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IFC _/D signal converter with local display and The modular KROHNE system with the IFC IMoCom signal converter. The IFC signal converter is. KROHNE 08/ Subject to change without notice. Applicable to. Software-Versions. ○ IFC _ / D. Display version. No. and. No. KROHNE IFC - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Display version, signal converter IFC / D When powered, the display shows.

Krohne Ifc 010 D Pdf

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IFC K Media Converter pdf manual download. Power-on and measurement Factory settings Part B IFC / D Signal converter 4//14 Operation of the. Read online or download PDF • Page 44 / 67 • KROHNE IFC Converter EN User Manual • KROHNE Equipment. yazik.info 3. Electromagnetic product range. OPTIFLUX converters: All converters fit to all sensors. 1 IFC High-performance solution. 2 IFC

Display Fct.

1. Introduction

Press key to transfer to subfunction DISP. Transfer to totalizer unit setting using key.

Transfer to totalizer format setting using key. Select with key or.

Sequencing of displays is automatic. However, in the measuring mode, manual sequencing can be carried out with the key.

Return to automatic sequencing after approx. Please refer to Sect.


Unit and format of the display are freely selectable, see Fct. This determines which part of the count is to be displayed.

Display overflow and totalizer overflow are independent of one another. Example Internal count Format, display unit Internal count in unit Displayed XXXX Press key to transfer to number setting.

Refer to Sect. Check whether under Fct. P Press key.

There has been no research performed on the use of electromagnetic flowmeters in the industrial measurement field. Their unit price is high, and due to import problems, a significant amount of time is required to obtain them.

In several places in the world, the infrastructures of electric, oil, and natural gas will need to be replaced by Facing a competitive environment and the demands of global energy conservation and carbon reduction, various industrial users are devoting more attention to the efficiency of production plants to reduce energy consumption as much as possible and thereby improve competitiveness.

Therefore, numerous investments, which are used to raise the level of factory automation, gather field data and monitor real time, can enhance the efficiency of the process control system. In oil, gas, and energy industries, custody transfer facilities need reliable flow measurement equipment. In chemical and pharmaceutical industries, electromagnetic flowmeters require high accuracy.

Technical data | IFC F V IFC F

Sensors and field devices, including electromagnetic flowmeters, can be developed in diverse ways or manners. Refer to Sect. Always calibrate primary head and signal converter together. Therefore, when installing, ensure primary constant GKL is identical; refer to instrument nameplate for the primary head.

Refer also to Sections 4. Dimensions of signal converter; refer to Section Do not use rigid metal conduits IMC! Lay conduits such that no moisture can penetrate into the converter housing.

Should there be risk of any condensation water forming, fill the cross-section of the conduit around the cables at these adapters with a suitable sealing compound. Rated values: The flowmeter housings protecting the electronic equipment from dust and moisture must always be kept closed.

The selected creepage distances and clearances have been dimensioned in conformity with VDE and IEC for contamination category 2. Supply circuits and output circuits are designed to meet the standards of overvoltage classes III and II, respectively.

Safety isolation: the flowmeters signal converters must be provided with an isolating facility. For exceptions compact systems , refer to installation instructions for the primary head.

KROHNE IFC Converter EN User Manual

Connection diagrams I and II for electrical connection between primary head and signal converter: refer to Section 1. For measurement reasons, connect an FE functional ground conductor to the separate U-clamp terminal in the terminal compartment of the signal converter.Safety isolation: the flowmeters signal converters must be provided with an isolating facility.

This instrument is fabricated of high quality, precision components to provide stable, reliable performance. The GS 8 B is not approved for hazardous areas. A zero position on the range switch simulates zero flow, which allows the determination of any zero offset which may be present.

Transfer to subfunction FACT.

Krohne Ifc D Manual

Note: totalizer deviation possible. This message appears only when the empty pipe identifier option is installed and the function is switched on under Fct. Use Units in inches values if Diameter indicated on converter is in inches c. Transfer to number setting with key. Return to automatic sequencing after approx.