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GK All in One Questions and Answers in Hindi PDF Download Gk Question In . Top Sports General Knowledge Question and Answers PDF Download. GK Question With Answer In Hindi For SSC , CGL, CPO, RAILWAY, CHSL, MTS, Geography GK Questions In PDF In Hindi For RAILWAY RRB. Most Important GK Questions & Answers In Hindi-PDF Download Top Science and Technology GK (MCQS) PDF Download in.

Top 100 Gk Questions With Answers In Hindi Pdf

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+ General Knowledge Question With Answer यह book SSC Top Science and Technology GK (MCQs) PDF Download in Hindi · Most. + GK Questions and Answers in Hindi Free PDF Download. By Ø Top Chemisrty Questions Answers Ø Top Indian Polity Questions Answers. UP Janganana in hindi pdf download – उत्तर प्रदेश जनगणना से संबंधित Top Current Affairs questions and answers हिंदी PDF.

Indian Politics GK Questions. Economics GK Questions. General Science GK Questions. World GK Questions. Chemistry GK questions.

Sports GK questions. Honours and Awards GK Questions. Books and Authors Gk Questions.

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Indian History Questions. Indian Art and Culture GK questions. You can attempt GK Questions for fun too.

There are a lot of General Knowledge questions on this site. Show Answer.

Pappu Karki, the popular Kumaoni folk singer has passed away. He was native of which state? Shantaram Laxman Naik, who passed away recently, was the former Congress chief of which state? Feel free and ask me in the comment section if you have any doubt or problem regarding general knowledge questions.

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Read now. The currency of UAE? Answer: Dirham Answer:Pound Which is the hardest substance available on earth? Answer: Rajasthan Gk Questions collected for quiz exams The biggest Private Commercial Bank?

The father of local self Government?

Top Accounting Interview Questions & Answers

Answer: Lord Rippon The first Indian woman to go into space? Answer: Kalpana Chawla The vitamins which is not found in vegetables and fruits? Answer: Vitamin D Bleeding Gums or tooth loss is a symptom of disease?

Answer:Scurvy Fastest land animal in the world? Which is the largest cell in natural world?

Answer: ostrich eggs Which instrument is used to measure Atmospheric pressure? Human dead body is called? The state having a largest area of forest cover in India Answer: Madhya padesh Which is the smallest neighboring country of India? Answer: Bhutan Tsunami is a word in which language? Answer: Japanese Panama canal act as a link between which oceans?

General Knowledge

Answer: Atlantic and pacific Who discovered Penicillin in ? The part of brain which help the body balance? Which of the state has the longest coastal line? The highest dam of India is?

Which continent is known as Dark continent? Answer:Africa Which is the southernmost point of india?

Answer: Indira point Present Indian station at Antarctica? Answer: Bharati Present Indian station at arctic region? Answer: Indarc Kelvin scale is the unit of?

Top Questions Answers in Hindi General Knowledge in Hindi

Who is the inventor of electricity? Answer: Benjamin Franklin Which of the state has the longest coastal line? Read more articles. The control and arithmetic-logic sections are called: To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is: Answer: Kennel The task accomplished by using bookmarks is: Asian Games GK Questions.

What is the permanent memory built into your computer called: Nalanda Capital exits Mindtree Nalanda Capital sold its entire