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Sigrid Hunke (26 April â 15 June ) was a German author. Hunke was also known for her claims of Muslim superiority over Western values. She asserts in her essay Allahs Sonne uberdem Abendland or "The Sun of Allah Shines over the West" that "the influence exerted by the. Release Date: December 15, ; ISBN: ; Language: English; Download options: EPUB 2, PDF. You can read this item using any of the. Save as PDF version of sigrid hunke. Download sigrid hunke in EPUB Format. Download zip of sigrid hunke. Read Online sigrid hunke as free as you can.

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Sigrtd Hunke () Europe's New Rellgion and its Old Stereotypes HoTst JUNGINGER 1. Introductlo! yazik.info is a well-known literary figure in. Sigrid Hunke (26 April , Kiel – 15 June ) was a German author. She received her PhD from the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin in She is. SIGRID HUNKE. Allah's sun over the Occident. Le soleil d'Allah brille sur l' Occident - Sigrid Hunke. PrintFriendly and PDF Imprimer PDF.

Voelldsb Groundlag Born in in Kiel, the daughter of the publisher Heinrich Hunke, Sigrid Hunke studied psychologr, philosophy, and journa-lism at the universities of Kiel, Freiburg, and Berlin from on.

These capabili- ties promoted her literar5r success a. Besides Hans F. He wrote numerous books on racial topics, with a huge number of copies sold. Clauss, lecturing from on at the Berlin university, was a good-looking, wealthy and traveled young scholar who fre- quently impressed his female students.

Clauss accused Jews and Liberals having hinde;ed him of becoming a pro- fessor in Berlin. His ,Rassenseelenkunde,,was an lmpoftanr variety of National Socialist racism and not a counterpart. Clauss never ar- gued or acted against National Socialism. He held his inkoductory lecture in the ,brown shirt" and during the war he became a collaborator ol the secret service of the SS where he worked as a specialist for the Middle East in the Even to learn and to live in a fo-reignlanguage, Hunke reserved to the geniuses of Nordic slVle.

TAt the end of the s, Hunke continued this approach in her doctoral?

Be- ginning with. Hunke concluded that racial laws always remain the same, although time and space may lead to some modili- cations.

How would it be possible to do resetu:ch on the Jewish race smongst Aryans, he said, and demanded to pass by the Nuremberg laws. Nevertheless, Clauss lost his univercity position because he did not give up the relationship with his friend and co-worker Margarete Land6 whom he hid until the end of the war. For that reason, he was honored qrith a tree in Yad Vashem in Later, Yad Vashem withdrew the honor.

See Peter Weingart, Doppel-tcben, p. Sigrid Huoke, ,Verstehen," Rasse : Hoff, L. Clauss, and H. A lot of its contributors had connec- tions with the Nordic snd also with the Gefinan Fa'ith Mouenent. Clauss left the joumal in Sigrid Hunke, ,Verstehen,' Rasse But Hunke had expressed her positive. Race and fo. The ,Rassenseelenkunde,, of Clauss would not only lead to a better understanding of Christianity as alienation of the German soul bul also.

Hunke drd not become prominent in the uoelkish religious movement. She was too young, and.

Sigrid Hunke

Hunke and her sister riere arfiliated with the ,Germanrc studies, of the SS, an operation for the Germanization of the - Nordic countries. Hauer wrote on September 27, I93S to Clauss, Hunkess would be used,as ,schulungsbrief soon as possible" literal remains of J. Hauer, Federal Archives Xottenz, vot. To biogaphy. Walrautldl Hunke und Dr. Is Schneider's co- worker Alarich Augustin joined the German Unitarians after the war where he closely associated himself with Sigrid Hunke.

Another collaborator of the "Germanischer Wissenschaftseinsatz" with uoelkish pagan aspirations was Otto Huth. In stark contrast to the alleged spirituality of its goals, the political and military strengthening of Germany's rule over Europe stood in the fore of these endeavors of the SS to implement the ideologr of National Socialism outside Germany among the so-called Nordic or Germanic countries.

There can be no doubt that such a spiritual fascism, as it was sponsored by the SS, had been part of the ideological warfare of the Third Reich and even a fertile ground from which criminal activities emerged. From the midfifties on, Hunke began to pub- lish books calling for a spiritual renewal of Germany after its military defeat.

Avoiding any mention of the National. Socialist period, she took up the pro- gram of the former German Faith Mouement for a religious revival of Ger- many's pagan tradition outside and against the Christian churches. To keep distance from the taboos of a Germanic ergo Nazi heathendom, Hunke called her pagan approach Europe's neut or Europe's own religion.

However, a lot of items of the old uoetlcrlshprogram arise once more in new clothing. For ex- ample, the attitude of anti-dogmatism, a direct approach to the Holy without mediator, a polytheistic tolerance instead of Jewish-Christian monotheism, the preference for mysticism, the adoption of monistic elements, the venera- tion of nature with a forced reclaiming of sacred sites and holy festivals, the protection of the environment against unbridled technolory, a female-princi- irle of the Divine, pantheistic equation, and an organic ,organizitstisch4 reli gious world view fbund a new setting.

Hunke's lifeJong search for a lineage of heretics which should build the backbone of Europe's new pagan religion exactly followed the ancient genealogl of the German Faith Mouement. The Germenizstion-Policy in one of ter. Das th;se countries is documented at full length in De SS en Nederland.

Documenten uit SS- Archieven , 2 vols. That mainly meant giv- ing up the vocabular5r of National Socialist race ideologr and cutting the eminent link between blood and spirit. Hunke succeeded quite well in so do- ing but some residues remained in her thinking. You can- see ttris very well at the starting point of her conception of history.

The evil, that is, the split- ting of the religious union between God and mankind, came into the world by the "Churri" or Hunites. This people about which we do not know very much settled two or three thousand years ago in the Middle East, originally coming from Armenia. Whereas the "Churri" did not belong to the Semites, Hunke amalgamated them with Israel and ,Jewishness.

So the ,Churri" had to display the bad inception of Judaism and to represent the negative Jewish influence on Christianity, seeming to be without any racial connotation.

Stereoq4pesof that sort are: intellectual exaggeration, restlessness, superficiality, positivism, a twofold bolshevist and capitalist materialism, the lack of a connection to one's soil a. In this very year, with the provisions given to him by Ferdinand and Isabella, Christopher Columbus had set out to discover the unknown continent, which was later known as America.

They were glad that it was the only Spanish city which was not contaminated by the so-called Islamic heresy. Thereafter, the British, the French, the Dutch and Germans endeavored to colonize various countries.

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Hunke is a well-known literary figure in Germany. The philo-Arabism' of Nazi-Germany and later of right wing intellectu- als has, without any doubt, a vigorous antisemitic undertone.

The History of Islamic Culture and Civilization. There can be no doubt that such a spiritual fascism, as it was sponsored by the SS, had been part of the ideological warfare of the Third Reich and even a fertile ground from which criminal activities emerged.

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