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PDF | On Aug 1, , Akinola Adeniyi and others published QBASIC Programming Without Stress. PDF | INTRO TO QBASIC PROGRAMMING - UPDATE1 | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. in QBasic. This document is meant to get you started into programming, and Before you can create a program in QBasic, you need the QBasic interpreter. It.

Qbasic Programming Pdf

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Volume 1. qQ QBasic Programming By Falana Taye Fredrick Page 1 Complete Version HEADWORLD TECHNOLOGY TRAINING CERTIFICATION @ $ Only. Technology University Building and Constructions Engineering Department Computers Principles-First Class PROGRAMMING IN QBASIC By: Lubna Zaghlul . When preparing raw food it's important to be hygienic and store your edibles safely. Using a big tablespoon, By eati C Programming Absolute Beginner.

Let statement.

Hm Are You a Human?

Input statement. Fx,Fy 8 Input statement The general form of the input statement is Input variable [,variable…] Where variable stands for any suitable variable chosen by the programmer.

Also it is the programmers option to use more than one variable ,separating them by commas, in order to enter additional values. When the program is running and control comes to an input statement, the computer print question mark?


This opportunity to enter a value makes the program very flexible. The general form of the Read and Data statements are: Read variable [,variable] etc.

Data datum [,datum] etc. Where variable is any valid numeric variable or string variable and datum is any valid number or string constant. Go To statement 2. If Then statement 3. If Go To statement 4. On Go To statement 1.

The Go To Statement The general form of the Go To statement is: Go To Line number Where line number represents the next line number to which control will go instead of the following line number.

Example-1 Write a program to compute the average of 6 subjects for number of students. X1 or X2 True if either x1 or x2 or both true otherwise false.

This is subject that will take some practice to get used to. In writing a program, if you use too many variables, it will become difficult to keep track of all of them.

QBasic Programming

If you try and conserve too much, you code may become difficult to understand. You may notice that the program may print more than two decimal places if you enter a bill that is not an exact dollar value. As an exercise, try modifying the program so that it only displays two decimal places - you can use the CINT function or any other rounding method you intend to use.

BAS is an example of order of operations and how parentheses can be used to manipulate it.

I do not want to go into an indepth explanation of the order of operations here. The best advice I can give is unless you are sure of the order of operations, use parentheses to make sure the equation works how you want.


All you need to know about parentheses is that the deepest nested parentheses calculate first. If you wish to know more, there are plenty of algebra resources available.

On that note, you may wish to brush up on algebra. While it is not necessary for programming, it can help make programming easier and it can allow you to create more advanced programs. Random Numbers[ edit ] Though we will not go into their use until the next section, I would like to discuss the generation of random numbers.

QBasic has a random number statement, RND, that generates a random decimal between 0 and 1. You can think of it as a random percent. At first, this may seem like an odd way to generate random numbers. However, with a little math it is very easy to manipulate this to provide numbers in whatever range you want.

The first step is to multiply RND by a number the range you want.

Programmed Lessons in QBasic

This will return random numbers decimal numbers between 0 and 10 both included. If you don't do this, it picks the same random number every time try it, write a one line program, PRINT RND, and run it over and over, your screen will fill up with the same number this can prove useful for some applications, but not most.

This program just show some ways to choose what you want from your random number generator. The last line shows that you can be very specific in what you get.

Make sure to run this program several times to see the different results. Flow Control Conditional execution[ edit ] To choose between two or more sections of the program to execute, the IF statement can be used.

To repeat a section of code for a set number of times, the FOR statement is used. The IF test can be executed in a single line, however it can also be used like the others to control a block of code. True or False[ edit ] Boolean logic is a test that yields one of only two possible results, true or false.Solution Print "X Fx": After we get the program entered into the memory, we can then execute the program at a high rate of speed. Line numbers must be positive and a whole number iv.

Here we are going to use three numeric variables, and a math function. All rights reserved.

Lot more entails in it.