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extension cable, and a XL 50 mm Proximitor Sensor. linear range of Bently Nevada's eddy current transducer line. probes). The standard style mounting brackets are still available as .. FluidLoc ext. cable w/ armor. other than a Bently Nevada AISI steel target. Electrical. Proximitor® Sensor. Input. Accepts one noncontacting XL 11 mm Proximity Probe and. extension cable, and a XL 25 mm Proximitor® Sensor. The physically replace all standard 25 mm, 35 mm and 25 mm DE Integral transducer kΩ load, a Bently Nevada supplied AISI steel Probe. Ext. Cable.

Bently Nevada Proximity Probe 7200 Filetype Pdf

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sensors. Piezo-Velocity. Others. Bently Nevada®. All +24V. IEPE sensors (16 mm). XL. (11 mm). (11 & 14 mm). 25mm, 35mm,. 50mm. (Ext. Range) proximity probe systems such as the Bently. Nevada .. NOTE: Manuals are published electronically in Adobe® PDF* format and. Bently Nevada, Velomitor, REBAM, and Keyphasor are marks of the General .. Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM) Sensor Wiring. supports proximity, seismic, loop powered mA transmitter, and phase The 8 slot and 16 slot SETPOINT rack heights and widths are the same as for Bently Nevada BENTLY \. NEVADA xj. TECHNICAL BULLETIN. Early Shaft Crack Detection. On Rotating Machinery of the proximity probes on the machine must be considered when establishing the . Series Monitoring System and ADRE8 (Automated Diagnostics for. Rotating Nevada Or call , Ext .

Refer to TMM datasheet for additional information. The shaft relative and casing absolute channels must reside on the same UMM. The shaft relative channel returns both shaft relative and shaft absolute parameters; the other channel returns casing absolute parameters.

Shaft absolute parameters are computed as the vector combination of shaft relative displacement and integrated casing velocity i.

Some measurements shown for a given channel type are optional; they may be left un-configured if desired. Features and Benefits Highly reliable design utilizes just three transitional connectors from signal input to relay output significantly reducing possible failure points in the critical machinery protection path.

Datasheet. Overview. Universal Monitoring Module

Individually programmable ma outputs each of the four mA outputs on a UMM can be assigned to any parameter from any channel on that UMM. Clear, intuitive labeling on both faceplate and removable connectors. Individual SPDT electro-mechanical relays for each channel can be voted with other channels whether in the same or different rack modules.

Flexible signal conditioning each UMM channel can be individually configured from an available list of nearly 30 different channel types see page 2 ; most channel types return multiple parameters, any or all of which can be used for alarming if desired.

Fewer channel pair constraints A and B inputs for dual-voting axial position measurements can reside on separate UMM cards for increased reliability; XY probe pairs can reside on different rack modules as well.

Bently Nevada Series Proximity Probe Switch Sensor Nib

Document Datasheet - Universal Monitoring Module Page 3 of 14 4 Distributed power regulation for improved reliability each UMM converts its 24 Vdc input power to all regulated voltages needed by onboard processors and transducers, reducing the potential for rack single-point failures compared to systems that generate regulated voltages for the entire rack in a centralized power supply.

Powerful onboard processor delivers bit A- to-d resolution for highly accurate measurements no potentiometers, no drift, no calibration required.

Simple, reliable, self-contained design reduces likelihood of failures from inter-module dependencies. Simplified spare parts requirements. For systems without temperature measurements, only a single monitoring module type is used.

Connectivity to condition monitoring software. Connectivity to other condition monitoring software is also feasible because of our industry-first open data protocol for accessing not just static data, but also waveform data. Quarter-size rack limited to 1 phase reference input slot 4. No jumpers or DIP switches. Cards do not have to be removed from the rack.

Provides loop power for process variable transmitters.

Inputs Channels 4 Channel Types Refer to table on page 2 Transducer Accepts most common industrystandard transducers including Types proximity, velocity, acceleration, dynamic pressure, LVDT, and mA in any combination. Active i. Custom scale factors and OK limits are supported in the configuration software for additional flexibility, allowing compatibility with many additional transducer types not listed here such as constant- current accelerometers, pressure sensors, and piezo-velocity sensors.

Consult the factory prior to use of transducers not listed above to ensure that the sensor s output impedance and power requirements are compatible with the UMM.

They are not currently programmable for other parameters such as gap voltage , nor can a single channel be programmed to drive multiple ma outputs. Each channel has its own, dedicated ma output. UMM compatibility of such systems can be achieved with Vdc drivers readily available from Metrix, allowing the user to retain their existing probes and extension cables.

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Flowmeters by Panametrics Process control in many industries relies upon understanding how much fluid flows through the pipes in order to optimize efficiency and maximize profit. Simple, reliable, self-contained design reduces likelihood of failures from inter-module dependencies.

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