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Thursday, May 16, 2019

IIFT M-PP A.3 yazik.info Section I (Part 1). Direction for questions 1 to 5: Given below are the shares of sectoral FDI inflow to India in. IIFT Exam Analysis: Get immediate access to the actual IIFT question paper, IIFT Answer Keys & Solution, IIFT key analysis & expected. IIFT exam analysis: *General Knowledge (GK)* There were 26 questions in all. Overall, GK contained easy questions. There were questions from both.

Iift 2013 Question Paper Pdf

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About us · Terms Of Use · Refund Policy · Privacy Policy · Contact Us · IIFT Question Paper PDF Download IIFT Question Paper PDF. IIFT Question Paper with Answers PDF contains 26 pages, with questions. The answers to all the sections are given at the end of the qs paper. IIFT Question Paper previous year question paper with answers & solutions . Solved past paper with answer key for prelims/mains exam. Detailed.

Those high rates have attracted a surge of foreign money, which is partly why the Brazilian Real is so expensive relative to comparable currencies.

There is a growing recognition that China faces serious "imbalances" that could derail its long economic boom. Obsessed until recently with high growth, China has been pushing too hard to keep its currency too cheap to help its export industries compete , encouraging excessively high savings and keeping interest rates rock bottom to fund heavy spending on roads and ports. China is only now beginning to consider a shift in spending priorities to create social programs that protect its people from the vicissitudes of old age and unemployment.

While China has introduced reforms relentlessly for three decades, opening itself up to the world even at the risk of domestic instability, Brazil has pushed reforms only in the most dire circumstances, for example, privatizing state companies when the government budget is near collapse.

Fearful of foreign shocks, Brazil is still one of the most closed economies in the emerging world - total imports and exports account for only 15 percent of GDP - despite its status as the world's leading exporter of sugar, orange juice, coffee, poultry, and beef. To pay for its big government, Brazil has jacked up taxes and now has a tax burden that equals 38 percent of GDP, the highest in the emerging world, and very similar to the tax burden in developed European welfare states, such as Norway and France.

Over the same period, productivity grew in India at close to 3 percent and in South Korea and Thailand at close to 2 percent. Verbal Ability 20 Q - 0.

There has been a larger emphasis on Vocab based testing than the other two testing areas. However, some of these questions could be answered by elimination especially the match two columns questions. The paragraph formation questions had plenty of clues to help arrive at the right answer.

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The three grammar questions were as good as sitters for a student who has prepared with T. The questions on idioms could be answered by elimination and one of the spell-check questions was a give-away.

Reading Comprehension 16Q - 0. There were four passages with four questions for each.

IIFT Previous year Question Papers

Most of the questions were based on a direct reference to particular parts of the passages. Quantitative Ability 25Q - 1 mark each The section was easily the most difficult of the sections — with questions ranging from sitters to very difficult.

The performance in QA will possibly be the differentiator in the overall test. But the answer was 'none of the above' even as option A was very close to the final equation. Q4: The information given in the question can not be used to arrive at any combination of values that may satisfy both the conditions mentioned.

Q10, Q Most students would not be very comfortable with the application of conditional probability. Toggle navigation.

Group Discussion. MBAPrep Portal.

Section Sections No. Time Allotted 2Hrs. Total no.

Area Tested Description No. Most Popular Articles.

IIFT Notification: Important dates and requisite information. IIFT Eligibility: Qualification and criteria for IIFT exam. All about IIFT:Section Sections No.

IIFT Question Paper with Answers.

Those high rates have attracted a surge of foreign money, which is partly why the Brazilian Real is so expensive relative to comparable currencies. IIFT Eligibility: The Section also contained analogies, figure of speech and active passive voice based questions. One could have increased the attempt with approximation and proper usage of choices.

But even taking into account the fact that it is harder for rich nations to grow quickly, Brazil's growth has been disappointing.