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Miss Nelson is Missing. By Harry Allard. Narrator, Kid , Miss Nelson, Miss Viola Swamp. Narrator: The kids in room were misbehaving again for Miss. Three characters from the show Miss Nelson is Missing are sad . USA: yazik.info Miss Nelson cannot control her classroom. "The kids in Room were misbehaving again," the book starts off. "Spitballs stuck to the ceiling. Paper planes.

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Mild-mannered teacher, Miss Nelson, has the worst behaved class in the entire school. When Miss Nelson doesn't show up to school, Miss Viola Swamp comes . Miss Nelson is. Missing! Harry Allard. A Study Guide. Written by Garrett Christopher. Li i t v tl l• e e es o. N. T. Page 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS. For the Teacher. Miss Nelson is missing! by Harry Allard, , Scholastic Inc. edition.

Basically what it boils down to is, children don't listen to nice people. You have to threaten them in order to make them behave. Which is ridiculous. I mean, clearly you have to give them consequences for bad decisions. On the other hand, Miss Swamp doesn't seem to be that mean. She raps the desk with a ruler.

She snaps at the kids. She meant business.

Miss Nelson is missing!

Right away, she put them to work. And she loaded them down with homework. That's like the only difference between the teachers. They just don't like that she gives them a lot of homework. She's strict, I'll give her that, but the children should be sitting still and being quiet in class, and not misbehaving. The kids basically assume that she's a horrible person because of her looks.

Miss Nelson is Missing!: Read Aloud

And apparently only mean people make you learn things. In the beginning, when the children are playing with spitballs and paper planes, giggling, squirming, making faces and being rude, and refusing to do their lessons, the only thing Miss Nelson does is say in a "sweet voice", "Now settle down. Of course, they've already shown that they're not currently worthy of respect. It took me a few minutes to realize that, really, this book is sexist.

Viola Swamp, the assertive one, is portrayed as expressly ugly, a non-feminine trait. She's a "witch. You don't call an assertive male teacher a "wicked" "witch.

When a woman is assertive, they are described in disparaging terms, and people only like them if they're "nice" and "sweet.

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What it boils down to is, don't have respect for people who treat you kindly. The only two opinions the children can have for the teacher are disrespect, or fear. Really, the best relationship between an adult and a child is for them to have mutual respect and understanding of the other's position. It's obviously a lot harder for children to understand the position of the adult.

A really great book that deals with this in a teacher-student context is "My Teacher is a Monster! No, I Am Not.

Miss Nelson is Missing!

It starts out with the child being a troublemaker, but he comes to act differently not by the teacher being a complete jerk to him, but by realizing that his teacher is another human being worthy of respect, and trying to get him to behave in order to teach the class, not because she's a terrible person.

Children need to have reasonable consequences to their misbehavior, otherwise they don't understand why they shouldn't do things.

In "Miss Nelson is Missing", the consequences don't make any sense, and the children are only punished by seeing how "it could be worse". Knowing that others have it harder doesn't make you really respect what you have. London, KY United States. Northeast Texas Community College Mt. Pleasant, TX United States.

Villa Angela - St. Darrell M. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: Junie B. Alice in Wonderland adapted by Jason Pizzarello.

Great Illustrated Books

Miss Electricity by Kathryn Walat. Around the World in 8 Plays by Patrick Greene. Sweeney Todd: Space Girl by Mora V. Mother Russia by Jeffrey Hatcher. Pierre adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher.

The Secret Garden adapted by Jerry R.

Beauty and the Beast by Timothy Mason. Sign In x Returning Customers. Don't have an account?

Forgot Password x.Write your rules down and make sure everyone in the family knows the rules. Book Activity - Have students write their own story but this time the students are the ones who are missing, not the teacher.

Demonstrate the ways you make meaning when reading literature. Books about students and teachers are always entertaining when told in the classroom, as it gets students thinking about their own experiences or behavior as well.

Facing the new strict teacher the This review is required for Dr. Were you eager to have your regular teacher back?