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A Modern Arabic-English Dictionary by islamimedya in Types > Books - Non- fiction > Religion & Spirituality, arabic, and ebook. Al Mawrid A Modern Arabic English Dictionary. PDF WITH TEXT download · download 1 file · SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP. Al-Mawrid(Qamoos). byDr. Rohi Baalbaki. Usage Attribution IdentifierAl- MawridQamoos. Identifier-arkark://t02z27j1c. OcrABBYY.

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Dr. Rohi Baalbaki Language: Arabic - English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 29 MB Al-Mawrid - A Modern Arabic - English Dictionary. The consent of CRC Press LLC does not extend to copying for general refer to frequently as my Handbook of Medicinal H. Title: Al-Mawrid English-Arabic Dictionary Arabic-English Dictionary. Author: Munir Baalbaki & Dr. Rohi Baalbaki. Category: Other. Filetype: pdf. Filesize: 31 MB.

On a related note, it was also found that the distribution of senses according to their parts of speech was much less problematic than undivided lists in single entries.

While awaiting the above-mentioned solutions and improvements in English-Arabic dictionaries, users should be warned against the trouble spots in these dictionaries. It was clear that students in this study were able to relate the context of the word with the relevant sense in successful look-ups, but this ability was probably hampered by the excessive length of polysemous entries.

As for future research in the context of using dictionaries receptively, it would be interesting to know, if this study is replicated, what kinds of structural features of other dictionary types, e. Another possible avenue of related research is to compare the performance of those trained systematically in dictionary use with another group who have not been given any such instruction.

Acknowledgements I wish to thank the two anonymous referees for reading and commenting on an earlier draft of this paper. I am also thankful to Kuwait University for supporting this research research grant no. Beirut: Dar el-Ilm lil-Malayen. El-Ezabi, et al. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hornby, A.

Al Mawrid (Arabic-Spanish Dictionary)

London: Oxford University Press. Other references Al-Ajmi, H. PhD Thesis, University of Leeds. Al-Besbasi, I. PhD Thesis, University of Exeter.

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Al Mawrid A Modern Arabic English Dictionary

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The dictionary look-up record provided a means of ensuring that the subjects followed these instructions faithfully, for every equivalent recorded by the student had to be accompanied by its sense number and, accordingly, it could be checked in the dictionary by the researcher. The subjects were also asked to indicate the titles of their English-Arabic dictionaries and their publication dates.

In some cases, a polysemous entry would provide more than one possible equivalent but the textual relevance of dictionary senses was used to judge translations.

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Of the 46 subjects, an overwhelming majority of 41 students used Al-Mawrid, a desk-size English-Arabic dictionary with more than pages and about 70, entries in its word list. These dictionaries had not been revised since and , respectively.

Each student looked up between 37 and items. There was a total of look-up records. Users of Al-Mawrid referred to their dictionary to solve word problems They performed successful look- ups A total of 80 underlined items 2. On the other hand, users of ORD tried to solve a total of word problems with an almost similar success rate of These success rates are comparable to those in a similar large-scale study reported by Atkins and Varantola b.

In that study, the subjects answered the question whether or not they found the needed translation equivalents in look-ups for L2—L1 translation. A similar percentage of This will be taken up in the next section. The chief focus has been on Al-Mawrid because its entry structure, which combines all parts of speech in one article, allows for statistical analysis. This is likely to be due to both the policy followed in ordering senses and the density of information in polysemous entries see the entry for live in Al-Mawrid, Fig 1.

By comparison, users of ORD had relatively fewer problems Indeed, studies analyzing sense ordering similar to that in Al-Mawrid have led other researchers to conclude that dictionary compilers should adopt a presentation of usage which is of practical utility to the majority of users Hornby , Kipfer It was found that the average location of the wrongly selected sense was at 3. For example, in entries of 14 senses, the average location of the right sense was at 8.

The success rate of look-ups in relation to the number of senses per entry was also measured. Average locations of correct senses vs. Although the two dictionaries provide running heads on each page as a means of rapid access Louw , some students might not be aware of or be able to utilize such helpful features.

Yet this can only be ascertained by employing a variety of research methods such as direct observation and think-aloud protocols e. Krings , Al-Besbasi Only two of such lookups 1. In most of these look-ups, confusables were involved.

For example, students who were supposed to search for the words devilry, scrap, quote, and circuitry gave the Arabic equivalents for: deviltry, scarp, quoit, and circuity. Some of these headwords are adjacent to their confusable counterparts. Therefore, it can be assumed that, in addition to spelling similarity, the close proximity of monosemous entries might have contributed to this problem. This may justify the use of special warning signs in such entries to help users identify these trouble spots.

Only one look-up 0. The other alternative, i. Clearly, it would be inappropriate to limit the range of senses in advanced level works aiming at full cover- age.

However, such limitation may be in order for less advanced learners. When examining the recorded Arabic equivalents, it seemed that the small space-saving typeface of Arabic words in this dictionary played a role in these errors, which included Arabic confusables and close spellings.

No such errors were recorded when ORD was used, probably because of its shorter articles and its avoidance of space-saving techniques. Difficulties arising from the text a Misreading the problematic word The look-up records showed that some errors were made by misreading the underlined words in the text.

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These dictionaries had not been revised since and , respectively. What other factors e. It was found that success rates decreased when long entries of polysemous words were consulted in the bilingual dictionary and the senses needed in the entries were located some distance away from the senses that these users actually extracted.

The other few errors in this category included: in-novator, in-timidated, an-ticipation, ar-rows, and com-pounded.