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Source: MY POSSESSIVE BILLIONAIRE Author: Nei Alejandrino Chapter Total: 34 The man who had everything finally met his match! Enrique Monteiro. il y a 5 jours Boxed Set: A Possessive Billionaire - Vol. by Olivia Dean is Suspense Mature content. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language. A Possessive Billionaire vol. 12 by Olivia Dean is Suspense Who is aggravating to accomplish. Charles bethink his parents' death? And aloft all.

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Boxed Set: A Possessive Billionaire - Vol. by Olivia Dean is Suspense Mature content. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and. Get Free Read & Download Files A Possessive Billionaire Vol 2 PDF. A POSSESSIVE BILLIONAIRE VOL 2. Download: A Possessive Billionaire Vol 2. Get Free Read & Download Files A Possessive Billionaire Vol 4 6 PDF. A POSSESSIVE BILLIONAIRE VOL 4 6. Download: A Possessive Billionaire Vol 4 6.

There are quests to prove courage and friendship tie, the love interests that test the young girl's naive heart.

Everything that happens to Nikita is out of this world -literally. Benita Cy is the Beta of Red-moon pack, a hybrid. Strong and Powerful.

He has everything but a mate. It's not like he hasn't tried, he left no stone unturned to find her. But he failed and finally gave up.

But as they say, it will happen when you least expect it. In an attack what Cy least expected was to come across a she-wolf who happens to be his mate. But she comes from the Enemy pack with motives to harm his. She's not up with negotiations and he's not intended on letting her slip off his fingers. A young man, who has been looking for his lost self, was attracted to the promise of freedom that the game gives. The young man with a black heart, a dark past, and a cold pair of eyes, enters a world he has never seen before, where creatures from fairy tales and mythical books reside.

Meeting old and new friends alike, will he able be to regain the warm and gentle heart he once had? Or will he forever be consumed by the monsters he created inside his heart and mind? Rosemary Newton I intruded into an unknown city. Something must have gone wrong here, I found. Everybody seemed to know me, yet, at the same time avoiding me.

Often I saw those in the corner or in the darkness talking in whispers or keep whispering about me. Their facial expressions showed ambiguity and so did their words; all were liars…those policemen, doctors, businessmen, the authorized, and scoundrels. Even the gloomy windows turned into eyes without eyeballs, spying on me.

However, what made it more horrible was that… Lovergirl Lillie summers is a sweet innocent werewolf girl.

Boxed Set: A Possessive Billionaire Vol. His Body and Soul (A Possessive Billionaire

She simply loves everything and everyone. On her eighteenth birthday with the hope of finding her mate she dose just that. And her mate is none other than her brothers best friend, Anthony Williams. Anthony Williams is a cocky 18 year old werewolf and soon to be alpha. He's anything but innocent and you would think twice before making him angery. So when he finds out that his best bros sister is his mate will he stick to the bro code?

Or will he risk it all?

An alpha and a normal werewolf teenager combined making something crazy, wild, and most of all FUN! Catherine Edward She doesn't know yet, but he's coming after her.

Ruthless, arrogant, and a cold-hearted monster he is called by many, but in reality Axel Joaquin Finlayson is a broken-hearted soul. Falling in love for the wrong girl has left him broken and destroyed, everything he ever cared for gone in a flash. He believes there is nothing in this world that can mend his heart and has lost all belief in love and marriage. Will he ever find love again? What happens when he cross paths with his ex-lover? CrazyCupcakes01 Life isn't all peaches and cream for innocent Toby Myers.

I mean how is it supposed to be when almost the entire pack makes it their job to let Toby know that being gay is wrong? Then add the fact that he gets rejected by his Alpha mate, Matthew Richardson, and you'll end up with a Toby that's broken and tired.

So like any sane person, he runs. He can't take it anymore and ends up in a pack on the other side of the country. Toby is convinced that the Moon Goddess got it all wrong and just wants to see him suffer. Follow our young werewolf as he makes decisions that could either make him or break him, not to mention the bumps in the road along the way. Not one Alpha since she had been in there for three years has ever thought about accepting her. It would be like in hell marrying that creep.

Special Recommendation

I would rather die! All the girls can have him. I hate that smirk on his face and that sarcastic smile he did in his pictures.

He is so arrogant. At least meet him in person and get to know him better, then later on you can decide if you want to marry him or not. They will force me to marry him right away. He must be someone that I love wholeheartedly, worthy of my love, trust and respect. He must be loyal and faithful to me, sincere, loving and caring. The fact that he came, would only mean that he wanted to marry you.

You must be open-minded. Understand that he is a businessperson, young, very handsome and extremely rich. Obviously, he is the center of gossips and intrigues. Besides, when you get married, he will change for sure. Meet the man, get to know him, then decide if you want to marry him or not.

In the meantime, can I stay here for a couple of days? I love you; you are like a daughter to me. But, I have to call your mom and inform her that you are here, so that they will stop worrying about you. He felt so agitated, angry, disappointed and… rejected. Bloody hell!

That damn girl wasted my precious time.

All his important appointments and business deals were canceled because of his travel to Brazil just to meet her. Now she was gone. She has some nerve doing this to me. She is really a spoiled brat, uncaring and selfish bitch. I must find her and teach her a lesson or two. No one crosses me without paying the price. Enrique thought.

What about your business trip to California this weekend? She was asking for your business phone number.

He was thinking what to do with his latest lover, the famous Victoria Secret model and actress, Katherine Roberts. Another broken-hearted girl. Monteiro is cruel in breaking up with his girlfriends. I need to know where Sophia Castello is hiding right now. I need the report within 24 hours, okay?

Any other special instructions?

Enrique Monteiro Age: Unruly dark brown hair Eyes: Body built: Taekwando, running, swimming Hobbies: Race car driving, Yacht racing, flying a plane, collecting vintage cars, and collecting girls? Whiskey and martini Expression: Geez, Bloody hell, what the hell, damn, dammit Attitude: Arrogant, controlling, manipulative.

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Nei Alejandrino Chapter Total:Unruly dark brown hair Eyes: Email required Address never made public. Even the gloomy windows turned into eyes without eyeballs, spying on me. The fact that he came, would only mean that he wanted to marry you. So like any sane person, he runs. A strange voice came from the darkness.