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Readers of this e-book on Medical Astrology are advised that the information contained complementary remedies, as discussed in this e-book, is not meant to replace medical .. access up to 5 PDF/TXT eBooks per month each month). 2. MEDICAL ASTROLOGY INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL ASTROLOGY Medical Mar 18, I may try to edit this book or write a new book in future. Medical astrology or astrology of disease is not a new subject. . many other personalities of astrology world have written good books on Medical astrology from.

Medical Astrology Books Pdf

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Readers of this e-book on Medical Astrology are advised that the information and case analyses contained herein are study materials posted by the School of. A TREATISE ON MEDICAL ASTROLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS. FROM THE . astro- diagnosis in this book has been taken from Mr. Heindel's former monthly. in Vedic astrology there are umpteen numbers of planetary combinations indicating Jātaka Kapoor, and many other luminaries of astrology world have indeed written good books on. Medical astrology from a Vedic astrology perspective.

Mars has dominion over blood: it can be involved in various blood disorders, such as anemia. Thus it is a natural ruler for vitamin B, folic acid, cobalt, copper and iron, all of which are essential in the production of red blood cells. Particularly if Mars makes a negative aspect to either Jupiter or Saturn, there may be poor absorption of vitamin B, which is closely linked with cobalt, copper and ironminerals necessary for healthy red blood cells.

Folic acid is also essential for red blood cell production and the proper utilization of energy for the body's management: it's a vitamin that seems to stimulate everything around it, including better liver production, hydrochloric acid secretions in the stomach, cell multiplication and healthy flora in the intestinal tract.

It is an active planet, symbolizing energy, and fatty acids play a direct part in making sure that the body has the necessary get up and go when we ask for it: in many intances blood fat levels are connected with incidences of diabetes or hypoglycemia, or imbalances of insulin and, consequently, energy.

Since chlorine is involved with maintaining the acid-alkaline balance within the body, it is natural that Mars have domain over that mineral.

Furthermore, chlorine usually compounds with potassium, ruled by the Moon, or with sodium, another Mars-ruled mineral that supports many bodily functions. Because chlorine is such an active element a Marslike function in itself , it is responsible for muscle, tendon and ligament health other Mars-ruled domains. Chlorine is a highly active mineral, befitting Mars' energy and constant movement: it makes sure that the osmotic pressure in and out of the cells is just right all the time.

But too much chlorine or too much sodium reflects a typical negative Mars trait, unrestrained aggressiveness: too much of a good thing can destroy. In addition, Mars rules molybdenum, iron, phosphorus and selenium. It governs phosphorus because of that mineral's engagement in so many bodily activites: the brain will not function at peak performance nor will nerve transmissions occur unless this mineral exerts its influence. Furthermore, the confidence usually attributed to Mars is lessened if there is a deficiency of this minerala person may cower in his or her home, afraid to move from the premises, a very unMartian reaction.

Selenium's active involvement within the body also links it to Mars. And the colors produced by selenium in industry are all Martianred, orange and yellow. The worst indication for any type of surgery is probably when Mars is retrograde.

Mars retrograde may mean heavy loss of blood, unexpected hemor-rhaging or a mistake on the part of the surgeon. Since Mars is the ruler of surgeons, when this planet goes retrograde, surgeons are often not their steadiest or most reliable. There will be interference and misdirected attention. It does not mark a good time for concentration, especially when microsurgery is to be performed. Jupiter Vitamins: B-6, biotin, cholin, inositol and pangamic acid vitamin B The word expansion is usually applied to Jupiter.

In medical terms Jupiterian expansion means overeating and lack of control. Whereas Venus rules our taste buds and how we react to certain foods, Jupiter tends to make for gluttons. Jupiter-ruled people may overeat rich foods that are usually high in acid: Medical Astrology sooner or later uric acid gathers in the body and gout is the result.

Jupiter can also indicate swelling, abnormal expansion or too much of something. Along with Virgo, which governs the splitting up actions within the organ, Jupiter has subdominion over the liver. Insufficient amounts of either cholin or inositol can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Pangamic acid may help in the alleviation of certain liver ailments, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis.

Jupiter also rules the fats of the body, their process of breaking down through enzyme reaction and their proper utilization.

Cholin is integrally linked with the proper use and assimilation of fats in the body. Inositol, too, is essential for proper metabolization or fats. Another vitamin instrumental in breaking down fats for utilization within the body is B And if Jupiter is found in Gemini, one must suspect a potential problem in the arterial duct work, since Gemini rules the tubing of the body: that placement of Jupiter, linked with a deficiency of vitamin B-6, could initiate atherosclerosis fats or cholesterol clogging the arteries of the body and impairing circulation.

The "new" vitamin pangamic acidalso has much to do with prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Cholesterol levels, another Jupiter phenomenon, are somewhat controlled by the amount of pangamic acid in the tissue; furthermore, pangamic acid helps regulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Manganese is also essential in determining how much cholesterol inhabits the body at any given time. This mineral is an essential regulator of fatty acids, cholesterol and glucose metabolismsall Jupiter-related functions. Jupiter is tied into the carbohydrate processes in general. Astrological-medical research indicates that people who have sugar-related problems usually exhibit a hard-aspected Jupiter, which can indicate a possible deficiency of chromium, a mineral also concerned with synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol as well as helping to prevent arteries from hardening.

Zinc, found in insulin, is also vital to proper carbohydrate metabolism, as is the vitamin biotin. Zinc has traditionally been considered to be ruled by Uranus, but according to the functions of zinc and the characteristics of Uranus, the two don't belong together. Along with Mercury, Uranus rules the central nervous system.

It can be involved medically with spasm, cramping, acute jerking or convulsive movements. Even a severe deficiency of zinc does not manifest such symptoms. Jupiter is a more likely planet for zinc's ruler-ship, especially since zinc plays such an important part in the carbohydrate system.

Zinc is also involved with fertility, which, although a Moon-phenomenon, is still an effort of expansion on a physical basis, and expansion is Jupiter's forte. Not enough zinc can also stunt one's bone growth. Whereas dwarfism is a Saturnian affliction, Jupiter encourages growth and extension of the human frame. For now, Jupiter seems the logical choice to rule zinc, until we know more about zinc and its functions within the body; then the controversy surrounding the rulership of this mineral may be cleared up.

Minerals: Calcium, fluorine, sulfur and vanadium. Saturn should be scrutinized closely in any natal chart. Most ailments that manifest are usually associated with this planet. For example, whatever sign Saturn is found in at birth might determine what organ, tissue or area of the body is potentially hypofunctioning that is, sluggish and not working up to normal expectation.

If Saturn is found retrograde, the chances of that part of the body malfunctioning are increased. The transits of Saturn can also indicate medical problems. The planet takes 28 years to make one complete orbit about the Sun. We "feel" its presence about every seven years, when Saturn's main job seems to be to crystallize any problems or insights, particularly at the ages of 7, 14, 21, 28, 42 and Medical problems, diseases and ailments of chronic duration, which are long in building and manifesting themselves and then require a long healing or convalescent period, also tend to crop up during these critical years of the Saturn cycle.

One of the events partially attributable to the transits of Saturn is the midlife crisis, usually happening between the 42nd and 49th years. During this time, at about 45, the aging process, another Saturn-ruled phenomenon, takes place: specifically, the breakdown and eventual destruction of collagen occurs.

If medical ailments show up at about the same time, a person can undergo a period of great trial: the mental attitudes may be so poor that the ability to get well is impaired, and the disease may linger chronically. Proper maintenance with vitamin C can help turn the tide of this crisis. Vitamin C does not guarantee a sickness-free life, but medical research has shown that this vitamin is as necessary as life itself.

In particular, vitamin C helps form collagen to keep the cells of proper size and shape so that they may go about their business of maintaining bodily I The Planets, Uranian Planets, Fixed Stars and Health 9 health. Thus with proper amounts of vitamin C careful diets and nonabuse of our bodies Saturn rewards us with long and healthy lives. Since Saturn is the ruler of vitamin C, it also has an effect on the body's amount of bioflavonoids, whose main function is to aid vitamin C in its work of keeping the collagen healthy and the capillaries elastic and permeable.

It is also my belief that vitamin K works in a synergistic relationship with vitamin C. Saturn retards or inhibits, and, like its ruling planet, vitamin K acts as a coagulant, triggering the intricate process of forming a protein web with which to catch the fleeing red blood corpuscles from an open wound or an internal one: the vitamin retards the escaping flow that, if allowed to continue, would eventually cause death.

And it's interesting to note that lack of vitamin C can also cause hemor-rhaging because the collagen is broken down so that the cells cannot keep their shapes.

Saturn is synonomous with the frame of anything. It is involved with barriers, banks, enclosures, binds, bonds, gels or adhesives.

Medical Astrology

In medical terms it rules the skin and bones that serve as our frames, the bones that hold the muscles in place and the skin that acts as walls or containers. Because Saturn has dominion over the bone structures of our bodies, including teeth and ears, it rules the minerals calcium, fluorine and sulfur. As is well known, the bones and teeth need adequate amounts of calcium to keep our frames strong enough to carry us around.

Proper amounts of fluorine are also necessary to combat tooth decay and bone damage: Saturn's ability to guard, inhibit and block out is a positive attribute in maintaining enough protective fluorine.

And sulfur's influence over the skeleton, the skin, bones and cartilage of the body in general is substantial. Furthermore, lack of sulfur may create arthritis, another Saturn-ruled phenomenon, or it may damage the hair and fingernails, also under Saturn's sway.

Finally, sulfur plays a part in the protein processes of the body, and proteins are under Saturn's domain as well. The position of natal, progressed or transiting Saturn also has an effect on the quality of one's skin.

Just as Saturn acts as a barrier, the skin, if properly healthy, serves as a barrier against the ultraviolet rays of the Sun, allowing us to tan instead of burning severely. If Saturn is well-aspected, particularly by Venus, which rules vitamin E and is concerned with the youthful beauty and elasticity of the skin, ample amounts of PABA should be available in the body. But when Saturn is negatively aspected, there can be a PABA depletion that allows the skin tissue to become vulnerable to the Sun's rays, and changes in pigmentation and other skin-related ailments begin to surface.

Moreover, without enough PABA the skin dries up, becomes scaly, itchy, ulcerous and infected. Uranus Although the nervous system is Mercury-guided, the actual impulses that leap from one nerve synapse to another are ruled by Uranus. People with strong Uranuses tend to buckle under stress or to react to it more strongly than other people.

Thus they may be in continual states of nervousness, unable to relax. Such stress can cause the Uranian portion of our bodies to disentegrate. These people need to learn to unwind through exercise, meditation or some other form of biofeedback: the quieting of the mind will quiet the screaming nerves.

Depending on what sign it occupies in the natal chart, Uranus may point to possible spasm conditions within the body.

In other words, the tissue or part of the body that the sign rules may undergo spasm. If Uranus is retrograde, it's even more possible that at some point in the person's life he or she can expect to have a sudden hypo- or hypercondition. This type of ailment is usually brought on by an emotional, physical or mental shock or other unexpected circumstance such as surgery or accident. Early detection of the possibility of the condition, testing, physical checkup and correction can do much to alleviate the spasm.

Since Uranus indicates quick culmination and release of any situation, it offers the person hope of complete and swift recovery. Neptune Vitamins: Panthothenic acid and laetrile vitamin B Neptune is an important planet to consider in a medical evaluation of the natal chart. The planet has a propensity to be everywhere yet nowhere: now you see it; now you don't.

It is diffused, translucent and difficult to pin down or pinpoint. For these reasons it is important to see if the planet is centrally figured in the aspects of a natal chart. If it is, there may be initial misdiagnosis of the medical problem, misinformation about the diagnosis, masked symptoms not pointing directly to the root problem or misread lab or test results. A prominent Neptune may also indicate a potentially drug-sensitive individual, one who should be given a lower than average dosage of any medication.

Whereas Mars implies strength, virility, tone and energy, Neptune signifies the opposite. An undefined sense of tiredness or lethargy may be Neptune-based in many cases. In addition, Neptune can mean weakness and atony flabby muscle tone.

There is a chance of general weakness or laziness in 10 Medical Astrology the organ, tissue or part of the body ruled by the sign Neptune is found in. That part may be sluggish to a degree because it cannot withstand physical, emotional or mental strain as much as the rest of the body. It needs to be pampered and fed nutritionally to perform up to its expected normal functions.

The planet also rules the lymphatic system, the pineal gland, the thymus gland and the spleen. And it is involved with infections and poisons in the body. Whereas stings and bites fall under Pluto's influence, any mysterious, inexplicable, confusing element that is toxic is in Neptune's domain. Thus it is fitting that Neptune should rule the all-pervasive pantothenic acid. This vitamin has been found to mitigate the side effects and toxicity of several antibiotics of the streptomyces variety, which fall under Neptune's dominion.

Moreover, this vitamin feeds the adrenal glands and keeps us going: without it our adrenals lag, and we experience a Neptunian phase of exhaustionnot actually sickness but not a feeling of being well.

Neptune's secretive personality, its propensity to be everywhere at once, adds significance to its rulership of pantothenic acid: it is sometimes difficult to identify the lack of pantothenic acid as the root cause of certain symptoms.

Neptune is also an especially appropriate choice to rule the controversial vitamin laetrile because of the enigmatic nature of the substance. Neptune is hazy, hidden, unsure, diffusing, bewildering, camouflaging, charlatanic, concealing and secretive, and all of these adjectives apply to laetrile: for the past 15 years it has been smuggled, hidden and sneaked across the Mexican-American border for use by Americans with cancer.

And since Neptune is its ruler, it will probably still be years before we have a clear picture of the properties of laetrile. Another reason that Neptune is the logical choice for ruling laetrile is that laetrile operates on cancer like one poison killing another.

But because cancer is the scare of the 20th century, I want to emphasize that my ideas on laetrile and cancer are strictly conjecture, and there is not yet adequate data to back up the theories as solid proof.

A checkup with a doctor on a yearly basis is always wise, and anyone who suspects cancer or comes from a family with a history of cancer should visit a doctor regularly, regardless of any other precautions. Despite all of the controversy about how cancer occurs several things have been proven: 1 cancer cells, either through enzyme-producing problems or genetic factors, multiply wildly and without restraint; 2 cancer cells need less oxygen to survive; 3 the enzyme rhodanese is usually absent in people who have cancer.

Laetrile contains cyanide. When it is injected into a cancerous body, there is no rhodanese to detoxify the cyanide. Most cancer cells secrete a substance called glycoidase, and this substance triggers amygdalin, which releases the cyanide at the site of the cancer, causing the cancer cells to die. In simple terms, then, one poison kills another. It is a process of fighting fire with firea particularly Neptunian kind of treatment. I do not mean to imply from this discussion, though, that a poorly aspected Neptune is responsible for cancer.

It is my contention that there will never be one specific planet nor sign that will be responsible for it. The planet Pluto rules transforming diseases of the body. And in some ways cancer is like that powerful planet: like Pluto, it will transform a person completely, even from life to death; like Pluto, it alters the cell structures slowly yet irrevocably, until there are alien cells that cannot be destroyed by the body's normal defense mechanisms.

But to say Pluto is the only cause is false, and such similarities in no way suggest that anyone who has an ill-aspected Pluto is going to contract cancer. Nor can we say that Neptune causes cancer. For that matter to say that any paticular configuration is the root of cancer is a gross misrepresentation of the disease.

Cancer is caused by different dysfunctions of the body, that is, some part of the body being fragile and breaking down under a lacklusterdiet. Since cancer will attack any part of the body it can't possibly be caused by one aspect, sign or planet. Instead, our diets are probably at fault. Cancer had no mass incidence throughout history except for of late.

Our diets have deteriorated so much during the last years that our bodies' metabolisms have become fragile and unstable. When the enzymes, hormones and other substances so necessary to keep our blood healthy and in turn our bodies alive and well become ultrasensitive, then diet changes for the worse will affect the body more quickly. The human body is on the endangered species list as long as we continue our habits of eating unnutritious foods such as nitrite-laden canned foods, dyed meat products, unhealthy white sugar and too much saltjust to name a very few.

Those persons with cancer may compound the dangers of junk food diets with hereditary weaknesses in vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Cell alterations of the calibre of cancer may come about because a family's hereditary history shows a weakness in one areaa lack of vitamin C, for instancecarried on from mother to child: the child may eventually exhibit allergy symptoms because the body has a higher than normal requirement for vitamin C to stop the symptoms. With such a com- The Planets, Uranian Planets, Fixed Stars and Health 11 bination of poor eating habits and hereditary weaknesses it is no wonder that our bodies are literally disintegrating on us.

We call it cancer. But our bodies probably will not deteriorate if they get nutritionally balanced diets. Then they will remain healthy and no misshapen cells can appear. September 4th, , 7I1. No fewer than six bodies, including the luminaries, are in the twelfth house of this scheme, and all occupy the sign Virgo. These figures will repay study and comparison. A whole series ol strikingly similar ones might be given here, but the subjects of teratology, achondroplasia, etc.

Such associations, however, as Mars conjunction or opposition Saturn, Saturn opposition Uranus, etc. The twelfth house should be particularly noted for those diseases which demand isolation, or hospital or asylum detention.

Planets in the eighth will usually point out the character of the death. Mars and Uranus will indicate sudden and violent deaths. Saturn linger- ing, wasting, suffocation, drowning, etc. But much will depend upon the sign occupied, as we have learnt previously. The Triplicities and Quadruplicities. The zodiac splits up naturally into four tripartite divisions which are akin in quality or constitution, viz. They have been loosely termed elemental, but this is not correct: Together we may relate and consider them somewhat as follows: The spiritual aspirations.

Fiery Signs are connected with the vital heat and spirit. Earthy Signs with the osseous structure, the salts, earths, minerals, concretions, etc.

Airy Signs with the gases, intercellular spaces, air- cells, arteries, veins and capillaries.

Astrology Books on Medical Astrology

Watery Signs with the fluids: These are general considerations; but it must be understood that the particular character of a fluid will depend upon the planetary government. Thus, al- though the Moon dominates all fluids, yet its real dominion is over the neutral solution, the bland and basic humour that constitutes a medium through which certain substances can act and react, and by which they can be transported to various parts of the body, dis- solved, resolved and expulsed if needs be.

For instance there is milk. Here we have one of the highest forms of nutrient. First there is the watery basis ] , then the fatty constituents 2: But when we do so we realise that the constitutional fluidic quality is the point of view from which we regard it, and not its specialised form as an agent or reagent.

The four celestial trigons crystallise in humanity also as the four temperaments. The Sanguine tempera- ment is represented by the airy trigon and the planet Jupiter; the Choleric or bilious by the fiery, and the planets Sun and Mars; the Nervous by the earthy, and the planets Mercury, Uranus and Saturn ; and the Lymphatic by the aqueous, and the planets Moon, Venus and Neptune.

One cannot easily mistake the restless, neurasthenic, hurried, agitated and alert manner of the nervous tem. But an explanation can only be obtained from a study of the trigons as previously outlined.

Eileen Nauman - Medical Astrology

The temperament is defined at the birth, and with it all that it implies, not only physiologically but in every department of life. For instance, from a vocational standpoint the tempera- ments will fall into broad divisions such as below ; Sanguine. The sanguine and bilious act, the nervous and lym- phatic think and feel. Aries is the Brahma, mover, evolver, creator, head ; then succeeds Taurus, Vishnu, the protector, something fixed and made permanent ; then Gemini, Isumra, the destroyer, that is, change from a previous state of fixed- ness.

We arrive next at Cancer, the second cardinal sign and the commencement of a new trinity. The Fixed signs are equivalent to the succeedent houses, and imply support, conservation, solidarity.

The Mutable are identified with the cadent houses and signify submission, media- tion, mutation. As we recede or fall from the angles there comes a secession from power and prominence. And so we find that those people born under cardinal signs, or having many planets therein, possess a craving for publicity, and incline to political and public offices. Those under fixed signs somewhat less so, having, too, more gravity, ballast and placidity, and gravitating to those positions where firmness, stability, authority, are requisite.

While those under common signs are least desirous of prominence, or if desirous, find it difficult to acquire the realisation of such ambition, love the quiet ways, serving, acting as mediator between the two others, and generally obeying rather than commanding. It must not be assumed from this that the power and degree of morbid action will show a falling off from cardinal to common ; that the intensity of disease will be associated with the moveable, and its remission with the mutational signs.

Briefly, the necessity of consider- ing this particular sign arrangement lies in the fact that a mutual influence prevails among the members of each of these three divisions.

They are Mental [cardinal , Vital [fixed , and Motive [mutable. The mutable or common series of sympathetic co-ordinates is seen to include the chief limb signs, and the fixed the heart and generative ones. In the fiery trigon for example, Aries belongs to the mental, Leo to the vital, and Sagittarius to the motive. We have to meet the effects of this sympathy so frequently in the horoscopical deduction of disease tendencies, that we cannot do better than obtain early an appreciation of the inter-agency.

The three great aspects of especial pathologic effect are the conjunction 6 , quartile n , and opposition g. These are related to each other as: In this wise the four signs of any one series all become implicated. It will therefore be remarked that in those cases where cardinal signs are well tenanted, head, stomach, kidney and skin disorders will show themselves, although possibly Aries contains no planet ; where fixed signs are occupied, maladies of the heart, throat, back and generative organs will occur ; and where mutable signs, affections of the respiratory system, nerves and bowels.

But while this is so, no sign loses altogether its distinctive value. Planetary Sympathy and Antipathy. Towards the enucleation of this matter we must run over the fundamental properties of the planets, considering them from the vantage point of the pyimmn calidum. Heat and cold are related as drought and moisture, and though it is customary to refer to them as elemental qualities, that is not a true definition.

Each celestial body differs from its compeers in the commingling of heat or cold with drought or moisture. The pro- portions are discovered by observing the affinity shown with sub-lunar matters. Venus temperate, differing from Jupiter only in this respect: Now heat will express itself as expansion, vitalisation ; cold as contraction, crystallisation, and concretion ; dryness as radiation, irritation ; moisture as relaxation, mobility, plasticity.

Admixtures will produce results in accordance. For example, the coalition of Moon and Mars will be equivalent to that of fire and water. Each will strive to subdue the other, the outcome being ebullition, evaporation, steam, conversion into an aeri- form state, in the latter case; in the human organism, effervescent mental activity, displays of angry feeling, dispersal and dissipation of brain force, eruptive con- ditions.

On the other hand there is an affinity between Mercury and Saturn, both possessing similar qualities, although in contrary proportions. Venus sympathises with Neptune for the same reason, and also with Jupiter and the Moon. The lunar coldness is not that of Saturn. It is a neutral condition, and may for ordinary purposes be regarded as temperate. Let us suppose Mars conjoined with some other body and deduce the character of the resultant force in various spheres of activity.

First with Jupiter. Both have points of agreement in being hot, but then Jupiter brings some moisture and Mars some dryness, and the dryness is seen by the table to be in greater degree than the humidity.

At first there is the melting, accompanied by evaporation and inspissa- tion, until the whole of the moisture has been driven off ; the solid residue ultimately chars. But if Saturn take the place of Jupiter we shall represent the action of the two by subjecting a piece of stone to the fire. In this case melting does not occur ; the stone flies abroad in a thousand particles.

The saturnine cold and the martial heat are the extremes of negative and positive. Even if otherwise, their dynamic action is too much at variance to reconcile one with the other. In the domain of disease Mars with Jupiter will increase the consistency of adipose tissue and the connecting fibre. Mars with Saturn will produce compound fractures, rapid extremes of temperature, violent dispersals, etc. The combination of two planetary bodies whose distinguishing properties are heat — such as Sun and Mars — will enlarge the scope of diseases in which in- flammatory and febrile symptoms are implicated.

The solar inflammatory action will be of the chronic type. A pair of. And so with others. Just as surely as Mars enhances, Saturn depresses. Mercury various ones, the Moon such as return after a time, like vertigo, epilepsy, etc.

They represent extreme heat, solar heat specialised through Mars, and really the more intensive, so far as we are concerned here ; and extreme cold. The force of heat is the expansion or life of matter ; that of cold and gravity the contraction or death. Their specific colours are red and blue respectively. Sensitive plants like the mimosa grow ten or a dozen times higher under red glass than under blue. Plants, in fact, nurtured under glass of the latter colour are weak and stunted in growth.

The melan- cholic man subjected to the same conditions, feels his spirits raised under the red rays, while the violent and paroxysmic type is calmed and soothed under the blue. The Mars lunatic will be violent, the Saturnine hypochondriac. Timidity and depression are Saturnine. In this manner the orb acts as a restrictor, quite the opposite of the expansive, frank Mars.

The latter does not make philosophers but men of action and impulse. Timidity, or in another word, Saturn, conduces to meditation and analysis. The temperament of the philosopher and scientist is bathed in it as, per contra, that of the energetic pioneer is in Mars.

In the sedentary, intellectual man there is usually a great deal of Saturn and little of Mars ; or to put the same thing another way: In the saturnine individual the mental con- sciousness is large, and takes precedence ; in the martial the animal soul is dominant.

The one has a thin watery blood, the other a thick, rich, vital fluid, neither con- ducive to meditation nor inspiration, but to sensation and expiration. To understand this antithesis and to bring the facts well home it is only necessary to compare a series of horoscopes belonging to philosophers and scientists, with those of fighters and men of action. To Mars are referable cases of determination of blood by the application of stimuli. Heat will cause a flow of blood to the surface, snuff to the nose and eyes, spices, etc.

And ihis brings us to the therapeutic treatment of disease by antipathetic reme- dies — the contravia contraiis curanUiv principle. In e xemplo, the typical medicinal tonic — iron— is a remedy under Mars, something required by the blood in cases of want of tone, depression or flabbiness of the muscular system. In weak, lax habits, chronic disorders proceeding from debility, cachexy, hypochondriasis, in a word Saturnine complaints, ferrum is a stock remedy.

It acts by quickening the circulation, raising the pulse, increasing the red particles of the blood and promoting the secre- tions. On the other hand antimony, a saturnine drug, operates in reducing fevers and inflammations, that is martial action. It is a contra-stimulant, diminishing the excitability of the vascular system, and so neutral- ising inflammatory conditions. Again, mark what happens upon the introduction of lead I?

Exactly the opposite effects ensue to the exhibition of iron d' , constipation, colic. But almost as a last resource a preparation of lead [Tinct. Externally sugar of lead is used as an astrictive in collyria for inflammations of the eyes, as principal ingredient in unguents and liniments for cutaneous eruptions, excoriations, ulcers, etc.

Saturnine remedies are in a peculiar manner injurious to the nervous system, over which Saturn exercises considerable influence. Then, too, the operation of cold as a cause of disease by constricting the vessels of the surface and extremities, throwing the blood inwards, and producing internal congestions by intropulsion is diametrically opposed to the operations of Mars as illus- trated by heat.

And similarly in other cases.

The therapeutic side of astrology is very much un- developed, but the course to follow is plainly indicated. As Paracelsus wrote: Every metal and every plant possesses certain qualities that may attract corre- sponding planetary influences, and if we know the influences of the stars, the conjunctions of the planets and the qualities of drugs, we shall know what remedies to give to attract such influence as may act beneficially upon the patient.

This is the most that can be done in the way of materia medica so far as the present chapters are concerned. Hitherto, the aspects and combinations of planets have been chiefly those in which the luminaries, the ascendant and some other body have been concerned.

Yet aspects form between planets proper and exercise specific influences. These will have to be gauged by the light of what information has been previously im- parted. However, the effects of the two bodies to which this chapter is mainly devoted may be briefly summarised.

By being with a planet is meant, either the actual conjunction itself, or some aspect based on the square and not on the trine. High temperature, rapid pulse, excessive voluntary power. Pyrosis, bilious nausea and eructations. Exanthematous fevers, eruptive action. Bilious diarrhoea, neuroma thirst. Venus was in the sixth house in par. Gauging Planetary Strength in the Specific Horoscope.

However intimately we may be acquainted with the intrinsic virtues of members of the solar system, the knowledge will only avail us to a limited extent. We have now to draw in the threads so as to finally adjust and tighten up the whole scheme. It remains for us to consider in order what increase or surcease of vivific and morbific energy is induced by the aspects, and the actual planetary location in points of the natal chart. Planetary influence in the zodiacal hierarchies has already been considered in Chapter VII.

In sloka distich 38 of the Jataka Parijata six kinds of strength are enumerated: The following locations have jointly to be considered: Atchi Ucha, or greatest exaltation.

Ucha, or exaltation. Mulatrihona, or special house of power. Svakshetra, or own house. Atimitra, or very friendly house.

Mitra, or friendly house. Santa, or neutral house. Satru, or inimical house. Atisatru, or very inimical house. Muda, or combust. Nicha, or house of debility. Atinicha, or house of greatest debility. The conception is of too colossal proportions for our Western ideas, yet it is very much akin to what will be here advanced.

For before we are able to arrive at a judgment we shall have to consider i an aspect strength, 2 a strength of mundane position, 3 a natural strength, 4 a motional strength, and 5 a directional strength. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the aspects, their number of degrees and constitutional quality. We shall employ these: Evil Interdependent Opposit. Quincunx Quartile Semiquartile Par. It is one of the objections urged by Plotinus. For a planet to change its nature by mere change of place or aspect was, he argued, so contrary to what happened in the sub-lunar sphere, that reasoning by analogy it could not be admitted.

But the most important thing they [the astrologers] say is that some among them are benefic, others evil, yet nevertheless the latter often perform as though endowed with the virtue of the former, no less than the former sometimes acting as the latter.

They add that when the planets are in reciprocal aspect they act in one way, and when they do not aspect each other they produce effects in another. Lastly, a planet aspected by a certain favourable one bestows good, only to be suddenly changed when it transfers its aspect to another. They affirm likewise that they are changed in a certain manner according as the figure of aspecting is changed, and that from the body or mutual conjunction still another form of influence is generated. In themselves they are neither.

Mars is alvVays Mars ; it never exhibits the qualities of Saturn, nor presents itself in the form of the latter — coldness, gravity, con- cretion.

But it cannot be gainsaid that the human organism is adversely affected when receiving rays through the medium of any of the evil aspects, even when the planetary bodies involved are otherwise bene- ficial ; much more so when the combined forces are malefic. It thus becomes imperative to accept a division of the stars into malefic and benefic, and to assume that there is an inherent capability among them for mutual mingling and transference of influence.

Theoretically the explanation is not so difficult, but we are dealing with facts here. Let us therefore think of each separate influence as having a functioning potentiality of two phases: The former will manifest under the series of aspects based on the triangle ; the latter under those based on the square.

Thus, Sun trine Mars O A d' will give the best, the constructive form of martial influence, and that which is directly beneficial to mankind. There will result stamina of body, activity, great energy, will power, force of character, ability to lead and control, to upbuild and act with promptitude, courage and dispatch.

Flag this list

Here we still have activity, energy, force of character, etc. It will destroy rather than build, inflame rather than produce a cherish- ing warmth, and provide all the requisite conditions for inflammatory and febrile. Such injuries and complaints will ensue as cause loss of blood, surgical operations, wounds by edged tools, gun-shots, burns, scalds.

Injuries and dis- orders will proceed from rash and self-motived acts, and may vary according to the state of the horoscope as a whole, from hurts by accident to suicide or assassi- nation.

For these latter come within the purview of astrology, being associated with the disorganisation expressed through the stars just as much as the actual morbific predisposition. The aspecting angles"'' which exert most power are the conjunction, par. The conjunction is not so unbalancing as the square and opposition ; and whereas the previously mentioned trine of Mars to the Sun is wholly constructive, pre- senting the very best attributes of Mars, and the square or opposition on the other hand wholly destructive, the conjunction possesses in a large measure the capacities of each and will function at different times in either manner.

If well supported the worst need not be feared. Still, the balance will always incline to the wrong side. It is evident that the greater the number of these evil aspects received by the luminaries the more will the organism be predisposed to disorder ; while the more malefic the aspecting bodies and the completer the angles of aspects themselves, the more profound will such disorder be. Also, we see, if we have placed in our hands merely the planetary data, we are enabled at once, to cognise the diathesis — on broad lines, of course.

That is to say, if we are told there is heavy saturnine affliction we understand there will be a susceptibility to cold, chronic, tedious, consumptive, corruptive, obstructive disorders. If Uranus, nervous, spasmodic, neuralgic maladies. If Mars, inflammatory, feverish, acute, contagious, violent and sudden complaints. But this definite expression of some dominant planet is by no means an invariable circumstance. It is readily conceivable that a mingling of various forces may prevail, and in the disentangling of these the difficulty lies.

There is all the difference as between an elementary atom and a compound molecule. Now the explanation usually afforded by chemistry in regard to the combination of atoms is based upon the assumption that each atom has a certain definite number of bonds, or poles, analogous to those of the magnet. This quality is known as quantivalence, and an atom may be univalent, bivalent, quinquivalent, etc. If we think of the planetary bodies in a similar sense, and simply as an illustrative conception , we shall take them as the atoms and their quantivalence will be represented by their aspects.

The angles are undoubtedly the pre-eminent points, and the action of those bodies which occupy ascendant, Occident, medium coeli and imum coeli is increased in a remarkable way. There are two other houses which have special significance in disease, viz.

The third and ninth houses are also important, since they are concerned with the mind, and mental conditions are responsible for a physical reflection.

For the rest, a planet gains in strength and potency by being elevated above its fellows. It must be borne in mind that the twelve mundane divisions, the templa, vegiones, or mansiones of the geniture, commonly known as the Twelve Houses, are the equivalent of the celestial zodiac. They are the co-significators of the signs. Their powers from a physiological point of view, however, are much less extensive— except in the case of angles ; the Eastern corresponding to Aries, the Northern to Cancer, the Western to Libra and the Southern to Capricorn.

But of special moment is the first named — the ascendent — and evil planetary activity here is always extremely liable to find a morbid outlet on the material plane through the head itself. But with the remaining houses no testimony must be accepted unsupported by zodiacal endorsement, unless a stellium of planets gives more than ordinary importance to a house.

For example, suppose in a geniture the fifth house were heavily tenanted, then the heart and back would be likely to suffer, although the actual cardiac sign Leo might be unoccupied.

The determination would be strengthened and accentuated if the sign containing the affliction in the fifth were of fixed quality. Similarly an over-cargo in the second house would react upon the throat ; in the third, upon the lungs and nerves, arms or hands ; in the fourth, upon the stomach, etc.

The complications resulting from the interplay of these two series, houses and signs, may be more easily imagined than enumerated. Thus, if Libra ascend, and Mars be placed in Aries in the seventh house, then the natural Seventh House is in the mundane position of the First House, while the ruler of the natural First is in the actual Seventh. This inter- relationship is entered into more fully in The Rationale of Astrology, the Introductory Manual of this Series, and the simile there made use of in reference to it will perhaps be found helpful.

The natural strength arises from the sympathy or antipathy which exists between the planet and the sign it occupies. It will be strongest in its own sign and in those signs most compatible with its nature. But from our point of view it will work most havoc when occupy- ing signs with which it has no affinity, thereby setting up discord and producing disorganisation.

For instance, a fiery planet will be out of its element in watery signs, while a humid one such as the Moon will not be disposed to associate favourably with fiery signs. And here may be introduced a doctrine not much regarded by modern astrologers, but yet one which exhibits a phase of planetary activity by interchange that is of considerable importance in numbers of cases which otherwise, i.

I allude to planetary reception by sign. This happens when a couple of bodies occupy signs each of which is the proper sign of the other.

If Mars is in Cancer and the Moon in Aries reception takes place. In this instance it is of very evil augury. Each is usurping the natural place of the other, and neither has affinity with the sign it actually tenants. But the matter does not rest here. Its utility lies in the individual application, and goes far to explain many seeming irregularities. Take the Soli-Saturnian influence.

Three allied forms of this will be manifest: The admixtures will of course vary in intensity, but there is a thread of connection common to them all, A table as below will show at a glance the receptions by house of the luminaries. Tables for the other planets may easily be constructed on the same plan.

The mean daily motion of the various planets is as follows: Motion is slow or quick as it falls short or exceeds this mean. Retrograde motion, although only an apparent phe- nomenon, may yet produce some amount of disorganisa- tion even if only because a planet retrograde is then nearest the earth. It implies interrupted sequence, solution of continuity, just as direct motion does con- tinuity and sequence of progression.

The writer has noticed that a retrograde Jupiter is robbed of much of its supporting power and cannot be depended upon to sustain life when evil directions are formed. The stationary position of a planet indicates constancy and duration of effects ; bodies therefore have the sphere of their influence enlarged according as their intrinsic nature warrants, i.

This is the power of planets holding each other in aspect at a period subsequent to birth. The directional strength must therefore depend upon a combination of the foregoing, viz.

There is a hexis or permanent habit as well as a diathesis or transient disposition. The hexis is shown in the radix, the diathesis in the direction. If the diathesis agree with the hexis the disorder indicated is more certain and pronounced: If Saturnine influence, then chronic and cachectic types.

Similarly with others. We have gathered that the planets under certain circumstances are inimical to mankind, and that among them some are more virulent than others. And so it comes about that representatives of this latter — Mars, Saturn, Uranus — are the more imperative factors in the production of disease and death. Not that the other bodies are innoxious when their vibrations are disturbed by antipathetic confliction with others, but only that their malefic powers under such conditions do not reach so high a pitch as those of the bodies mentioned.

Also, we have realised that there are three vital centres — Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. But his methods of deciding this point are too arbitrary to enlist unquestioning adherence, and in actual practice do not prove of much utility. In every horoscope upon which judgment of disease has to be given, the following series of investigations must be instituted: It is obvious that there will be static points and kinetic points for each planet, the former represented by its longitudinal degree of location in a sign, the latter by the points to which aspects are thrown.

But the place of the aspect must be met by a distributing force in the shape either of another planet or the cusp of the Ascendant, otherwise the influence is disseminated with- out any result upon the physical organism — that is, so far as the aspect-sign is concerned. As an example we will take a nativity. The heavy numerals indicate that the spaces in which they are found comprise the houses severally designated by the numerals in question.

The diagram represents the heavens as they would appear to an observer in the N. Hemisphere standing with his face to the South, the Ascendant or Rising Sign appearing in the East on his left, planets setting in the West towards his right, and those culminating near the Zenith and towards the South. Hence the position of the Sun at once gives a clue to the tiaje of day for which the figure was cast. Horoscope of a Male Child.

Type of E. Static point Distribution. Here, by reference to the tables immediately succeed- ing the thema coeli, we first note p. Yet, although the native may appear robust, his constitution is delicate, for not only are the luminaries afflicted, separatim, but they are unfavourably related by the quincunxial aspect. Underneath we observe the three worst types of destructive energy, and where they are functioning by body, and also to what points they are empowered to flasli forth that energy.

First we note Mars with a static position in Cancer and kinetic katabolismic poles in the same sign, Capricorn and Sagittarius, the distri- bution of the energy being among Sun and Neptune; Uranus; and Moon, respectively in these signs. This shows intense martial action. This is a coagulating, depressing, cachectic influence. Thus, while the Sun suffers from the Martial and Uranian radiations, the Moon receives the energies of Mars and Saturn, the former being elevated above the latter.

This implies that there is a lot of unbalanced force and vigour in the constitution, and that the pull of the activities involved will periodically result in disruptures. The organism, in fact, will be required to endure per- verted tonic disorders mostly. The life-force will bubble up with such dynamic intensity as to come near effecting its own destruction. The solar-martial action in Cancer will produce not only great irritability of stomach, with difficulty in retaining food Byron had Mars in Cancer , but also haemorrhage and acute gastritis.

Neptune and Uranus being concerned too, indicate complications and obscure praeincipients, perverted activity resulting in morbid growths, probably cancerous.

Precautions should be taken in regard to malarial and camp fevers. The third table p. Nervous and pulmonary complaints are betokened: Pleurisy and intercostal neuralgia will also be experienced. The stomach, lungs and nerves are all marked by over- activity, and are here the great centres of disease. Death will be violent owing to the affliction of the luminaries by anaretic bodies. Space can only be afforded for a few examples — and those of the more regular types, for unfortunately there are cases which exhibit at first sight many seemingly irregular features.

The bare hints furnished in those ensuing should be supplemented by a detailed study of the figures themselves, erected from the elements given. It is chiefly identified with the fixed signs, but especially Taurus and Scorpio. Also, as isolation or detention in hospital is implied, the twelfth house is likely to be prominent, probably containing one of the luminaries or one of the afflicting bodies. The Moon is usually afflicted by Saturn and Sun by Venus.

November 4th, , 7. Mercury is on the cusp of twelfth, and Mars is well in same house. The Sun is conjoined with Saturn, Mars and Uranus. Moon is afflicted by Mars. The ominous state of affairs can be appreciated by a glance at the subpended diagram showing the twelfth and first houses: The child died November 4th, April 26th, , 6.

The Sun is in Taurus and the twelfth, opposed by Uranus and applying to a quartile of Mars and a semi-quartile of Venus. The Moon is in the eighth squared by Saturn and Mercury. Three bodies occupy fixed signs, three fixed houses. October 12th, , 8. The signs Taurus and Scorpio are again involved. The XII. Sun is on the twelfth house cusp and the Moon heavily oppressed in the seventh.

October 27th, , i p. The Moon is in Virgo receiving the square of Neptune and the opposition of Jupiter. But we must note that the ascendant ,cc: The child died when the Sun and Mercury completed their quartile aspects to the ascending point.

Some idea of the relationship can be gathered from the appended tabulation. Two characteristic examples follow: December 3rd, , 8. November 22nd, , 5. This was a case of spina bifida also. Mercury, receiving evil rays from Saturn and Uranus ; c the presence of the four bodies mentioned in fixed signs. In serious cases resulting in death, of course, the aspects are very pronounced. January i6th, , 3. Here we have five bodies in fixed signs.

There were croup and diphtheria too. January 22nd, , 9 a. This was a case of congestion of the lungs attended by convulsions. Five bodies are in lung signs. The Sun is afflicted by a semi-quartile of Saturn, a quartile of Jupiter and an opposition of Mars. November 25th, , died June, Four bodies occupy the fixed sign Scorpio — Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus — in mutual affliction, and receiving the rays of Neptune by a quincunx.

Diseases of or Accidents to the Eyes. The worst signs for the luminaries in this respect are Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius — Taurus and Aquarius being especially constant. It is almost a matter of certainty to find the eyes suffering when an afflicted Moon is located in either of these latter. Mars will cause blindness by fire, explosion, gunshot, lightning, wounds, smallpox ; Saturn by colds, cataracts, specks, etc.

The Sun afflicted in ascendant is liable to cause cataract. July gth, , 4. Four planets and the ascendant are in these signs. Extreme myopia and astigmatism. July 13th, , noon. Birthplace not stated. Here the Moon rises in Libra in quartile to a culminating Sun in Cancer. The Moon is heavily afflicted by a sesquiquadrate of Saturn in Taurus , and a quincunx of Uranus also in Taurus.

June 27th, , The Moon rises in the end of Virgo in square to Mars and Sun, and applying to the conjunction of Uranus. September 12th, , 5 Lat. The Moon is rising conjoined with Saturn and opposed by Uranus from Leo. The Sun is in seventh. Blind from birth. Cases in which one or both of the luminaries are located and afflicted in Taurus: August 12th, , 7. Dozens of similar instances could be given. August 13th, , 5. She then gives lists of fixed stars relating to disease positions as of as well as Arabic parts that concern health.

Chapter 7 is the practical business of being a medical astrologer. Chapter eight is a complete case study, a rather difficult one.

At the end of every chapter there are references. I thought this was going to be just another astro-medical book.

There already are many excellent ones. This is one of the best of them. CrabApple Press, pages. The Med-Scan technique; 6. Case histories; Part 2: Guide to Nutrition: 7. Vitamins; 8. Minerals; 9. Bach Flower Remedies; Endocrine system; Medical transits; Herbs; Natural essences; Cell salts; Appendices; Glossary of medical terms; Bibliography; Index.

She has been a practicing homeopath since Blue Turtle Publishing, pages, oversize paper.Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is synonomous with the frame of anything. Another example. Every metal and every plant possesses certain qualities that may attract corre- sponding planetary influences, and if we know the influences of the stars, the conjunctions of the planets and the qualities of drugs, we shall know what remedies to give to attract such influence as may act beneficially upon the patient.

Gastrointestinal Problems; Biodynamic Action of Planets. The diagram represents the heavens as they would appear to an observer in the N. Neptune is hazy, hidden, unsure, diffusing, bewildering, camouflaging, charlatanic, concealing and secretive, and all of these adjectives apply to laetrile: for the past 15 years it has been smuggled, hidden and sneaked across the Mexican-American border for use by Americans with cancer. The Taurian zone commences behind at the termination of the occipital portion of the cranium, and in front under the lower maxillary.

Deaths and ill habits of body through the use of drugs — opium, morphia, etc.