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Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King of Rock N' Roll Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Another awesome book about Elvis and Priscilla. I've seen the movie. This story told by Priscilla Presley. Any book written about Elvis, by Priscilla, is a download. The New York Times bestseller that reveals the intimate story of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, told by the woman who lived it. Decades after his death, millions of fans continue to worship Elvis the legend. She is the rock 'n' roll singer and musician Elvis Presley's ex-wife.

Elvis And Me Book

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In Suzanne Finstad's book, Child Bride: The from Priscilla's childhood and adolescence, Elvis'. Elvis and Me is the unforgettable memoir of Elvis Presley. This New YorkTimes bestseller reveals the intimate story that could only be written by the woman who . The New York Times bestseller that reveals the intimate story of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, told by the woman who lived it. Decades after.

According to her account, Elvis told Priscilla that they had to wait until they were married before having sex. He said, "I'm not saying we can't do other things. It's just the actual encounter.

I want to save it. Instead of consummating our love in the usual way, he began teaching me other means of pleasing him. We had a strong connection, much of it sexual. The two of us created some exciting and wild times. Priscilla notes that prescription drugs were present from the first time she visited Elvis in America. He took placidyls to get to sleep in ever-increasing doses. Elvis would wake up at his normal time around 4: He then began taking Dexedrine in order to wake up.

Priscilla also describes several episodes involving Elvis' explosive temper and his jealous nature; including the time he went into a rage and threatened to fire a male employee Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling , who supposedly acted too "friendly" with Priscilla. Conversely, she writes about Presley's double standard for his own behavior. His promiscuity with other women led to several confrontations. Priscilla says she was aware he had been dating Anita Wood, a girl from Memphis, when they first met in Germany and that he had continued the relationship for nearly two years following his discharge from the Army.

When he asked Priscilla to move to Memphis he told her the relationship with Wood was over, but she describes later finding a packet of love letters from Wood in the attic at Graceland.

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However, according to Elvis's own words, he did not make love to Anita Wood the whole four years he was with her. It was difficult for her too, but that's just how I feel.

Presley admitted he had a number of affairs with some of the women who co-starred in his films, but all the relationships were before he met Priscilla and "meant nothing. In a televised interview on January 14, , with Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live , Anita Wood said that following media reports of a girlfriend in Germany, Elvis "had me believing that she Priscilla was just a friend and her daddy was in the Army with him, and there was nothing to it whatsoever. Priscilla also writes of other times she became suspicious of Elvis' faithfulness.

In her book, Priscilla devotes four pages to the subject to There was a lot of publicity about a romance between Elvis and Ann-Margret during the filming, and in the following weeks when Elvis returned to record music and prepare for his next film. Despite his denials of an affair, Priscilla went to Los Angeles and stayed with him.

Aware Priscilla was there, Ann-Margret took matters into her own hands and suddenly announced to the Los Angeles press that she was engaged to Elvis Presley. The news was picked up by every major newspaper in America and Elvis informed Priscilla that he and Colonel Tom Parker thought it best for her to "go back to Memphis till it calms down. Elvis returned two weeks later, admitted to the affair, but promised it was over. Of all the movie stars Elvis Presley worked with, Ann-Margret was the only one to attend his funeral.

The very next line of Priscilla's book says that after the Ann-Margret ordeal she soon suspected there were other women.

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She began traveling with him but says she would still "get crazed with worry. Priscilla relates how her insecurities would lead her to imitate the other woman's appearance changing her clothes, hairstyle and makeup , to hopefully please him. If she forcefully challenged Presley on her suspicions he would threaten to send her home to her parents.

One such confrontation over Shelley Fabares , another Presley film co-star led to a screaming match where he told her to get out. Bags packed, chauffeur ready to take her to the airport, Elvis changed his mind at the last minute and she willingly stayed. In the TV movie, the confrontation was portrayed over the Ann-Margret affair, not over Fabares as written in the book.

Priscilla writes that it was years later before she realized his tactics were part of a need to control her. This pattern began before they were married, but in her made-for-television documentary titled Elvis by the Presleys , she admitted he had affairs with other women during their marriage. Uncertain about who he was and where his career was going, Elvis turned to spiritualism , dragging an uninterested Priscilla with him.

He had not performed live for several years and labeled most of his movies a joke. The movie studio ordered him to lose the weight in a hurry, marking the introduction of diet pills to the already excessive regimen of placidyls and Dexedrine which would eventually kill him. In his search for a "higher state of consciousness" Presley became fascinated with the occult and metaphysical phenomena.

During his spiritual quest everyone around them saw Presley's personality change dramatically from vibrant and playful, to passive and introverted. Presley went through a period of celibacy, in keeping with the teachings of an Indian guru.

He loved me and deeply wanted to be faithful to me but never felt certain that he could resist temptation.

This is a good book if you want to get to know the real Priscilla. Mike Edwards however is under the mistaken belief that Elvis wanted to marry Priscilla. It was actually Colonel Parker that arranged the marriage because of pressure from Priscilla's parents, primarily her step father. Edwards also seems to have forgotten that Priscilla had numerous affairs before him and that Priscilla was divorced from Elvis and was never a grieving widow.

Had Priscilla never had Lisa Marie, she would have been long forgotten. Linda Thompson did more for Elvis in a day than a Priscilla did in all the years she lived at Graceland. Mass Market Paperback Verified download. There is alot of garbage in this book but if you want to know why Elvis and Priscilla really divorced it's in this book. They went there to clean it out and after they left Michael asked Priscilla what really went wrong in her relationship with Elvis and she tells him.

Elvis Presley: The Best Books About the Man Behind the Rock 'N' Roll Crown

The book , in my opinion , is worth it for that reason. There are also some really good pictures of Michael and Priscilla. Shows the bad side of Priscilla which her books make her look as if she is a wonderful person and truly loved Elvis?

I remember when this book came out back in the 80's. Found it here on site and thought I give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised and found it to be a good read.


The guy doesn't make himself out to be a hero, like Priscilla does in her book, far from it. Seems to come across pretty honest as well. Not saying he is a good guy or anything because he puts himself in a bad light quite a bit and that makes me believe what he writes.

Very interesting book!! Didn't spend much time with her daughter!! Most people are bitter about this book, but I found it very interesting and honest. Really opens your eyes to A LOT of things. I think Michael Edwards is a lonely, sad man. I enjoyed the book, it was nice reading about their lives in that time. Free spirits who found each other and danced until they couldn't dance anymore. One has to wonder how much of it is true.

But when he said he has romantic feelings for Lisa, it creeped me out. I can not believe he would even say anything like that.

He said a lot of things to embarrass Priscilla and Lisa, and I am not sure why.

Anyway, it's a decent read. See all 44 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about site Prime. Get fast, free shipping with site Prime. Back to top.

Get to Know Us. site Payment Products. I'm still very close to basically most of the old gang. Sadly many have passed. This tour is many things for me…It's staying in touch with his fans, clearing up myths, rumors and lies, and to be honest, it's very therapeutic.

I also answer questions from the audience'. Priscilla exposes a man of exceptional vastness.

Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King of Rock N' Roll

The energy and emotion we enjoyed from the performer was no act. It was the product of a man who lived just as fiercely, felt just as deeply and hurt just as badly. We learn of the couple living a life of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, but also a deep rooted hunger for the forces influencing this life.

Elvis taught us how to plead to be loved tenderly because he was tender. And he also taught us how to shake with 'Jailhouse Rock' because he was able to love every moment freely like it was his last. I always wondered what influenced Elvis to make music that could influence so many others it spoke to them across all genres.

Or that people in any country could be so taken by words they didn't understand. Elvis loved opera and gospel, read books on philosophy voraciously, played with guns, rode horses, was afraid to fly but seemed to fear no one. The emotional ties between conductor with his baton in hand , music and his orchestra was intriguing to him. He loved the drama put forth when the maestro would get lost in the music and guide his 50 or more men and women who themselves would get lost in all the glory of emotion.

Despite the painstakingly curated costumes and acts, he came to us honest and vulnerable. Because he was so exposed to us, it's easy to think we knew everything about him. Then again, it's impossible to know everything about even those we are closest to. Here are five things you might learn about Elvis from Priscilla Presley's perspective: Elvis was a homebody To avoid crowds, Elvis was often cloistered in his home with his wife.The Musical Elvis: This film was based on the book of the same name by Priscilla Presley , who played Jenna Wade in Dallas The couple kissed and engaged in petting, but Elvis always stopped the make-out sessions before it led to actual intercourse.

After a second wedding reception at Graceland for friends and Memphis locals, Elvis and Priscilla went to his ranch near Horn Lake, Mississippi where they locked themselves away for several days of much needed privacy. Take care and God bless.