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GRAPHIC DESIGN ACADEMY / OCT - JUN Seavus Education and Development Center, Skopje. FREELANCE / NOV - PRESENT. Austin. Maurer. Design Portfolio conveys the notion that design is about ideas rather than artifacts. . Detail of the vinyl wall graphics and projection. Over 13+ years of industry experience across all design disciplines. Advanced knowledge of Adobe CS; Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator. Advanced knowledge .

Graphic Design Portfolio Pdf

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TOMKIN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. Graphic designer and social media manager JUN - MAY • Re-branded Chef inox, Tomkin's leading brand and a well. Cover designs for issues seven, eight, nine and ten of Four Minutes to Midnight, an independently published, experimental literary arts magazine. Explore Soohyun Kim's board "portfolio pdf" on Pinterest. Katryna Jones' Portfolio Book Design Layout, Page Design, Graphic Design Layouts, Print.

Don't think you have to include only paid projects. Personal projects show that you have a passion for design.

How to Create a Graphic Design PDF Portfolio

Further, if you're just starting out, you may only have design school projects to showcase. Allow the work itself, rather than the client or publication name, to impress viewers.

Show the process. Consider showing the creative stages you went through when creating each design.

Doing so can illustrate your depth of understanding and mastery of design techniques and concepts. Your portfolio should include between 10 and 20 examples. This should really be common sense, but you'd be surprised how often it isn't followed. Only ever show your very best work in your portfolio and if you aren't per cent happy with the outcome then don't feature it.

It's fine to show a creative journey through your work but people don't want to see way back to your college years unless of course you're a recent graduate and the old adage that 'you're only as good as your last job' should spring to mind. It's often hard to self-edit, but it's important to be quite ruthless when selecting the work to ensure that all of it is up to scratch and of a standard that you're happy with. This is something that I learned quite early on: It's easy to see how this can apply to a traditional print portfolio, but the same thinking can be applied to an iPad folio or indeed a simple PDF attachment in an email.

As mentioned above, its important to leave the viewer wanting more, especially on initial application as you don't want to arrive at a meeting or interview with nothing left to talk about. Also, remember not to overdo it in certain areas of your portfolio. If you've done some infographic work then feature a few key pieces and then show something different, the last thing you want is to bore someone with examples of the same kind of work.

There is simply no excuse for not having an online portfolio in this day and age, even if you are predominantly a print designer.

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You don't have to know any code to take advantage of the features that sites like Cargo Collective and SquareSpace offer, not to mention an abundance of ready made and beautifully designed Tumblr and Wordpress themes.

Not forgetting the social portfolio platform behemoths, Adobe Portfolio and Behance. If you do wish to edit the look and feel of some of these sites then most allow you to edit the HTML or CSS directly and it only takes a conversation with a code savvy friend to learn the very basics.

Or failing that, Google is always your friend. Don't be tempted to over-embellish your online portfolio or printed portfolio for that matter.

Allow the work to do the talking by making projects easy to view in large formats. We wanted all of our projects on one page at the same time, which would allow anyone commissioning us to easily be able to scan projects until finding the desired reference.

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Use the premium template to create a fancy brochure portfolio. Click here for minimalistic WordPress themes and templates Modern Portfolio Download The template helps you create a pages of modern portfolio design.

The pages have been produced in InDesign and can also be customized and edited using the same software. You also get a PDF preview and a help file with the template. Self-Introducing Portfolio Design Another inspirational portfolio design. This portfolio has been created by Hyejoo Kim from South Korea. The portfolio plays very well with minimalism and illustrations and that makes for an interesting combination.Include personal projects. And if there are programs I dont know much about, it wont be for long.

Dropping Off or Mailing Your Portfolio Submission Each piece should be clearly labeled indicating the title and medium used, as well as the size of the work. Your portfolio should include between 10 and 20 examples. Edit it to add images and content and your portfolio is ready in no time Portfolio apt for Fashion Student Download This portfolio design is perfect for fashion students who want to get a head start to their career.

When you submit your portfolio, please indicate then if you would like it returned. It sums you and your work up and is the first port of call for anyone looking to hire or commission you. Allow the work to do the talking by making projects easy to view in large formats.

Organize your work into a cohesive presentation, labeling each item, as well as including the size of the actual work.