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Results 1 - 12 of Harlequin Intrigue stories deal in serious romantic suspense, keeping you on the edge of your seat as resourceful, true-to-life women and. yazik.info: All eBooks on the topic „Harlequin Intrigue Series“. Discover, download and read free and low-priced eBooks on the subject of „Harlequin Intrigue. Free Book - Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch, a romantic suspense novel by B. Daniels, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher Harlequin Intrigue. Undeniably Yours: Book Two of The Kowalskis - Kindle edition by Shannon Stacey. Undeniably Yours Kowalski Family.

Harlequin Intrigue Ebook

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Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat. Harlequin Intrigue February - Box Set 1 of 2: An Anthology (The Lawmen of McCall Canyon Book 4) - Kindle Romance Kindle eBooks @ yazik.info Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Nico Rosso was a writer in search of a genre until he was by Nico Rosso. Romance Kindle eBooks @ yazik.info

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For half a century, the meaning of the inscriptions, and even the language in which they were written, would remain a mystery. These include Michael Ventris, the brilliant amateur who deciphered the script but met with a sudden, mysterious death that may have been a direct consequence of the deipherment; and Alice Kober, the unsung heroine of the story whose painstaking work allowed Ventris to crack the code.

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Journalist Edward Malone, rejected by the woman he loves because he is too prosaic, decides to go in search of adventure and fame to prove himself worthy of her. Soon after, he meets Professor George Challenger, a scientist who claims to have discovered a 'lost world' populated by pterodactyls and other prehistoric monsters.

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This is the true story of the men who hunted them down. Not long after the escape, fifty of the recaptured airmen were taken to desolate killing fields throughout Germany and shot on the direct orders of Hitler.

A revolving team of military police, led by squadron leader Francis P. One of those is the McLane House.

Kristi Stewart inherited the McLane House from her beloved great-uncle. She loves its history, and the story of its residents, Justin McLane who was hanged as a spy for the colonists during the Revolutionary War, and the tragic story of Monty McLane, a Confederate soldier said to have shot his wife and father when he returned home to find federal troops at the house.

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However, Kristi doesn't believe the Civil War story, and she doesn't believe in ghosts. At least she doesn't believe in ghosts until Justin and Monty appear and tell her they're worried, and want to protect her.

When she runs from the house after seeing the ghosts, she runs right into Dallas Wicker's arms. Wicker's cover story for his investigation in Savannah is that he's a private investigator looking into the death of a young man who was a friend of Kristi's.

But, once he realizes she sees ghosts and is an expert on local history, he's willing to discuss his true purpose. He's there to look into the unexplained disappearances of two people who were concerned about crime in the city. One minute they were walking away.

Then they were gone. Kristi and Dallas begin to suspect the disappearances may be connected to the McLane House and another house formerly owned by a family friend, the Murphy House.Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

This series is a journal of the evolution of human consciousness.

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Harlequin Intrigue February - Bundle 2 of 2. Deadly Fate. Beverly Long.