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Object - Oriented Modeling And Design With Uml, 2/E. Front Cover. Blaha Very nice to have such ebook to be available to read at any time. All 10 reviews». Object -Oriented Modeling and Design with UML: For VTU, 2/e. Front Cover. Michael Blaha. Pearson Education, - Object-oriented methods (Computer. One of the seminal professional tutorial/reference works that helped to set the standard practices for Object-Oriented Design, Modeling and Implementation.

Object Oriented Modeling And Design With Uml Ebook

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OMG Standards: MDA, MOF, XMI, CORBA, UML UML History, UML New Features. Rational Unified Process emphasizing Inception, Elaboration. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. In a sense, Jim Rumbaugh and Mike Blaha are two of the "founding fathers" of UML. They invented UML, the basis for UML. Object-Oriented Modeling and Design with UML (2nd Edition) [Michael R.. Blaha, James R Rumbaugh] on yazik.info. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The more specific classes are called subclasses and are generally placed below the superclass. Additionally not visible in Figure 4. Obviously, here two similar but different domain concepts are combined into one class.

Object-Oriented Modeling and Design with UML (Subscription), 2nd Edition

Through specialization the two special cases of freights are formed: Piece of Cargo 3 and Piece of Luggage 4. The attribute Degree of Hazardousness 5 is placed where it belongs—in Piece of Cargo.

The attributes of the class Freight 1 also apply to the two subclasses Piece of Cargo 3 and Piece of Luggage 4 : Figure 4. So much for the mechanism.

Object-Oriented Modeling and Design with UML (Subscription), 2nd Edition

However, the domain meaning of the relationship between superclass and subclass is much more important. These rules apply to this relationship: All statements that are made about a superclass also apply to all subclasses. For example: If the superclass Freight has an attribute Weight, then the subclass piece of luggage also has an attribute Weight, even though this attribute is not listed in the subclass Piece of Luggage.

Anything that can be done with an object of the superclass can also be done with an object of the subclass.

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For example: If freight can be loaded, pieces of luggage can also be loaded. In the terminology of the system that is being modeled, a subclass has to be a special form of the superclass.

For example: A piece of luggage is a special case of freight. Chapter 2 Modeling as a Design Technique. Chapter 3 Class Modeling.

Chapter 4 Advanced Class Modeling. Chapter 5 State Modeling.

Chapter 6 Advanced State Modeling. Chapter 7 Interaction Modeling.

Chapter 8 Advanced Interaction Modeling. Chapter 9 Concepts Summary. Chapter 10 Process Overview. Chapter 11 System Conception.

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Chapter 12 Domain Analysis. Chapter 13 Application Analysis.


Chapter 14 System Design. Chapter 15 Class Design.

Chapter 16 Process Summary. Chapter 17 Implementation Modeling. Chapter 18 OO Languages.

Chapter 19 Databases. Chapter 20 Programming Style.

Chapter 21 Iterative Development. Chapter 22 Managing Models.

Chapter 23 Legacy Systems. Appendix A: UML Graphical Notation.

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Appendix B: Answers to Selected Exercises.Support for modeling Architecture in UML. If You're an Educator Additional order info. Applications of UML in embedded systems, Web applications, commercial applications. Get answers from teachers in open forums. Class diagrams, Classes and Relationships, Interfaces and ports, Templates, Active Objects, Advanced relationships generalization, association, aggregation, dependencies.

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Basic and Advanced Structural Modeling 3 1 to 3.