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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

IS (Part 1): Indian Standard. CONCRETE STRUC'lURES FOR STORAGE OF. LIQUIDS - CODE OF PRACTICE. PART 1 GENERAL. IS (): Code of Practice Concrete structures for the storage of liquids, Part 2: Reinforced concrete structures [CED 2: Cement and Concrete]. “Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”. IS (): Code of practice for concrete structures for the storage of liquids, Part 4: Design tables.

Is 3370 Pdf

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3 days ago PDF | Limit state method is widely used at present in comparison to However, IS has adopted the limit state design method after. IS - (1) - - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Indian standard - concrete structures for storage of liquids - code of practice. IS Part 1 - pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

Due weightage has also been given to the need for international co- ordination among the standards prevailing in different countries of the world. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard.

Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

SCOPE 1. In arriving at these moments, the slabs. This table may he found useful in designing cover slabs and bottom slabs for rectangular tanks with one cell. In a square tank, therefore, moment coetlicients may be taken direct from Tables 1 to 3. In a rectangular tank, however, an adjustment has to be made in a manner similar to the modification of fixed end moments in a frame analysed by the method of moment distribution.

In this procedure the common side edge of two adjacent panels is first considered artificially restrained so that o rotation can take place about the edge. Fixed edge moments taken fro Y-?

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When the artificial restraint is removed they will induce additional moments in the panels. The final end moments may be obtained by adding induced moments and the fixed end moments at the edge. These final end moments should be identical on either side of the common edge.

The end moments in the two intersecting slabs may be made identical at these five-points and moments at interior points adjusted accordingly. This may be due to earth pressure or to a combination of earth and ground water pressure.

In this standard it has been assumed that the design of liquid retaining structures, whether of plain, reinforced or prestressed concrete is entrusted to a qualified engineer and that the execution of the work is carried out under the direction of a qualified and experienced supervisor.

RCC Design of Water Tank is Part v Tables

All requirements of IS : 'Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete fourth revision ' and IS : 'Code of practice for prestressed concrete first revision ', in so far as they apply, shall be deemed to form part of this standard except where otherwise laid down in this standard. For a good design and construction of structure, use of dense concrete, adequate concrete cover, good detailing practices, control of cracking, good quality assurance measures in line with IS and good construction practices particularly in relation to construction joints should be ensured.

The composition of the Committee responsible for formulation of this standard is given in Annex C. For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, expressing the results of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2 : 'Rules for rounding off numerical values revised '.

The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. These of IS Part I and IS unless otherwise laid requirements are in additionto the generalrequirements down in this standard. This mayoccur in accordance with principlesof mechanics. In particular. The recommendations. For load of concrete and steel from damage due to ,action of combinations, waterload shall be treatedas 'dead 10a'1'.

For ultimate limit state conditions and through reference in this text. At the time of publication. All standards are subject to liquid outletsare blocked. For serviceability. Allowanceshould be made for the indicated below: effects of any adverse soil pressures on the walls. No relief should be given for beneficial reinforced concrete fourth revision soil pressure effects on the walls of containment : Specification for high strength bars structures in the full condition.

Loading effects due to and wires for concrete reinforcement temperature occurs when thermal expansion of a roof fourth revision forces the walls of an empty structure into the Concrete structures for the storageof surrounding backfill causing passivesoil pressure. Wherea roof direct tension and flexural tensionmay he deemed to be is rigidly connected 10 a wall thismay leadto additional satisfactory if steel S! Earth coveringon reservoirroof maybe taken as for high strength deformed bars.

Structural relating to resistance to cracking.

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Umit State Desip concrete is limited to Table I. AllrelevantlimitStaleS shall be considered in thedesign The recommendations given in IS shan be the permissible concrete stresses shall conform to the followed. Altbough cracks may Pari 2 : 4.

IS 0. S7 cracking of the concrete during the xi 2. Unless it is establi5bc:d on the basis of 4. An estimate of the bend ing moments in the vertical and horizontal planes 5.

The horizontal tension The floors of tanks resting on ground shall be in caused by the direct pull due to water pressure accordance with IS Part I. The worst following condition: conditions of loading may not be thosegivenin In the case of rectangular or polygonal tanks, the side 6. The analysis of moment and forces may be made on the basis of any recognized 6. U When thewall ofliquid retainingstructureis built in ground or has earth embanked against it.

In Whiledesigning the walls of rectangular or polygonal either case deformation of the wall under the 4 IS Pan 2 : influence of liquid pressure is restricted at the the rest of the tank or by use of the covering of base. I cases are given in IS Part 4 for general and Fig. In wall slabs less than mrn in To avo id the possibility of sympathetic cracking. For ground slabs less than correspond with those in walls if roof and walls are :lOO rnm thick su Fig.

If, however. Laps and In case of tanks intended for the storage of water for Bends - Size of bars. For D ,.

I The design procedures given in A-I. In the case of an expansion joint.. It is desirable to place the concrete to full height of the member in one go. This type of joint is generally quite successful since retention of the material is assisted by gravity and..

The main difficulties experienced with this class of material are in obtaining permanent adhesion to the concrete during movement of the joint whilst at the same time ensuring that the material docs not slump or is not extruded from the joint.

In floor jo ints. An arrangement incorporating a cover slab. The actual minimum width will depend on the known characteristics of the material. Ground These may also be applied during construction such as by packing round the corrugation of a water bar.

The length of the shortest water path through the concrete should be extended by suitably painting the surface at the concrete on either side of the joint. The chase should not be too narrow too deep to hinder complete filling and the length of the shortest water path through the concrete on e ither side of the joint. In normal layer of concrete may be weaker circumstances lhis than lhat used in other parts of the structure.

A separating layer of polyethylene sheet of mass I kgIm1 should be provided in between the floor slab and the layer of lean concrete. IS Put I: Use of sulphate resisting Portland cement. In either case the roof should be considered satisfactory if no leaks or damp patches show on the soffit.

An increased cover to the steel is also desirable. U III additiOll. Where it is impracticable. The roof insulation and covering if any. Portland pozzolaaa cement. Code of practice for the protection of buildings and allied structures against lightning Code of practice for concrete structures for storage of liquids: Pan 2 Reinforced concrete structures first revisiam Criteria for design of RCC staging for overhead water tanks.

Provision of an impermeable protective linin. Should the structure not satisfy either of these tests then after the completion of theremedial workit should be retested in accordance with this clause. IS Part l: Mumbai 0. RElu S. New Delhi SHat J. WorIts Depal1ment. Department of Sc: KoIkata RAM K.

IS - (1) -

Nqpur s. PRo 5. Naida S. New Delhi Central Building Resean: New Delhi S. New Delhi SHat A.. Roorbe OImA New Delhi e MUll11IY 0. RAO 0. New Delhi 0. CEO 2 R. Ambuja Cemenrs Limited. New Delhi Din: Ministry of ScieDoe " Tcc: Ahmedabad SNat C. Banplorc lnIlilUle for Solid Wate: Alte17liJ1e U.

Allemale CHF. CED 2: General Interat of e-mcr Edacatioo. Director Civ Eng. Army Headquarters. VGAM D. CheMai OIl N. IS 3J78 Part 1: BIS Concrete Subcommittee.. ACe lid. CioWllllllClll of Tamil Nadu. Scienlist 'F Ii: Head Civ Enll [Repn: Dnelopmcnt Ii: Trainina of ConstnIction Tnde. Military EnJincer Services. RAo OIl H. Dwrroa Allema" lnIlilUle for Rcscan: BIS S. Daip Ii: CioYa'DmeDt of Maharuhtra. New Delbl SHm Jag.

N SHill J. New Delhi D1I1K. Central Public Works Department. C I"".

Mumbai SHIllP. V1IO S. New Delhi SH. Warangal 0. New Delhi Stau T Chenoai "-II' M. Engincer-in-Chiefs Branc: Army Headquartes.. New Delhi Olennai SHIll T.

Chenoai 0. Ahrnedab-el SHill C. New Delhi SurtiAl" I1: Larsen and Toubro Limited. Central Water Commission.: IS J Plan I: Materials Research Station. EMm' AII.. Mumbai SHIll J. RAU 0. JAtit71lA AI1. Roorkee De 8 K.. Mumbai SHill A..

Indian Institute of TechnololY. Energ Regulatory Board.. C'" MOO 1. NAYU ".


Indian Institute of Technology.. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Banplore SKIll Rcscarth. Gammon India Limited New Delhi BIlw.. Grasim Industries Ltd. Departmenl of Science and TedlnolosY. Roorkee Da "SIll Mumbai SHIl' U..

SItIU 1V. Kanpur SK Saow. David Qu. A or on the soffit of a floor.

Use of sulphate resisting Portland cement. In normal layer of concrete may be weaker circumstances lhis than lhat used in other parts of the structure. OImA The 8dditionssuch as ftyashor groundgranulated blast fwnacc slag may be taken into IIC':