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Paperweight Meg Haston Pdf

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Read Paperweight by Meg Haston for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited * books and audiobooks on the web, Paperweight - Meg Haston. Publisher. REDMOISZM7VP» PDF» Paperweight. Read Book. PAPERWEIGHT Paperweight, Meg Haston, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Struggling to deal. Paperweight by Meg Haston Category: Bestsellers, General Fiction, Literature Seventeen-year-old Stevie is trapped. In her life. And now in an.

I switched legs. Faster now, double time. I was efficient. A machine. I made sure to breathe through my mouth, so not even the smell of the grease could penetrate me. I was a fortress. This show is for bored housewives, Josh. Shut up. He tossed the remote at me, hard, and it whacked me in the shoulder. He probably thought it would make the real college kids forget he was seventeen and a virgin.

A blast of air-conditioning slips under my clothes, leaving a million tiny goose bumps in its wake. I can feel my body kicking into overdrive. You can think of the villa as your home base. The cottages are for sleeping only. Staff locks them during the day, she explains in a hushed voice as she leads me down a long Spanish-tiled hallway. One side is a dining room with five round tables in light-colored wood.


Along the back wall, glass-paned double doors look over a patio and a small yard. Beyond that are the riding ring and the pasture, then the emptiness of the desert.

The other girls are in group right now. Her voice echoes a little and the hall starts to sway. I screw my eyes shut and brace for the fall. When I open my eyes, the hall is straight again. She presses her lips together until they vanish. The nurses will get your vitals, take some blood, and do an EKG before your evening meal. But Anna wanted to meet you first, say hello.

Your therapist. Slowly, she leads me to an office door on the left side of the hall. I reach for the knob with a shaky hand. I want to yell. Just twists the knob and steps over the threshold. They always do. I stay pressed against the door for support—and the promise of a quick escape. Shrink smiles warmly but stays put in her red armchair. She is folding a glossy yellow paper square with rapid, sure movements until it starts to take shape.

She places the half-folded paper sculpture on the side table next to her. She gestures toward the turquoise love seat facing her chair. On it are two round saffron pillows stitched with tiny brown beads.

I consider not moving. I even let my fantasy self have a snack. Ice cream. Sugary cereal, the kind my mother always said would give me cancer. The first week can feel a bit overwhelming as you become oriented to treatment and the schedule here, Shrink says. She wears loose, ripped blue jeans and a white tank top.

A moss-colored cardigan obscures an enviably carved collarbone, but her thighs and ass are soft. Her feet are bare save for a turquoise toe ring. Strawberry waves are piled in a chaotic bun on top of her head. There is a peace sign tattooed on the inside of her right wrist, so we all know she does hot yoga and donates to Planned Parenthood. We build some time to relax and reflect into each day.

There will be a lot of paperwork, and some computer testing, as well as some medical tests. The Anniversary is twenty-seven days from now, exactly. If I make it that long. Disappeared, just like my mother before me. When she smiles, I notice that her two front teeth overlap slightly at the bottom.

You can always ask if you have questions. Any questions right now? Be honest. And then, So. Is that totally weird? I slide my right hand across my stomach and count the ribs on the left side. Once, twice, three times. I have to get out of here. This was such a mistake. I told Dad this was a mistake.

The shrink lifts a folder from the table next to her and scans its contents. You had about a day to get ready? The table is painted like a chessboard.

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On it is one of those Zen fountains. Now the right side. I can hardly feel them beneath the softness. Eight hours. She leans toward me.

And can you tell me a little bit about how that went? What got you here? My dad got worried, I guess. So he called.

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I run my middle finger down the center of my right thigh. I can feel the scar through the fabric of my jeans, withered and hard.

Take me through what you can remember. Like our histories are the same. I got home last night. This love seat. Watching TV. With Eden. She drove me home. I dig my fingernails into one of the yellow pillows. His mouth was open, but no sound escaped. Maybe it was the booze, but suddenly Josh was in the room with us. He never knows where you are anymore. You never give him enough credit.

You never give anybody enough credit. Listen, I said. Maybe you can hold the pep talk for another day? And everything went dark. Hit your forehead on the edge of the coffee table. She unscrews the cap and takes a sip.

Losing consciousness. Was that due to your anorexia?

Being malnourished? Or had you been drinking as well? I ask, wanting her to say it again. Call me by my name. The drinking, or the passing out? I close my eyes.

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Pretzels or peanuts? This part I remember: Prayt-sels or peenuts, huun? Pretzels or peanuts. The very thought makes my insides squirm. Again I count the ribs. This time, they are nearly indistinguishable.

I see. Shrink leans forward a little. Deprivation has made me sharp, like a hawk. I know what needs to happen. Ten being fully. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join.

Save For Later. Create a List. Paperweight by Meg Haston. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. HarperTeen Released: Browse new releases, best sellers or classics.. Meg Haston actually started writing this novel when she was at a treatment centre for her eating. Paperweight by Meg Haston.

I appreciate to the fullest extent that Meg Haston put this disorder into a lesser-viewed.

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Book Review on Paperweight by Meg Haston,. Book Review: Paperweight by Meg Haston. Aug 15, Paperweight - Meg Haston Autora:. Meg Haston nos invita a conocer la vida de Stevie,. Paperweight es una historia dura,.. Paperweight has 6 available editions to download at Alibris.

Get the code.. Download or stream Paperweight by Meg Haston. Review: Paperweight by Meg Haston. Paperweight by Meg Haston What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Struggling to deal with her brother's death and a past she refuses to confront, Stevie..

July 15, Meg Haston delves into the devastating impact of trauma and loss,.Meg Haston delves into the devastating impact of trauma and loss,. Take me through what you can remember.

Paperweight by Meg Haston My. Strawberry waves are piled in a chaotic bun on top of her head. English ASIN: I told Dad this was a mistake.

Seventeen -year-old Stevie is trapped. In her body.

For someone who feels helpless, anorexia is a last resort, often literally. I glare out the window at the infinite stretch of two-lane highway.