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Free download of Spiritual Marketing by Dr. Joe Vitale. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. Spiritual Marketing. by Dr. Joe Vitale. A best-seller of its time; not only will this FREE, ready-to-download eBook provide you with advice on getting rich; it will. "If we are to create the great Shift in Transformation that is needed for our times, we will need to fully appreciate the spiritual dimensions of marketing. Andrea.

In other words, it sells the idea we have the power of achievement. The term might be new, but the concept is one of the oldest ones. Here are my thoughts on it: 1.

We feel we are a suffering society. Stress, recession, wars, unemployment, cancer, HIV, weather changes Do I need to say more? But if you think about it, would you prefer living in another era?

War has always existed even with more cruelty, poverty and hunger have been worst, not to say dieses and health conditions.

Our own human regrets take Apocalyptical dimensions. We suffer because of what we should be, because of not achieving the potential and the illusions we have created. We search reconciliation with our environment and with ourselves… quick , easy and in control. We want fast solutions but not many people really want to change their behaviors in order to get them.

There is a need to create a model that can identify the spiritual tourists on the basis of their income, lifestyle, belief level, education level and few other types of demographic that can affect the decision of spirituality.

Increasing number of spiritual tourist can be observed every year on various numbers of spiritual destinations in the states.

This study covers some famous spiritual places as Naina devi, Chintpurni devi, Jwalaji in Himachal Pradesh and Khatushyamji, Salasarbalaji in rajasthan. In this study our major focus was on to find out the fators that influence the decision making of a tourist in finalizing a sacred destination as well as the level of those factors.

We have also checked the impact of their personal demographics on the same. We asked the respondents to rate for us those factors because of which a tourist visits any spiritual destination or that destination comes to his or her knowledge.

On the basis of their ratings we calculated average means and ranked those factors accordingly to see which one stands as the biggest motivator for the tourist for a visit. Hypothesis testing was done in order to check the experience of the tourist on that destination and to check the segmentation effectiveness we used three different measures that affects the judgment of a tourist in general. Collection of Data Descriptive research design is used to collect the data.

Both primary and secondary data collection methods are used to collect the data. Primary data collected through a schedule from spiritual tourist during the month of March There were questionnaire distributed and the tourist guided on those questionnaires and interviewed for the information at the same time, among the tourist respondents data was collected. In the structured questionnaire 11 questions with sub questions along with few multiple choice questions were there.

Secondary data were collected through the journals, published research paper, websites, and instrument used was unbiased. Sampling Technique The data collected through convenience sampling method to develop a sample design total respondent were selected for research study. The study was conducted on a weekday in month when the tourist are spotted a little less in no. Tools for Analysis In the research study we used qualitative as well as quantitative approach to analysis the data with the help of few applications like MS Office Microsoft word, Microsoft excel , SPSS.

The collected data has been analyzed with the help of mean score and ranking technique.

The anova test describes the discrepancy among the income level. Hypothesis were made and tested by using anova test. There are respondents selected for study out of them They are- Factors Weighted Rank Belief-The first and most motivational factor is belief Mean because of 1strank on the behalf of 4. So we can say Belief 4. They believe that there is a power that controls the whole universe. Advertisements 2. Goodness is an inner feeling that arises due to experience, word of mouth, some religious factors, etc.

Inner Peace-The third most influence factor is inner peace. Tourists are visit to spiritual destination because it gives peace of mind and spiritual satisfaction. Advertisements-The advertisement did not play significant role to influence the pilgrims to come for spiritual visit. The weighted mean score of advertisement is 2. Marketing promotion-Marketing promotion is also an ineffective factor in perspective of spiritual tourist.

The weighted mean score of marketing promotion is again lower which are 2. Tourist satisfaction depends on various experience and facilities that provided on spiritual destination. To verify the experience of spiritual tourist there are 14 factors determine to check the level of satisfaction. These are: Nature in general, Local life style, Historical sites, Walking and excursions, Accommodation, Nightlife, Shopping, Hospitality, Tourist information, Feeling of safety, Quality of medical service, Money withdrawal facilities e.

ATM , Value of money, Spirituality in area and historical sites. Hypothesis Testing Hypothesis test has been conducted to know about the experience of the tourist of the visited site. We have formulated three different hypothesis to check the impact of demographic factors on the judgment of site by the tourists.

Anova analysis Anova analysis is used for testing the discrepancy among the two or more groups.

Respondent profile are classified in more than two catogories based on income, number of prior visits to the same destination and occupation. Alternatively, if you are going after a more corporate audience then you might consider dressing in bespoke dark suit, tie and white shirt, black dress shoes and an expensive watch. It is important to get into the minds of the target audience and really understand their expectations and what they are comfortable with and, more importantly, not comfortable with.

Get it wrong, and you could end up with just your cat as a follower; get it right and a whole lucrative organization will form around you. Name change: Changing your name to an exotic sounding one is very important in presenting yourself as a spiritual master. Names should ideally be reflective of the the type of spiritual teaching that you give.

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So if you are teaching concepts that originated in India, it might appear more authentic to your followers to have an Indian name, whereas if you are teaching concepts that come from South America, using an appropriate South American name is important.

Nationality: If you originate from a country far different from the one in which you plan to teach, you have an important advantage in being a successful spiritual teaching. Having indigenous roots no matter how tenuous could mean the difference between success and failure.

This is because, to most people, spirituality is seen as something special that comes from outside the confines of their society, so trading on any heritage that places you as an outsider can be very effective.


If you can't get any one's attention, just throw around some money. It works a treat in poor countries and you will soon find yourself revered as a spiritual master.

This marketing angle can also be aided by a name change mentioned above. Alternatively, you can claim that you are from far outside this culture but then incarnated into it to teach a "walk-in" perhaps.

Alternatively, you can keep giving retreats in exotic places: not only will you make a greater profit, but some of the exoticness of these teaching locations will rub off on you and your teachings. Behaviour: Spiritual people are generally regarded as very peaceful and loving, so ideally, you have to behave this way all the time, at least in public.

The problem with constantly trying to be peaceful and loving is that you end up with a huge unexpressed psychological shadow of all those qualities you try not to express, and so you can often have episodes of acting like a complete jerk preferably behind closed doors.

Fortunately, if such behaviour becomes public it can be justified by presenting it in the context of "crazy wisdom", presenting imbalance and erratic behaviour as a valuable lesson in non-attachment to expectations regarding the teacher. One marketing technique that is becoming increasingly popular today is to just sit and stare at the audience way beyond what is considered comfortable in modern society, and in this way you give maximum space for your audience to project the inner spiritual images onto you, catalyzing a strong attachment.

It is amazing how wise we can appear if we just keep out mouths shut!

Spiritual Marketing

Therefore, when speaking to audiences you don't have to actually say anything particularly meaningful because the message itself is not actually that important. For example, you could be talking about your dog and how important it is to give him the right food, and your students will be nodding their heads in thinking that it is somehow an analogy about making sure they give themselves the right spiritual food.

So the story itself is not important and does not have to make sense. Even contradictions are okay because they illustrate the paradoxical nature of the spiritual path. This is not to imply that these words and phrases do not have profound meaning, only that they can be used merely to pep-up spiritual presentations.

Self-Confidence and Charisma: Nothing is more attractive to potential customers than if have or can develop an abundance of self-confidence and charisma a certain amount of narcissism is very attractive. You want your customers to fall in love with you.

Egos love these qualities, and most people will choose a confident, egotistical teacher over one that is not so sure of him or herself.

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You must have the self-confidence not only in yourself as a teacher but also in your teachings. Never show doubt or admit to not knowing something.

If you don't know what to say to your customers then just remain silent and let them project their hopes and dreams on to you. If they ask a question you cannot answer, just turn it back to them and tell them to answer it themselves.

The benefit of displaying such confidence to your students is that you dupe them into believing that the mind can hold truth. This makes it far harder for them to escape the clutches of conceptualisation, thus trapping them as your students students with a profound acceptance of their own ignorance can wake up and walk off, so best to bind them in the surety of conceptual truth.

A good sense of humour is also very helpful in attracting customers. Comprehensive Teaching Materials and Opportunities: Without a constant stream of videos, lectures and lecture recordings, guided meditations, books, internet updates and weekend courses and holiday retreats in exotic locations, you can make a very good living.

Remember, when you have someone first hooked on your teachings, rule number one is to up-sell, rule number two is to up-sell, and rule number three is to up-sell. This cannot be stressed enough as people can get bored and move to another teacher, or become awakened and no longer need your services, so you need to sell them the complete enlightenment package before they lose interest in you.

To do this, constant self-marketing is vital, especially online methods such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Customers have to have plenty of opportunity to become totally dependent on you and your message. Lineage and Direct Transmission: This is important in order to keep your customers.

Spiritual Marketing - Joe Vitale

If they believe that the teacher and the teacher alone energetically transmits spiritual awakening from a long successful lineage of transmitters an idea that is popular with Hindus and Buddhists then they are unlikely to take the core of the teaching and run with it themselves. Even secret teachings, after all, can be easily uncovered by a Google search.

So if you want your followers to stick around, focus most be transferred from the teachings to the teacher, so that followers will hang around waiting for enlightenment to be bestowed. Lineages can be contrived or genuine: what matters is the perception of them.

Whether direct or contrived, spiritual lineages give you the spiritual authority of a spiritual heritage. If you don't have a lineage, a modest amount of money can download spiritual patronage in any poor country.

Pseudo-Objective Corroboration: If you have the creative nous, formulate a pseudo-objective evaluation systems to "calibrate" levels of truth. This can be applied by something as simple as dowsing or muscle testing.

You can then calibrate yourself and your teaching at the highest end of the scale, giving your customers "objective" reasons for downloading your books, videos and CDs. In this way, you end up lifting yourself by your own bootstraps an accepted feat in the spiritual marketplace. It is remarkable how many people fall for these sorts of self-corroborations because they are in ego-mind.

The ego loves calibration systems or scales because they justify comparison and judgment the lifeblood of the egoic mind. And to make these fantasy-systems complete, just calibrate critics of your system as low on the scale so as not to be worthy of attention.

Promoting the Rareness of Spiritual Awakening: This is important for you to do as it will keep your customers customers. After all, if they believe that enlightenment is so rare that it may not happen until the next life, your students will not be disappointed when it does not happen quickly and it won't because such beliefs are self-sabotaging and will just keep coming back to you for more teaching. Remember that customers who awaken are customers who are lost, so it is very important to plant the seeds of failure early on.

Fortunately, the prevailing belief in spiritual communities is that enlightenment is very rare indeed but like the lottery which has similar odds, seems to be endlessly captivating. Extraordinary Powers: You don't have to actually be psychic or a healer to use this marketing tool. All you need to do is have a few close followers spread rumours about your magical and mystical feats how you healed so and so etc.

Everyone is looking for an energetic handout so any chance to be "healed" will be taken. And remember, everyone is going to want you to have magical powers, so you don't actually have to be that convincing to be convincing.

Always remember that the guru is the ultimate placebo effect, and the placebo effect can be very powerful indeed. Also, if you can sit in mediation for hours or go without food for a month, if you can administer shakti pot or manifest vibhuti, all that will help to bring in the punters. You may even able to market themselves on the back of extraordinary levels of love, so that just the promise of a simple hug is enough to attract crowds of followers.

This is usually operated on a tit-for-tat basis whereby endorsements are reciprocated for marketing purposes. This way, even the most contrived of teachers can come with very high recommendations. One New Age teacher even has an endorsement by Mother Theresa on one of his books, although no proof of such an endorsement has ever been made public. Another thing that will give you great spiritual credibility is to get a picture of yourself with a spiritual leader such as the Dalai Lama and reproduce it in your book and on your website.

This will certainly pay dividends in your spiritual marketing. Build up a Hierarchy of Followers: Hierarchical access to the teacher is important when the teacher become more successful because it separates the teacher from the bulk of his or her students. This makes it much easier to maintain the spiritual front for the majority.If you don't, you could end up with very little, but chances are that donation will outstrip cost.

Another thing that will give you great spiritual credibility is to get a picture of yourself with a spiritual leader such as the Dalai Lama and reproduce it in your book and on your website. So, in effect, by putting yourself squarely in the centre of your teaching, you end up with a monopoly on a unique product. These individuals want to be spiritual because they have a yearning for a more meaningful life than the one officially sanctioned by society, and they have a strong disdain for the limitations of ordinary material perspectives.

Those people were usually wanting to know how to attract something specifically , and how I did it. Collier was the first to introduce me to the Law of Attraction, mind power, positive thinking, and more, while I was a teenager searching for truth in books.

But all you can do today is the next obvious action step. So you are relatively safe. Swamiji has removed the veil of darkness and the mystery of Pranayam is unfolding itself to the common mass in India.