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Documents Similar To Codex Tau Empire 7th. Codex Adeptus Arbites - 7th Ed. WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar yazik.info wargear and weapons of the Tau with the specialised skills of their alles, the Kroot and the Wespid. THE Tau are a WETy Stylish and powerful army wilH Irary. INMEX Vietnam, the largest and most established international maritime exhibition in Vietnam, will be back for its 7th edition on March this year at HCM.

Tau Codex 7th Pdf

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Tau codex Codex Tau Empire 7th. May 4, | Author: Andrés González Fernández | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed . The 7th Guest is a bit of PC gaming history. The FMV adventure game helped CD-ROM take off, for one, with some help from contemporary competitor. Many of the units in our codex ignored difficult terrain on the charge anyways, so this is a Our battle tanks may have suffered at the hands of 7th edition, but our.

Do not forget to bring your tearcup when your Riptide blows apart tightly packed teleporting Terminators or drop-podded Sternquards with single Ion accelerator blast. A decent option, all things considered. Great with a Cyclic Ion Blaster. Multi-tracker standard issue : Sensors and targeting systems which allow a unit to manage the fire power of two weapons simultaneously, like a Battlesuited John Woo action hero.

Once a separate hardpoint-filling option, its popularity bordering on ubiquity has made it a now standard issue piece of equipment built into every battle suit, so comes free with the unit and does not occupy a hardpoint. The 3-year skub war over this issue is finally over. Positional Relay: This allows outflankers in reserve in your army move in from the same board edge as the bearer provided he is within 6" of it, including your opponent's edge.

Used correctly this could allow you control of most of the board. However there isn't much need for lots of these in your army - setup for Kroot Konga line, anyone?. Expect to use it more often on larger point games.

Note that this piece of gear also comes as standard with the Recon drones that can accompany Pathfinder squads, so weigh that in consideration for this if you are already taking them. Shield Generator: Another that remains unchanged. Basically it's a one upped version of the Stimulant injector.

Combine the pair and add shield drones for a model that just simply refuses to die. Stimulant injector: Again another item that is no longer one per army.

Codex Tau Empire 7th

This will give the equipped model Feel no Pain. Get it if you have the points and the unit in question is likely to see a lot of fire and needs the endurance, like the aforementioned Riptides so they don't kill themselves.

Target Lock: Allows the model to fire at a different target from the rest of the unit. This tool, while cheap, is often over-used. More often than not the one extra weapon does not make the difference. The only real time its effectiveness comes into play is when used in conjunction with fusion-blaster wielding, deep striking, jihad shouting, suicide squads.

Deploy them onto the back armoured line of a foe and watch him cry.

Codex Tau Empire 7th

Remember to have your china tear cup at the ready. You can't use this to shoot at units emerging from a wrecked transport because you must declare targets prior to rolling any dice. Alternatively, it works really nice with Marker drones, whose markerlights are no longer Networked. Useful if you get bogged down in combat and need to redeploy quickly. The only downside is a poor I means that you won't always pull out in time, unless you have Drones with you which are I4 for some reason or stick it in a Farsight Bomb Farsight is I5.

Because you wont be running or assaulting with Battlesuits, you don't care about Fleet, so take only one. Still, positioning is key so the model carrying doesn't get killed before running away.

Velocity Tracker: Another new toy. This thing allows a model to choose on a turn-by-turn basis whether it wants to use the Skyfire rule or not so it can be fire at fliers one turn and ground units the next with no penalty to either.

Slapping these on Broadsides may be everyone's first move but they don't do too badly on Crisis suits, Ghostkeels or Riptides especially with the HBC either. Combine with Early Warning Override to give flier heavy lists an early bus ticket home.

They can be taken by the Commander, his Bodyguards, or Crisis Shas'vres, but it's a bad idea for the latter because these take up hardpoint space with him, unlike with the previous two meaning you could be a complete retard and stuff all of them on one single Shas'O if you wanted.

Only one of each can be taken per army. Command and Control Node: A 4th ed piece of tech that was killed off in the switch to 5th ed when Target Priority tests went the way of the dodo. Back from the dead and clocking in at 15pts, it makes all of a unit's weapons Twin-linked at the cost of giving up the bearer's own shooting.

If you put this on your Commander you'll miss out on his sweet BS5, but at least it will be on your longer lasting model. Using this and Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite on a gigantic Farsight bodyguard squad kicks total ass.

Failsafe Detonator S5 Large Blast on death. Useful as a last 1 fingered salute to anyone assaulting you and not much more. Still, it's just 10 pts, you might as well put it on units you don't expect to survive the battle, like those Rambo Crisis suits, but by no means an auto-include.

Don't waste this on a Crisis Shas'vre, save it for the Commander your warlord if there isn't an Ethereal present. If you're absolutely desperate to have a bodyguard protect your 'o rather than having him tough it out himself, you should still use the Iridium and other defensive boosts on your Tankmander, while attaching a bodyguard and drones so the drones and 'vre s can take the fatal wounds with auto-pass LO, S.

Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite: Like Command and control, you forgo shooting with this model in place of giving the model's unit's ranged weapons the Ignores Cover special rule.

Take it on your Commander with the Command and Control Node, because if you're doing something else with it, you're probably wrong see above regarding Crisis Shas'vre. Neuroweb System Jammer: At 2pts this little gadget is an auto-include. At the start of your enemy's shooting phase the bearer selects 1 enemy unit within 12" to have its weapons get hot until the end of the next turn.

Even if you never use it it can still be funny to watch your foe create a wide area of space around the bearer. Note: This thing is hilarious against wimpy Gue'La , who become 3 times more likely to kill themselves than kill you, conscripts faring even worse. You'll lose 1 Crisis Onager Gauntlet: Aka the Donkey Punch. The first close combat weapon for a battle suit. Shame there is only 1 and it only gives 1 S10 AP1 attack, but it's dirt cheap.

It can be useful for opening tin cans or crumpling lower key characters in challenges. Note that unlike similar weapons it does not strike at I1 should come as a surprise to anyone expecting a Tau commander to go down immediately in close combat to a monstrous creature without a good chance of taking the thing with them.

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Half the time you're still hitting last because of I3, though. But it can save him from those nasty marine powerfists, which would ID him, and keeps you from having to "our weapons are useless" against walkers.

Still, the main reason you're downloading this is because a You ran out of space for Fusion blasters, b You really want to model a mighty fist on your Tau snowflake, don't you? The bearer has it until the next turn. The only ones of note are Monster Hunter and Tank Hunter, which will benefit the entire unit make him join Railgun Broadsides for pure win , maybe Stubborn too if CC is unavoidable, but the 2 others are close combat related and only affect the bearer and therefore nigh useless.

Also consigns your pilot to life as a robotic tool of the Empire, but hey, Greater Good. Repulsor Impact Field: Another anti- assault gadget. It's like a flechette discharger for Battlesuits. It won't make an enemy unit think twice about hitting you though, but D6 I10 hits might score you a wound before your opponent strikes.

Bear in mind it hits each unit that successfully charged at them, not models touching the suit, so keep the wielder out of reach deep inside the unit. A unit that has at least one VRT, drones and the Repulsor field is a unit your enemy may charge at, possibly hurting itself, and then he needs to get into combat all over again.

Those casualties will slowly add up, just like your unit's price tag. Better yet when the enemy tries to tie up with Farsight's I5. Limits you to taking a maximum of two other weapon options, but who the fuck takes TL weapons on a Commander anyway? Does not stop you from spending your full four choices on support systems though you still shouldn't put all the systems on one suit, for you'd lose everything should the model die. Plus, 25 points isn't too much to ask for this nice piece of equipment.

Great with Early Warning Override: you could fire Interceptor shots and still use two other weapons the next turn. Or grab a just-in-case flamer along the weapon you really want to use - a veritable swiss army suit. Still, 2 more pts and you'd have yet another Crisis with flamer, so unless you planned for a Farsight bomb and run out of yet moar Crisis to deepstrike with, it's a little too much.

While it lets you support a low BS unit, the XV would probably see its best use in a Farsight Bomb, giving them their own dedicated markerlight support - pretty much the only thing they needed.

At 20 points, the suit is a relatively cheap addition to any force. Drones[ edit ] Only Drones that can be taken by more than one unit entry are discussed here. The rest will be discussed in their related entry, like the now Broadside-exclusive MV8 Missile drone. All drones discussed now cost 12pts with the exception of Shielded Missile Drones, which cost 25pts each and are all Jetpack Infantry. This is a big decrease for the marker drone, a minor decrease for the shield and a minor increase for the gun drone.

MV1 Gun Drone: With the Pulse carbine being Twin-Linked Assault 2 and drone controller giving the drones the same BS as the bearer it has made them a much more usable option for some extra firepower.

MV4 Shield Drone: It's a drone-mounted Shield generator, and it's actually cheaper and more effective to boot. As in cheaper than the support system version by 13pts, and if it fails, you merely lost a drone. It gives multi-wound characters a second chance at outlasting any scary S8 weapons that would insta-kill them. Even if not attached to Commanders it still makes a decent addition to any unit that can take it. Unless you have other plans or points are too tight, you cannot go wrong attaching a pair of these to Crisis suits, as they are tough enough to weather some anti-infantry fire, but not so robust that they can easily survive anti-armor weapons.

The Shield drones will let them do so, at least long enough to neutralize the threat to them. If these are the only drones you take, then there is no need for a drone controller. A full Crisis team can take six of them without using up any support slots at all.

Expect to cry when a Wyvern says "Hi! Watch as markerlights rain down as heavy as the tears of your fallen enemy. The downside that not many players have noticed yet is the loss of Networked markerlight, meaning you better have two units firing at the same target and maybe some Pathfinders too, if everyone is going to benefit from those lovely markerlight hits. Goes very well with Target Lock, tho.

Only Riptides and their variants can use them, but on the bright side they also have T6, so they don't reduce majority Toughness while still helping your battle suit to tank Grav shots. Doesn't make it any less hilarious though. Still, because most of vehicular firepower comes as Blast weapons or from drones, it might not see much use. It's cheap and could give you back what you once thought lost.

Use if you have points to spare. Blacksun Filter: While these come as standard on Battlesuits, they still have to be paid for by vehicles. It lets you ignore Night Fighting and Blind effects. As it's so cheap, it's hardly points wasted even if you don't ever get to use it. Remember vehicles are not affected by Blind anyway.

By far the best use of this is on the flyers. Makes those nasty quad guns seem like a bad dream. Sadly it has little other use. Not as brokenly powerful as before, but still pretty damn good.

Always download it for your tanks, never for aircraft, unless you expect jinking a lot which you don't unless you brought buckets of markerlights. Flechette Discharger: Fires a number of S4 hits equal to the number of folk in contact with it.

Scares lightly armoured grenadiers meltabomb vets, wyches and swooping hawks comes in mind , but MEQs don't give a shit about it. Point Defense Targeting relay: The S5 and below weapons can overwatch. Gives the vehicle Supporting Fire as well. Autotake on Devilfish only if you grab SMS , and reasonable on Tanks if your local meta uses assault units.

Perfect for Tetras and Sky Rays, if close to your units. Sensor Spines: Gives Move through Cover. Another case by case one. Useful for hiding tanks in cover, especially with Disruption pods, but almost worthless on fast skimmers and definitely worthless on flyers.

Since Skimmers ignore Vertical Move Distance, use them to go from ruin cover camping to ruin assault range kiting in 3". If it fits, it sits! They provided marginal benefit coupled with a serious drawback leading to much regicidal humor. The only downside for Ethereals now is that killing the Ethereal awards an extra Victory point and undoes whatever power was being used at the time.

Can also take a beacon for fairly cheap, presumably so you can launch Multiple Simultaneous Devastating Defensive Deep Strikes to rescue him. If you fear for his mobility, you can also download a Hover Drone, letting them ignore Difficult and Dangerous Terrain while remaining Infantry. To summarize, they became Badass. Not only is the Ethereal a force multiplier of the first order with his Storm of Fire Invocation, but he bestows a 12" Ld 10 Stubborn bubble , excellent for when you want your thin Orange Line to hold rather than break, effectively turning the Tau into one of the bravest armies in 40k.

Codex 7th Eldar Craftworlds

The real selling point of Ethereals however is precisely that - their selling point. At 50 points, unless you're running an almost completely Battlesuited army you should be seriously asking yourself why you shouldn't be taking an Ethereal, and even in those armies, the FnP and ability to fire Snapshots while running which of course can be augmented by markerlights is well worth it.

Place at the back of large Fire warrior squads, amongst large numbers of similarly large squads for maximum survivability and boosting, while your faster dudes pop that nasty artillery. Battlesuit Commander: An excellent unit if kitted out properly. The versatility of the battle suit chassis means you can equip him however you need to be most effective, and being the Commander, all special issue equipment is available to him see Armoury for setup tips.

The Generic Commander is however the most expensive generic HQ Choice in the Codex, clocking in at 85 points before wargear. He is equipped with XV Enforcer Armor, the "Standard" Commander armor the one with fingers , and comes with a total of 4 hardpoints for your mounting pleasure and Signature systems don't count!

You could try and put all the Support and Signature systems you can think of he IS your most durable model, after all and surround it with Bodyguard ablative wounds, who autopass LOS rolls, but you'd be losing on his sweet BS5. Then again, if the unit is taking Gun or Marker drones, he should be the one with the Drone Controller to give them BS5.

Best of all, he can still download two Support systems and drones, but his weapons are restricted to the ones mentioned and he can't get Signature systems, so no Iridium for him. But the suit's best boons are all the advantages Swooping brings with it, meaning he can't be tied up in melee and they'll need Skyfire to shoot him down.

That's right, you now have a jinking commander ; he's nigh untouchable now. The opponent brought melee squads and plasma guns hoping to catch your Commander? They'll never hit him. Pesky flyers bothering your dudes? Sweep and get on their level, you have enough dakka on your own.

And you will be on your own; swooping means leaving everyone behind, even his drones but they catch up with him when gliding. The second most common anti-air, however, is S AP So bring both shield and stims. Cadre Fireblade : At first glance, the Cadre Fireblade looks pretty crappy, especially compared to everything else. He's 10 points more than an Ethereal but can only really buff a single Fire Warrior squad or Pathfinder squad, if you're so inclined , with a markerlight, Split Fire, and Volley Fire which grants an extra shot to everybody with Pulse Rifles and Carbines so long as they stand still.

A little disappointing, right?

Actually, not really, at least in an allied detachment. Although the Ethereal is much improved, he's still somewhat of a risk if you field him, especially in an allied detachment, as you give up an extra Victory Point if he's killed and, given how weedy the Tau are, that's not very hard.

Also, his abilities only affect Tau, which isn't very useful in an allied detachment. The Fireblade, on the other hand, will almost always be useful at least for your one compulsory unit of Troops and will never be a liability. Also, Volley Fire is up to the entire range of the guns, not just half range like the Ethereal, so it's perfect to use with a castled up army and with your new forts, especially when combined with his Split fire - his Fire Warriors can defend that Tidewall with Volley fire while he shoots the Railgun at some valuable targets with his sweet BS5.

Or he could throw a Photon grenade at another unit. Lastly, he comes with a Markerlight to support two squads at once, so you can chain markerlights. All in all, you'll probably usually want an Ethereal in your main detachment, but in an allied detachment, a Fireblade is probably the better choice for a "cheap" HQ. This might be an edge case, but hey, at least he has some use, unlike certain other units.

With the advent of the 7th edition codex and the Coordinated Firepower special rule, it's possible to share the Volley Fire ability with all units shooting at the same target as his own, and as such Fireblade serves as a much better dakka multiplier than before.

Since nothing prevents you from adding more Fireblades to a Fire warrior team specially in 7th Unbound lists for each Fireblade you add, there is one more shot for the ENTIRE team and to the other Fireblades too! This isn't very useful for normal games, but in Apocalypse you can have a squad of 12 Fire Warriors and 10 Fireblades are putting out 11 shots EACH at max range, 12 at half, for a total of shots at max range, of which are at BS5.

In Apocalypse games points worth of HQ is small change. The amount of fire out of the squad is normally only seen from massed Guard firing lines, but is coming from a total of 22 models that is only points which is one Titan or a couple Baneblades. You can live the dream of all 40k players and erase a squad of Ultramarines every turn.

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In normal games, the best use of a combined Fireblade squad is to have a surviving Fireblade join another squad after his first is wiped out, making it as if you still have the same amount of dakka as before. Roll equal to or over a weapon's AP to ignore wounds? And since it technically doesn't count as a save, even fucking Destroyer weapons are ignored!

Only pts? Vetock, you are a god. OK, so the bodyguards are still meh but they're better than they used to be. His massive, multiple buffs are just awesome. He also provides a table wide re-roll for any morale checks, anything in Tau codex. That shit is money. Unfortunately, he is ridiculously vulnerable, not being able to join a unit because of his lack of IC, not to mention the fact that he can't get a transport. Aun'Shi: Brought back from 3rd edition into 6th.

Shi is essentially a close combat HQ, albeit a modest one, in an otherwise shooty army i. Being WS5 I5 he could do alright dueling sgts, but the fact that he can melee doesn't mean he should - he still gives a VP by getting killed, he just dies a little slower. He is basically an Ethereal with the weaknesses removed for the price of yet another one - so make good use of those elemental invocations - but beware of anyone with strength 6 or over, because you'll be insta-killed if you botch it.

He costs 5 points more than a similarly equipped generic Ethereal. For that 5 points, you lose the ability to download drones or a blacksun filter, gain an extra wound, gain Fearless in place of Stubborn, and should you choose to make him your warlord you gain a guaranteed Exemplar of the Selfless Cause warlord trait.

He's also only able to slot into one formation , Infiltration Cadre Burning Dawn. Since a downloadd drone would give you an extra wound anyway, you get to decide if Fearless and a guaranteed warlord trait beat an Etheral with two pieces of wargear and a drone that could be taken in another formation.

O'Shovah Commander Farsight : The l33t renegade commander of the Fire Caste, Farsight is odd in the fact that he's specced for assault in an army meant for shooting. Due to changes to Crisis teams, his bodyguard is no longer exclusive to him and they are forced to take a slot, but it is still a devastating tactic to deepstrike with up to NINE bodyguards, especially with his "no scatter" WT, negating one of the difficulties of deepstriking such a large unit.

Preferred enemy is quite useful against Orks, although given Tau are near top-tier and Orks are somewhere slightly above unplayable, it's pretty much kicking a dead horse. Still, you could take him for what he is: your WS5 AP2 I5 melee response against anyone expecting easy melee from the Tau But I can't field that many Crisis suits. If she joins a Stealth suit squad they'll act as bodyguards, auto-passing Look Out, Sir!

Let us reiterate what her Command-link drone does: Any one unit within 12" of the drone gets to re-roll any 1s on its to-hit roll. And she can do this every turn.

Hilarious when a drone does it as well as a Warlord Trait, right? You know how that Riptide's Nova-charged Heavy burst cannon is almost as dangerous to itself as the enemy? Not anymore under Shadowsun's drone gaze. Just think about how much dakka you can relatively safely put out from the two of them on a continual basis Attaching Mrs. Tsundere to a Stealth team may be everybody's first thought, but she does damn fine with just any kind of Battlesuit squad.

But Stealth teams are her bodyguards. Crisis teams are better damage sponges thanks to their T4 and 2W, never mind they have more hardpoints and dakka. You could take proper Bodyguards, but you'd be taking them because Signature systems are a great addition to a Shadowbomb.

After all, isn't passing Look Out Sir! And with her 3D6" move, where Farsight makes CC more manageable, she outright makes it never happen. Note that she cannot join Riptides and share the hax. Yeah, that would've been too cheap. El'Myamoto Sub-commander Darkstrider : The second Tau commander to piss off the Ethereal elites, Darkstrider is a powered up Pathfinder - he fights on foot, so he can only join Firewarriors and Pathfinders. His selling point is his Structural Analyzer, which lowers the Toughness his target for him and his unit and it counts for Instant Death which works best with Railrifle equipped Pathfinders.

Can be very troll-y. See that crazy powerful Paladin or Meganob? A single Pathfinder in this guy's squad just sniped him. Furthermore, he allows his unit to consolidate D6" in any direction immediately after firing their overwatch and BEFORE the charging unit rolls for charge distance. Stick him in a Pathfinder squad with a Grav Inhibitor drone and they become one slippery unit.

U MAD? Just be prepared for the assault, cause their weapons are so short ranged that his consolidation move will not get you out of charge range. Depending on how you interpret the word 'any,' the flechette launcher may not be one use anymore. His flechette discharger is a nasty surprise for swarm armies thinking they have just trapped the expensive tau HQ unit in CC A good choice, especially against Imperial Guard due to Preferred Enemy against them.

If you want a Commander with double plasma, you'd be out of your mind not to take him: R'myr is cheaper than a similar Commander by 20 pts, but is using the equivalent of 5 hardpoints, his shield is better, allows for Repulsor Field stacking and thus can do his job both at close and long range.

The main difference he has compared with the above heroes is that he is primarily a ranged fighter whereas most uber-HQ characters tend to be close combat oriented. O'Rly's main strength is his versatility, allowing him to be effective against almost everything in the game because of his access to four different ammo types for his Experimental Pulse Sub-Munitions Rifle, though every munition except for his default has Gets Hot!.

Against MEQ's, blobs, cover-campers and Tank armies, however, you've got yourself a certifiable nightmare of a tau, with access to Ignore Cover, Haywire or huge-area Rending on one weapon depending on the specific ammo used. Of note is O'Rly's ability to make vehicles melt, with the choice of BS5 Haywire shots at 24", or 36" S9 AP3 shots, allowing him to decimate anything with an AV although he can't make anything explode. Oh, and all of his weapon profiles are Assault 2, thus going from "Baby's First Lascannon" to "What the fuck, he has an assault 2 Lascannon?!

A real nightmare to just about any army, he's now the best HQ unit the Tau have. His marker drones are T4, which means you're losing that awesome T5 bonus until one of them dies. However, he can leave his drone unit and let him be majority toughness 5 while you get 2 markerlight drones for free, though they drop from BS 5 to BS 2 without his drone controller, but at least they have blacksun filters of their own.

This does translate into Preferred Enemy against the unit an Independent Character is attached to. Yes, they will go down like a tower made of tissue paper if properly targeted or assaulted. The price break does let you spend a little more on the Tau's new toys elsewhere though. Devilfish give Fire Warriors much needed mobility, and safety from assault. Even if it's other Fire Warriors or even fucking Grots and Rippers.

With abysmal WS and mediocre BS, if these guys are firing, use markerlights to up their hit chances, although other units may make better use of the markerlight tokens.

Speaking of their weapons, their pulse rifles rapid fire on 15" and can glance light vehicles to death, or blast them to oblivion with EMP-grenades, and photon grenades allows them to blind enemies so they actually stand half a chance in combat.

They also have Supporting Fire, they're quite the bargain now. Please note that only one model can throw an EMP-grenade and only one can use their grenade in melee thanks to new FAQ rules.

You can blind and EMP bitch-slap walkers to death, or murder enemy vehicles. When Shas'Ui takes markerlight for his rifle, he also gets a free Target lock. This allows you to chain markerlights between fire warrior squads by using the markerlight on the target of the next fire warrior unit. This may also be useful to man fortification gun emplacements without forcing all his squad wasting their shots on something they can't hurt, which is very useful.

Fire Warrior Breacher Squad: A squad of Fire Warriors specialized for close-quarters firing with their new Pulse Blasters Which sadly don't benefit from the Fireblade, but fortunately they still benefit from an Ethereal.

Their guns are just the thing to break marines up-close, and they do so for cheaper than a Fire Warrior squad! Vespids would do the same job better and safer, being faster, tougher and having MUCH more comfortable range, but they cost twice as much, for eventually half the firepower. Lacking assault transports or decent range in their shotguns , this squad WILL be on the receiving end of a charge if you're careless with them. Moreso than other Tau units, you want them to have a Devilfish, with Disruption Pods at a premium for superior Jink saves.

Depending on the rest of your army, you can either use them for area denial or backfield disruption; in this second role, they combo remarkably well with Darkstrider, who gets them in, helps them kill, then bails them out of being charged. Yes, they have WS4, so what? They can not assault after shooting, their saves are weak and they lost their S4 and extra attack from the rifle for no fucking reason while remaining super-strong in fluff , and AP5 melee looks like a fucking joke in all-marine metagame.

Instead look at their gun. Some players have claimed that it's just a port of the mobile version, and not a remaster, though the developer has clarified that it took features from the mobile version but this isn't a port. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition was published in by Games Workshop themselves and was until 2nd Edition which was published in by a sub-division of Games Workshop.

I have personally played all editions of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, starting with … [Read more Hello, TechRaptor readers!

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Apologies for the delays; family issues have been taking up more time than I originally anticipated. Steamforged Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for their newest miniature game Godtear, which was fully funded within 15 minutes of launching.

The game has several unique features, such as being completely factionless. Each player can mix and match the available Champions and Followers to suit their particular play style. The game will also have a strong narrative aspect as well as being built from the ground up as a game suited for competitive play. The latest batch of pre-orders from Warcradle Studios is now available for download either directly from their web store or one of the many stores now carrying the game.

The Red Oak terrain set is expanding with the addition of a … [Read more With the development time and manpower dedicated to Spider-Man, it has assuredly received more than the average focus a licensed game may get.For that 5 points, you lose the ability to download drones or a blacksun filter, gain an extra wound, gain Fearless in place of Stubborn, and should you choose to make him your warlord you gain a guaranteed Exemplar of the Selfless Cause warlord trait.

Or he could throw a Photon grenade at another unit. The latest batch of pre-orders from Warcradle Studios is now available for download either directly from their web store or one of the many stores now carrying the game.

Early Warning Override: Battlesuit aimbot program, providing Interceptor. Since a downloadd drone would give you an extra wound anyway, you get to decide if Fearless and a guaranteed warlord trait beat an Etheral with two pieces of wargear and a drone that could be taken in another formation.

The power trade event showcases the latest technology and solutions and gathers top brands such as … [Read more The star … [Read more