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Catalogo de cruceros Celebrity Cruises por Europa: cruceros por el Download EPUB Ebook here { yazik.info }. . Suites & Staterooms Celebrity Constellation® Deck Plans WHAT TO. Deck plan shown is Celebrity Constellation, which represents an example of a Millennium Class ship. Facilities and venues vary by ship. The deck plan is. Celebrity Constellation interactive deckplans, Celebrity Constellation cabin diagrams, Celebrity Constellation pictures, stateroom cabin video.

Celebrity Constellation Deck Plan Epub Download

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Click below to view a deck plan. Deck 2; Deck 3; Deck 4; Entertainment Deck; Penthouse Deck; Vista Deck; Panorama Deck; Sky Deck; Deck 10; Deck Cruise ship innovation with Celebrity Cruise news Regent Seven Seas Cruises Announces Two Guest Experience Enhancements Sunset. Aquafest offers Gay and Lesbian friendly Cruises in a wide variety of exotic more, aboard luxurious cruise lines including Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, bisexual, transgender, and straight-allied guests from around the world epub. . (haaaaaaaay alliteration) Departing on a cruise ship from Stockholm.

It's extremely popular with the LGBT community in the city but also welcomes the straight community. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Button and Bly are back and blown away by the beauties on the big boat.

All are old : Where can I find a sauna for young guys!!!!! Also all are putting towels Bamboo is the most gay-friendly bar in the capital city of Tegucigalpa; the Honduras Gay Bars website lists a single gay bar, Olimpus in San Pedro Sula. The well-traveled Bay Islands of Utila and Roatan are decently gay-friendly, although there aren't any openly gay bars , e. Andalucia was under Moorish rule for almost years and owes much of its culture to Moorish influences, including flamenco, the invention of the quitar and the layout and design of the pretty white villages of the Axarquia If You Really Loved Me read for free brookendsolutions.

By day explore mountain towns, seaside villages, Swabian castles and cave homes that pre-date the Renaissance. Then each evening relax in our authentic 14th century villa over a dinner featuring produce, meat and fish from the region, and olive oil and wine from the villa's own fields epub.

Welcome to your dream vacation! Whether you are a sophisticated traveler or taking the first vacation of your life, you'll find a Gay Travel Greece package to beyond your expectations.

But for that extra cost, ship's tours provide: Great convenience compared to finding things to do and making arrangements yourself after you go ashore in a strange place , e.

Smaller ships e. You'll be surrounded by water you can't swim in it's passing by at knots or so , but all but the smallest ships will have at least one "swimming pool" perhaps covered, otherwise usable only in warm climes and deck chairs pdf. A caterer may cost the same as downloading all the ingredients yourself ref.

Hold a hot dog or hamburger roast for employees. Better, encourage your executives and managers to do the grilling , e. It can involve just your family or fellow passengers or so.

Simplify by giving them each their own American Express Gift Card from a huge list of retailers, hotels, and spas that can please everyone on your list! To look dapper without the extra effort, go for a revised, dark and dramatic take on the classic LBD pdf. Turkey skins can be tanned and used to make cowboy boots and belts. Watch as they discover the rich history of their culture through music and dance.

Join them as they go back in time and enjoy all of your favorite Soulful Christmas tunes, performed in the style of the artist that made them famous , e. In , ,, turkeys were produced in the United States. The turkey industry employs 20, to 25, persons in the United States.

You'll also find them ashore, but usually at a premium over home stores. Most views from ship are at a considerable distance. Duct tape. Useful to make temporary repairs to luggage and other items. Power Strip. Most smaller cruise ship cabins have one power outlet in the open cabin, and one in the lavatory. A strip becomes useful if you bring a laptop or cellphone to recharge batteries , electric shaver, etc.

Please note, switched power strips are prohibited by many cruise lines, as are surge suppressed power strips.

European Power Plug Adaptor. Most ships have a European outlet in the cabin, you can plug an extra item in, such as a phone or laptop charger, if it is rated for volts. Check the item's label. Essential Papers[ edit ] Any authority looking at airline tickets, boarding passes and passports will examine names carefully.

TSA and other security authorities often require that key papers e.

This applies to all persons in your travel group, e. It starts by making sure that whoever books your cruise and any associated airline tickets accurately enters each full name on reservations and later-generated tickets. Unless your ship's itinerary is confined to your home country not often , you must prepare for a cruise as you would for any other international trip, to include passports, perhaps visas.

Many countries to be visited may levy few or no visa requirements on day-visitors via cruise ship. But, check with the cruise line through your agent if used well ahead of time. Some lines will arrange needed visas for scheduled port visits, but also check specifically for visa requirements if you have an international flight itinerary. The cruise-line will often insist that your passport have more than six months before it expires as of the date your cruise starts.

They may just be echoing requirements of countries the ship will visit, e. Lacking such a passport, or any needed visa, you risk being denied boarding on embarkation day You may also not be covered by travel insurance downloadd. Very occasionally, port officials in certain countries will require review of all passenger passports before clearing the ship for passengers to go ashore.

If so, they often join the ship a few days in-advance, and the ship will announce a day or so before the port visit that the staff needs to gather all passports for inspection. Before you leave home, make machine or photo color copies of at least the primary, facing pages of each passport Use the passports when instructed by authorities, e.

Take them with you on the rare occasion needed ashore per ship's announcements. Otherwise, once on-board, leave them in your cabin's safe and take the copies ashore instead, along with government-issued photo identification, e. Boarding Passes and Tickets Once booked, you need to promptly go to your cruise line's web site to "register". Immigration authorities require that any ship leaving their jurisdiction have personal data of all passengers at least 3 or more days before cruise departure, but don't wait that long.

Your agent or the line may have to mail these papers to you. There using your booking number , complete all details about all people cruising in your group. Once registered, the site will often allow you to print your boarding passes if within 60 days or so of the cruise.

Others may mail them to you as noted above. You may get one set listing all persons in your group, or a set for each person. Each may also include the cruise contract and boarding instructions and times.

If you've paid for flights or airport-to-port transfers, you should also find vouchers or flight tickets or Internet links to them for printing at home. Some lines will send you durable tags in-advance, to attach at least to your large luggage. If so, they'll often come with your boarding passes and vouchers for pre-paid transfers. Others will offer tags for you on-line. If so, print them Then fold each as indicated into a narrow strip, and reinforce it with transparent package sealing tape.

When you're ready to attach one, wrap it around a luggage handle, information showing, and then staple multiple times or apply strong tape at the overlapping ends. You can wait to attach the cruise-line tags as you claim them at the end of your flight, but do so before your bags reach the port if possible.

If you have none, porters at the terminal can create tags using your boarding pass data. If you have arranged services from the cruise-line to transfer your checked luggage from the end of your flight to the ship, you need to attach the cruise tags as you check the luggage to begin flying.

Before you leave the air terminal at the port city's airport, get confirmation from any welcoming cruise-line staff about transfers and any responsibilities you have, e. Other Essential Papers If travel is international, take no more prescription medications than you'll need on your trip Otherwise, the consequences in a few countries can be severe, e. Avoid paying duty on what you already own. See Proof of What You Already Own If you have downloadd travel insurance, take at least a summary of the policy coverage and how to contact the insurer for help from wherever you will go on the trip.

Most people must fly to get to them. If that applies to you, you have options. For all those options, if you miss your ship's departure actually from any port , you are responsible for joining it at it's next port of call can be very expensive unless covered by travel insurance and you are not at fault or getting home on your own. Some sources imply that ships will delay departure for flights their line has arranged that arrive late. More accurately, they may delay, but only if it doesn't compromise the ship's ability to reach the next port on-schedule.

If you're flying to and from an "in-country" departure port, insist that your flight is scheduled to arrive in plenty of time to reach the terminal For return flights, see "Disembarkation" discussion below. If flying to an overseas departure port, get to the port city at least a day before cruise departure, even if it means you must pay there for an overnight stay, meals and transfers. Your insistence on this should not be treated by the cruise line as a flight deviation request.

If you'll have a long flight, you'll appreciate the chance to rest anyway. Those packages have trade-offs They usually cost more than arranging your own flight s and transfers But take care about "free". You have little control over their initial choices. Results occasionally have inconvenient flight times through busy air hubs with short connections, that require considerable walking, or that have quite long total times enroute.

The line will notify you of proposed flight details at least days ahead of the cruise. Promptly examine them. If any detail appears problematic, promptly question its wisdom through your agent if used , and decline to accept until corrected or explained to your full satisfaction. Most lines also offer cruise extensions to distant ports near or where cruises start or end.

Somewhat pricey, they are integrated into your overall trip, with flight arrangements, quality lodging and transfers covered. Meals may not be included.

They may include one or more tours. You shouldn't have to pay any flight deviation fee below with an extension.

Cruise brochures, your travel agent and the cruise-line's website will variously describe extensions available. If travel involves flying overseas, choose the number of days of any extension with intent to use at least some of the first day to rest.

Flight deviation requests. For an additional fee e. You place it through the agent that books your cruise if any You can request dates, flight time windows or times, aircraft cabin class, even suggest an airline and flight numbers. The later your request, the more difficult it is to arrange. Somewhat economical seats blocked in-advance by the cruise line can sell-out rapidly. Late deviation requests can force the line to quote you costs to "cold download" tickets, at substantial extra cost to you, even using their wholesale or consolidator contacts.

Your request may be one of hundreds being processed for that cruise, so make it simple, e. The more specific or "exotic" your request e. Perhaps after negotiations, you'll be notified through your agent if any of the line's final offer of air costs beyond the basic deviation processing fee and itinerary details. As above, examine each detail for feasibility and whether it meets your objective s. If you decline all offers, you still must pay the air deviation request fee.

If you've booked a cruise with terms that basically say "airfare included", watch for unusually high added air charges, e. This may be just an effort to recoup some of cruise line's air costs. To find out, contact the airline directly. On most airlines, one-way domestic tickets cost significantly more than round trips for the same dates. Your agent may know of budget airlines that offer one-way "econo" bookings, especially if you can be flexible about dates, routes, times enroute, on-board niceties If you ask early enough, your cruise-line may offer you a slightly better price than you can easily obtain independently, perhaps including transfers between airports and ports.

If you arrange anything on your own, keep any affected agent informed of your intent, efforts and results. Regardless of how they are arranged, ensure you have completely adequate scheduled connection times to make flight check-ins, flight connections, the start of your cruise and return flights Consider everything that might make you late, e.

If you don't have fully-adequate time, choose other arrangements. Such complexity, risk and cost again recommend that you use an agent and get quality trip insurance.

And your trip insurer will expect "due diligence" from you in planning and booking transport to avoid travel problems. Home-to-Port by Land[ edit ] In contrast to flying, you might drive to your port city if practical without great effort and if the costs are right.

With an adequate vehicle, you can take and bring home much more than allowed by air Optionally, you can also visit the port area one or more days before or after the cruise.

Celebrity Constellation

If your group is 3 or more adults or a family, you'll need a sizable vehicle for all, to assure comfort and room for luggage. If it looks tempting, examine and compare Certain web sites specialize in finding such offers.

Driving and parking at a commercial parking lot near or at the port. They can be pricey for multi-week cruises, but do offer some security for your vehicle. This lets you "up-size" for comfort and capacity, and avoid parking costs, especially for long cruises. However, watch out for large drop-off fees, especially if the drive crosses borders or state lines.

If you can obtain quality, convenient bus or train service as in Europe , you might obtain similar benefits, with simplicity and savings possible over a car. Examine the carrier's costs, reputation for punctuality, schedules, locations of terminals, transfers needed and any parking costs near home, and plan your departures accordingly.

Embarkation[ edit ] This all starts as you reach your ship's terminal. The walking distance from ground transport to on-board ship can vary from meters or so depending on terminal design and ship size.

If anyone in your party has mobility challenges, request help in-advance. If you are to board a large ship, examine the cruise line's instructions on when to arrive.

Consider that: A large group will eagerly reach the terminal as early as they can If you are also that early, you'll likely spend considerable time idle in line waiting to be processed, with no guarantee of seating or shelter from the weather.

Many other embarking passengers will precisely follow the cruise line advice and arrive at the designated time. That can create another line. Once all staff are ready to embark passengers, only very frequent customers of that line, or those who've booked suites, will receive any preferential processing. If you have a choice, consider reaching the terminal minutes after the time mentioned by the cruise line.

If you're traveling with a personal group e. In any event, reach the cruise terminal at least two hours before the ship is scheduled to sail. As above, if your agent or cruise line has arranged a flight that could cause you to reach the port later, seriously question its wisdom well in-advance. At the cruise terminal, give your large baggage virtually no limit on numbers, but don't pack that much , with cruise tags attached, to porters for mandatory, separate security screening, then loading on the ship.

As above, if you have no tags to attach, the porters will help using details on your boarding pass. They deserve a modest tip.

Celebrity Constellation Deck Plans

You won't see those large bags until they arrive at your cabin door If you've paid the cruise line for airport-to-terminal transfers, and you have no intermediate customs processing, you may not see your checked luggage after initial airport check-in until it reaches the terminal, perhaps even at your cabin.

But learn the full process and your responsibilities. As you start in-processing at the ship's terminal, officials will examine your boarding passes and passports. Then: You and your hand-carried items will be scanned, much as at an airport Note about liquor: Nearly all cruise lines forbid bringing "personal liquor" on-board. Indeed, among some cruisers, smuggling it has become an art form. The above scanning will look for it, as will scanning of your large luggage. Any found will be "kept" by the ship until you disembark.

If you've put any in your large luggage, and the bag hasn't reached your cabin within a reasonable time, check with the Purser; it may be "on luggage hold" on a lower deck for you to personally claim Modest quantities of wine may be allowed, and hand-carried soft-drinks seldom get refused.

Check the cruise line's policy before packing. You'll often be asked to fill-out and sign a current health statement Law requires them to minimize health risks to all the perhaps thousands of close-proximity passengers and crew on-board.

Select Your a Celebrity Constellation Deck

This is another issue usually covered by good trip insurance. You'll be shown to a processing counter to provide identification, set up a shipboard charge account and be issued a cabin key card for each person in your group.

See "Ashore" and "download" below From there, you'll begin boarding.Some very-large ships have ice rinks, rock climbing walls, "surf parks" and other activities. This is how to holiday. Cruisers on Olivia's Iceland Midnight Sun Cruise can explore breathtaking scenery, natural baths, charming villages and more as the ship makes its way from Reykjavik to Grundarfjordur.

Some form of air deodorizer Key ships officers[ edit ] The ship and your cruise depend on them. Bamboo is the most gay-friendly bar in the capital city of Tegucigalpa; the Honduras Gay Bars website lists a single gay bar, Olimpus in San Pedro Sula. Family-oriented cruises will have many age-specific activities geared to the kids and teens. Popular ports will also have large numbers of air-conditioned taxis Quite commonly, you'll find an Internet cafe discussed later.