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Results 1 - 10 of 11 Userscript Google Books Er For Firefox. worked for me for over 10 years and with this forced update, all my userscripts stopped working. Results 1 - 24 16 Feb Saves all available Preview pages from a Google Book as PNGs Use it with Firefox and Greasemonkey, other browsers have some issues. ](yazik.info); Google Books [ Link to Google Books ]. Videos home logo; Finance footer; Gmail visual issues with links fixed . supporting [Lib](yazik.info)[er](yazik.info

Google Book Er Userscript Not Working

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Author Topic: Download google book er userscript greasemonkey (Read GreasyFork seems very reliable and I have had no problem getting scripts from there. Even the most experienced developer rarely writes code correctly on the first try, making troubleshooting an important part of the development. Greasemonkey and Google Book downloader script It is another very effective way Use it with Firefox and Greasemonkey, other browsers have some issues.

Fix file download errors

Use both lines. Note that this does not perform as well as the match line does.

Visit Google and note the results on Firefox's Browser Console. My very simple Greasemonkey script is not running? Ask Question. I am attempting to run this script on Ubuntu with Firefox. Brock Adams 71k 16 John Galt John Galt 2 Thanks for the suggestion, but that has no effect on the situation. Should I try chrome? Also checkout Greasemonkey's troubleshooter page for Users: Universal Greasemonkey debug steps: With one step added for problems with alert.

Uninstall the Greasemonkey script. Completely clear the browser cache.

Shutdown Firefox completely. Restart Firefox. Install the Greasemonkey script afresh.

If it still doesn't work, create a new Firefox profile or try a different computer altogether. Additional issues: Recommend you use: Putting it all together: Uninstall your script. Install this script: If there is still a problem, follow all of the debug steps above. If there is still a problem, Open a new question and supply ALL of the following: The three versions, mentioned above.

The relevant errors and messages you get on the Browser Console.


The exact code and steps needed to duplicate the problem. Make an MCVE for this! A short summary of what you have tried to solve the problem.

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Brock Adams Brock Adams 71k 16 It provides a greater degree of random access on pages which use proper headings. This script emulates that functionality, creating a small "H" icon at the top-right of the page, from which a menu drops down containing links to every heading: View or install the script headings-navigation. The menu is built as a list, each item of which is a link populated with text or other HTML from the original heading.

If the heading contains an image, it will be reproduced along with the rest, However, as this might not be ideal, an alternative approach could be to extract and use the ALT text, or perhaps remove extraneous markup altogether. Perhaps, in future, more browsers will implement this behaviour, but until then, we can write a user script to do it for us. This effectively adds domain-specific persistence to sites that use native stylesheet switching: View or install the script persist-stylesheets.

From a practical perspective, this means that if the site already uses cookies a lot, we run the risk of filling up the data limit 4K and thereby overriding data that the site needs. You could also reduce the impact by having a list of specific include domains, where you know the feature is needed, rather than running it on every site that uses alternate stylesheets.

But suddenly there are security implications here, as well: it would be very easy to write a user script that steals the cookie and other data from every site it encounters, then sends it all somewhere else. Users could be exposing themselves to a whole new angle of exploitation; a recent cnet article has already brought this issue to the fore.

It also asks more general questions around whether site owners might object to having their pages modified in this way. Dean Edwards raises a similar point with his interesting take on how Greasemonkey broke his site ; a lively debate follows.

Anyone can make any page appear any way they want in their own browsers; many browser add-ons, screenreaders and other user-agents will change, rewrite or add to the DOM of the page before any client-side scripting is run.

Just like TiVo a digital TV system that can filter out ad-breaks from recordings , this becomes a threat only if lots of "ordinary" people use it. That could certainly reduce the problem of data stealing, though not without unwanted side-effects what about the impact on legitimate remote syndication?

I think the implication is this: non-technical users must be able to trust the source of a user script they install. One possible solution might arise if an archive of user scripts was made available from a verifying source, as Firefox extensions are.

Firefox greasemonkey and userscript google book er

And in fact the ever-active GM development team are looking into ways of doing this, with a userscript. Developer Tools User scripts might also represent a niche for the creation of developer tools — scripts that you can write and customise for specific projects, or keep as a collection of general tools that are enabled or disabled as required.

View or install the script word-count. This script uses a similar technique to the language corrector we looked at earlier, extracting the text from a page by iterating through elements and looking for their child text-nodes. Fun with Greasemonkey I was delighted to realise the comedic angle to user scripting … It reminds of a job I had once, where we used to amuse ourselves by writing bookmarklets that made subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the company Website.

Here are a couple of simple scripts that make the Web a more entertaining place!Every time you run a script, Google Apps Script records an execution transcript, which is a record of each call to a Google Apps Script service that is made while the script runs. Related You can embed a book viewer, link to Book Search, or even add a preview" popup" window to your siteall you need to do is generate the code and paste it onto your page.

The complications lie in the positioning of the tooltip: it has to position itself relative to the triggering element, then compensate for potentially being located outside the window, or below the fold.

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Tampermonkey comes with a built-in editor. If an outage is currently being experienced, you either wait for it to be resolved or seek additional help in the G Suite Help Center or the G Suite Known Issues documentation. Watch a tutorial: Watch a tutorial: You could even construct links directly to an online dictionary or other reference source. You can download Greasemonkey user scripts from many websites across the net, including the ones listed in the links below.