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Monday, July 22, 2019

Am29f010 Datasheet Pdf

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The autoselect mode allows the reading of a binary code from the device and will identify its manufacturer and Am29F Table 2.

This mode is intended for use by programming equipment for the purpose of automatically matching The Am29F has two control functions which must be the device to be programmed with its corresponding satisfied in order to obtain data at the outputs.

The automatic programming operation is completed when the data on DQ7 also used as Data Polling is The device contains an autoselect command operation equivalent to data written to this bit at which time the de- to supplement traditional PROM programming method- vice returns to the read mode and addresses are no ology.

Data is latched on the rising edge of WE. In that case, restart the erase on those sectors and allow The chip erase command should not be used on de- them to complete.

See Table 2 for Autoselect codes. The system is not device that uses sector erase or multiple sector required to provide any controls or timings during erase commands.