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Ondori motif and edging designs by Crowe Berry - issuu Crochet Quilt, Crochet Hooks, Japanese Crochet Book PDF - Crochet Doily Pattern, Coasters, Motif. Салфетки Crochet Bedspread, Crochet Motif, Crochet Doilies, Bed Spreads, 30 Patterns Crochet Doily Japanese Book Crochet Lace Doily Book Crochet. Japanese Motifs - book by Ondori yazik.info Crochet Japanese pattern | Japanese craft book | Japanese craft ebook | Crochet Edging .

Ondori Crochet Motif Book Japanese

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Ondori Crochet Motif Japanese eBook Pattern by AllegraCrochet. Crochet - Ondori Crochet Motif Book - [Jap] - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Crochet, japanese, ondori, motif. Ondori Japan Book, Crochet Lace with Complete Diagrams, pages, Patterns and Out of Print/ ONDORI CROCHET MOTIF 3 - Japanese Pattern Book.

No-one is going to notice the lack of picots in my sides, and it was more important to me to make the top fit around my hips, than sticking to the pattern.

~ So many patterns, so much yarn, so little time: story of my hooky life.

A lot of ladies on Ravelry also had trouble with getting the top to fit around the hips. I could have added a third pattern repeat all around like they did, but that would have 1 made the top longer and 2 made the sleeves longer which would have added weight and pulled them down my shoulders even quicker than it does now. Wet blocking is highly recommended for this pattern.

As with anything lacy it opens up the crochet stitches and gives the top shape.

There were hundreds! Those picots on the arms and the bottom add the detail you need to round it all off.

This is my second top from the book. So beautiful!

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Crochet Montserrat Perez www. With complete diagrams. This softcover book has 96 pages and is 10 x 7".

Original patterns not a copy. Rare find!Delivery Options see all. With Complete Diagrams No author.

The dweller in this little house is young and bright, I say, Just waiting in this little house to last through every day.

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Lace Crochet Motif* Motif /Japanese Knitting Craft Pattern Book

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