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Start by marking “Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)” as Want to Read: After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one. A collection of five stories set prior to the Throne of Glass series, 1, Throne of Glass, August 2, , , words / Editorial Reviews. yazik.info Review. site Best Teen Book of the Month, August Book 1 of 7 in Throne Of Glass Series (7 Book Series).

Throne Of Glass Book 1

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After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. These books are great! Get caught up on what happened in Throne of Glass. We' ve got your spoilers here so you'll be ready when the next. Written by Sarah J. Maas, the Throne of Glass is a fantasy series that takes the mysteries buried within the glass castle, she can trust no one.

Along the way, she builds relationships with Dorian the handsome, charming prince who drafted her to compete as his candidate for Champion , Chaol the stern, demanding guard training her for the competition , and Nehemia the fascinating, intelligent princess visiting from another kingdom. Even though the king banned magic from Adarlan ten years ago, strange, lethal things began happening in the castle which point to the possible return of magic.

Even though she is busy with her training, Celaena also begins to investigate the supernatural things going on to try to keep herself and those she has grown to care about safe. Details — What happened in Throne of Glass? The book opens as Chaol is retrieving Celaena from Endovier, the slave camp she has been imprisoned in for the past year. He presents her to Prince Dorian, who has summoned her to see if she would be suitable to compete for him in a contest his father is putting on.

The king is a nasty, arrogant man who has been conquering kingdoms throughout Erilea. Also, he eliminated magic from his kingdom and other nearby lands ten years ago and will punish anyone who even retains books about the subject. Celaena is a good candidate for the competition because she built quite a reputation during her past work as an assassin, perhaps the best in all the land. She finally agrees to compete and also agrees to use the alias Lillian Gordaina to try to keep her infamous identity hidden.

Celaena is in bad shape after a year of hard work in Endovier. It is hard to keep food down as she has been malnourished for so long, and she is thin and weak.

Her beauty, which used to be a source of pride for her, was diminished by the harsh conditions at Endovier as well. But she is happy to be surrounded by rich foods and beautiful linens and clothes, all things she loved in her former life.

All of the potential champions train, dwell, and compete in the castle for thirteen weeks.

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Throughout the competition, the king commissions various contests among the potential champions. Chaol tells Celaena to stay in the middle of the pack. She usually holds herself back and can fulfill this request, but her bravery is displayed during one challenge in which she saves of the life of young competitor after he is sabotaged by Cain. Evil things are happening in the castle as the contests ensue.

One champion is turning up dead before each contest. They are being murdered and mutilated in a way that seems brutal and out of the ordinary. No one can turn up clues as to whom or what may be doing this, and Celaena starts quietly investigating on her own. One night she discovers the entrance to a series of secret passageways behind a tapestry in her room, and one passage leads her to a mausoleum dedicated to the first king and queen of Adarlan, Gavin and Elena.

The ghost of Elena begins to visit Celaena in this room and in her dreams. She explains there is a clock tower on the castle grounds that serves as a portal between their world and dimensions beyond. Prince Dorian is presented as a suitor for Celaena as well. However, their relationship is complicated by his status as the crown prince. Throne of Glass has received generally positive reviews, making its debut on the New York Times Best Seller list with the release of the second novel, Crown of Midnight.

Maas tends toward overdescription, but the verve and freshness of the narration make for a thrilling read.

Throne of Glass

Kirkus stated, "A teenage assassin, a rebel princess, menacing gargoyles, supernatural portals and a glass castle prove to be as thrilling as they sound.

She might be in the throes of a bloodthirsty competition, but that doesn't mean she's not in turmoil over which tall, dark and handsomely titled man of the royal court should be her boyfriend—and which fancy gown she should wear to a costume party.

Throne of Glass was named site. The assassin heroine's growth and the multilayered secondary characters are amazing. Whereas many authors rely on geographic detail to build their worlds, Maas' environment is more politically driven and her characterizations are deftly drawn to support that sort of structure.

In September , it was announced that the Throne of Glass series had been opted for a television adaptation by Hulu. The series is set to be titled Queen of Shadows , named after the fourth novel in the series, with The Mark Gordon Company serving as the main project studio. The adaptation will be written by Kira Snyder, with the pilot potentially being directed by Anna Foerster.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Throne of Glass The covers of the eight books of the series. The descriptions for the characters listed are displayed as they appeared in the first novel. Maas envisioned Celaena Sardothien as a strong and capable heroine, and was inspired by both male and female protagonists. Retrieved February 24, Accelerated Reader Bookfinder.

What happened in Throne of Glass? (Throne of Glass #1)

Retrieved January 2, Retrieved August 15, Retrieved January 11, USA Today. Let The Words Flow. Retrieved August 1, July December 8, Maas, author of Throne of Glass ". Enchanted Inkpot. Retrieved August 8, Kirkus Reviews.

May 2, Publishers Weekly. February 20, Retrieved May 24, January 21, Retrieved May 14, Throne of Glass ". This is during the period where a murderer is going around killing Champions and a couple have died already. And what does the 'greatest assassin in the world do? She gobbles them up immediately, going Oh, how I adored candies!

Remember that episode in Avatar: Then, it wears off and this happens: Couldn't have said it better myself, Katara. Calaena is the kind of idiot that licks stuff off walls, even without the hallucinatory assistance of cactus juice. But wait, there's more!

Nothing happens to her because she's purrrfect and fabulous, like that song from High School Musical. In fact, I'm pretty sure she's a Mary Sue. Let's check off her traits, shall we? Tragic past, check.

Pretty, check. Amazingly good at something, check. Has more than one love interest, check. Don't even get me started on the love interests. There is absolutely no difference between Dorian and Chaol except for the fact that I'm more leery of the name Dorian. It could be me but then again, you wouldn't name your kid Lolita, would you? And the ending view spoiler [where Calaena breaks up with Dorian because she's the King's Champion and it would be inappropriate?

We all know it's a ploy to squeeze in some kissy-kissy time with Chaol in the next book. And by being single , she doesn't look like a cheater. It took George. Martin to that long to write A Game of Thrones and look what he came up with! And this is Calaena's world: Mar 25, Lyanna I need a Herondale in life rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to be updated on everything Throne of Glass?

Visit the Throne of Glass fansite! Leaving me like: Let me just clear things up. People are rating this book low because they don't "like" Celaena, saying she's "arrogant" or "self-centred" or "over-confident," first of all, if Celaena were a guy, you'd be head-over-heels for her. But she's a girl and now her story is being over-looked because, instead of drowning in self-pity, she decides to stand up, throw her hair over her sho Want to be updated on everything Throne of Glass?

But she's a girl and now her story is being over-looked because, instead of drowning in self-pity, she decides to stand up, throw her hair over her shoulder and say "screw the world, I'm gonna survive. How many books have you read with an author spending a dominant part of the plot trying to pry away the pity in the heart of her damaged characters, yeah, that's right, almost every time.

They're usually so engrossed with whatever they did or whatever they went through, they bury themselves in their past and drown themselves in their own sympathy that it's actually ridiculous. But Celaena isn't like that and she's getting hate for it.

Celaena aside, Dorian was okay, I've got no rotten points to divulge about him. I would, however, like to see his character develop further, because right now he's; [x] Not what he seems [x] Doesn't like being a prince [x] Insanely good-looking [x] Has daddy issues.

Dorian is charming in a boyish non-arrogant way. He makes Celaena smile and is an all-around good guy. And he loves books. Those are always plus points in my book. I don't really know what to think about Chaol, at this point, he's still a raw character, not entirely cooked enough to be eaten what? Sometimes he's so frustrating, other times he's so adorable I want to hug him.

Just so you know: I've never completely disregarded major negative points in a series before, so much so that I still gave it 5 stars. But I love Throne of Glass for reasons of my own, I'm not reviewing this for some publisher, so I'm letting you know now , my views are biased.

I empathise with Celaena on so many levels, it's almost like we're the same person when I read the books, so with that, I've grown attached to the series as well. View all 79 comments.

Very talented. And famous. It was true that she had been attractive once, beautiful even. What a miserable state for a girl of former beauty! But it was her golden hair that caught the attention of most, hair that still maintained a glimmer of its glory. No, he had to remember that she was an assassin with the blessing of a pretty face […] He found her beautiful.

She looked spectacular. Utterly and completely spectacular. Her turquoise eyes glittered as she stared at his hand, and his heart quickened when her gaze rose to his face. Yes, sweaty as she was, she was beautiful. Much pretty.

I had hopes that the book would pick up once the competition began, and for a split second, it did. I'm out. First cover: Wait, hold on, does my hair and makeup look okay? I think I need to pose like this, so I look all strong and tough. I never liked the first cover, and am infinitely grateful that they changed them for the sequels. But as far as how Celaena herself is? I would say she's a bit of both.

I feel like these covers portray two very different extremes, and Celaena seemed First cover: I feel like these covers portray two very different extremes, and Celaena seemed to possess a quality from each of them. That's actually what I loved about her. She's fast becoming one of my all-time favorite YA heroines. I'll admit that a long while ago, I hadn't expected the book to be this good. But as soon as I read the prequels, I fell in love, and I definitely have high hopes for this series.

View all 92 comments.

Nov 25, Rick Riordan rated it it was amazing. Caleana Sardothien, young woman assassin, is betrayed and sentenced to the salt mines of Endovier.

After a year, however, she is given an opportunity: If she wins a contest to become the king's champion, she will be granted a four-year contract, working as an assassin for the empire she hates, at the end of which time she will be freed. After reading the premise of the book, I thought, "Sign me up! This book has plenty of mystery, magic, humo Caleana Sardothien, young woman assassin, is betrayed and sentenced to the salt mines of Endovier.

This book has plenty of mystery, magic, humor and romance -- a perfect brew for fans of good YA fantasy. If you liked Graceling, Grave Mercy, Shadow and Bone or other fantasies featuring strong female protagonists with scary good skills, I think you'll enjoy this quite a lot. And it's the first of a series! View all 38 comments.

I decided to reread this book, as I am about to continue on with the series, finally! I did really enjoy this the second time round, but found myself a little more critical of a few things. I will be doing a full video review of this soon, so look forward to more of my thoughts then: View all 19 comments. Dec 14, Navessa rated it did not like it Shelves: Katarzyna Weyna The most accurate comment there is! Apr 22, Kiri This summed up my own experience with the book to a T!

And made me chuckle to boot. Feb 15, Ben Alderson rated it it was amazing. What is even going on, how did i not read this sooner! View all 23 comments. After enticing me with its promises of a reading experience reminiscent of Megan Whalen Turner and George R.

Martin, Throne of Glass ultimately let me down. Having been excited for this novel for weeks and actually liking the sample I read, I have been brought back to earth now — with a jolt. This YA fantasy is a rather sorry example of its genre. I have the notion that a big part of this book did not work for me because of its heroine.

Celeana is smart, athletic, talented and beautiful. She loves music and reading. She is fluent in different languages. She is great. And she knows it. And rubs it in your face repeatedly. As do her suitors and admirers. I had the feeling that Sarah J. Maas tried everything to make me love her heroine. How do you make readers love someone? Present them with a book lover!

But somehow, she accomplished the opposite. I did not loathe Celaena, but she grated on my nerves. I wished someone would tell her off, would for once not grant her every wish; I wished the characters I liked would not fall for her charms and good looks. The little romance Celaena had I won't say with whom was laughable at best and mostly resulted in me rolling my eyes at the fact that the only attraction that existed between those two stemmed from them both being beautiful.

In terms of plot, I cannot deny that there was always a level of suspense present. I did want to know how this story ended, and yes, there were actually parts when I feared the whole thing would not end well — partly because my beloved heroine did not deem it necessary to inform certain people about what she had witnessed in the castle.

Overall, though, the story remained a tad too juvenile and simple for me. Important events were mentioned only in passing and the mythology did not go any further than what was important for the main story line.

Many things remained unsaid — doubtlessly for the sake of sequels yet to come — but it was not the subtle way of remaining unsaid but hinted at I love in fantasy novels, it felt more like remaining unsaid to lure me into reading on. There were aspects I liked - Celaena's friendship to Nehemia, the Eyllwe princess, and Chaol, the loyal and fierce captain of the guard — but in the end, there isn't enough to make me interested in reading any sequels.

In short - what I wanted: A less is more mentality. World building that does not only cover what is necessary to follow the main story arc. Subtle romance. Villains in different shades of grey.

Assassins that actually assassinate. And do not only sit in their room talking or thinking about clothes and boys. What I got: A vain and mostly unlikeable heroine. Two men absolutely bedazzled by her presence. Hints of a love triangle. Lots and lots of descriptions of clothing. Flimsy world building. An overall poor execution writing-wise.

Thank you. Thanks a lot to Netgalley and Bloomsbury for the review copy. View all 76 comments. Apr 12, Miranda Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man oh man, this was a good one Celaena, an year-old master assassin, spent the last year as a salt-mine slave as punishment for her crimes. She's slowly wasting away but one day, the prince along with his guard comes by to lift her from her bondage. The king is in need of an Champion and had devised a convoluted plan to obtain one.

All of his trusted advisers submit one criminal to a months-long tournament. The one surviving person endures a few years of servitude in exchange for complete freedom and pardoning of past crimes. Second place is a nice title for the first loser. Celaena thinks she's stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime but she soon realizes that things are not what they seem.

Someone or something seems to be killing off the other champions. The royal court wants to get rid of her. And, to top it all, the prince is attracted to her which is putting a far higher price on everything. Despite all of the chaos and the killings, one thing holds true - at least she has her books. I'm tired of the YA heroine trope.

It's to the point where if I read a smidgen about a girl deciding the fate of the world, the book gets tossed on the back-burner-for-eternity pile. But, when my friend read this series and insisted and by insisted I mean insisted I read it I was a bit hesitant.

I dragged my feet and I hemmed and I hawed. I shouldn't have - cause this book rocked. I also learned that I need to trust my friends more. I love it when all the characters literally spend their spare time reading. Makes my heart happy.

Libraries were full of ideas—perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons. And my favorite part to the book?

The "bedroom" scene - anyone else with me? I feel like dying. What story would you like?

I love that story! It has such a happy ending, too—why, the assassin was really feigning her illness in order to get the prince's attention! Who would have guessed it? Such a clever girl. And the bedroom scene is so lovely—it's worth reading through all of their ceaseless banter!

You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog! Also a lot of people recommended this to me,and I heard great things and You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog! He didn't respond. And deep down, you know it, too. Mine just happen to be more visible than most. I can survive well enough on my own— if given the proper reading material.

He let them melt. Because of her genuine laugh, because he caught her one afternoon sleeping with her face in the middle of a book, because he knew that she would win. Characters were badly written, the plot was full of telling instead of showing. I don't mind unlikeable characters, heck I love them but it didn't feel I was supposed to dislike our main snowflake. So tired of the "strong" female character who can kill everyone in a heartbeat but she's tiny and incredibly pretty, she hates all other women and Oh also everyone wants her For more details and quotes, h Characters were badly written, the plot was full of telling instead of showing.

For more details and quotes, here's my reading vlog https: View all 62 comments. Fans of light, chick lit-style fantasy. It feels like Throne of Glass has been a book I've been thinking about maybe reading for a million years.

The reviews and ratings from my GR friends on this book are very mixed and I can easily see why after finishing this entertaining but disappointingly tame and romance-y young adult fantasy. Throne of Glass is like Shadow and Bone round two. The premise is awesome for both: This book is to the fantasy genre what Twilight is to vampires; though I have to stress that it is a fast-paced, compelling read and Maas does tame fantasy as well as it can be done.

Despite my frequent eyerolls and disappointment at the romantic turn the story took, the pages seemed to fly by. I tend to read several books at once; I'll spend a few chapters with one and then mix it up by moving on to another, but Throne of Glass managed to hold my attention from start to finish with no time for interference from another book.

This, in itself, was quite an achievement. Celaena Sardothien is the star of this show. A former assassin turned prisoner, she spends every day in the salt mines prison of Endovier. Having given up on hoping for freedom, she wishes only for death. That is, until one day The Crown Prince Dorian and his Captain of the Guard Chaol arrive with a proposition for her - fight in a competition, win, become the King's Champion for four years, and finally earn her freedom.

It's an offer Celaena can't refuse. But, of course, things aren't that simple. Some dark evil is at work inside the King's castle; something that is killing off the competitors one by one. Plus, there's the handsome Prince and moody Captain to deal with too.

I don't think Celaena is in the King's palace for a day before she starts obsessing over her looks, her new dresses and whether or not either or both of the aforementioned men find her attractive. She still manages to have more badassery than Alina in Shadow and Bone and the book is, in my opinion, nowhere near as boring as Grave Mercy.

I like that she's "feminine" whatever you want to take that to mean as well as a brutal killer, but there's only so much high school changing rooms behaviour I can take. I think there's an excellent quote, a question that Celaena wonders to herself, that basically sums up what was running through my head for a lot of this novel: But, that being said, I really enjoyed the banter between her and Chaol.

And Dorian wasn't bad either. I've said it before but I'll say it again for the benefit of this review: I actually don't mind love triangles when they're convincing and both candidates for the MC's heart are on equal footing so there's some tension over who they're going to end up with. Though I may have to do all kinds of evil things - like Ms Maas, you've been warned.

So, yes, I will be reading Crown of Midnight , god help me. I'm hoping it will please me more than the sequel to Shadow and Bone did, but the ending of this does make me think the second book could have more action and nastiness yes! I think you can enjoy this book if you go into it knowing exactly what you're letting yourself in for.

It isn't high fantasy. It isn't mind-blowing. View all 51 comments. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well formed and excellently developed. There are recognisable and enjoyable twist on the classic Cinderella.

Example Celaena Sardothien's fairy godmother is a ghost of an ancient warrior queen. There are also slight touches such as Celaena has an innate charm with animals. I was also very impressed with the pacing and evolution of the story. Honestly the pages just seem to fly by.

Just because Celaena was the greatest of assassins after being in I really enjoyed this book. Just because Celaena was the greatest of assassins after being in a death camp for over a year she need to capture her old form, but her skills are still intact.

Also I like the way the author plays with her feeling even though she is an assassin she is still very young and prone to her feeling and ego getting hurt. The book does leave a lot of questions many of which are for the second novel, but as much as I hate prequels I will have to read the back up stories on the kindle version. I cannot wait for the next book and am really looking forward to what is going to happen next. Like I said earlier this book was more about Celaena recapturing her old form and claiming a position of power, also setting up her side cast, I am expecting a lot more action in the next book after all the training in this book.

View all 13 comments. I feel like I could have really enjoyed this book Two years ago. The hype absolutely killed it for me. Celaena is also really annoying so I'm just going to stop reading this. I know everybody says the books get better later on but I like to enjoy the beginning and the characters before I invest my time in a 6-book series. View all 57 comments. This is a very popular series. Listen to me here, if I were a fantasy fan when I was a teenager, I would have definitely read this book.

But you know, my relationship with fantasy hasn't been lit for the last years , so I hadn't picked it up. I started loving fantasy again this year because of A Court of Thorns and Roses , a book I bought because I needed it for my uni thesis, not because I was interested in reading fantasy again.

I haven't read fantasy since I have a million fantasy series to catch up to. I'm nervous.

I had very high expectations for this book which were partially met. As I said before, my first Sarah J. Maas book is A Court of Thorns and Roses , which is the her latest series. Most of you have read Throne of Glass first and then A Court of Thorns and Roses , and you have experienced her writing flourish. I haven't. I read her better book first. I can see now that she has improved so much, her writing is so much better now. Some things in the writing of this book weren't my thing, like repetitions of some phrases, "assassin" being referred to Celaena the whole entire time which bugged me a bit , poor choice of words at some parts.

But I recognized Sarah in this book. I can recognize her writing style now, and I truly love it. From the badass main character with the hard to pronounce name which reminded me of Daenerys Targaryen to the championship which was like the Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire , the vibes were fucking lit yo!

The world Sarah J. Maas has created in this book was so immersive, I was so into it when I was reading the book. I wasn't even confused with all the names and places and words, it all came natural to me. I can see how after this book, the world will expand to an enormous extend with magic and Fae and so many new characters appearing, and I'm here for it!

The multiple character perspectives was a surprise to me. Celaena owns the most chapters, but we can see things told from mostly all the characters, even the fucking King which is something I was surprised about as it does not happen in her other series.

I loved it. The multiple character POVs. And I relish in the fact that we can explore things from numerous viewpoints. I didn't expect her character to be like this, to be honest. The book description suggested a ruthless, cold-hearted killer, and I expected as much. But her compassion and her kindness and her passion for multiple things showed from the very first pages.

She is a merciless assassin who can end you with a snap of her finger but she has also kept her personality. Her humor, her quirkiness. Especially in fantasy. I can relate to them so much easier. I immensely appreciated her friendship with Nehemia and that it wasn't ruined at the end. I was so scared about this. I loathe when they make female characters hate each other in books, especially about a love interest! Just don't, please. Girls need to stick together! I want to see more of her in the future books.

I'm sure we will, but it was left kind of wonky in this book. I suspected her too, in the middle of the book, and I was certain it was her, orchestrating everything.

But it was Cain. The obvious choice. It was anticlimactic, to be totally honest. I wanted it to be someone else. We all expected Cain, and it was Cain. I didn't believe it would be him, I was certain there would be a plot twist, at the end, or something.

But no. I love both Dorian and Chaol, both for different reasons. I'm so fond of the relationships Celaena holds with both of them.

They're so different, and yet they both mean so much to her. Their scenes were cuter, and I think they have more things in common. They made me feels so many things! And then we have scenes with Chaol and I was back in that train again. I will choose for you, but for myself. The one moment she found Dorian extremely attractive and she wanted to kiss him, and the next she found Chaol handsome and she wanted to spend more and more time with him. I was as much confused as she is. But I'm delighted that the author didn't make the romance the main part of the book.

She didn't portray Celaena as a character who depends on a man to save her, or to make her feels special or anything alike. She would have been fine without them as love interests in her life. Furthermore, I have to talk about Nox. What a sweetheart. What a wasted opportunity on a character. We basically saw nothing of him. But I kept thinking about his character.

I hope we see him again. The final battle It dragged more than it should, to be honest, but it was breathtaking. Sarah knows how to write a good jaw-dropping ending.

There was so much information throughout this whole battle, that I had to reread some parts to totally grasp what was going on. It was so intense and magical and out of this world. I was so proud of my GIRL for still being strong and trying to fight even though she was drugged. She made me believe, at some parts, that she would win. May we never see this bitch again. I know we will see her again, but fuck her. I don't want to see her lying ass point of view again. To sum it all up, this was a pretty strong beginning to a series.

I only gave it 4 stars because it didn't overwhelm me. I keep comparing it to A Court of Thorns and Roses, which is like my favorite series, at the moment. I can't stop comparing these two series, damn it. But I loved it nonetheless and I'm waiting for the next book, Crown of Midnight , to arrive. I'm actually pretty excited, cause I have heard these books get so much better. So till the next one K BYE!!

This is going to be a rather personal review because Throne of Glass took away a week of my life and my SJM virginity. A couple, actually, and they mainly involve the writing and a certain main character which I won't name for now.

I can see that. I actually could see a writing style development between the first and the second half of the book. Too many exclamation points!!!!!! I don't like that, nuh-uh. Plus, most of the time, it really looked and felt like a thirteen-year-old fangirl wrote a fanfiction based on scratches of books she's seen her big sister read.

The plot is not bad. Not bad, but not breath-taking, either. I'm not giving up, though, because I trust my fellow readers and I believe it when they say it's gonna get better.I must warn you: She couldn't blame them; the dress was spectacular. Dec 14, Navessa rated it did not like it Shelves: Who had sent her to kill the prince?

I was so scared about this. I don't even know what Celaena spends most of the second half of the book doing.