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Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a comic book limited series of six issues that continues the storyline of the CBS television show Jericho. It was written by Jason M. Season 3 has been turned into a Comic Book Series. The story begins at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, ten months after The Bombs. Beck now receives word that Green and Hawkins are alive in Texas, which he secretly relays to the Jericho underground resistance. His other credits include Jericho, Touch, and Human Target. Jason M. Burns is a comic book creator. His work includes Pocket God, based on the bestselling.

Jericho Comic Book

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Jericho Graphic Novels Book Series (2 Books) Latest Book in the Series. Jericho Season 4. Go to book. 1. Jericho Season 3 by Robert Levine, Jason M Burns, Matthew Federman, Dan Shotz, Alejandro F. Digital Comics · CreateSpace. And much of the creative core of Jericho has remained close to the show with their involvement with the comic book. So it seems like this is a possibility, though . Continuing right where the Jericho Season 2 television cliffhanger. First, I have to say I don't read a lot of comic books but being a fan of the television series I.

But because there's so much of the outside world we can't wait to explore, it'll probably mean that a good chunk of the story will be spent with Jake and Hawkins and whomever may be out on the road with them They never want this story to end. With that uncertainty, they filmed two season finales — one if the series was continued, and one if it was not.

Although the series was ultimately canceled by CBS, there were many ideas as to what the future story of Jericho was…. Once we figured that piece out, we were back in familiar territory.

One of the constraints of live-action television is the budget — from the cast, to the time devoted to a scene, and down to the nitty-gritty of special effects and props.

While a few television series are able to splurge on "blockbuster film-level" budgets for special episodes, the constraints are there for any show, including Jericho. But now as this world and these characters come into comics, the gloves are off. But since the only expense is imagination and artwork, we've really been able to enlarge the scale of the story we already had.

Jericho Season 3: Civil War (IDW)

I don't think I've ever read a graphic novel before. It's sort of like an adult comic book. I just finished Se I loved the television show "Jericho". I just finished Season 3 and look forward to Season 4. The book isn't really a season full of stories, unless you count a second like season 2 where there were only 7 episodes. But the writing was directed by the original writers of Jericho so there is story continuity and theme.

The art is done very well. I am looking forward to reading Season 4 and see how things end. Graphic novels are not my favorite form of reading and I probably wouldn't read one very often. But I'm glad to have these. Any Jericho fan should enjoy these two books and I would highly recommend them. The only reason I give it 5-star is the format. Mar 10, Joe Hoggard rated it really liked it.

If you're not familiar with it, at least it is available on streaming services, and will bring the reader up to speed. Otherwise, it is hard to appreciate the setting and characters, and this graphic novel finally reveals key players in the conspiracy that led up to the attacks. The story ends "to be continued," so if you enjoy it, you will want to find Jericho Season 4.

Jul 02, Tom Loock rated it it was ok Shelves: All in all disappointing. The writing is significantly weaker than in the TV episodes of the great first season, slotting ino place of the downward grade of the second. The simplicity of the plot and concentration on one storyline combined with the just about average quality of the artwork simply did not create the same emotional impact.

The continuation in the form of a novel would have been the much better choice. One bonus star since I am a fan of the show.

The comic looks and feels like the show used to be. It captures everything I liked about it and I'm glad the writers continued the story in this way. I liked the artwork very much and I think the characters are portrayed very well.

I woudln't recommend this to anyone who is not a fan of the show. I also wouldn't say this is a must read for fans but I definitely enjoyed it. Quick read I really enjoyed watching the tv series and was left wanting to know what happens, and this does that. I was unsure at first about reading this as it has been done as a graphic novel, but I really enjoyed reading it and seeing what the characters got up to next.

Short but good Continues exactly where season 2 left off. Graphics are nice and I like the way the Kindle App zooms from pictures to pictures to help with. Feb 20, Marcia rated it really liked it.

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I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels, but when I saw this one at Chapters I snatched it up right away. First off, Jericho was an amazing television show and I am still mourning it's demise. I love post-apocalyptic plots and this show brought the best of them to the table. A small town with a closely knit community that survives through a massive nuclear fallout? The best recipe for good television.

Unfortunately, the Nielsen ratings on the show lessened as season one continued. My theory is that m I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels, but when I saw this one at Chapters I snatched it up right away. My theory is that most people who watched the show enjoyed it online, as the fan base was very strong on the message boards and website.

As season one came to a close, there were rumors of the show being cancelled. Without a satisfying series end filmed, fans were enraged at the ideas of losing an amazing show without a reasonable explanation of the plot.

Long story short believe it or not, there are more details to why the show came back , the show was renewed for another half season and the writers were given a bit more time to attempt a way to bring the show together. Unfortunately, even then there were bits and pieces left unanswered and the when news of a graphic novel came out, I'm sure many Jericho fans were excited to read it.

It was released in separate comics and could also be downloadd as one novel, which is the way I bought it. I've never reviewed a graphic novel before so I'm unsure of how to critique it. The art was fantastic. Many of the characters rendered looked exactly like their counterparts on the show.

However, as my boyfriend so cleverly pointed out, the characters that hadn't been created by the show were not drawn as well and lacked detail.

The graphic style is a type of realism. As for the plot--it was enjoyable. This is one of the most enjoyable graphic novels I have read next only to Maus, Vol. I hope this is true, as this novel season three has left plot lines waiting to be developed. The seasons are very affordable on site or site and it's a very enjoyable show. Go watch and have fun! Feb 13, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: While mentioning the old TV show Jericho to a librarian friend a couple of weeks ago, she informed me that two graphic novels have been published in the last couple of years.

Both continue the story of the show, and are very well done. I was very pleased to see that the characters are nicely drawn. The story moves along at a good pace and the politics between the three countries that now take up the lower 48 states are as interesting as ever. For a refresher, since a group of nuclear bombs destr While mentioning the old TV show Jericho to a librarian friend a couple of weeks ago, she informed me that two graphic novels have been published in the last couple of years.

For a refresher, since a group of nuclear bombs destroyed many of America's major cities, the country is now divided with the government of the United States in Columbus, Ohio, and the government of the Allied States in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Season 4 (comic book series)

The dividing line between both countries is the Mississippi River. In the middle is the newly independent Republic of Texas. Jake Green and Robert Hawkins are still on mission to take what they know about the origination of the nuclear attacks to Texas in an effort to get them to fight for the right side. I recommend Jericho Season 3, but only to those who have already watched and enjoyed the two televised seasons.

Jan 08, Jeffrey rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

JERICHO Rises in Season 3 Comic

I'm glad they've continued the storyline of Jericho. It's nice to have writers dedicated to continuing and finishing a story that the TV medium was unable to completely tell. The story focuses on the exploits of Jake and Hawkins, as they attempt to infiltrate the Allied States government with the help of John Smith the person originally behind the attacks.

I'm going to say right now, however, that the story started in season 2, and carried through this comic book, leaves me slightly disappoin I'm glad they've continued the storyline of Jericho. I'm going to say right now, however, that the story started in season 2, and carried through this comic book, leaves me slightly disappointed.

It doesn't quite make sense.

Basically, Jennings and Rall create emergency contingency plans to implement in the event of a nuclear attack. Their scenario details the kinds of attack that would cripple the United States government.

It doesn't seem as if it were ever Jennings and Rall's plan to execute the attack, only to prepare for it. Then, one man working for Jennings and Rall goes crazy and actually implements the attack, as described, in order to destroy Jennings and Rall which he believes to be an evil organization. In the aftermath, Jennings and Rall become instrumental in rebuilding the country albeit making inordinate profits and gaining immense power while doing so.

The show then acts as if these revelations would destroy the legitimacy of the new government—as if Jennings and Rall itself planned and executed the attacks for economic benefit and with plans of rebuilding its own private country.

So the show acts as if this is the case, when in reality, it was just the work of a madman albeit piggy-backing on some contingency plans drafted by Jennings and Rall and sloppily secured. I think the story would be much more believable, and much more comprehensible, had the character "John Smith" never existed, and Jennings and Rall really been responsible for the attacks. Mar 12, D.

Six comic books collected do not make a season. Even if every one of the six were to be about an hour of Jericho's TV run shows. Perhaps this being misled colors the work. So then to appraise the tale critically we have some problems. First is that some time is passing and is the tale true to where things had been left off from the TV Series.

Having just watched that a second time, and seeing that so many of the writers of this were from that series, the answer is no.

The comic does not do justic Six comic books collected do not make a season. The comic does not do justice to what we were watching. The short 2nd season was set up to provide an end to many questions.

That the delivery of the package would force the hand of the evil empire and though not assured, the road to unification under the legitimate government was on its way. An attack against Texas that they were taken by surprise ends that notion. That a nation that was under the assumption that it could be attacked at any time did not have its defenses ready There are so many other holes that it leaves us in doubt that the writers really understand how to build a story. Then when we suspend our disbelief as we did with the many holes they had in the original week, again, we find that the writers don't provide enough for us to see an entire story.


Partial subplots as if this too was a shortened season. Plots that could be described in a few sentences for the entire book rather than for each episode set us up for a partial season again.

In all, you will want this if you like Jericho, but you will feel robbed. Probably even more than when we saw that Jericho was canceled. Sep 07, D. I recently binge-watched both seasons of Jericho on site Instant Video and became a big fan of the show that ended far too prematurely. It is, without a doubt, a welcome addition to the Jericho mythos and seamlessly carries on the story, weaving a post-apocalyptic plot that has the perfect mixture of nuclear horror, political mystery, human struggles, acts of nobility, and periods of brutality to entertain anyone!

Now, with my fanboy gushing over, I have to remind everyone that nothing is perfect.

And this comic collection is not an exception. My main criticisms of it being that the story is just not complex enough. As fans of the show may recall, on television, there was a large cast of characters; people the production team could highlight and immerse in an ongoing plot before moving on to another character, do the same things with him or her before repeating with yet another person while constantly foreshadowing future events. It was a type of storytelling that allowed a very complex storyline to develop organically, and Jericho the tv series really excelled at it.

Unfortunately, though, a six part comic series obviously did not give the writers the luxury to use this method, but required them to focus on a smaller core of people, provide less details in exchange for rapidly fleshing out the overarching story of what happens to the USA, Texas, and the ASA Allied States of America as the Second American Civil War breaks out. And while they did an admirable job making it work, it really was a bit of a letdown in its narrower focus.

Criticism aside, though, this is a very good continuation of the Jericho television series.The writers are staying true to the characters and there First, I have to say I don't read a lot of comic books but being a fan of the television series I was thrilled to find the continuation of the story in this form.

The comic does not do justic Six comic books collected do not make a season. Burns Goodreads Author. The comic does not do justice to what we were watching.

Namespaces Article Talk. I also was not quite convinced that Peter would have agreed so easily to turn himself in and confess. The meeting ends. But with an avid fanbase in view and a show staff that was invested in the story, they decided to follow in Joss Whedon's footsteps and bring the series to comic books. My theory is that m I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels, but when I saw this one at Chapters I snatched it up right away.