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Nov 12, The Rebuild Hair Program PDF Free Download. Hair Loss Protocol by Jared Gates & Dr. Blount book download free PDF. Source by Yorufujin. Rebuild Hair Program By Jared Gates And Dr. Blount Reviewed. Are you losing hair more than what is normal? remain free from hair loss for all of your life. Nov 28, Get your digital edition of Hair Loss Protocol PDF / eBook Free PDF eBook Free, Rebuild Hair Program PDF Free Download, Hair Loss.

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Get Free Read & Download Files Rebuild Hair Program By Jared Gates PDF. REBUILD HAIR PROGRAM PDF BY JARED GATES. Download: Rebuild Hair. Apr 20, Titre: The Rebuild Hair Program PDF eBook by Jared Gates & Dr. Blount «FREE Download Auteur: Hair Loss Protocol. Ce document au format. secrets techniques and unique method for the rebuild hair program pdf free download hair loss protocol by jared gates dr blount book download free pdf the .

This came especially after I had continued to use the same shampoo and conditioner products. I did make a quick change though I made sure to avoid using a hair dryer each morning as I found that it would actually do more harm to my hair than anything. I avoided the dryer to ensure that I would not have any problems surrounding the intense heat of something getting into my scalp and burning off follicles.

It was great for me to enjoy more hair in my life because I knew that it would make me much younger and more vibrant. I just wish that I had done something to control my hair loss sooner. Tim S. I never thought that I would be dealing with hair loss at the age of I mean, I am Page 16 copy hairlossprotocol. This is supposed to be the best time of my life. Unfortunately, it seemed like I was losing far too much hair. One day I was at a zoo when I saw some funny-looking primates who appeared to be balding.

That's when one of my friends said that the primates looked kind of like me. I shrugged off that remark and figured it was just a silly joke. But that night, I took a careful look in the mirror and I discovered that I was indeed getting a good-sized bald spot in the back of my head.

It was rather easy for me to take a look at the hair on my scalp. It was a real problem but I knew that it was going to be worse. I mean, I had started shedding my hair and it was rather worrisome.

I was scared about things and I wanted to find a way to keep myself healthy. I talked with my doctor about my hair loss and he prescribed a shampoo product that I could use in order to stimulate my scalp.

I figured that it would work; I mean, it is such a healthy material that could really work wonders for my hair. But after two weeks, I found that it was not doing much of anything for me. That's when I figured I would have to take in some new measures in order to fix the problem.

I was told that the DHT that my scalp was getting was causing my hair loss. While the shampoo itself was promised to help me take care of the DHT that was getting in the way, I had to fix the problem with something totally different. The worst part is that the medications that were available were far too unhealthy and expensive. That's when I chose to take a careful look at the ways I was eating.

I had to fix my diet up quite a bit in order to actually get back my hair. Page 17 copy hairlossprotocol. I had been eating quite a bit of broiled, fried and baked meats over the years and I found that it might be easier for me to get my hair back if I went after some healthier alternatives.

These include grilled chicken and an assortment of different fish products. In addition, I took a look at different methods for taking care of my hair; I found that if I used healthier shampoo products that did not contain dyes and other artificial components like the medication I was using then it would be easier for my hair to grow back as needed.

As I started to notice over the next month, the hairs that I was getting appeared to be a little darker than what I had ever expected. The hair was a little more vibrant and not all that thin. It really helped me out as a means of making my body healthy while actually helping me to do a little more for my hair than what I had ever expected. I knew that something had to be done in order to keep my hair loss from being any worse than it already was. I knew that it would not be too hard for me to get more hair if I just made a few smart changes and that's exactly what I got out of my life.

Michael T. I have enjoyed showing it off in so many ways; sometimes I get it to be about two or three feet in length but in most cases I've found that it works well for getting myself a look that is rather fascinating and attractive.

However, I had began to notice when I first got in my late-forties that my hair was not as vibrant as it used to be.

The brown tones on my hair were disappearing and I started to develop some gray hair. In addition, I was no longer able to get the same amount of hair that I used to have; Page 18 copy hairlossprotocol. It was a real burden to my life that only kept my hair from being as great as I wished it could be. To make things worse, the hair was starting to get rather thin.

It was much easier for my hair to break off. That is when I came to the realization that I needed to heal myself and keep my hair intact for as long as possible. The biggest concern I had is that it was not all that easy for me to feel my best. I had a blood test to determine how much DHT I had and it turned out that I had more than what my body is usually supposed to require.

I really had an issue with my DHT and I was uncertain as to how I got so much of it over all this time. Either way, I knew that I needed help with getting my hair to look its best. I never did imagine that I could suffer from serious problems relating to DHT.

Rebuild Hair Program Review – Can Jared Gates Help You Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally?

That's when my doctor talked with me about a medication that I could use. I started to take this pill-based medication called Propecia. However, it seemed as though the medication was not doing all that much for me. It only cost me more money to use and it made me feel tired on occasion. I guess I should not have been all that surprised that the medication was not working. After all, it seems like lots of these doctors just go out and prescribe medications to people just so they can make more money off of people who want help in some way.

That's when I figured it was time for me to take a look at alternative options for taking care of my hair. My doctor tried to coax me into sticking with the medication that I had been using for quite a bit beforehand but I declined; I felt that it was not going to get me anywhere. For starters, I stopped using irons on my hair; I figured that it would be a good idea for me to avoid the stress that came with my hair.

Also, I had to wash off some of the hats in my home. I enjoyed wearing hats but I noticed that they started to get some funny spots from all that sweat and other stuff. I learned that if my hats were too dirty then it would be rather easy for my hair to wear out and become Page 19 copy hairlossprotocol.

I also made some changes to my diet in order to keep myself as healthy as possible.. I went around and adjusted my diet with some foods that were rich in vitamin D, calcium and folate as I had found that these are all things that can easily improve my health.

I knew that I had to make some real changes in order to improve my body and it did not take too much for me to heal my hair. As I started to get more materials in my body to counteract the effects of DHT and to restore my hair, I found that it would be rather easy for me to enhance my hair and make it look as strong as possible.

Over time, I noticed that my hair started to get its natural color again. I also found that it was not as fragile as it used to be. This all came about a month after I ditched the medication; three months later, my hair was close to the original color that I had it in for such a while.

I found that by changing my dietary routines and adjusting the ways how I was taking care of my hair, it would be rather easy for me to stay healthy and to keep my hair as vibrant as it is supposed to.

I never did imagine that it would be really easy to fix my hair problems. I guess I was right maybe those medications are just things they use for giving doctors and some companies more money. I hope I'm not correct about this with every single drug out there. Patty F. Just because you are losing your hair does not mean that it is the end of the world though.

Let's take a look at how you can keep hair loss from being a threat while also thinking carefully about how hair loss actually occurs in the first place.

Page 20 copy hairlossprotocol. It will certainly be a problem as time goes along. This is far too true we all wish that we could get plenty of hair. After all, some people look amazing with hair.

It's not like facial hair where some people may not look as great with it as others. But let's all be honest for a quick moment!

No one wants to talk about hair loss because they are too afraid to think about the issue. They feel that if they are willing to talk about hair loss then they will be seen as weak.

This is especially the case with men in a society where so many men have to be manly and man up to some of the issues that they can get into in their lives. Page 21 copy hairlossprotocol.

You should not be afraid of what people might think about you if you do want to discuss hair loss. Besides, you will actually be likely to get new hair and stop hair loss altogether if you ask for help.

You'll certainly get the last laugh when you see that your problem has been properly resolved. Meanwhile, men of African and Asian descent tend to suffer from a smaller amount of hair loss but they are not out of the woods altogether. Women can be at risk of dealing with baldness too. The severity of female baldness will increase with age as women are often going to bear with substantial hormonal changes in their bodies as a result of menopause. This can occur on many occasions and can cause hair to be lost in many spaces over time.

This will only make it harder for a woman to look her beset over time. You can learn more about this particular study by reading this article You see, all people can bear with baldness. It is not a matter of who's going to go bald. It's rather a matter of when and how that person is going to go bald. With that in mind, let's talk for a moment about hair loss and the reason why it occurs in the first place.

There are lots of old wives' tales about hair loss many of which we will talk about in a later chapter. The fact is that hair loss is caused by DHT, a component that will keep hair follicles from being as strong as they should be.

In particular, there is a component called 5-alpha-reductase that can cause DHT to develop around the scalp. What Is 5-alpha-reductase? This clearly sounds like a complicated point but it's rather easy to understand. Page 22 copy hairlossprotocol. That is, it will promote the conversation of the biggest issue that comes with hair loss. This is the key enzyme that will cause DHT to develop within the body. In particular, this is a protein that will help to hasten the process of getting hair follicles to shrink.

The natural production of steroids will help to control the ability of your body to metabolize androgen and estrogen.

It can also help to control the development and processing of bile acids so your digestive system will not be at risk of problems. While this is an enzyme that can do a number of things in your body, it can also cause DHT to develop.

This in turn will cause you to lose your hair. Specifically, the enzyme will convert the testosterone in your body into DHT. Testosterone is a hormone that can be found in both men and women although it is often associated with men above all else. The production of DHT will cause a person to develop a 5-alpha-reductase deficiency.

This often causes the genitals to weaken and to keep from being as sexually active or powerful as they are supposed to be. Some people may also be at risk of testicular cancer if there is a deficiency but more research has to be done to determine if this is going to be a real factor.

Page 23 copy hairlossprotocol. This in turn will cause you to struggle with being able to control your hair. This in turn can cause you to develop a real problem with your hair in the long run.

It can be a real threat to your hair. This is especially as DHT will move right into your hair follicles.

Once it gets there, your hair is fair game. It can be destroyed rather quickly and the process of hair loss will end up being hastened as a result.

But what is it about DHT that makes it risky? Let's take a look at this component in your body and how it will influence the way how your hair will develop in the long run. This can also be found in the female body but it is typically more likely to actually be found in men. The thing is that men and women alike can develop it but men clearly have more of these androgens than others.

Still, it is something that will occur upon people at any age; it typically does not discriminate against race or hair color either. The 5-alpha-reductase compound will synthesize DHT around the hair follicles, adrenal glands and the prostate.

In some cases the body's metabolic rate will change dramatically as a result of the development in the compound but in most cases it will be responsible for causing hair loss about all else.

DHT will work by moving its way into the dermal papilla. This is a key component of the hair follicle that will be required to help you get more hair. It is practically the deepest space of your scalp.

This will be the main hub for the production of hair in your scalp so it will continue to look vibrant and attractive for anyone to see. The dermal papilla is designed to where it will stay within the bottom part of Page 24 copy hairlossprotocol.

Think of it like the foundation for a house; you need that papilla in order to actually keep the hair upright and ready to be displayed.

If you don't have a strong papilla then the hair itself will not stay up. This classic image of the way how a hair follicle works shows that the papilla is on the way bottom part of the hair. This is going to cause the growth of the hair above anything else in the area. The papilla is right next to the bulb. It triggers the development of hair and will provide it with the energy to move through the dermis and other parts of the hair.

The dermal papilla cells will get in contact with the new hair follicles that are trying to support the development of hair all around. The purpose is to keep them strong and ready to function.

The dermal cells will particularly be in direct contact with the body's bloodstream. This will attain all the key nutrients that the hair requires in order to get the follicle to grow as needed. Page 25 copy hairlossprotocol. It will promote the growth of hair while also making it stronger and less likely to break off. If the follicle area ever becomes smaller in size then it will be harder for the hair to stay strong.

It will be likely to either fall out or become overly weak over an extensive period of time. This big part of this aspect of your hair is that it is a deep material that will be stuck quite well inside your skin.


In fact, it is so deep that if you plucked out a hair then that papilla will not come out. Its cells will stay entrenched deep inside your skin. Besides, this is why hairs that are plucked out of spots where you don't actually want to have hair on will keep on growing back. After all, if you plucked one of those hairs out then you'll notice you're not bleeding after you did so. The papilla is still intact and is still attached to your bloodstream. So what role does DHT play in this process?

DHT will get into the dermal papilla and keep the area from receiving the nutrients that it requires in order to develop new bits of hair. In addition, the resting phase of the hair follicle will extend if there is too much DHT.

In some cases the resting phase will last for years. All hair follicles will contain resting and growing phases. These are to tell when the hair is to grow and what it should not. This is typically managed in many spaces around the scalp to ensure that hair will grow the right way.

If the follicles are not treated properly then DHT will easily move into the area, thus causing the resting phases to last much longer than necessary. This in turn will cause your hair to wear out and fall out. You can get a DHT test to determine if you have this problem. A DHT test is often used in testosterone therapy procedures to determine if people have too much Page 26 copy hairlossprotocol.

The key for this hormone is to develop properly; if testosterone is not managed the right way then it can cause hair loss. This does not automatically mean that people with plenty of testosterone in their bodies will develop hair loss.

Those with loads of this hormone can live without hair loss if their bodies are kept healthy. A typical DHT test will entail a blood sample. The sample will then be analyzed in a proper lab to determine the total amount of DHT in your system. This in turn will help you to analyze your hair and to receive some form of treatment that you know will be effective and suitable for your goals at large.

The Rebuild Hair Program PDF Free Download

Miniaturization One critical aspect of hair loss in this case comes from miniaturization. This is a process where the hair follicle is going to keep shrinking. The papilla will grow at the earliest stages of your life to the point where it can maintain thick and fully- detailed strands of hair.

This is great to have but at the same time you will be at risk of losing your hair after a while because the DHT in your scalp will cause a hair follicle to shrink. While the follicles can shrink on their own in some peoples' cases, the process will be hastened if you have a great deal of DHT in your scalp.

The DHT will cause the follicle to shrink all the way to the point where it will end into its vellus stage. This is where it creates a vellus. This is a light and very thin type of hair that is very fine in its texture. That is, it will be very light and can easily break off. It is a real burden but it can be a hassle that needs to be fixed in order to keep your hair from being at risk of damages of all sorts. What's more is that this may end up being the last of a particular hair that you will ever seen unless you take care of the DHT problem and reverse its effects.

Page 27 copy hairlossprotocol. Notice how the follicles shrink over time and the resulting hair ends up becoming small. While that hair is still technically there, it is clearly not as strong as you might wish it could be.

This can all occur regardless of how often your hair is cut or how often you take care of it. As hairs come out from your scalp, they will come back in smaller and smaller forms. It eventually gets to the point where the hair will not even come out or be so small that it will be next to impossible for people to see it.

All Minoxidil does is increase blood circulation in the scalp. And this can help increase hair growth in some cases. Stress Related Hair Loss Stress is a significant cause of hair loss. It may seem like something that is purely mental, but in fact mental stress can have a massive impact on physical health. When the mind is in a state of stress, proteins from the thymus or lymph glands are converted to sugar for instant energy.

The thymus, the key gland in the immune system, can shrink to 50 percent of its normal size, effectively neutralizing a crucial portion of our immune system and its B and T cells from functioning normally. Continued stress makes the body draw on all available raw metabolic materials to com pensate. The dynamics involved in the process of continued stress include the runaway production of cell-destroying free radicals, which must be neutralized by an ever-diminishing supply of antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, beta carotene and the mineral selenium.

These nutrients are important for hair growth. The skin can become unhealthy looking, the quality of the hair reduces and the sufferer can quickly put on or lose weight. In the short term this might just make you look a little under the weather, but in the long term it can cause hair loss, skin problems and even serious health problems.

Another consequence of stress is the over-production of our body's natural tranquillizers and pain-killing endorphins. They are also 'immunosuppressive', thereby weakening our resistance to disease by destroying 'T4 helper cells', 'Natural Killer Cells' and 'macrophages', which comprise the core cells of our immune system.

The over-production of endorphins can also upset the balance of our endocrine glands. Under extreme stress, the amount of protein used up in a day may equal that supplied by four quarts of milk.

The primary constituent of hair is derived from protein. In order for the body to build hair, it needs protein. Since stress 'saps' protein from the body, the hair goes lacking.

Furthermore stress saps the body of B vitamins and other essential nutrients needed to convert proteins into the raw materials needed for hair growth. Chronic stress may often result in a deficiency of pantothenic acid vitamin B5 resulting in an inability of our adrenal glands to produce many essential hormones.

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If this vitamin deficiency is short-lived, adrenal gland changes can be reversed. However, long-term deprivation of pantothenic acid may, in certain cases, bring on chronic adrenal problems. The thing to remember here is that we're not talking about stress to the extent that you might experience if you were for example taken hostage by some terrorists.

We're talking about every day work related stresses that some people are not very good at coping with. For example, do you often notice that your shoulders feel tense? This is stress related. The increased muscle tension in the neck and shoulders inhibits the proper flow of blood to the scalp, which is one of the reasons why hair loss sufferers tend to have weaker blood circulation in their scalps.

There is no denying that stress is an extremely important part of your health. In Part 2 of the eBook you will learn how people train their minds to cope badly with stress and worry over many years. The truth is, if you are an extremely relaxed, calm person, with loose muscles and calm deep breathing, your health will benefit greatly.

Compared with DHT, circulation and stress, diet is not a particularly significant cause of hair loss. However one of the more common causes of hair loss in women is iron deficiency. If you think you may have an overactive thyroid gland this can also be checked during your blood test. High stress levels and intense exercise can drain the body of nutrients — the same kinds of nutrients that are required for hair growth.

I personally believe that it is important to follow a healthy diet. It tends to be the case that people who deal with stress badly also tend to eat quite well because they are worried about the implications of following a poor diet. Stress is a far more significant cause of hair loss than poor diet, because stress drains the body of nutrients.

So you may follow an excellent diet, but until you change the way your mind reacts to stress and worry, you will suffer the physiological effects of stress, which are very visible in the appearance of the skin and hair. I have provided detailed information on the types of foods you need to consume to promote hair growth in Part 2 of the eBook.

Once you start using these superfoods in the way I explain you will really notice your hair and nails grow a lot faster.

You should also see an improvement in your skin and the brightness of your eyes. When you combine the use of some really impressive superfoods with a reduction in stress levels, you really can see some major results from an increased supply of nutrients to the skin and hair. A plan like the one I provide in Part 2 shows that it is not just about what you eat, but more about eating to suit your lifestyle, your goals and to fully compensate for stresses that use up nutrients and impact on your hormonal balance.

Poor liver efficiency The liver is not something that many people consider when they think about hair loss — but actually it is very important. The liver processes used hormones, fats and cleans the blood. If you have a strong liver it will reflect in your appearance — the health of your skin, hair and eyes. Conversely if your liver is operating at a reduced efficiency it will be less capable of dealing with fat, hormone and toxin inputs.

As a result compromises are made in the filtering process and the least important facets of the human body are left lacking — and hair of course is not the most important facet of the human body, compared with breathing for example! In Part 2 I explain in detail how to cleanse and strengthen your liver, to improve its efficiency.

Conclusion to Part 1 That's it for Part 1! Very short I know. I hope this gives you some basic understanding of the causes of hair loss — so that you understand why you're doing the things you will learn to do in Part 2. Part 2: I explain what you need to do to eliminate the key causes of hair loss. Then, importantly, I explain how you turn each of those causes around degrees and use them to promote hair regrowth.

Here is an example of what I mean: As a hair loss sufferer you probably have less than average blood circulation in your scalp, particularly right at the surface of the scalp. This can get so bad for some people that their hair receives almost no blood supply at all and is literally starving.

What we will do is eliminate the causes of the reduced circulation or remove what it is that is impairing circulation in your scalp. Then, we will improve the blood circulation in your scalp so that it is better than average — so that the circulation in your scalp is more powerful than that of someone with healthy hair.

And as a result we use the increased blood circulation to actually promote increased hair growth and regrowth of dormant hair. Here is a quick overview of what you will be doing: The idea here is to get rid of any crap that is hindering hair growth in your scalp.

We want your scalp to be like it was when you were a baby — pollution free, sebum free, cosmetics free and DHT free. A fresh new start for your hair. The alternation between the two triggers your body to concentrate healing and cell growth in the scalp and thus restart hair growth.

Step 3 Preventing DHT production in the scalp by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase. Step 4 Massively boosting blood circulation in the scalp right to the extremities. Again we are continuing with the Alternation Method, but now adding a special ingredient to the mix that increases blood circulation in the scalp more effectively than Minoxidil but at a tiny fraction of the cost.They are not going to cause any damages to your hair in any least.

Stop Hair Loss Forever and Regrow New Hair Warnings Do not under any circumstances follow the instructions in this eBook that advise you to make changes to your diet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Here is an example of what I mean: As a hair loss sufferer you probably have less than average blood circulation in your scalp, particularly right at the surface of the scalp. One very popular myth that people often hear about in their lives entails the way how hats can cause them to go bald.

Have you been avoiding hats? Dihydrotestosterone DHT is probably to blame. Make sure you follow this guide to get REAL results! Besides, you will actually be likely to get new hair and stop hair loss altogether if you ask for help.

Don't forget that these pills can cost a great deal of money and that not every health insurance provider is going to cover the expenses associated with these pills.