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Friday, July 12, 2019

And today, we're so excited to share the results of our work with you: our new, free IELTS eBook, the Complete Guide to the IELTS Exam!. Who is this book aimed at? This book is designed for candidates of any level hoping to take the IELTS test. It is suitable for students working. View all the IELTS buddy products which are for sale in the site. These IELTS eBooks will train you in reading, writing task 1 and 2 and grammar.

Ielts Exam Ebook

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IELTS eBook - Learn everything about the Academic Task 1 and Task 2 in this struggling to get the score that you need in the IELTS writing part of the test?. The book is published by Cambridge University to help IELTS students to prepare for the IELTS exam and pass it with a high score. ​The eBooks cover writing, listening, reading, speaking, vocabulary, grammar ​The listening book covers all of the question types used in the IELTS test from.

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And finally in the fourth attempt I scored 7. Really a good book to improve the score and for guaranteed success. Thanks buddy and appreciate the efforts taken for the book.


A piece of advice for those who are considering to download this book. It is a gem. If achieving a high band score in writing section is your goal, I would recommend this book to polish your writing skills.

The writer deserves tons of appreciation for this contribution. This book highlights the major pitfalls of students in the test and guides through a well planned method.

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Every section of the essay has been given a special importance, and the most effective techniques are demonstrated to write a well responded, coherent and grammtically accurate essay. It's worth downloading it. Thanks again.

I highly recommend downloading the step by step writing skill for task 2, this eBook teaches you how to construct an essay from introduction to conclusion. It is so easy to understand and follow and even has some examples of essays you will encounter on the actual exams.

This is good for both academic and general training module.

Glenn — The Philippines feedback from Facebook. Band 6. Well worth it.

It is nearly always the writing that candidates have the most difficulty with and find the most difficult to improve. This is mainly because of the time constraints placed on the test — one hour to write a graph description and an essay is not a lot of time!

Of course there is no overnight trick to suddenly achieve a great band score, but there are tried and tested IELTS examination writing techniques that will help you to achieve the score you need if you are willing to take some advice and apply it. You can learn strategies and tips for the listening and reading fairly quickly — it is then a matter of finding tests online or from some books and then simply practicing them as much as possible.

You may also be able to find a friend to speak with. But with the writing, although just practicing essays is useful, this is not going to help if you are not aware of some of the keys elements that are needed for a high-scoring essay and how to achieve these in a short space of time. It works from the basics for those who are at a lower level, and then builds on this to show you writing that is at a higher level. For example, it will explain key sentence structure building techniques for line graph language, passive structures for processes, language of comparison and contrast for Task 1 graphs and maps, and discussions of conjuntions and transitions used to build cohesion for essays.

But there are plenty of grammar books you can find to supplement your writing and it would take a whole book in itself to go through every grammar point possible. The main focus of the book is building on the skills of question analysis, paragraph writing, coherency and cohesion and writing faster. Read on to find out more about the specific contents of the book. Take a look and then download some sample pages below.

I'm sure that if you use the IELTS eBook properly and read and work through all the exercises you will improve your score. That's why there is a 30 day money back guarantee with the book.

If you really feel you have not gained or learned anything from the book then you can let me know and I will refund your money. However, if you are doing the general training, the Task 2 book will still be suitable because you need to write an essay.

Recommended Book List for IELTS

When you download the book or books you'll be sent a link where you can download the full PDF of the ebook. If you do not have a paypal account then you still need to click on the "checkout with paypal button", but on the next page simply click on the " Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit " tab and you can then pay with your credit or debit card.

Please double check that you input the correct email address when you make the download otherwise you will not receive the eBook. Then you might be interested in also downloading our IELTS Academic Reading Guide, which is three eBooks packed full of practice tests, in-text answers, tips and strategies and an answer key.

Introducing Magoosh’s Guide to the IELTS Exam!

View the Reading eBook. Some examples of how tips and strategies from IELTS buddy can help you to acheive the score you need: Hi my dear friends, I'm Sarah and I am the author of the post Shared my IELTS materials collection and where to get it I have received many requests of sending my materials via email and I am very happy to share them with you.

However, I am afraid that I will not online all the time and I may send the materials late, I decide to give you the materials directly on this post. Please click directly on the name of the book to get them 1.

IELTS high-score vocabularies Collin Cobuild Grammar You can find more books in: If you cannot download any books, please kindly leave me a message, I will send you the new file as soon as I can Your friend, Sarah.

IELTS Actual Test Reading & Listening

Jun 25, Hi Sarah, This link is not working for me, "Reading: Aug 3, Aug 15, Hi Sarah, I've tried downloading the materials, but without any success. When I 'skip'after the 5 sec ad, it just redirects me to an online shop in my country.Aug 15, Hi Sarah, I've tried downloading the materials, but without any success.

You will be able to start studying immediately after payment. Also note that the practice test materials in this book are for the academic paper only.

A piece of advice for those who are considering to download this book. Ahmad — Kuwait feedback from Facebook.