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Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter 10 .. “There you are,” I said, closing the book and standing to greet him. The first three novels in Kiera Cass's #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series are available together in one ebook collection, along with the first. The time has come for one winner to be crowned. When she was chosen to compete in the Selection America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere.

The Selection Book 3 Pdf

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The Selection has 38 entries in the series. The One. The Selection (Series). Book 3. Kiera Cass Author Amy Rubinate Narrator (). cover image of The Heir. The Selection (Series). Book 1. Kiera Cass Author Amy Rubinate Narrator The Selection (Series). Book 3. Kiera Cass Author (). cover image of The Heir. Summary: For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. Elite ( Book 2).epub. kB. 3. The One (Selection) - Kiera yazik.info

I liked that she stood by her beliefs and values, but it drove me nuts how she flip-flopped all over the place with her feelings. Especially since it was very obvious how she felt, a lot of her indecision didn't have much justification.

Throughout the series, I never felt like the rebels were truly threats, they never seemed very dangerous. Things changed towards the last half of The One, which I appre These books are such easy reads, though dealing with America's Things changed towards the last half of The One, which I appreciated. I don't know how I feel about the ending. Things wrap up a little too nicely, and I feel like there were some things that needed to be properly sorted out between our characters. More of the flip-flopping feelings, where the past just seems to have been unrealistically forgotten.

Then that would have meant there was more room for rebel-tension-goodness. View all 11 comments. Wouldn't it be awesome if Maxon turned out to be gay?

And then he ends up with Aspen! View all 70 comments. Jul 19, Miranda Reads rated it liked it. America, my love, you are sunlight falling through trees. You are the breeze on a too-warm day. Cue the eye roll, this is definitely going to be one of those kind of books.

Break my heart. Picking up where we left off, Maxon Schreave points for having the world's worst last name has to make a crazy-hard decision. And there we were, in the background of it all, hold America, my love, you are sunlight falling through trees. And there we were, in the background of it all, holding on to one another. The Perfectionist, the Sweetheart, the Diva. He has four choices left and only one will remain.

And that One will marry him and become the queen. America is still in the competition, but as the crown draws ever nearer, she will have to come to the ultimate decision - face her own demons and become queen or run away from it all forever.

This one was definitely better than the last honestly, Cass could've cut the entirety of book 2 and nothing would've been missed. The world building didn't feel nearly as fleshed out as I would've hoped. There's Southern Rebels and Northern Rebels but no one in the kingdom really knows what they want.

If they were truly a threat, wouldn't they be called terrorists? Also - did the king give the rebels a spare key? How do they break into the palace every other week? The queen competition just didn't feel realistic to me - you would think that every girl chosen for this competition would've been an excellent choice for queen after all, why risk anything?

America, you are full of nothing but bad ideas. Great intentions but awful ideas. America doesn't know anything about foreign policy, internal politics or even basic palace manners and yet she was chosen!

This girl doesn't even like to study - is this really the girl you want in charge of the country? I did like the ending - it is very sweet and charming There was too much filler drama inserted just to keep the plot going. Audiobook Comments Read by Amy Rubinate - who did a wonderful job with narrating this one. Truly an excellent book to listen to. Blog Instagram Twitter View all 26 comments. Why, you may ask?

The answer: There's even some irony in there: None of the food seemed terribly appealing, though. There's also an excerpt from the upcoming book The Queen on that page as well, so check it out it get the chance: With more books in this series to come, it seems like The One - despite its flaws - doesn't have to carry the weight of being the final book and summing everything up nicely, any longer.

Looking forward to seeing what this series brings us readers soon: How to feel, how to feel, how to feel It's hard to know exactly how I'm meant to feel about this book. On the other hand I'm not totally convinced The One was well thought out.

Because nothing is actually simple. I mean, we've spent two whole books emphasising the fact that nothing about this world, or its characters, is simple. And yet here we are, simplifying things in the final book.

Exhibit A: For those who have read The One , only that word is needed to convey my feelings on the issue. For those who haven't read The One , I'll put it a different way. Needless to say, even now, I'm still totally Team Maxon. Maxon's anger is often justified seeing that America has not yet ceased to be an annoyingly predictable mess of a heroine. But it's so He has tantrums.

Yes, you read that right - Maxon has tantrums. And not grown-up ones either. As Sophie 's review of The One put it: You already did that when you agreed to the Selection. And throwing a temper tantrum like a little boy is not the way to solve your problems. As for Aspen I have zero cares to give about Aspen at the moment. End of story! Welcome to an ending that will make you weep. True, it isn't Veronica Roth's. But at least Veronica Roth had the decency to write Allegiant 's ending properly.

She didn't go on a killing spree. She didn't include some major character reversals. She finished things off in the same style she began them Basically, nothing about The One flowed.

Flow is so important in books. Stories shouldn't be put together like leftover puzzle pieces. The easy way out of the situation shouldn't be just to kill as many characters as possible. Spoiler alert: And most of their deaths can be described in the same way The One 's plot can be: Totally, facepalm-inducingly, pointless.

But, that said, it's still the end of a good series. This series started off with some amazing concepts and potentially great characters. And although The One didn't manage to reach the same level of awesomeness the previous books did, it's still part of a reasonably good YA series.

So, my rant aside, if you want to find out how it all ends feel free to pick up The One for yourself. Or write your own ; Pre-read review: The cover. And I'm just like: Because you all know what this book is going to give us, right? This book cannot come soon enough! Team Maxon! It's gorgeous. I can't wait! Any ; Anyway, I know we all talked about the covers being red, white and blue because of her name and the fact that the colors were statement dresses in the books but MAN, I STILL wish for a green one.

I don't hate the white, I just like green better. Don't get me wrong- I know the series was meant to be romance, but the idea of "rebel attacks" seemed so so great until I mean that in the best way I can think of.

It was like "okay here's a problem, let me solve it in two to three pages and everything will just be all fine. I wish things could have ended differently for some of the girls, though. And honestly, I'm kind of weirded out by America's maids crush on Aspen. I pictures the maids older like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty, so it was kinda weird. Honestly, for a minute there, I thought America was going to choose Aspen- which I would have respected, but not like.

Overall, the romance side of the story was great. The action? View all 32 comments. Omg the name is out and it is awesome. The feeelllllsss and OMG Just finished the book, good ending but the feels, this book made me cry so much.

It's killing me! View all 69 comments. May 6th, Well, The One is finally out today and I'm not sure when I'm going to get to read it, but hopefully it will be very soon! However, I did get a chance read the first 10 chapters at unlocktheone. Also, I would be really grateful if you guys wouldn't post any spoilers for The One in the comments of this review, or if you do at least tag them as such, because I do read all of them and EDIT: Also, I would be really grateful if you guys wouldn't post any spoilers for The One in the comments of this review, or if you do at least tag them as such, because I do read all of them and have had books ruined on me this way before.

Happy reading! I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit upset with The Elite. And that makes me sad because I loved the selection and I love Kiera Cass because she's hilarious, but I don't want to spoil this on anybody who has not read it, but as a warning Not in the first 50 pages of course, because the first 50 pages rock.

Even up until about half way through The Elite you say, "Nothing to worry about this can be fixed! I still don't really like Aspen so I don't want her to end up with him, but Maxon was acting like America wasn't the only girl for him any more and I can't accept that. If this is what it is going to take to make the series interesting then maybe it should have been only two books instead of three. I still gave this book three stars because It was interesting and I still love Marlee and the maids.

Even Kriss was fun when I didn't wanna rip her head off too. Over all I just felt betrayed by Maxon. Not in a fun, "This is going to be so cool to see the outcome," way. It was in an, "I will never forgive you," way. I also would have liked to see the queen more on a side note and also the maids, they are just too funny. I hope you don't fail me Kiera Cass, but we shall see. Also, is it seriously called "The One" As much as I wish the cover was purple I do actually like the white.

Before the reveal I was dreading the wedding dress color because it just seemed so typical. I think purple would have really looked nice with the other covers, but this one turned out better than I expected. And am I the only one that thinks her dress looks super edible?

A lot of the people in the comments seem to think that America's actions in The Elite were worse than Maxon's. I understand why you're angry with her because I was too.

But the difference here is that Maxon knew that America was conflicted about their relationship before. So why would Maxon be surprised that she didn't want to talk to him when he acted like a jerk. In The Selection book Maxon told America that it was fine if she had doubts, and I understand that she also told him that she was over it in The Elite, but he completely ditched her when she needed comforting and then hung out with Kriss. So, knowing that even though America had chosen him, Maxon should have known she still wasn't in a stable state of mind and could decide she wanted to leave just by even the smallest of actions.

And he does all of this, knowing very well how she feels? And even worse, we find out that he was seeing Celest before the whole thing with Marlee even happened.

So, yes I understand America was wrong for sneaking around to see Aspen, but I think Maxon was far more at fault than America here. Did anyone else get super uncomfortable when her and Aspen would meet in secret.

Every time I was just waiting for them to get caught because they were being so careless. It made me so nervous. Not like I'm justifying what they did because it was wrong, but sheesh please don't make me so uneasy! View all 76 comments. Please read on if you 1. Have no intention of ever reading this book good for you 2. Have read the book my condolences 3. Just want to see me rant about sleazy men and brainless women isn't that why we're all here? The One.

This title can mean so many things, but let me tell you what it means to me. It is the one book in this series that got a higher rating than a 1 from me, mostly because of an ending that completely surpassed my expectations of wtfery.

It is a Rating: It is a story about one prince who is a huge dick, one annoying main character who makes observations that make me want to throttle her, and one kingdom whose existence is baseless and ridiculous. But it doesn't stop at just one! This book does not have just one , but many stupid characters and plot holes large enough for me to fall into.

There are so many problems that I want to address with this review that I don't even know where to start. First of all, there's Maxon. From the first two books, I already knew that he knew jack shit about the kingdom that he was about to rule. In the second book, I could see his idiocy in the way he handled his situation with America. But in this book, boy did he outdo himself. Throughout the story, Maxon does not act like a king or a prince or anything close to royalty.

He cannot make adult decisions, he foolishly argues with America over situations that he doesn't understand and she doesn't understand either , and I honestly cannot understand how anyone would trust this kid to rule over an entire kingdom.

Quite frankly, Maxon is useless, and he actually says so himself. His life is spent either getting whipped by his father in the literal sense , getting whipped by America in the figurative sense , or hanging out with "his girls.

His treatment of America and Aspen when he catches them together and tells Aspen to get out of his face or die reinforced my lack of faith. Maxon would probably do a better job as a pimp than a king. And that is the gospel truth. Then, there's America: It was almost overwhelming. How do I even describe her? She's so flat and uninteresting that I don't even have any colorful adjectives.

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I hated Maxon more than I hated her, but that was how little of an impression she made. I don't know if it's Cass's writing style or the characterization, but she will forever sound like a child to me.

A spoiled, self-obsessed child who thinks she understands the world, mostly because the idiots around her inflate her already balloonish head. Yes, she's a total Mary Sue with her crying and fainting, but she's also kind of an ignorant bitch. He must have been very sure of his target to do that. And her observations are so painfully immature that I want to shake her.

Tell me why someone like her should ever be trusted to ascend a throne? Maxon and America deserve each other, and I pray for all the people in their kingdom who were unfortunate enough to be ruled by two peanuts such as they. Anyway, enough about them. What about the plot? I must say, there was more of a plot in this book than there was in the other two, and towards the end, I actually got pulled in a little, which is the reason for the. Why did I get pulled in? Because finally, after all the glitz and glamor and fancy dresses, there was blood , and also a semblance of a climax instead of the watered down drivel of books 1 and 2.

Why did you have to kill off Celeste, who was one of my favorite characters? Cass attempted a version of the Red Wedding Game of Thrones fans, you get me , but it was basically an opportunity for her to wrap up the story by killing off any of the characters that caused a problem. King Clarkson, who was the only thing stopping America and Maxon from marrying?

Anne, who liked Aspen, but couldn't have him since he loves Lucy? Cass took the cheapest way out possible, and I am disgusted. There is no thought, no tact put into this book, its characters, its structures, or its plot. These are merely somebody's fanciful notions transcribed and marked as some sort of literature. Some of the names in this book made me want to retch. There is a place called "Honduragua," for goodness sakes! Then, when America's father dies, the part where Maxon tells her is so stilted that I stared at the page for a couple minutes before realizing that someone had died and this was supposed to be a big deal.

And then there are things that America says, like "he breathed into me" and "his eyes were fixed on my curves" that also make me die a little inside. Nothing that the characters in this book do would ever be something that we would do. The plot is too far-fetched to be remotely believable. And the ending was just a massive copout that shows how Cass lacks the dexterity and mindset to finish what she started.

Think about what all the little girls who read this are going to think! The universal solution is mass murder!

I'm not proud of reading all the books in this series, but I do admit I had some fun flaming them. Now that it's over, hopefully Cass will take some time to polish her writing, and the next book she publishes will be marginally more readable. Assuming the cover is pretty Otherwise this book will have nothing going for it.

View all 20 comments. All right. Enough is enough. I need to stop putting off writing this review. Maybe I feel that writing this review will truly mark the end of this series. And you know what? I don't want it to be over.

The One (The Selection #3)

This book gets a five star rating for so so many reasons. Ok so this book was not flawless. There were so many things that totally made up for it though: Here are my thoughts on this book accompanied with gifs that embody my thoughts quite well.

The Plot: The story flowed much better in this book than the others; our questions were answered. The One was fast-paced, action-packed, aww-inducing, and heart-wrenching. There was the perfect blend of everything. The Characters: America - American Singer is rash, stubborn, feisty, a rule-breaker, indecisive, annoying, daft, brave, and many more things I am glad that her character and personality has greatly improved.

In this book she's learned to hold her tongue and just deal with things. She doesn't whine and complain and cry and pout anymore.

She's fierce. She's gonna suck it up and be a big girl! And she's learned to speak up for herself. She's not gonna cower and babble and wrack her brain for a comeback that never surfaces. She's gotten more assertive and direct. She knows what she wants, and she's going to fight for it.

I whipped my arm from his, hissing my words at him. In all that time, did you ever not deliver one of the sentences you were ordered to? Aspen's eyes were pleading. Take me downstairs.

He learns to open up and actually share his thoughts and feelings. He becomes more confident. He's going to be a great leader.

Maxamer - The one thing that made me so mad and angry was both Maxon's and America's refusals to just come out and admit their feelings for one another. I wanted to rip my hair out. They both were like "Why should I say it first? Why won't he say it?

If he's not gonna say it, I'm not gonna say it. Are you freaking kidding me. I was literally shaking my iPad during these moments of character stupidity. I was thinking: Why couldn't they just say: I was not putting it out there first. It's the only thing I've wanted in this entire competition, and you still hold back. I keep waiting for you to say it, and you won't. If you couldn't say it out loud in front of him, fine. But if you had simply agreed, that would have been good enough for me.

But nooooo, America needs to be classic stubborn America. And to both Maxon and America I just wanted to say: Their scenes together in this book were great and so much fun.

Elise isn't actually a robot. Celeste had a personality change. I actually like her now! I will never like Kriss though: P The Romance: Despite the trouble my OTP had with saying "I love you," the romance was still amazing.

It was perfect. It was so adorable and sweet and steamy. I swooned and awwwwed so much in this book. I had a goofy grin on my face basically the whole book. I could gush and fangirl about it forever but I think these quotes sum it up quite nicely: And I want to give you everything. I promise you that. I want the holidays and the birthdays, the busy seasons and the lazy weekends.

I want peanut butter fingerprints on my desk. To get you excited for The One: It was a bit rushed. It seems as though Cass ran out of steam near the end and just tried ending it as quickly as possible.

I'm happy with the ending, but wish she'd slowed it down a bit. It didn't resolve the conflict the way it needed to be solved. It just ended the conflict That won't make sense to those who haven't read the book yet. The Epilogue: I would have liked a bit more though I laughed. I cried. I awwed. I gasped. I swooned. I celebrated. I can't believe this series is over.

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A great ending to a great series. Just finished this. Oh my god. I'm speechless and in tears. Review to come. And I wouldn't have it any other way ; XD Isn't it so pretty?! When I saw the publication date: America and Maxon: Or else: Please make me happy with this ending Kiera Cass. My heart can only take so much. View all 53 comments. Let's pretend this never happened Can't believe I read the whole series but I can now move on with my life.

I couldn't stand the main character nor the love triangle. At least in this book, there was less girl-hate. The whole series could have been one book! I did read them all View all 15 comments. Did anyone else read the second epilogue on the website? What the crap?

Did Cass write it? It sounded like fanfiction. Really bad, bland fanfiction. And, really, it was to be expected they'd have a kid, right? Couldn't that have been put in as a flashback thing in the next book?

And maybe written with a bit more love? Major ranting ahead. I will be swearing, screaming and butchering this book like there's no tomorrow. If you don't want to hear the rants of a hot-blooded Italian, then please do not carry on reading.

I shan't be held responsible for my actions. It's a fucking shame, really, that I wasted six months of my life waiting for this shitty book to come out. You wanna know what the major problem for me was? Fuck America. I once respected her as a character, but reading this last instalment made me realise how shallow, stupid and dumb this girl really is.

Her stupidity alone made me rethink my first opinions on the series, so here's a fun fact: I'm going to re-read the books, and probably end up 1 starring them, because they are not worth the time. America, you're a stupid bitch, you know that, right? Instead of causing havoc by defying the king, hooking up with your ex-boyfriend in the palace and being a fucking wimp, here's a fucking suggestion for you: The entirety of this book is America rubbing herself up against Prince Maxon to win his affection, rebel against the king and his orders and screwing around with Aspen, her ex-boyfriend who works conveniently as a palace guard.

She not only puts herself in trouble, but she puts the LIVES of other people at risk constantly and recklessly. Then, when Maxon laughs at her, she moans and bitches and runs to the corner to cry because "Ugh, he doesn't want me!

I'm not good enough! OMG I want to hook up with Aspen! Oh my life is so fucking difficult and complicated! It wasn't just America that was the problem for me. It went from smooth and enjoyable in the first and second book to childish, whiny and ugh in this last one. It came off sounding like fan-fiction gone wrong.

It just didn't work. What the hell, man? Sure, a rebel fight is a rebel fight, but they basically killed off everyone that would be competition to Dumb Fuck's crown.

You know when you go on an awkward date, and the guy is being really forceful with his words, like, "Hey, honey, you're so hot. Let's get together again," or "Baby, I can't wait to get you back home tonight" and you get that awkward feeling ballooning in your stomach which is half pity and half I'm-going-to-puke-on-your-cheap shoes? That's what I felt when reading the 'romance' side of this book. It was awful, fake, boring.

I came into this book wanting competition, growing up and maturing and was left with a whiny brat, no competition whatsoever and a whole lot of ass kissing. Fuck this book. View all 36 comments. Apr 11, Lia a paper pigeon rated it did not like it Shelves: I'd give this book a few more stars if I didn't find the main character and most of her decisions and actions extremely annoying and stupid.

Seriously, who even thought writing a heroine like America Dumbhead Singer was a good idea? Actually, just pretend this one solitary and miserable star is all for Maxon because he deserves the world. View all 12 comments. I'm crying with JOY!!! I can't give this book less than 5 stars because I got what I wanted. I finished this book in less than one day because it was so easy and fast to read!

It has a huge amount of drama and it had me hooked till the very end! I think I liked America better in this book than in the other books. She was more decided and she made choices and stood for them!

I don't know what else to say, for me, this book was the perfect ending to the series. The way it ended was all I ever wanted. So yes, I'm really happy right now! Mar 01, Elena rated it really liked it. View all 10 comments. Reread This. This was one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

I am so happy that I decided to reread The Selection series and it will always be dear to me: I love this book so much! The One was insanely good and it turned me into an emotional mess.

I mean that ending was just wow! The ending though predictable was perfect. It took my breath away. It's everything I hoped and expected it to be.

It was fast-paced, enthralling, intense, emotional and very addictive.

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Although I love them all this was probably my favorite. Dear gods, it was freaking hilarious! Everyone around me looked at me as if I was a crazy person haha.

I couldn't contain it!! My love for this series has been renewed and will forever be one of my most favorites. As for the characters they are all wonderful! I can say without a doubt that I have and always will adore both Maxon and Aspen. Both of them are incredibly sweet and charming. But I must say I have always been particularly fond of Maxon, I love the prince so much and I have also always loved America too.

America made a LOT of bad decisions. She was young yes so, of course, she made mistakes. She was very indecisive when it came to Aspen and Maxon and she was very confused by her ever-changing and involving feelings. But let's face it America never wanted to enter The Selection let alone being at the palace and she definitely didn't want a prince or the crown.

She was torn between her first love and the life she thought she wanted and a Prince that was nothing she could have ever expected and was afraid of the unknown. That alone would be complicated and confusing for any young girl. Then throw in everything else It's a lot to take in for any normal girl.

I love how I went from hating Celeste to loving her. I love when that happens in books. Celeste was a horrible person who did some of the most despicable things to the other girls throughout the competition. Who then finally comes to her senses once it's down to just America, Kriss, Elise and herself.

She does a and you finally get to see who she really is and deep down shes actually really great! The ending devastated me and I was also so broken up about Queen Amberly. I really like all the other girls too though I really wanted to hate Kriss for America's sake I just couldn't.

She was such a sweetheart and I couldn't help but feel sad for her as well because her feelings for Maxon were genuine. I also really liked Georgia and August I just wish they were both in the story more, same goes for Princess Nicoletta. Another thing I was so happy and excited about was the fact that it expanded outside of the Palace. Some pretty crazy, scary, exciting and downright devastatingly sad stuff happens during these times. Hands down this is the most exciting book out of the three.

I can't wait to move on to The Heir: Amy Rubinate the Narrator did a spectacular job yet again. If you're an audiobook lover you MUST get this one: I recommend this series to anyone who loves a good cheesy romance! I love you. With all that I am, I love you. View all 9 comments. Jan 11, Josu Grilli rated it it was amazing Shelves: En cualquier caso, eso no quita que tenga las cinco estrellas porque me esperaba un final superhappy.

Que la trama de los rebeldes tuviese tanta importancia me ha encantado, porque era una de mis partes favoritas de la saga. En general todos los personajes me han conquistado, desde las criadas de America hasta Celeste, Kriss y Elise.

Maxon, Aspen Es que no puedo. Maldita Kiera Cass View all 7 comments. Jun 13, Maureen rated it really liked it. I think I may have liked this the best out of the three. America was still obnoxious, but I've come to expect that, so maybe I got more used to it? I liked Maxon more BUT still obnoxious. Every character in this book is obnoxious to some degree. The ending was great, for me. I don't even know. I wish more had been done with the rebels and other relationships in I think I may have liked this the best out of the three.

I wish more had been done with the rebels and other relationships in the book, but such is life. It could've been really really cool but it was just alright in the end.

The One (The Selection #3)

I personally think that was a solid end to the trilogy. It's not an amazing mind-blowing book by any means, but it's really enjoyable, easy to read, and fast-paced. View all 5 comments. I am an emotional wreck after reading this book. An absolute wreck. America was herself to the best of her ability again in this book. Although I have to say that continuing to snog other g OMG.

The storyline in this was pretty good, although I did feel like there was a bit of a slow patch in the middle. Overall; I just loved it! You have no idea how hard it is to stop myself from reading the epilogue first! I can't!! I want it now!!! View all 24 comments. This is a very "interesting" plot. If you're easily offended by fan fiction, don't read this.

American A: I choose you, Maxon! I really do! Forget about Aspen. I believe that the castes should be eliminated, but I like you.

So let's just take it SLOW but get married first because everyone needs to know who you choose. Maxon M: Oh, Darling! Let's get married. My fiance doesn't want you here! I hate you, Natalie. Now please get lost.

Oh I'm getting married! Oh wait. I don't care. Should I marry you? You know, America. I want to come clean. I've been hiding a ton of secrets from you, and I need you to understand that the things I've done are for the greater good. What's wrong? Thing is, I lied when I said I haven't read those journals.

I actually have. At a young age, I was whipped to be shaped by my father. But you turned out fine! No America. By your standards, I'm not. To be honest, I've always agreed with my family's thinking. It was smart of my forefathers to manipulate his way into winning the throne.

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here today. And I know about you and Officer Leger. I'd be stupid if I didn't. DO you really think you guys can sneak around MY palace? And this phone number from the Italians! You think I wouldn't know. I saw her hand this to you. She's planning to overthrow me, isn't she? It was all a show, darling. Why am I here? To prove to Leger that I'm better to him! To marry you so I can shut your damn mouth. To make it seem like you're on my side.

I need people to know that you can stand up for the cause as much as they want, but at the end, I always win. I find a way to win. You will be receiving these my email: Follow The Moon. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Review Policy Contact. Cover Rating: Title Thoughts: Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading The Selection Novellas by Kiera Cass.

Also, thank u dor sharing!!! This book was amazing. Thanks so much!!! I get a post up for them: The one is not working Like Like. Hii sorry to be a other but The One is said to only be view-able by the owner. Do you have an upload of the other books such as The Prince, The Guard, etc.?

I have added a compiled version instead! Thanks soooo much btw! Thanks fo sharing the other books.. Thanks so much!! Link for book 3 is not working? Thank u so so so much Like Liked by 1 person. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Address never made public. Most Liked. Follow Blog and join the stars Enter your email address over there to be updated and notified will all things books and petitions that help change the world.

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