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IS 3370 PART 2 1965 PDF

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CODE OF PRACTICE FOR CONCRETE STRUCTURES FOR THE STORAGE OF LIQUIDS. MEHRA New Delhi DR yazik.info: (Part II). This part [IS: (Part II)] deals with reinforced concrete structures. IS (Part 2) R - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or IS: (Part II) - This code does not cover the requirements for. 2 days ago PDF | Limit state method is widely used at present in comparison to working to IS – and IS – (new version).

Is 3370 Part 2 1965 Pdf

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CIVIL IS yazik.info pdf,is ,irc 65,irc66,irc72,irc73,is IS PART-2 CODE OF PRACTICE FOR CONCRETE STRUCTURES to the general requirements laid down in IS: (Part II) IS: CODE OF PART II REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES yazik.info Cement and Concrete Sectional Committee, CED 2 This standard was first published in structures are covered in IS (Part 2), and IS

Part IV Design tables. The analysis of moment and forces may be made on the basis of any recognized method.

The walls thus act as thin plates subject to triangular loading and with boundary conditions varying between full restraint and free edge. An estimate should be made of the proportion of the pressure resisted by bending moments in the vertical and horizontal planes. On liquid retaining faces. The direct horizontal tension caused by the direct pull due to water pressure on end walls should be added to that resulting from horizontal bending moment.

In either case deformation of the wall under the influence of liquid pressure is restricted at and above the base. In designing the roof. The engineer should specify a loading under these temporary conditions. ROOFS 6. They should also be designed for upward load if the liquid retaining structure is subjected to internal gas pressure.

Edition ()

In concrete sections of thickness mm or greater. For sections of thickness greater than mm and less than mm the minimum reinforcement in each of the two directions shall be linearly reduced from 0. This may be achieved by limiting the stresses as for the rest of the tank or by the use of the covering of waterproof membrane or by providing slopes to ensure adequate drainage. For sections of thickness greater than mm. In no case the percentage of reinforcement in any member shall be less than that specified in IS: In the presence of sea water and soils and water of corrosive character the cover should be increased by 12 mm but this additional cover shall not be taken into account for design calculations.

Where laps are used they should be designed in accordance with the relevant requirements of IS: Laps and Bends — Subject to the requirements of 7. Distance Between Bars. Bombay The Concrete Association of India. Bombay India Standards Institution Manak Bhavan. IV Cross Road. SCO This does not preclude the free use. Copyright BIS has the copyright of all its publications.

Central Eastern: Review of Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BIS. Scheme VII M.

Standards are also reviewed periodically. This Indian Standard has been developed by Technical Committee: New Delhi Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the Director Publications. E9 MIDC. Sector A. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. The parts of the structure neither in contact with the liquid on any face nor enclosing the space above the liquid, as in case of staging of a water tower, shall be designed in accordance with the requirements of IS : Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete second revision.

This will automatically take care of failure due to cracking. The permissible tensile stresses due to bending apply to the face of the member in contact with the liquid. In members less than mm thick and in contact with the liquid on one side, these permissible stresses in bending apply also to the face remote from the liquid.

Where the calculated shear stress in concrete alone exceeds the permissible value, reinforcement acting in conjunction with diagonal compression in the concrete shall be provided to take the whole of the shear. Specification for cold twisted steel bars for concrete reinforcement revised. Specification for hot rolled mild steel, medium tensile steel and high yield strength steel deformed bars for concrete reinforcement revised.

Unless it is established on the basis of tests or experience that the lining has adequate crack bridging properties, allowance for the increased effect of drying shrinkage should be made in the design.

In such cases a screed or concrete layer not less than 75 mm thick shall first be placed on the ground and covered with a sliding layer of bitumen paper or other suitable material to destroy the bond between the screed and floor concrete. In normal circumstances the screed layer shall be of grade not weaker than M specified in IS : , where injurious soils or aggressive water are expected, the screed layer shall be of grade not weaker than M specified in IS : and if necessary a sulphate resisting or other special cement should be used.

The worst conditions of loadings may not be those given in 9. IS : Part II - If the walls are non-monolithic with the floor slab, such as in cases where movement joints have been provided between the floor slabs and walls, the floor shall be designed only for the vertical loads on the floor.

IS (Part 2) R

The width of the slab given in 9. In such cases no separate beam curved or straight is necessary under the wall, provided the wall of the tank itself is designed to act as a beam over the supports under it.

In such cases the dome shall be designed for the vertical load of the liquid over it and the ratio of its rise to its diameter shall be so adjusted that the stresses in the dome are, as far as possible, wholly compressive.

The dome shall be supported at its bottom on the ring beam which shall be designed for resultant circumferential tension in addition to vertical loads. WALLS 5. While the majority of these joints may be of the partial or complete contraction type, sufficient joints of the expansion type should be provided to satisfy the requirements of 8 of IS : Part I An estimate should be made of the proportion of the pressure resisted by bending moments in the vertical and horizontal planes.

The direct horizontal tension caused by the direct pull due to water pressure on end walls should be added to that resulting from horizontal bending moment.

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Download IS Codes (Indian Standard Codes) for Civil Engineering all at one place

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