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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

book should be accessed only after the experience of Self-realisation and with The Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book was presented to Shri Mataji, blessed and. Sahaja Yoga Mantrabook (Updated ). The update contains two new sets of names composed by Shri Mataji Herself as well as further additions. Stream Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book, a playlist by Nirmala Vidya from desktop or your mobile device.

Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book

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Sahaj yoga mantra yazik.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. techniques and knowledge made freely available at Sahaja Yoga centres across the world. The Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book was presented to. Title: Blue book sahajayoga, Author: einareinars, Name: Blue book Footsoak**; sit on the earth; say mantra for this chakra; bandhan* the.

Place the right hand on the earth, or direct it towards the earth. Place your feet in a bowl of warm water containing a handful of salt. Meditate while soaking your feet for 10 to 15 minutes.

Rinse and dry your feet. Then flush the water down the toilet and wash your hands. Affirmations for raising the Kundalini It is important to be comfortable throughout the exercise. Please use a chair if easier.

You can say "Mother" addressing the Kundalini before each affirmation. Repeat twelve times. Right hand on your forehead pressing the sides. Place the right hand on the left side of the neck where it meets the shoulder.

Place the right hand on the back of your head and lean your head back onto your hand. Heart 3. Mooladhara Mooladhara Chakra No. This chakra provides support and protection to the Kundalini because if it is disturbed, the Kundalini will not rise to any other chakra. The fundamental quality of the Mooladhara Chakra is innocence and the innate wisdom, which comes from having childlike innocence.

Simplicity, joy, purity, integrity and balance are qualities manifest in human beings through this chakra. Because this centre governs the reproduction organs and systems, sexual attitudes and behaviour critically impact the strength or weakness of this centre. Sex can be the most sublime physical expression of love within a marriage.

Sex can also subtly undermine and erode self-esteem when entered into without the protection and support of lifetime commitment. Sex commingles the energies and chemistries, both positive and negative in two people.


Thus, as with any other addiction, mental and physical weakness occurs, laying the foundation for disease. Pure love between a man and a woman is unattached by possession, devoid of demanding expectations. Then, in freedom, the full intensity of the relationship can be enjoyed. Once Kundalini is awakened, the sense of reverence for and the desire to serve the Mother energy within, gradually becomes heightened.

Many of us entered the practice of Sahaja Yoga with badly damaged Mooladhara Chakras. This chakra can be fully restored as you settle into and sustain Sahaja Yoga practices. The Mother energy, in each of us, manifests qualities such as bearing power, care and compassion. Swadisthan Chakra No. Swadisthan and Nabhi work together.

When Kundalini first rises, it passes from its home into Nabhi, and then goes down the "cord" to Swadisthan. Here the energy for our creativity is generated. On the right side it manifests as intellectual perception; on the left side as imagination.

These aspects integrate the central channel, creating our aesthetic sense. One of the most important functions of this centre is to generate the energy that fuels our thinking by breaking down fat particles in the abdomen that are used by the brain cells. If we are confused by an inflated ego into believing that we alone must think and plan for everything we do, the excessiveness drains the central channel of energy and exhausts the right side.

Instead of a sponge, the brain becomes like a rock, loosing all power of absorption. Then, creativity becomes an effort, rather than a spontaneous happening. This is why much of modern art, poetry and music are lacking in joy giving qualities. This excessive thinking and planning is why many of us lack enjoyment of our overly mental, high-pressured jobs.

Our systems become dry and too right-sided mental and aggressive. The Nabhi resulting imbalance causes the left side emotion to become weak and we become less sensitive. Without equally healthy right and left sides, the integration of thinking and feeling into the central nervous system becomes imbalanced.

Then our actions and ideas become off centre. The Swadisthan chakra along with the Nabhi No. This vital organ is the seat of our attention or pure concentration minus mental activity. The liver sustains our concentrated attention and purifies it by pulling out dirt and poisons.

Before realisation, our attention is most often running outside us, directed by external factors. The awakening of the Kundalini enables the attention to go inside and unite with the Spirit at Sahasrara No.

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This is where the attention should rest and enables true intuitive creativity to work through us. Because of the connection with ego which can take the attention away from the Spirit of real Self it is important at the Swadisthan Chakra to develop humility. Real humility recognises that our intuitive thoughts and feelings are initiated by the Divine and flow through us.

We are conduits. We did not design and create ourselves. Chakra No. At this centre, the Ten Commandments are the guiding attitudinal and behavioural principles.

After realisation, a mild pain in the Nabhi stomach region can actually be experienced from the resultant chakra imbalance. When not corrected, off centred activities in the Nabhi can lead to extreme stomach diseases such as ulcers, hypoglycaemia, diabetes and cancer. The left Nabhi regulates the activities of the female head of the household.

For this to happen, an atmosphere of respect, love and support must be maintained by all members of the family. If the wife dominates the husband or is dominated by him, this chakra will catch and affect all family members.

If the children do not respect the mother or are maltreated by her, this centre will catch and affect the whole family. The right Nabhi regulates activities regarding money, career and social relationships. Too much worry about money or too much time on the job, cause this centre to become unbalanced. These pro- 13 - blematic conditionings, as well as too much thinking and planning, often cause the liver to become overheated.

Too much heat on the liver causes the attention to scatter… relaxed concentration becomes impossible to sustain. Indications of imbalances in the liver include irritability, impatience, chronic discontent, quick temper, and continual worrying. White rice, yoghurt, cooked fresh vegetables, some chicken, and fruit are all good for cooling and clearing the liver. White cane sugar, taken in liquid form, works as a detergent for a hot liver as it breaks down the fats which hold the toxins in the liver.

A liver which is too cold is rare, but if skin rashes occur, this can be the cause. For a cold liver, take yellow vegetables. For liver problems of all types, drink several litres of water per day. This works to flush away toxins. Complete satisfaction as a steady state of being, can be achieved with the support of a well-balanced, healthy Nabhi. As our attention becomes purified through meditation and can be sustained for longer time periods at Sahasrara Chakra, we will gain a more detached reaction to events in our life.

We will become a more reflective, joyful participant even in dealing with family problems.

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Heart Chakra No. When our Heart Chakra becomes clear, we will become more fearless, strong and generous. We will trust ourselves more, and have more confidence in our abilities to correct our own mistakes.

We will love others and ourselves more because we will recognise that the Spirit in our heart is the same as theirs.

The centre Heart Chakra governs the sense of security and protection. Antibodies that protect us against disease and negativity are formed in the sternum bone.

Those who were raised with fear in childhood, grow up afraid. For example, they are afraid of darkness, afraid of making mistakes, afraid that other people will hurt them. Their confidence can easily be shaken by outside ideas. Their centre Heart Chakra will be damaged.

They will develop diseases of the lungs and heart. If this relationship was not correct… if the mother died when the child was young, Vishuddhi or was ill, or caused emotional trauma, this chakra will be blocked. If in adulthood, one develops disrespectful attitudes about ones mother, such as those implanted by Freud and perpetuated by many psychoanalytical doctrines and practices, the self-confidence will be undermined and this chakra blocked. The well-being of our father and our relationship with him affect the right heart.

If the father shrinks from his responsibilities or takes on too much responsibility, there will be an imbalance. The relationships with our father and mother, as well as our own fathering and mothering qualities, are critical to our overall sense of well-being and ability to have serenity and peace within.

It is important to have respect for our parents, to forgive them for their mistakes, and keep these relationships clear.

It is important to our children that they respect us as parents. The Heart chakra reflects the Spirit. If functioning properly, it enables us to feel our realisation and to generate and radiate love.

When it is open and clean, the Vishuddhi gives us a sense of oneness with all life i. It gives us sensitivity to know intuitively what words and actions are appropriate at each given moment. Then our perspective about events and relationships in our lives ceases to become objective. We develop ego attachments, and become possessive or overly emotional about people, places and things. Internally it is damaged by attitudes of inferiority, guilt, reclusiveness, aggression and superiority.

For us to enter into the desired objective or witness state, we must begin by gaining detachment from extreme dependencies, emotions or involvements of any kind.

Raising the Kundalini and taking vibrations in meditation helps us to become aware of our conditio- 14 - nings that cause the loss of a balanced perspective.

The Daily Stoic: Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

The vibrations also help to loosen the physical tensions caused by those conditionings and clear them away. When a balanced perspective is achieved, actions to solve problems or improve well-being become more enlightened.

We will express a refined sense of discretion and diplomacy.

One of the most pervasive of all attachments is guilt, which blocks the left Vishuddhi. While perhaps useful at an earlier stage of human evolution, it has now become an obstinate barrier to growth, for we use it to immobilise ourselves against identifying weaknesses and taking corrective action.

Let us recognise that ignorance is a normal state for those who are open to learning. Let us accept that it has to be overcome. For the right Vishuddhi, which governs speech, we Vishuddhi Chakra No.

Because this love is the same force that comprises Spirit — it is inside and outside all human beings. This awareness that Spirit permeates all, leads to the collective consciousness which leads to a new respect and reverence for each other. It leads to a desire to be closer together. It leads to sweetness within relationships. It leads to peace. When this chakra is open and healthy, the Kundalini pierces through, causing the thought waves to quiet down.

The benefit is that the spaces between thoughts or pauses between the words also increase. The attention can then be attached to the pause or silence and a thoughtless state achieved which is full awareness. The subtle system now becomes a receiving instrument, not just a sender. When the constant chattering of the mind stops, like a blaring radio being turned off, one feels a great sense of relief and peace. As one progresses in the ability to maintain a thoughtless state for longer periods of time, an exploration of a whole new universe begins.

You learn to take in more of the life energy that is constantly radiating from the God source. Your own vibratory rate increases tremendously and you become a stronger positive force in the world.

You learn to open up your receiving powers at will and you understand that there is a Main Frame database that is infinite and that it is yours to tap into whenever you need it. You become humble to the vastness of this network in which you are always receiving full, loving attention — and yet at the same time, are such a minute part.

The major problems of our conditioning that have tended to block the opening of this chakra focus on the ego and superego. Now take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, of the stomach on the left hand side. Press it. Now this is the centre of pure knowledge. Here you have to say as Sahaja Yogis that our Mother has given us the full idea how the Divine works.

She has given us all the mantras and all the pure knowledge that we could bear and understand. Let all of us be fully knowledgeable about that. I have seen if the man is a leader, the wife does not know a word about Sahaja Yoga. If the woman knows about Sahaja Yoga, the husband doesnt know anything about it. Let me be proficient and an expert in this knowledge, so that I can give realisation to people, make them understand what is Divine Law, what is Kundalini and what are the Chakras.

Let my attention be more on Sahaja Yoga than on all these mundane things. Now put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen and close your eyes. Now here on the left hand side press it. Mother has given me the spirit and I have my own Guru which is the Spirit. I am master of my own. Let there be no abandonment. Let there be generosity in my behaviour. Let there be compassion and Love for other Sahaja Yogis. Let me not show off, but have a deep knowledge about Gods Love and His doing, so that when people come to me, I should be able to tell them about Sahaja Yoga and give them this great knowledge with humility and Love.

Now raise your right hand on your heart. Here you have to thank God that you have felt the ocean of joy and you have felt the ocean of forgiveness and the capacity to forgive as our Mother has, which we have seen is so tremendous. Let my heart expand and encompass the whole Universe and my Love should resound the Name of God. The heart every moment should express the beauty of Gods Love. Take now your right hand on the left Vishuddhi between the neck and the shoulder in the corner.

I will not indulge into the falsehood of guilt because I know it is falsehood. I will not escape my faults but face them and eradicate them. I will not try to find fault with others, but in my own knowledge of Sahaja Yoga let me remove their faults. We have so many ways secretly we can remove the faults of others. Let my collectivity become so great that the whole Sahaja Yoga race is my own family, my own children, my home, my everything.

Let me get that feeling completely, innately built within myself that I am part and parcel of the whole because we all have one Mother and let my concern go to the whole world to know what are their problems and how can my true desire power solve them.

Let me feel the problems of the world in my heart and let me try innately to remove all of them from the basis of which they are generated.

Let me go to the principles of all this problems and try to remove them through my Sahaja Yoga powers, through my Saintly powers. Now put your right hand on your forehead across. Now here you have to say first: I have to forgive all those who have not come to Sahaja Yoga, those who are on the periphery, who come and go, who jump in and out.

But first of all and foremost I have to forgive all the Sahaja Yogis because they are all better than me. I am the one who tries to find fault with them but I am at the lowest end and I have to forgive them because I must know that I still have to go very much further. I am still much less, I have to improve myself. This humility has to come within us. So you have to say here: Let there be the humility in my heart in a true sense, not hypocritical.

Work out this feeling of forgiveness so that I bow to reality, to God and to Sahaja Yoga. You should ask for forgiveness. In your intelligence you should know What I Am. I dont have to tell you again and again, not at Sahasrara.

You have to thank Me at Sahasrara, put your hand, move it seven times and thank Me seven times. Mother, thank You very much for the realization. Mother, thank You very much for making us understand how great we are and thank You very much for bringing all the blessings of the Divine and thank You very much for raising us higher, much higher than from where we were and also thank You very much for sustaining us and for helping us to improve ourselves and correct ourselves.

And thank You very much ultimately that, Mother, You have come on this earth, taken Your birth and that You are working so hard for us, for all of us. Press it hard. And move it hard. Now take down your hands. Heads are all very hot. So now let us give ourselves a nice bandhan. In the bandhan of Mother let us move our left to the right. One, Nicely. Understand what you are.

What are your auras. Now again second one. Now the third one. Now the fourth one. Now the fifth. Now the sixth one. And now the seventh. Now raise your Kundalini slowly, very slowly, raise it first time, you have to do it very slowly. Now push back your head and give it a knot, one knot. Second one, lets do it very slowly and knowing what you are, you are a Saint. Do it properly, not in a haste. Push back your head and give it two knots there, one and two.

Now lets do the other one. Again the third one you have to give three knots. Any contributions welcome! Edition Three. More detail and clearer formatting of the original book published in Sept The audio tracks can be downloaded from the 'Audio files' page.

Uploaded This book gives the poem itself in transliterated Sanskrit and the names with some explanations, background material and commentary.

This wonderful poem and its names were used extensively by Shri Mataji especially in the early days and Her Names are taken from it. Last updated Adobe Acrobat document [5. The Three Worlds - an investigation into the three-fold nature of Creation. This was originally an appendix in the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha book, but expanded itself into a page book as more and more ideas added themselves!She is an example of the embodiment of the compassionate qualities of womanhood, of the ideal Mother and has a practical strategy for giving spiritual birth to the seekers, making them twice born and thus bringing about a new age.

Now take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, of the stomach on the left hand side. We are her only child.

You are the Word that was the beginning; You are the Word that will be the ending. An international cancer research centre in Mumbai where the effects of Sahaja Yoga methods on curing various illnesses, including psychosomatic diseases are studied. Achita He is beyond attention. Then you breathe out.