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Subramanya (or Kartikeya, Skanda, Murugan) is the son of Shiva and the god of war. Source: yazik.info (This website is dedicated to. Sri Subramanya Ashtakam. Topics: Sri Subramanya Ashtakam. Sri Subramanya Ashtakam. Identifier: SriSubramanyaAshtakam. Scanner. Subramanya Ashtakam with a best audio,lyrics in English,Hindi and Telugu and with a lot of features. Read more. Collapse.

Subramanya Ashtakam Ebook

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Subramanya Swamy ashtakam in Telugu and.. Engineering Hydrology By K Subramanya Pdf Free Download + Telugu Bible Pdf. Visitors Also Search: Subramanya ashtakam telugu PDF Descargar, Subramanya ashtakam telugu eBook Telecharger, Subramanya ashtakam. Subramanya (Tulu/Kannada: ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯ) Lapped in the luxurious abundance of the beauty of the nature the village of Subramanya lies in the Sullia .

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Our mind melts in to a nonentity and merges in the permanent, basic reality. The world disappears from our view, as our vision is focussed on the real.

So in the Gnana Marga, or the Path of Knowledge, what disappears is Maya, which till that moment was making us dance like a 'puppet on a string!

Sri Subramanya Ashtakam

Ambal is the power of Maya, and She is the one to give us Gnanam too. It is Her Grace. However much She plays with us, She has the power to release us from its effects too. When we think about this indepth, what we see is that, in the Maya world, even when the Truth is staring in our face, we like to be deluded and remain under its effects, seemingly. So the delusion is of our making only. Our mind and the five senses have this propensity to get involved with the unreal. So we give in to the senses and the dictates of the mind, continuing the cycle of birth - karma accumulation - death, birth again, karma again, death again, endlessly!

Thus we are unaware of our own reality. To relieve us from this vicious cycle, She comes as Kamakshi. Kamakshi has four hands, In one she holds a bow.

That bow is made of 'Karumbu' that is sugar-cane. In the other hand she holds five arrows made of flowers. Normally the Bow is made up of strong bamboo or some metal rod.

But Hers is the soft and sweet sugar-cane! Instead of sharp arrows, Her arrows are made of flowers! Ambal with the sweet heart of Hers, attracts our minds in to amiability.

Her arrows of flowers, pulls our five senses in to inaction. In the other two hands, She is holding 'Pasam' and 'Ankusam'. Pasam is the rope, by which we are tied. Ankusam is the sharp instrument to prod us into submission as used by the keeper of Elephants.

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We were tied up inextricably with too many connections of involvement, with the world. She relieves us from all those connections by untying all the knots, but connects us only with the Real, by that Pasam held in Her hands. This human mind is worse than a horde of elephants. So the Ankusam is to prod this mind into submission! But His job is the exact opposite. With the same tools, He incites sensual passions and uncontrollable desires.

That is also Her play only. Manmata could not have been empowered to do what He does otherwise. As the fruit that is initially bitter, turns successively in to bland, sour and finally sweet; She has created the forces of Nature, so as to enable the life forms to undergo progressive experiences, unto fruition.

We as individuals, should never let us be carried away, by the flood of passions and desires. If we are not able to withstand the pressures and pulls initially, we are not to be heart broken either. If we surrender to Ambal, She will enable us to apply the necessary brakes and balance. We should pray to Her to grant us this moderation. When involved in 'Samsaram' that is worldly life, we should often ponder, if there is 'some saram', some essence , in all this!

To think like this is the 'saram' or essence. Then only 'dispassion', is achieved. Dispassion, is not a negative entity such as ennui. As the fruit goes through the process of fruitioning, when it is ripe enough, it seperates from the tree and falls. Like that, let us fruition into ripeness and fall in to Mother Earth, that is Mother's feet and merge. Like us, many lives have accumulated infinite quantity of 'Karma Vinai', that is, good and bad effects of actions.

To cancel out these merits and de-merits, they have to take life and undergo the effects of experiences. In the life taken now we have the option to further accumulate the baggage, or reduce the load. The only way to reduce the load, is to go through the process of life with the clarity that, all our intelligence, money, name and fame, power and influence, capabilities and wherewithal; may be used the 'Dharma' way for the common good of all or in aiding and helping, as many as we can.

Then we get to the stage of no further cycle of life and death. So, this life is an experiment and the whole world is a laboratory. Life is the Teacher and the whole world is a school.

Passion is created to arrive at dispassion and Kama or Manmata or Cupid is one of the administrators. Mother will not permit, even Manmata, to play His pranks with the devotees and realised souls. She only caused Parameswara to become enamoured of Her. Manmata tried His tricks with Parameswara. Now then, how is Her play of the world to continue? She did not come with pride but love and humility.

The thing that is totally inactive, becoming worldly friendly, that essence of Love, Grace and Compassion, is Kamakshi. The 'suddha spatika sankasam' Brhmam crystal clear cosmosphere , then becomes RED. Red is not all bad and danger only. In Tamil, there are words such as, 'Manachemmai', 'Sevviya Ullam', to mean a 'refined mind' and 'perfect heart', both red.

That is the colour of Kamakshi, the colour of Compassion. We the Jeevas of differing life forms, also have these three traits. We also do all these three jobs in three different 'Avasthas' or states. In sleep when we are dreaming, we do the job of creation.

In dream, we create many places and people. Man has to be awake to work.

When Man is tired after work, he has to sleep. So, these two states of Jagrat Wakefulness and Sushupti Sleep , are good enough. What is the need for Dream state? The answer can only be, that out of Her extreme compassion and grace, she has enabled us to dream and thereby realise by comparison and logic, 'that the whole world, universe and all life forms are only Her dream'.

So say the Gnanis. We can still have a doubt as follows. We are seeing so many people, animals, creatures and other life forms, interacting in Time and Space. How to think of them all as dream characters? As we are all Her creations, we create, people, places and events, in our dreams! During the dream, do we think of them all as, imaginary?


In the dream it is all real. We laugh, cry and do many things. All the scenes, places, people and events are realised to be only a figment of our imagination! In the dream, it was all so real that, we may wake up with a sweat with our blood pressure and pulse rate high! Now, that you know that it was all a dream, the only common denominator, in dream, sleep and wakeful state; is your self. Similarly, the only common denominator for all the worlds, people, life forms and events, then, now, and ever, is Her!

She is real, including everything, including ourselves! As we will not know it to be a dream, during the dream; till we are involved in the world affairs, we will remain unaware of it's non-reality. Dream is also a test for self analysis. Our deep routed thoughts and past predilections are what is vaguely replayed in dreams.

We do not know as to how clean or otherwise we are, inside. When we go to temples with some pious, saintly people, we feel very good and nice. We think that we have become very clean inside.

Subramanya mantra in kannada pdf

We need little promptings to turn opposite. A cinema, an advertisement, a word will do, to make us violent or greedy or lustful! Then for a moment we may pause to think, how low we actually are! In truth, Ambal has intended the dream to be a touch-stone for assessing ourselves. Through the dream we can get to know our inner self. Outwardly however much we may show off our devotion and piety, we cannot fool ourselves. We do not have to feel bad, if we are not pious enough.

We can remove our deficiencies and inadequacies only if we know about them. For that too, we have to seek Her help only. I need to improve immencely. Instill in me the true devotion. Please lift me from the mire of crass desires! Swapna or dream is the creative power of ours. Then we are doing 'Srushti', as Brhma does with our Rajo guna. In Jagrat state of wakefulness, we are doing the job of Vishnu, that is protecting and sustaining our limited area of responsibility.

In the sleep state of Sushupti, our senses and mind are as though destroyed, at rest. This is like the Samhara by Rudra. It is said that what is in the macrocosm is also in the microcosm.

But She is not only having these three jobs. She is beyond too. She is the 'Thureeya', the fourth State itself. That is pure sweetness, like tasting the powdered sugar candy. That is the state of unalloyed joy. In Srushti and Sthithi creation and maintenance, that is in dream and wakeful states , the permanent happiness is not there. In Samhara sleep , happiness is there; but awareness that one is happy, is not there, which is not good enough.

In Thureeya, all these activities are not there. Only the basic truth of being with total awareness; being knowing happiness; sat chit ananda. If and when relieved of the three states, the jeeva can enjoy the Thureeya, by Her Grace. While involved in the affairs of the world, we pray to Her for various things such as, passing exams, promotions, postings, being cured of desease and so on.

If our prayer is successful, we say that, 'God has sanctioned our prayers'.

But the real 'Anugraha' of Parasakthi, is relieving us from the involvement in worldly affairs. That is what we should be praying for.

Lalitha Sahasranamam talks about Her these five main jobs. It says, 'as Brhma you create, as Vishnu you protect, as Rudra you destroy, as Easwara you screen, as Sadasiva you do anugraha'. Regarding Jeeva, I said that dream, wakefulness and sleep are equivalent to srushti, sthithi and samhara. Thureeyam is here too.How to think of them all as dream characters? New Hindi, Tamil Telugu and Malayalam songs, video clips. All about Hinduism Ancient scriptures Ashram ashram.

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In Srushti and Sthithi creation and maintenance, that is in dream and wakeful states , the permanent happiness is not there. Subramanya Ashtakam - Sacred Chants Duration:.