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Tracking Devlin and his followers across demon territory, she is forced If you want to download the full ebook,, i have it so might as well share. Demon Day. Home · Demon Day Author: Fletcher Penelope. 7 downloads Views KB Size Report Demon Day (Rae Wilder). Read more. The Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher This book is available for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. . I wish the sequel “The Demon Day” was available in free ebook so I could learn what.

Demon Day Penelope Fletcher Download

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Best Download Penelope Fletcher ✓ Demon Girl (Rae Wilder, #1) ✓ . fairies, etc Rae is a girl training to become a Cleric until one day she. The Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher. Rae Wilder has problems. Plunged into a world of dark magic, fierce creatures and ritual sacrifice, she is. Book Two: Rae is falling into darkness. Grieving the death of her friend at the hand of dark magics, she is full of hate and vengeance. Tracking Devlin and his.

That information may seem roundabout, but it sums me up as a person quite well.

An offbeat, quirky tale of a complicated girl called Rae Wilder who learns her oddities are because she's a lost fairy Priestess destined to lead demonkind from darkness. What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Not knowing what I was doing exactly. I just started one day and ended up with a book two years later.

Penelope Fletcher

Often I would pause and wonder what an earth I was doing writing about fairies and vampires, but considering my recent success I have put those I-am-losing-my-mind doubts behind me. The hardest part for me was accepting my own potential. What books have had the greatest influence on you?

Briefly share with us what you do to market your book? Book marketing is a sore spot for me. I dislike some of the pushy marketing techniques that are out there, and if I am completely honest I would prefer to simply write, and publish my books in the hope people find them.

Demon Girl

In reality, the chances of that happening with so many great Indie series out there not to mention traditionally published are slim. So I have done a few interviews, guest blog posts, and giveaways via WattPad and Facebook. My marketing technique is passive, but I am getting better at identifying routes that suit me and my style. I mean she wants to punch people when they accidentally brush against her in the hallways.

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She can also make a hole in the wall so she can get out without disturbing the klaxon, so she can go Outside. And this is where our story starts. Rae is dressing, and it's not even one percent into the book and I've highlighted the first proofreading error that I just can't get past: "Stood in my fraying bra and panties, I groggily scratched at my knee, trying to pull myself together. She is going for her morning run and happens to find two of her teachers murdering a fairy.

The first thought that occurs to her is how horrible this is. And I'm not going to argue with that, it is horrible.

But she's spent her whole life believing that these beings are subhuman and that there's nothing wrong with hunting them. She is in training to hunt them. This upsets her so badly that she punches one teacher and runs from another, and she somehow breaks into a run which is super fast even for her. This boy is, to no one's surprise, a fairy.

His name is Breanden. She is instantly attracted to him. If I reach out to pet the glistening, rock hard six pack abs of a weight lifter, am I feeling strength? Or is it just feeling up a stranger?

Also, Breanden is apparently a toddler. One of the first things he says to her? Despite all this, and despite the fact that she's punched her teacher and the other teacher saw her do this, and she's fully convinced they're going to kill her which is, I guess, what happens to people who disobey Breanden takes her back to the city.

On her way to her first class of the day, she gets waylaid by a vampire named Tomas, and hides him in her closet to talk to him after the day is over. We're treated to a bit of unnecessary description about school uniforms, and a bit of that slang I was mentioning earlier. The clothing object in question is a green blazer, and "the girls rocked them shorn at the elbow or tied around the waist to show off their tattoos.

She also takes the time to worry about Breanden who, in case you've forgotten, she only met about an hour ago : "The thought of him being discovered was making me feel slightly sick.

I even threw up in my mouth a little.She wears it to remind herself that she has no one. Where should you really be focusing your efforts? Once you have written the book the creative part is done, the rest is business, even the cover.

Based on reviews most who read the free book would download the sequel. The humans all live in a big city protected by Clerics, which is what Rae is in training to become.