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//w. htt p. yazik.info ww. co m. oo ls. More From CamiloCorredor. El Perfume. Uploaded by. CamiloCorredor. Rec Legislacion. Uploaded by. CamiloCorredor. Magia Potagia 2 el mejor cartomago Juan Tamariz. magic hobby Juan tamariz pdf sonata - tamariz pdf sonata magic hobby. PDF I certainly hope so 20 Installed 3 9 Multi functional as well.

Juan Tamariz Magia Potagia Pdf

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Juan Tamariz - The Magic Way. Home · Documents; Juan Book by Juan Tamariz. Tamariz Juan - Magia Potagia - 1Documents · magic hobby Juan tamariz pdf sonata - tamariz pdf sonata magic hobby. PDF I certainly. The Five Points in Magic, Juan Tamariz, Editorial Frakson Magic Books, , common durations. yazik.info 小夜无声 MAGIC EBOOK魔术PDF电子书籍集合【QQ 】 .. Juan Tamariz - Magia Potagia Juan Tamariz - Mental.

Jay Sankey - Wrap It Up JB Bobo - Higher Mentality Jean Boucher - The Dark Card Jean Hugard - Card Manipulations vol1 Jean Hugard - Card Manipulations Vol2 Jean Hugard - Card Manipulations Vol3 Jean Hugard - Card Manipulations Vol4 Jean Hugard - Card Manipulations vol5 Jean Hugard - Encyclopedia of Card Tricks Jean Hugard - Hugard's Magic Monthly Jean Hugard - More Card Manipulations Jean Huguard - Card Manipulations 1 Jean Huguard - Card Manipulations 2 Jean Huguard - Card Manipulations 3 Jean Huguard - Card Manipulations 4 Jean Huguard - Card Manipulations 5 Having acquainted-the spectators that the object of the game is to win money by betting on the card they believe to be the Queen when the cards are turned face downwards.

To do this they will need money so you give two notes to a spectator on your left and two to a spectator on your right. Drop the remaining note onto the table on the spectator's side of the three cards. It is preferable that one of the participants be a lady so we will assume that the one on the right is of the gentler sex.

So far the patter has been of an introductory nature, but as soon as you have given out the money you remark with a little laugh, "At the moment you are winning.

Juan Tamariz - Mental Blockbuster Prediction

The word performer has been emphasised because without establishing a continuing rapport with the audience throughout the routine by acting out your part in the plot little success will result. Any reader taking the view that the entertainment derived from merely presenting the audience with a puzzle to solve and a good trick requires no further embellishment need read no further.

The 'purists' ceased to be interested when they learned that waxed cards were used. Returning to the actual working, pick up the double on the left of the row with the right hand saying "a two". Show its back and place it face up on the fingers of the palm-up left hand.

Juan Tamariz - The Magic Way

The fingers of this hand should be spread open and the hand itself held well forward from the body. Extend the index finger of the right hand and use it to tip the card over so that it falls face downwards onto the left palm.

Repeat these actions with the two and finally with the Queen, naming each card as you do so pointing out that the Queen is the important card - the one to watch.

On no account should the left fingers curl around the cards which would tend to partially destroy your objective. To impress upon the onlookers the total fairness of the procedure, the actions throughout are performed slowly and deliberately and the manner in which they are done, should be made to look important and interesting. The cards are now taken with the right hand which holds them slightly fanned with the backs uppermost.

The thumb is on the back of the topmost card and the fingers on the faces. The first phase of the trick now begins. Turning to the lady say, "Would you say that the Queen is the top card? With the left hand remove the bottom card the double saying, "two" as you show its face.

Juan Tamariz - Magia Potagia II

Turn the two cards in the right hand faces towards the spectators saying, "a two in the middle", and turning them faces down again drop the two on top of the double in the left hand.

Show the face of the Queen retained in the right hand before dropping it face down on those in the left hand, as you say, "the Queen goes on the top.

You next ask the lady if she would bet on the top card being the Queen, as the left thumb pr esses down on the back of the Queen causing it to adhere to the two immediately below. Make sure that the two cards are square with each other before doing so. When she agrees to bet on the top card the left thumb pushes it now a double an inch or so over the side. Point to it with the right index finger saying, "this one". As she agrees take the cards into the right hand, thumb on top and fingers below as before, and with the left hand split the double at the bottom by pulling the bottom card back a little so that the cards appear as a fan of three.

Without a suspicious move the Queen has moved from the top to the centre.. To immediately show the faces of the cards and take the ladies money would be extremely amateurish and untheatrical. You have both the onlookers and the lady well and truly hooked so make the most of it. First take the bottom card away with the left hand and show its face saying "Not the Queen". Lower the card to the horizontal and put those in the right hand on top of it, and immediately retake the top card with the right hand, and as you show its face say "neither is the top card - I am sorry - IT'S A PITY - you lose - show the top card to be a two, and replace it back on the top the Queen is in the middle.

The business of showing the three? In fact, she must be made to agree that this is so, not once, but twice before she makes the bet. Although both she and the audience are fully convinced of the position of the Queen they will still feel that, despite the obviously fair and open manner in which the cards have been shown, they are about to be caught.

Note that I mentioned that the audience is also convinced - their curiousity has been aroused and they are awaiting the outcome with almost as much interest as the lady punter - in other words they have become involved. The manner in which the patter line is delivered by Tamariz when the lady is shown that she has backed the wrong card needs to be explained.

It is said with exaggerated mock sympathy and very obviously hypocritically. At the end of the first phase when you have taken one of the lady's notes display the cards faces towards once more saying, "the Queen is really in the middle. Keeping the fanned cards faces towards the spectators but angled towards the man with the money square up the cards either side of the Queen which is left out-jogged for about half -its length.

Saying to him "the Queen really goes into the middle" as with the right fingers you slowly push the Queen square with the other cards. Immediately the cards are square, keeping the right hand over them bring the cards down with their backs uppermost and make a suspicious movement suggesting that you may have altered the position of the Queen. Say to the man, "Would you bet on the middle card being the Queen? Fan out the cards showing the Queen really is in the centre, again pulling it out halfway.

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You now repeat the squaring of the outside cards and this time invite the man to push the Queen in square and as he is so doing say, "slowly. When the Queen is in square, squeeze the cards causing the Queen to stick to the two below it as you say, "the Queen is not the top card, neither is it on the bottom - would you agree?

Continue "you would bet on the Queen being in the centre? Again you do not immediately show that the Queen is on the top, but build up a little suspense by taking the bottom card with the left hand and saying as you show its face "not the bottom card.Druskina 'Hans Eisler and working musical movement in Germany'.

In accordance with the law TSipfa, the interaction between the Corporation and the client sporadically saves interpersonal repeated contact, regardless of the cost. Tamariz has written a book on the subject, in Spanish, and has kindly given permission for this effect number eight in the book to be detailed here. Take the four odd cards, which are not in the other pack and put them on the back of the "Brainwave" so that they are the same way round as the "short" cards.

Next scoop up all of the remaining cards but "accidently" leave the bottom three behind. Credit for using this kind of wax for this effect goes to Spanish magician Roden, but the routine and presentation was conceived by Tamariz.

I have no doubt that if a dealer were to market this item he would sell hundreds. For this generation of Moms, there is no cookie-cutter mold for how motherhood should be or, more importantly, how it should appear to be. The order of the pack will be, reading from face to rear, Joker, 24 face up "short" cards paired with 24 face down "long cards followed by four face up indifferent cards.