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The Series offers serious advances in affordable professional wireless. Series Professional. UHF Wireless Systems. ATW UniPak™ Transmitter System. ATW Handheld Dynamic Microphone System. Installation and. Also new to the Series, the optional ATW-CHG2 two-bay recharging station provides power to recharge NiMH batteries in two ATW-Ta handheld.

Audio Technica Atw-2120 Download

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ATWb Handheld Transmitter System. ATW-Rb receiver, ATW-Ta handheld cardioid dynamic microphone/transmitter and automatic frequency. Audio technica ATW Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Audio technica ATW Installation And Operating Manual, Installation And Operation. Get the guaranteed best price on Handheld Microphone Wireless Systems like the Audio-Technica ATW Handheld UHF Wireless System at Musician's.

Computer Notation and Computer-assisted Instruction consists of a chapter on computer notation, including various note entry methods and editing techniques; and a chapter on computer-assisted instruction CAI software, including programs for musicianship and theory, programs for form and analysis, programs for history, terminology, and instruments, programs for performance skills, and programs for creative skills. The Computer Hardware chapter in the appendix covers input and output devices, processing components, storage devices, and network connections.

Computer Software in the appendix covers operating systems, applications software, malware, software licenses, copy protection, and network software and data issues, including client-server relationships, peer-to-peer relationships, Web 2. The appendix includes suggestions for further reading and suggested activities for computer hardware and software.

The website for this book, which can be found at www. In addition, there are a variety of links for each section, including links to relevant software and hardware and links to additional audio and video resources. The suggested activities in each section that involve software can be carried out in a variety of different programs. If you are studying this material on your own, you can use software that you already have, or use widely available inexpensive software or even freeware.

Fortunately, the documentation for most commercial programs and many freeware programs is quite good and doing some of their tutorials and reading parts of the manual often available electronically from within the program itself can get one up to speed on a particular program.

In making such decisions, I was greatly helped by a number of anonymous reviewers, but in the end I had to decide on a structure that made the most pedagogical sense to me, based on my years of experience teaching music technology. As a result, while MIDI is still an essential topic, it is no longer first and foremost.

While writing, I have moved the MIDI section to almost every position in the book, finally settling on its current position after the section on audio, so that both recording and loops are introduced as creative resources before delving into MIDI. Model Inv. Capsule Type Freq. Response Oz.

An Introduction to Music Technology

Beta models provide a warm, clear sound, while the KSM9 rivals the finest studio mics and features switchable polar patterns. Sennheiser s evolution and Classic series handheld microphones offer a broad range of models to suit the needs of any speaker or professional vocalist.

All models, dynamic and condenser, feature rugged housings, steel-mesh grilles, and shock-suspended capsules. VX Series condenser microphones bring studio quality to the stage.

All models are well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Each mic capsule is hand-tuned for the utmost in detail and clarity.

A proprietary capsule mount delivers minimal handling noise without pads or filters. Exceptional durability, sonic performance and contemporary styling meet the needs of today s sound system professional. RE Series handhelds are premium condenser microphones with a crisp top end that lifts vocals above the mix. All handheld models feature large dynamic voice coils and Sorbothane suspension systems. UT Utility models are identical to standard models but feature pared-down packaging options.

The D5 and D7 employ patented Varimotion diaphragms for exceptional performance, while the condenser models combine studio performance with rugged stage durability. Icon legend in footer Audio Technica handheld microphones are built to perform. The AT brings the articulation and intelligibility of the AT to the stage, and the ATM handheld condenser is tailored for exacting detail and studio-quality reproduction.

TG series mics excel at close miking of Pop, Soul, and Jazz vocals. The M 69 TG is known for its distortion-free natural reproduction of the speaking, singing, or shouting human voice. With its fast response, the classic M 88 is the go-to mic for vocals as well as kick drum, guitar, and most other instruments. Icon legend in footer Shure s Super features a satin chrome-plated die-cast casing, vibrant blue foam, and a tailored frequency response for natural vocals and speech.

Ideal for stage, studio, and other applications where a classic look is desired. Includes swivel stand mount. Features a Sorbothane shock mount and four blue LED s illuminated by phantom power.

Bottle Rocket Stage 1 is a tube model, while Stage 2 is a low-noise solid state design. All three models utilize Bottle Cap interchangable capsules. The Baby Bottle is a multipurpose microphone with classic style and contemporary sound.


Cactus: 9-pattern tube mic; Kiwi: balanced multipattern solid state; Mouse: positionable head with larger-than-life bottom end; Woodpecker: ribbon mic with true top end; Blueberry: intimate presence with shimmering highs; Dragonfly: shockmounted rotating head with contoured midrange; Bluebird: crystal clear, extended bottom and top detail. The V67N is a small diaphragm model with interchangable capsules. The R is a figure-8 ribbon microphone with high spl capability. The Studio 24 USB provides bit quality and zero-latency monitoring.

The Revelation and Genesis tube microphones perform at the same level as microphones costing thousands of dollars more. The Tube includes a remote control unit allowing selection of 9 different pickup patterns. The CB and CB are top notch affordable large diaphragm condensers.

The C is a simplified, cost-effective alternative to the industry leading CB reference-quality microphone. The AT features a low-mass diaphragm for extended frequency response.

Frequency-agile True Diversity UHF Wireless Systems

The C03U features a multi-pattern dual diaphragm design ideal for voices and acoustic instruments. The OSM is flexible enough to mic demanding sound sources yet is exceptionally affordable, making it ideal for both commercial and home studios alike.

Complete with a 1 diaphragm and built-in FET preamp, the OSM is a sound choice for vocals or a wide-range of acoustic instruments, whether on stage or in the studio. Mic mount and carrying case included.

OSM Model Inv.

Delivering a smooth, uniform frequency response from 20 Hz - 20 khz, the CXB offers a rich, full bodied sound thanks to its one-inch capsule. It features a bass roll-off switch to eliminate rumble and a 10dB pad to handle loud instrument sources without distorting. CXB Model Inv. The classic SD Unidyne remains popular due to its smooth cardioid response and unparalleled dependability. PG Series Instrument Microphones PG series microphones are fully modern designs engineered to be accessible yet still bring Shure performance to guitars, drums, and other instruments.

Discover the Advantage!

The PG52 is carefully tailored to enhance kick drums and other bass instruments, while the design of the PG56 makes it ideal for positioning around snares and toms.

A jack-of-all trades, the PG57 is indispensable for any working musician, and the PG81 condenser excels at acoustic guitars and cymbals.

Famous in its own right, the SM81 is known for its ruler-flat response, and features selectable low-cut filters and a 10dB pad, making it an ideal choice for overhead applications.

Like the SM81, the SM94 and SM condenser microphones are exceptionally accurate and equally at home on the loudest stages or quietest broadcast sets. The new BETA ultra-compact side-address small-diaphragm microphone fits into tight spaces and features interchangable capsules to suit any application.

Both models provide switchable pads and low-cut filters. The KSM features mechanically switchable dual polar patterns. Outstanding for instruments ranging from percussion to wind, strings to brass, and piano to guitar. Available as a matched stereo pairs.

The eii is tailored for kick drum, bass, and other low frequency instruments, while the e and e produce excellent results with drums, percussion, and brass.

Based on the legendary MD , the side-address e is ideal for guitar cabs.

For demanding instrument recordings, the e offers extended frequency response, high SPL handling, and compact size. The condenser e and dynamic e are low frequency specialists that can handle the highest SPL s, and when used together they can produce an unequalled kick drum sound.

Unlike other half-cardioid designs, the e utilizes a standard XLR cable. The e and e feature body designs allowing for close miking of snares, toms, and other instruments, providing the tightest sound possible. Icon legend in footer Especially designed for guitar amps, also excellent for percussion and horns, the e features a 3-position switchable sound character bright, moderate, dark , rugged metal body, and flat side-address design.

Intended for sax and other wind instruments, the e condenser features a clip-on mount design, while the probe-style e condenser is superb for acoustic instruments and overhead applications.

It offers performance usually associated with condenser microphones. Featuring a five-position bass control, the MDII excels at nearly everything guitar, kick, vocals, horns, percussion, broadcast, and overheads. Acknowledged as the most accurate and versatile dynamic mic available, the MDU features a five-position low frequency contour switch along with a two-position high frequency switch. D series models employ low-mass diaphragms for accurate response and are constructed of rugged machined aluminum.

Suitable for everything from guitar to drums, the i-5 is a mic box workhorse. The FireBall-V is designed especially for professional harmonica players and features an easy to access volume control. Lo Model Inv. The SCX25A is a studioquality live instrument mic available individually or as a pair in an innovative piano miking system, complete with mounts, cables, and flight case.

The unique mount of the ADX10FL-P attaches to a flute s headstock for proper pickup without hindering performance, while the ADX51 excels at capturing cymbals, hats, and acoustic instruments. The PL33 is a specialized kick drum mic, delivering a powerful, well-defined modern sound. The PL35 features an integrated rim mount and captures snares and toms with a natural, open sound, while the PL37 condenser captures every crisp detail of cymbals and hi-hats.

Compact and rugged, the HMPP is an outstanding utility mic. The PR 28 features a unique dual suspension and can handle dB SPL s, making it perfect for snares, toms, bongos, and other applications. The end-fire PR 30 is among the finest electric guitar microphones available, while the PR 48 responds with a 10dB rise between 60Hz and Hz, precisely where kick drums resonate.

The PRO 25ax also excels at low frequency performance, especially kick, percussion, bass, and other dynamic instruments. The PRO 70 includes a clothing clip for lav applications and an acoustic guitar mount for instrument miking.

Yes Cond. The new P 2 and P 4, along with the D 40, set the standard for dynamic instrument microphones, while the Perception is a studio-grade condenser model. The battery powered CS is a proven field microphone, and the CB is unsurpassed at capturing transient-rich sources like percussion, guitar, and drums.

The high definition PianoMic system is fully concealable within the instrument, and is available in an airline-friendly touring version. Icon legend in footer Samson s C02 s are designed to be versatile instrument and overhead microphones.

They feature an extended frequency response, ultra sensitivity, high SPL handling, gold-plated XLR connectors, and more. Both models are sold in matched pairs and include carrying cases, mic clips, windscreens, and shockmounts. Pad Lo Cut List Price MAP Price encore i Dynamic 50HzkHz Icon legend in footer The en CORE i utilizes a new dynamic capsule with a custom-tuned diaphragm designed specifically to provide a tighter polar pattern, making it perfect for miking instruments and other sources requiring high isolation.

A custom circuit with transformer and high-pass filter optimizes frequency response for use with drums, amplified instruments, and vocals, while a specially-designed grille provides protection from instrument strikes and facilitates mounting in tight spaces.Its contoured loop hooks securely behind one ear.

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Only at Sweetwater! Ideal for mounting on walls, floors, and tables. Thank you for choosing an Audio- Technica professional wireless have chosen our products because of their quality, performance and reliability. CXB Model Inv.