion was but a precursor to an ever more horrific invasion within the coming years. Though the nations of Mankind still grows ignorant of this coming conflict, such accusation was not ill-founded by the more wiser and older nations within the World, for they too have witnessed this apocalypse before, and readied themselves for what is to come.

Within the very heart of the Dwarfen kingdoms of Karaz Ankor , all the remaining Dwarf Kings have gathered upon the ancestral halls of Karaz-a-Karak and argue on what course of action they should take to ensure the survival of their civilisation. Divided upon the issue, King Kazador in his pride still kept to his word and began preparations to bar his hold from the outside world, with several of the other Dwarf Kings following suite. Unable to unite his people, Thorgrim grew weary as reports have shown that their underground enemies have stopped their ceaseless attacking, a dark omen that would be the precursor to an imminent invasion on a grand scale never before seen in their history.

Seeing through the visions of bloodshed and misery, Settra witnessed the resurrection of an ancient and terrible enemy and knew that an awakening had to begin.

With haste, the Mortuary Priest journeyed across the Land of the Dead , and awoke the Tomb Kings in their dozens, calling for the awakening of their uncountable legions. Within the Charnel Valley , the necrotects of that land began to empower the very stones of their statues into life, and within days a long column of stone warsphynx began their march towards Khemri. There the chief-necrotect Ramhotep , with all his merciless drive, began his greatest work yet upon the walls of that ancient city.

Upon the Great Mortis River , the Warfleets of Khemri have joined the armada's of Zandri , filling the whole Mortis Delta with warships by the thousands.

In the Kingdom of Lybaras , High Queen Khalida met with the mortuary priest from her throne-room and pledged her archer legions into the fold. Soon legion after legion of Undead warriors have marched across the blazing sands, preparing the defense of this already formidable civilisation against the return of their most hated of enemies, Nagash , the Lord of the Dead.

But it is in the lands of the Empire that the first signs of battle have taken place. From the cursed lands of Sylvania , an unholy darkness has descended upon that bleak and desolate lands, arousing the dead from their slumber and killing what little life still clings to its soil. An old enemy awakens, and Count Mannfred von Carstein has finally announced that Sylvania shall secede from the Empire forever.

Like many other times in the Empire's history, those who are far away from this dark omen taking place in Sylvania have little to fear, and even fewer care. However the ruler of that accursed realm did not hide in the shadows and bid his time like his predecessor, but instead made his presence clear to all when a winged creature dropped the crippled body of Witch Hunter Gunther Stahlberg upon the meeting table of the Conclave of States.

Upon his mangled mouth, a letter was shown and read by Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim. After realising its implications, Volkmar immediately ordered the Reikguard Knights to accompany his Arch Lectors into the Imperial Vaults and recover the legendary Crown of Nagash from the clutches of Mannfreds agents. In the end they failed, and in grim determination, Volkmar announced to the Emperor that he would lead a Crusader army towards Sylvania and stop Mannfreds plan before it's too late.

After interrogating a Strigany sharpshooter for the whereabouts of Mannfreds base of operations, the Crusader army continued their march towards the town of Swartzhafen. Upon their arrival, the Crusader army saw the Undead armies of Necromancer Ghorst and Count Mannfred himself blocking the entrance into the town. The Vampire mockingly tried to parley with the Grand Theogonist, but was cut short when Volkmar ordered the attack. Holding firm, the Crusader army was able to hold on against the Undead onslaught until Mannfred left the battlefield after witnessing something happening within the Vargavian Mountains.

Along the way, the Crusader army was met by the Imperial Armies of Altdorf and a band of Light Order Wizards tending their Luminark of Hysh , coming to reinforce them for the upcoming conflict in Castle Sternieste, now coined by as the Imperials as the Battle of the Burrows. Despite the lack of proper terrain, the Crusader army nonetheless attacked the Undead defenders with fierce zeal. Whole battleline of Flagellants and Zealots hurled themselves headlong onto the Undead forces stationed below the hill as illuminating lights were shot off into the air by a battering of Helstorm Rocket.

The Undead counter-attacked, with a small force heading directly into the path of the Light Wizards and their magnificent Luminark. In response, the Luminark sprayed golden light upon the enemy lines and seared a gap in their defences.

On the right flank, a host of Demigryph Knights under the leadership of Lupio Blaze struck the Undead, forcing Mannfred to personally intervene.

Miraculously, a bright flare of light burst out from the wizards blackened robes, and the reincarnated angel of Sunscryer once more fought the spectres and wrestled the unholy artifact away from them. However, the Crusader army was ultimately ripe for slaughter as hidden undead forces lead by the undead King Verek , sprung out of the burrows and encircled the doomed crusaders. Just when all hope seemed lost, suddenly, miraculously, the earth burst open in a hundred different places.

This time it was not the dead that emerged, but the buried symbols of the faithful. Stolen sigil-hammers, steel wolf totems of Ulric, Morrite pennies, even brass suns of Myrmidia burst out of their earthy graves to hang at head height across the field, each glowing with raw magical power.

Thanks to the efforts of Balthasar Gelt , a torrent of light flared out and obliterated the remaining undead forces, whilst simultaneously healing the sick and wounded in mere seconds.

With renewed vigour, the remaining crusaders cut down the last of the Undead, and cried out in victory. But as the Crusaders walk amongst the carnage of the battlefield, a cold chill began to run through the Imperial ranks as they saw the battered remains of the War Altar of Sigmar in the ground, with Volkmar no where to be seen. As the world was engulfed in a time of conflict, such an opportunity for great plunder and glory to be won was consider a far too tempting a prize to ignore for the vermin hordes of the great Under-Empire.

Prior to their inevitable and destructive invasion of the surface world, the Order of the Grey Seers under the leadership of Seerlord Kritislik proposed to the Lords of Decay a masterful plan. It was theorised by the earliest generations of Warlock Engineers that the Chaos Moon Morrslieb is actually made entirely of pure Warpstone , proposing to the Council that he shall gather a coven of the most powerful Grey Seers and draw the Chaos moon closer to the world, allowing a greater influx of magical energies to the Under-Empires many spell-casters, and give the Skaven populace unnatural vitality.

Approving the plan, the Grey Seers began their work, and within time the Moon slowly began to grow within the night sky, growing to such an extent that it has allowed the World's many spell-casters to conjure feats of magical possibilities that have never been seen since the Great Catastrophe.

Deeming the time is right, the mysterious Overlords of the Council of Thirteen instantly began the first phase of their Master Plan upon the human kingdoms of Tilea and Estalia , never knowing that from the Realm of Ruin , the Verminlords of the Shadow Council of Thirteen are toying with the threads of their fate, overseeing their motives and purpose and moving them one-step closer towards their ultimate victory.

The people of Tilea and Estalia has ever been a rich people of a fraction nation, two kingdoms so similar to the ratmen's own society that it beggars the question of their origins. Yet no matter how many times they see these vile vermin, no matter how many attacks and raids were sent upon their cities, they still try their best to deny such existence, and this strong sense of disbelief have brought about the seeds of their doom. In a single evening, the assassins of Clan Eshin and their most elite of agents, The Black 13 were responsible for Tilea's Night of One Thousand Terrors -- a shock wave of assassination and ruthless sabotage that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of important generals, governors, nobles and leading officials.

Leaderless, the lands of Tilea and her various fractious republics became torn with confusion and civil strife, making their petty kingdoms ripe for a slaughter. Beneath every sleeping city, beneath every town and mighty fortress, the Skaven hordes surged out of their tunnels in their tens of thousands and brought about a wave of sudden violence and destruction that eventually overwhelmed the rule of Mankind's kingdoms.

Under-tunneled and overrun, every major city was now a blasted ruin over which a ragged clan banner openly flew. The Skaven lost a great many of their warriors, to such extent that none could ever count the ocean of half-eaten bodies that littered the filthy streets of each and every city, but such were their numbers and cruelty that none shed a single tear for their lost kin, for they have many more and the fruits of their victory have brought about a new cycle of violence that would threaten their race once more in open civil war.

Soon the clans have lost their momentum, and began to fight amongst themselves for the bits of spoils that still remains unplundered. Spreading like wild-fire, all thoughts of surface invasion were lost amidst internal scheming and backstabbing. In desperation, the Council of Thirteen gathered quickly upon the Chamber of Thirteen within the capital city of Skavenblight , focusing all their efforts on diverting another horrific Skaven Civil War.

But the flames of dissent have run deep within Skaven society, and like always, fingers were pointed upon each other rather then to stand together. The most accused scapegoat for this tragedy falls upon Lord Kritislik, believing that it was the Grey Seers who plotted these terrible misfortunes upon all the Clans.

Indeed, many of these misfortunes were perpetrated by the Seerlord and his fellow Grey Seers of Clan Scruten , but as befit their nature, the Seerlord actively denies such claims, threatening the other Lords of Decay with divine intervention should they tackle this issue any further.

It was then that there was silence from all the Lords, none dare spoke and some bared their throats in submission. In his arrogance and pride, Kritislik believed himself in control, never noticing the dark smoke rising from behind his back until it was far too late. Their vile god, the Horned Rat suddenly appeared upon the Council Chamber and all the Lords prostrated themselves in utter devotion and fear.

It was then that the Horned Rat showed his disappointment to his bickering children, and to the greatest disappointment befell upon the Seerlord himself.

Long has the Seerlord been given god-like gifts of power, wealth and age, but Kritislik was greedy beyond even Skaven ambition and has thus wasted his favours for far to long. To make an example to his other children, he grabbed the Seerlord by the tail and slowly stroked a claw-finger upon his horns, giving one last bit of sympathy for his most Exalted of Prophets before he was sent to utter oblivion. Screeching for mercy, the Seerlord was hopeless as the mouth of his god opened up and was thrown down an endless gaping maw of terrible possibilities that saw him destroyed utterly.

With his demise, the Horned Rat gave out his last edict upon the Council, promising those that would fail shall suffer the same terrifying fate.

With a crackle of green lightning and the tolling of deafening bells, the Horned Rat vanished, with the bones of Kritislik smoking upon the floor. Within fifteen skaven heart-beats, Lord Morskittar of Clan Skyre voted on removing Clan Scruten from their power, a decision that was accepted unanimously by the other Lords. Soon they left the Chamber quickly and went about preparing for the second-phase of their master plan. Within an alternate dimension, the Verminlords of the Shadow Council have seen this great event unfold and were awe-struck at what just happened right then.

Shadow Lord Soothgnawer , Demi-god of Clan Scruten was dismayed by his god's disapproval of his own clan, as do several of the other Shadowlords.

Shadow Lord Skreech Verminking , greatest of the Verminlords was the one who spoke out and told his brethren that it is time to intervene upon the affairs of mortals as shown by their own gods actions.

Thanquol end times pdf

Most weren't so keen on risking both their lives and status upon such venture, but two were still willing; Shadow Lord Soothgnawer of Clan Scruten and Shadowlord Vermalanx of Clan Pestilens. Before their departure however, Verminking told the Council that the Grey Seers hold the true key to victory, and upon the swirling pool within the middle of the Council table, he showed his champion; Grey Seer Thanquol.

Outburst quickly fell upon Verminking's decision, and a veto was eventually issued. It never passed, as Verminking pointed out a third supporter amongst them, with the warpstone eyes of the Horned Rat's throne glowing ever so slightly at Verminking's statement.

Vetoes were redistributed and the motion was passed by a narrow margin in favour of Verminking. With the decision made, the Shadow Lords of Decay all left the Chamber and went about their separate ways.

As the Imperial year of IC comes to a close, the former province of Sylvania was ultimately contained from the threat of an Undead invasion thanks to the masterful genius of the Wall of Faith. Such things are, the Emperor's Council still considered Sylvania's independence as a precursor to a new campaign of terror against the Imperial rule.

Thus, the Emperor felt that Sylvania had gone from an occasional dagger at the Empire's side, to an open threat that he no longer had the luxury of overlooking any longer. With the Wall of Faith containing the Undead from invading the Empire, Karl Franz took the time to order all military assets of the Empire into the Sylvanian Campaign , and plans to utterly cleanse the land from the taint of death once and for all.

However, just as the Emperor was due to depart in two days for the Sylvanian Campaign, riders from Kislev urgently came to Altdorf and gave the Emperor dire news. The Kingdom of Kislev is in flames. The armies of the Dark Gods have gathered in their hundreds of thousands, with the northern lands of Kislev awashed in an orgy of blood and fire.

Boyar Syrgei Tannarov of Chebokov, warned the Emperor that the lands of the northern and western Bolgasgrad has fallen and are awashed by a sea of barbarians. Given the severity of the news, Karl Franz had expected the Ice Queen to invoke the terms of his old alliance and call upon the Empire to march north to Kislev's salvation.

The Boyar made no such demands, but told the Emperor that Kislev is lost, and that the Tzarina is holding the hordes off along the River Lynsk not out of hope for her people's salvation but so the Empire might have time to avoid such a similar fate. Gravely disturbed by the Boyar's statement, the Emperor quickly sent out hundreds of heralds towards the many armies of the Empire, and redirect them north to strengthen the northern defences.

For the next few weeks, the entire military-might of the Empire has been redirected north in the tens of thousands, but as they force-marched their way through untamed wilderness, the armies were harried by a multitude of Beastmen tribes and Greenskin warbands springing out of the forest canopy. Even upon their arrival, the Imperial armies have been beset by a splinter force of Chaos armies heading south, with the armies of Ostermark and Talabecland barely holding them at bay.

Only a series of brilliant harrying tactics masterminded by Elector Count Aldebrand Ludenhof saw the fortress preserved from imminent destruction. With the armies of Reikland arriving just in time, Count Ludenhof was reinforced with nearly half of the Emperors personal army, allowing Ludenhof the strength he needs to relive Castle von Rauken from it's siege and upon the Battle of Lubrecht , personally place his long-rifle bullet in the back of one of Vilitch's skulls, forcing him to retreat.

Then, as the Twin-Tailed Comet reached its perigee, outriders from the front-line in the north have brought news that another grander horde of Chaos warriors from the Eastern Steppes are converging upon the Empire, a horde that far eclipsed those thus far encountered.

Count Ludenhof's army, the largest Empire formation yet deployed in the north, barely outnumber even the smallest of the newcomer's forces. In Altdorf, Karl Franz redoubled his diplomatic efforts for aid against this new threat, but everywhere his messengers go, there are tales of battle and bloodshed, with the entire Old World beset by a host of dark forces both Old and New. Not even the stout Dwarves had the time and men to lend their aid towards the Empire, for they too have been beset by a nightmarish hordes from the tunnel depths.

Soon, many began to despair, as nothing could stop the hordes from breaking through the northern defences. Salvation came once more by none other then Balthasar Gelt. After meeting with an unknown visitor, the Supreme Patriarch had been given forbidden knowledge that would halt the Chaos armies in their tracks. With the limitless magical possibilities now available to the Supreme Patriarch, Balthasar used an ancient magical scroll that summoned a massive barrier which burst through the lands of northern Kislev, erecting a massive wall of stone so high that no winged creature could ever hope bypass it.

Thus was the creation of the Auric Bastion, the greatest magical wall ever created, and so long as the faith of the Empire's people believe it so, the Bastion shall endure forever. Mallobaude , bastard son of the King, has long been gathering his own army in hopes of overtaking Bretonnia and claim the throne for his own.

That time finally came by the Twilight's Tide of IC, when he rode out with an army of disgraced knights. Then, as suddenly as they had appeared, the forest spirits left without a trace. The Battle was lost, and even worse, the Fey Enchantress was nowhere to be found. The Great Necromancer returns from the dead to walk the world once again.

The lands of men are torn asunder by disease, civil war and the ravaging hordes of Chaos. In distant Ulthuan, the sundered elven people begin their final war, and deep beneath the earth, the ratlike skaven begin their greatest ever assault on their ancient foes, the noble dwarfs. And in the cold north, the servants of the Dark Gods gather beneath the banner of Archaon Everchosen, who awaits his moment to strike and bring ruin to all. These are the End Times. Get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Black Library.

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In this dire moment, his loyal steed was consumed by these monsters, and realising the death of a loyal friend he knew since his early years as a squire had boiled Archaon into a killing frenzy. The End Times IC -??? For nearly a year, a steady river of supplies and infantry blocks have marched non-stop through the one-thousand mile journey to join the masses already gathered in key points throughout the surface of the jungle continent, whilst the Grey Seers still fought against the Mage-Priest for supremacy over the moon.

So it is fitting that a Champion of Chaos shall unite the warring tribes of the North and bring about the End of Time as we know it. Kroq-Gar shows up with a huge army and the Skaven are driven out. When the King in the Woods sounds his horn, longbows are strung and spears are sharpened as the hosts of Athel Loren assemble beneath ancestral banners. The mirror of light and dark will shatter, and Anearion's heirs will fight for the legacy of Khaine amidst the ashes of the Phoenix.

Upon his head the crown shall see all, and open eyes will prove woe to mortal kind