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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Abraham Lincoln, by Lord Charnwood .. "I found him," he said, "cocked up on a haystack with a book. Path to the White House: Abraham Lincoln From .. 22 In Lincoln's biography, Obama continued, his of Lincoln books, the collectors of Lincoln. Free Download. PDF version of Biography of Abraham Lincoln by James Russell Lowell. Apple, Android and Kindle formats also available.

Abraham Lincoln Biography Book Pdf

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Here is a link to an old radio show that has a drama about the store that "winked out", mentioned on page Interesting story. The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham. No cover available Format, Url , Size. Read this book online: Generated HTML (with images). Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project The Life of Abraham Lincoln, from His Birth to His Inauguration as President.

The biography is big in scope and meticulous in detail. The only biography of Lincoln I can remember reading, this was promoted as offering new insight into a childhood in which the relationship with his father was strained, even abusive, and is therefore useful in explaining the formation of t Reading only the 1st volume at this time.

Abraham Lincoln Facts

The only biography of Lincoln I can remember reading, this was promoted as offering new insight into a childhood in which the relationship with his father was strained, even abusive, and is therefore useful in explaining the formation of the young man.

I appreciated how Burlingame could make lincoln come alive as he progressed through the years as shopkeeper, lawyer, and successful politician. On Burlingame's pages he's three dimensional.

In covering his political career and views Burlingame has to necessarily explain the issues the midwest and nation dealt with at the time, the most important of which was slavery. As Lincoln's story moves to the national stage the big biography also becomes big history. Burlingame writes in considerable depth about the issues driving the various regions and acting to pull them apart.

The long account of the Lincoln-Douglas debates is fascinating and is maybe the highlight of this volume. I never understood until now that the heart of the debates in the late s was the institution of slavery itself.

Darn good reading, but as biography it's almost too detailed, almost more than I want to know. Currently reading the 2d volume.

The Story of Abraham Lincoln

A year ago to the day I finished the 1st volume of this biography. I enjoyed this 2d volume, covering the Lincoln wartime administration, more, maybe because the material is more familiar and easier for me to relate to. I found it engaging from start to finish. This is not only good biography but equally good history of the issues and pressures of the war years.

There's a lot here I wasn't aware of, not only small details but larger issues such as the Hampton Roads peace negotiations with Confederate representatives which suggested an agreement for a peaceful end to the war might be hammered out before the Southern armies were defeated in the field. Nor was I aware of Mary Lincoln's questionable financial dealings with White House funds and her erratic emotional state.

Burlingame explains all this and much more thoroughly and clearly, showing Lincoln's strengths and firm direction of a nation in crisis.

Burlingame's account seems straightforward and honest, told without any perceptible slant regarding those influencing the course of the war or the government. He gives credit where due while being sharply critical of those who show weakness or fail in some way, for instance Mary Lincoln and George McClellan.

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The autobiography of Abraham Lincoln

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A Short Biography of Abraham Lincoln

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With the Emancipation Proclamation begun on January 1, , Lincoln ordered the freedom of all slaves in those states still in rebellion during the American Civil War.

Among the most prominent of those problems were the threat of secession and the one issue Lincoln fought the hardest to rid the country of, slavery.

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Before a political battle had a chance to firmly develop, Lincoln was assassinated.