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Platinum Mathematics Grade 11 Learner's Book. Author(s):Bradley, M; Campbell, J; McPetrie, S ISBN: Subject: Mathematics Grade(s): Grade. Platinum Mathematics CAPS - Platinum mathematics: Grade Learner's book Gr Learner's Book (Paperback) / Author: M. Bradley / Author: J. Campbell. Platinum Mathematics CAPS: Platinum mathematics: Grade Learner's book Gr Learner's Book by S. McPetrie,

Platinum Mathematics Grade 11 Learners Book

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Superior CAPS coverage – written for the new curriculum by expert authors. \r\n • Superior illustrations and activities to improve results and motivate learners. Get this from a library! Platinum mathematics. Grade 11, Learner's book.. [M Bradley; J Campbell, Jr.; S McPetrie]. The Platinum Mathematics Literacy Learner Book has superior illustrations and Platinum Mathematics Grade 11 Learner's Book ePDF - eBOOK. 4H[OLTH[PJZ.

He then showed them where he wanted the staged attack to happen. Risa Lanier, with the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, said during a news conference after the hearing that Smollett allegedly sent a text Abel Osundairo, 25, saying, "might need your help on the low" and then asked him to meet in person to talk.

Platinum Mathematics CAPS: Platinum mathematics: Grade Learner's book Gr Learner's Book

That's when Smollett laid out his plan for the alleged attack, according to Lainer. Smollett later got Ola Osundairo, 27, in on his plan and told the brothers that they were to "catch his attention" by yelling racial and homophobic slurs before hitting him.

Lainer said Smollett also instructed the brothers not to bring their cellphones to the location where the incident would happen, told them not to hurt him too badly, and to give him a chance to fight back. The staged assault lasted roughly 45 seconds, she said. Smollett was in communication with the brothers before and after the incident, according to Lainer.

Smollett, who is black and gay, had said his attackers put a noose around his neck and poured what he said was bleach on him.

Classroom Mathematics

Chicago police initially investigated the incident as a "possible hate crime," but on Wednesday said the actor was a suspect. During the investigation, Chicago police released pictures from a surveillance camera near the attack that showed two men detectives said were "potential persons of interest. Police said the brothers were no longer suspects and were cooperating with the investigation. A police source told NBC News that the probe had shifted into whether Smollett staged the assault and paid the brothers.

Police Superintendent Johnson said earlier Thursday that Smollett paid the men with a check. During the staged attack, the brothers wore gloves and "punched him a little bit," the police superintendent said. He said he believes the scratches and bruises on Smollett's face were "most likely self-inflicted.

President Donald Trump was among one of the first people to lash out at Smollett on social media. Smollett's manager, who was on the phone with the actor during the alleged attack, told authorities he heard the attackers say "This is MAGA country.

Johnson said Thursday that the FBI is handling the investigation into the letter. Smollett's claims that he was attacked began to stir up questions from social media users when police said they were not able to find surveillance video of the incident. The "Empire" actor responded to critics during an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" saying if he had said his attackers were minorities "doubters would have supported me a lot much more.

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Platinum Mathematics: Grade Learner’s Book

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Business Studies

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Catching the latest trends, these startups are flourishing by trying something different. We take a look at five such food industry startups that are doing something different: Cookies from Mumbai's bakeries, Darjeeling tea, or aam papad from Rajasthan—imagine if you could bring all of this to your dining table or kitchen at the click of a button. You now can, because two friends —Shipra Bhansali, 33, and Tanul Mishra, 36—have enabled discovery of regional food from various parts of the country with their two-year-old venture Eatelish.

The company sells both subscription boxes as well as individual products across categories of spices, condiments, beverages, and dry snacks. Today, it has a catalogue of 30 to 40 products from ten regions across 30 suppliers that are sold on its own website and through six partner portals, including Big Basket, Greencart, Junglee and others, where these items are sold under the 'Eatelish' brand.

When Karnataka cricket ace Robin Uthappa found himself struggling to keep up with a healthy diet, he approached Qua Nutrition, a nutrition consultancy founded by Tapan Das and Ryan Fernando. But Das and Fernando realised that rendering advice served a very limited purpose. So they took the next step and founded i Tiffin, a start-up offering healthy, calorie-defined food.

Uthappa helped start the business by putting in seed money of close to Rs 1. Bengaluru-based i Tiffin started operations in October From specialised meals for children to food for the elderly, it caters to the nutritional requirements of all age brackets.

The food services start-up follows a subscription-based business model. The company offers weekly and monthly lunch and dinner subscription plans, priced between Rs and Rs 1,, respectively. When it comes to grabbing a quick bite, do you find your options limited—a burger, a sandwich, a pizza perhaps?

Well, if you are a connoisseur of desi food, you have the option of enjoying a variety of wraps, rice dishes, desserts and more—even food made to order—courtesy Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee and their fast-food chain FAASOS.

Barman and Banerjee, friends from their college days, had experimented with the idea of a desi fast-food joint in Barman was working with Mc Kinsey in London and Kallol with Bosch in Singapore, when they decided to return and start their own business. Over the years, they have strived to make their operations leaner. It took Rahul Singh 15 years of corporate grind to realise that the life was not meant for him.

He had no choice but to make up for all that lost time. To fund the business, Singh had to mortgage his house for a bank loan of Rs 3 crore.

Within one year, Singh opened five outlets in Delhi. First year revenue stood at close to Rs 5 crore.

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The software engineer's move to return to her roots in Bangalore was prompted by a desire to be close to her family and do something socially meaningful. However, she hadn't identified the route she would take. It wasn't until her husband, Srihari Reddy, suggested that she open a bakery that things began to fall in place. Menon had always cooked for family and friends, and had even done a bakery course on breads in the US.

So, with the aim of promoting healthy eating in Bangalore, she decided to open a whole-wheat bakery.

So, with an initial investment of Rs 40,, she started Lluvia bakery from her home kitchen. Currently, Lluvia has a staff of 10 and the unique thing is that all bakers are single mothers. Lluvia's first-year revenue stood at a meagre Rs 60, This was a steep fall in earnings for Menon compared to that from her cushy job in the US.

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