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I Am Gifted So Are You Ebook. Centurionviet. Books & reference > E-reader. Wish list. This book documents the skills and strategies that have made possible. This second edition of Adam's masterpiece I Am Gifted, So Are You! emphasises the point that the genius in each person can be unleashed with proper. This books (I am Gifted, So are You! [PDF]) Made by Adam Khoo About Books This updated edition is packed with highly actionable success strategies and .

I Am Gifted So Are You Pdf

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, a best- selling author and a peak performance trainer and professional stocks & FX trader. I am gifted, so are you! / Adam Khoo ; with forewords by Tony Wong, Ernest; Digital Description: application/pdf, x, p.: ill. (some col.) All Rights Reserved. Get Free Read & Download Files I Am Gifted So Are You PDF. I AM GIFTED SO ARE YOU. Download: I Am Gifted So Are You. I AM GIFTED SO ARE YOU - In.

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I am gifted, so are you! Adam Khoo ; Tony Buzan Publisher: New York: Marshall Cavendish, English View all editions and formats Summary: Every student can achieve and excel if given the opportunity! This book will inspire legions of students to stretch and realise their potential. Adam shares with readers the skills and success strategies of his personal journey, in simple and clear terms, with exercises to help train others in his techniques.

It is the perfect book for students, paren. Read more Show all links. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Electronic books Additional Physical Format: Print version: Khoo, Adam.

Document, Internet resource Document Type: Adam Khoo ; Tony Buzan Find more information about: Adam Khoo Tony Buzan. Over , copies sold worldwide! Written by best-selling author and peak performance trainer Adam Khoo.

Adam is one of the most dynamic and powerful speakers in Asia and has trained over , students, teachers, professionals, investors and business owners to achieve excellence. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

Be the first. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Similar Items Related Subjects: Study skills.

Linked Data More info about Linked Data. Primary Entity http: MediaObject , schema: CreativeWork , schema: Gay Chee Cheong. Audrey Tan. Kimmie Leong.

Tommie Goh. Roger Khoo and all the members of the YEO. Mike Moey. Jie Yao and Maximillian Tung. Zeng Guangwei. Genevieve Theseiria. Samuel Chia. Bernard Goh. Melvyn Koh. Alvin Woon. Andrew and Evonne Wee. Not forgetting the management and staff of Adcom S Pte Ltd. Audrey Ng. Dave Rogers. He has worked with hundreds of schools.

Berita Harian. A self-made millionaire at the age of His business interests include pre-school education. The BusinessTimes. Over the past two decades.

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur. The New Paper. Lianhe Zaobao. His success and achievements have been featured in The Straits Times. The Sunday Times. He does this by imparting them his highly actionable success strategies in accelerated learning.

MediaCorp Channel 8 Money News. Adam is known as one of the most dynamic and powerful speakers in Asia. You too can connect with him on www. Adam was ranked among the 25 richest Singaporeans under the age of 40 by The Executive magazine. Malaysia Sun.

I Am Gifted, So Are You!

A life enthusiast with an unceasing passion for helping others. The Hindu. The Star and even on Brazilian national TV. He continues to inspire thousands of people around the world by sharing his success strategies and life insights on his personal website. In News Radio To date. Use Your Head. His classic bestseller. Tony Buzan. Chairman of the Brain Foundation and developer of the concept of Mental Literacy.

I Am Gifted So Are You

London in August Founder of The Brain Trust. In addition. Tony Buzan is also a much sought-after speaker. The way in which this gigantic and apparently impossible leap is made is virtually always through self-realization. This includes. Every page glistens with intelligence. Enter Adam! On my lecture tours around the world focusing on the development of human intelligence and the creation of thinking and learning organizations.

Self-realization is also always nearly based on learning how the brain and body work individually and in concert. So Are You! His title is correct. My case has always been that the inherent intellectual capacity and basic creative brilliance of all human beings is far greater than we have ever thought and have regularly been told about. He did this not only on a short-term basis. He is gifted! This does not need to be proven in any other way for you than by reading this book which you now hold in your hands.

It is wonderful. First I would like to congratulate you on picking up this book. The fact that you are now investing your time and effort in reading it clearly shows that deep inside you know instinctively that you are capable of a lot more than what you are achieving now.

Whether you are already a good student, an average one or an underachiever, you have the potential to produce fantastic results. You know and believe that you have within you, a gifted person waiting to be unleashed! Almost every day, I go around giving seminars and training thousands of students and teachers on how to unleash their learning genius and produce straight A results. Newspapers and TV programmes have referred to me as a master of learning and a genius.

I can tell you that the person who is most shocked by all this is…myself. After all, not too long ago, everybody referred to me as a lazy, indifferent and stupid kid who will never amount to anything. People who meet me now cannot believe that I was once a below average student who kept failing exams and who was almost doomed to have no future. Well, the strange thing is that it is absolutely true.

I do not care how many times people may have given up on you or told you that you were dumb, hopeless, good for nothing and slow. You, like me, have the power to turn everything around in a short period of time and become gifted! In this book, I want to share with you exactly how you can achieve this. And remember, I am not teaching you how to succeed from the perspective of someone who was born smart and who has succeeded all his life.

I am teaching you from the perspective of someone who was once labelled an underachiever and a below average student. So if you are not doing too well in school right now, I know exactly how you feel. I was there before, at the bottom.

As a young kid, I hated reading. All I wanted to do was to play computer games and watch TV. That made me hate teachers, studying and school even more! Well, things got worse and worse. There, I still continued to play and ignored my studies totally.

As a result, when the Primary School Leaving Examination PSLE results were announced, I did so badly that I was rejected by all the six secondary schools that my parents listed as their choices.

Instead, I was dispatched to Ping Yi Secondary School, a relatively new public school that no one we knew had heard of. While I was not expected to suddenly shine at this new school, no one expected that I would backslide so far that my exasperated Secondary One mathematics teacher would call up my mother to ask why I could not even do a Primary Four mathematics problem.

At that time, passing a subject was the greatest achievement of my life.

In my entire cohort of over students, I was among the bottom ten. My parents panicked and sent me for lots of private tuition. It came to a point when they thought that the only solution would be to send me for an overseas education.

They thought if I stayed on in Singapore, where the education system was so competitive, I would never qualify to get into any tertiary institution. It was at the lowest ebb of my school career that my father learned of a motivational programme for teenagers designed to teach them how to study and take charge of their lives. So, on a Sunday morning in , I was dropped off at a local hotel and put under the charge of the Master Trainer, Mr.

Ernest Wong. I was a mere year-old among other students aged between 12 and On that day, I was far from thrilled at having my precious school holidays burnt. What I learnt and experienced had transformed my whole attitude and outlook of my studies and my life. I was also astounded by the power of accelerated learning strategies and how I could use it to literally increase my brain-power for memory, reading and concentration.

I learnt that everyone, even the most mediocre students among us, had the potential to become geniuses and. The only things holding us back were our disempowering beliefs and negative attitudes. This one idea had a tremendous impact on me. I used to believe that I was just not as smart as those kids in the top schools and in the gifted programmes.

That no matter how hard I studied, I would never be as good as they are. So why even try? But now, I believed that it was possible to accomplish anything I set my mind on. If someone could get into the gifted programme, so could I!

I wholeheartedly accepted what I was told. Once I left the camp, I was extremely charged up and excited about the future ahead. I felt like I could do anything. My second goal was to do well enough to get a place in Victoria Junior College the top junior college in Singapore. Impossible dreams? Back home and in school, I swung into action. Up went the self- drawn motivational posters on my walls. I started using all the learning strategies I had learned in the camp. I started taking whole-brained notes in class and started speed-reading in front of my friends.

When asked a question by the teacher, I was able to rattle of all the points in perfect order, thanks to the super memory techniques I had learnt. Naturally, everyone became curious. My teachers asked me what had gotten into me. I responded by telling them that I was going to top the school. They looked at me as if I was crazy. They all burst out laughing. None of us will ever make it there! Only students from top schools can make it there, not us!

See a Problem?

I was out to prove a point and to change history. This enabled me to rise from the bottom of the school to rank among the top 18, all in one memorable year, I was also admitted into the. You just need to create the desire within you to aim for what you want.

I begin this book with my life experience not to impress you. Are you ready to create an extraordinary new life for yourself? Then turn the page and read on! I want to share with you all I have learned because the journey to self-discovery is the most exciting one anyone can embark on.

Event Gurus Pte Ltd. The company. This is what this book is all about. We will learn more about this in Chapter 5: You Have the Brain of a Genius.

You and almost every student on the planet have basically the same brain and nervous system. I believe that success leaves behind clues. How do you study for it? How many steps do you go through? I have posed this question to thousands of students and you know what? I get thousands of different answers! No wonder different students produce different results. When do you start studying for your end of the year examination? If you can learn and duplicate the learning strategies of super students.

They read through their notes and textbooks step 1 and go for the examination step 2. Some students study with only … a. They either just fail or scrape through. Two steps. These students are the ones who are the borderline cases. Different strategies.

The reason is that the former have somehow learnt or instinctively used the right strategies to access a greater portion of their brain power whereas the others have not.

Three steps. Each of these nine steps is covered in-depth throughout this book. Step 1: Learning begins on day one. They read their notes and textbooks. I believe that before you do that. And studying began not from one to three months before the examination. Four steps. Believe it or not. This is very important because the goals you set will determine how you study and therefore your results! Chances are. In Chapter The Time of Your Life. Of course!

Step 2: As a result. After all. You will learn more about this in Chapter Dare to Dream. Step 3: Taking Consistent Action Everybody can set goals and develop great plans and schedules. Remember that not all the words in a textbook are important.

Chapter It is the ability to constantly follow through every day to read their textbooks. I will share with you how to get yourself to take consistent action in Chapter Motivation — Moving Beyond Procrastination. You need to extract only the words known as Keywords that give you the information. You must begin by power reading textbooks and relevant reading materials for important information. Step 4: Power-Reading for Information This is the first of the super learning strategies.

You will learn this in Chapter 6: Power Reading for Information. By the time you actually sit down and get some work done. You will learn all this in Chapters 8. This will be covered in Chapter 7: The Ultimate Note-Making Tool. Step 7: Step 6: Super Memory The next step is to use Super Memory techniques to easily and effortlessly absorb all the important information. This starts two months before the examination and is covered in Chapter The Final Countdown. Step 8: Exam Preparation The last super learning strategy is knowing how to prepare for the examination.

Many educational systems are moving towards higher order thinking and away from pure memory based questions. The Final Battle. Before you can achieve level two.

Step 5: Step 9: Taking the Exam The last yet most important step in the Successful Learning Process is taking the examination. I have found that almost every student in every country around the world shares the 16 most common problems listed below. From my research. When you know your outcome.

I believe that there are limiting strategies and habits you would like to change. So…you are not alone! Before you continue to the next chapter. Two examples are provided. Many students make the excuse that they do not perform well in school because of many problems they have with learning.

They think that good students do not encounter these same problems. No matter how well you are doing in school. I want you to list all the skills and abilities you will need in order to score the results that you truly desire.

By the time you get to the last chapter. I want you to: As you read this book. But before we start on the journey of learning. Chapter 3 Are You Ready to Succeed? Although thousands of students have read this book and have gone through my training programmes.

Before going further. The reason is that they start off with the wrong Frame of Mind. There is hardly any commitment and power behind their desire. This way. There is a big difference! When you WANT to succeed. But it is not a MUST for them. In other words. My answer is. If it means that you have to totally change the way you study. What does this mean? It means that if you have to study ten hours a day.

I have discovered that there are two distinct Frames of Mind. The question is whether you are willing to do whatever it takes!

In my experience. If you do get anything less. If you have the wrong Frame of Mind. You will not accept anything less. You can have that of a Winner or that of a Loser.

To these students. And how can you get into the mindset of the Winner? Winners operate from the frame of mind that they WANT to succeed in what they do! This is the kind of students who will go through this book and wind up having the same results as before. To them. The other characteristic of Winners is that they are in control of their lives. I urge you to read this book from the Frame of Mind of a Winner! I believe you can achieve great things but you must make it a MUST for yourself!

You must be willing to do whatever it takes. They are not willing to follow everything I teach in this book. For example. If their parents do not trust them. Winners always take responsibility for whatever happens in their lives! They believe that whatever happens. As a friend and a mentor. If they are in the worst class.

Their mathematics is not as bad as it looks. They never take responsibility for what happens in their lives. They also tend to blame everyone except themselves. This makes you a victim. Because if you believe that you are the cause of everything. Worst of all.

That if you change what you do and apply all the strategies you learn. So all the strategies and techniques in this book are not going to help at all!

If they are top students. They blame their teachers for being boring. They are in fact working hard when deep inside they know that they are not. You are in control. Other people and other things are causing you to fail! It is not your fault. Because by doing so. If you make excuses.

It is extremely powerful to put the responsibility on yourself. If they fail badly in school. You must WANT to succeed in learning. You must do whatever it takes. Get ready to begin the journey by learning one of the most powerful ingredients of success…your beliefs! With this level of commitment.

Understand that you are in control! By changing your strategies and your actions. From now on. That no matter how hard I studied. I used to believe that I was a lousy student. In the past. They determine the kind of actions you take.

It all starts with your beliefs. They determine whether you will try something or not. I know this may seem very simplistic to you. They determine whether you give up easily after a setback or you will persevere.

In turn. The same thing goes for you! It cuts off all possibilities. Your beliefs are extremely powerful because they are like the operating system in your brain. No way! Turning beliefs into reality takes the necessary skills and actions to back it up. The kind of actions you take will determine how much of your potential you will tap.

It will tap all your potential and open up the possibility of producing those results! But once you do not believe that you can do something. They determine the kind of goals you set. The point is that when you believe something. With such weak action. Even if you do not get exactly what you want.

Whatever you believe. You will study with passion.

This is what I call the cycle of success. Do you think you will take action and study hard? To do this. Many students I know are caught in this trap called the cycle of failure. Once you do this. And the more they fail. Changing your beliefs will cause everything else to change! They keep failing because they think they will fail.

When I tell some people to change their beliefs. The difference between successful students and lousy students lies in their different beliefs. If they empower you. If it limits you. What Would You Do. If you did. For every person that believes that mathematics is boring. If a belief is really true.

What do you mean change my beliefs? How can I change my beliefs? My beliefs are true! What if I really am lousy and forgetful? What if learning really is boring? I cannot change that! They are only true to the person who believes them. And no matter what belief you have. If you are not sure how. The whole trouble is that you did not consciously decide to pick your beliefs. Dr Georgi Lozanov. Chances are if it happened just one more time. It means that if you learn the concepts and techniques properly.

The point is that you may not be bad at maths at all! Perhaps the relevant concepts were not explained properly to you or perhaps you used the wrong techniques or misread the question. Another way our beliefs are formed is by making inaccurate generalisations of our past experiences. But using the wrong techniques and believing that you are inherently bad in mathematics are two very different things.

Without meaning to do so. Like our parents. When you tell yourself that you used the wrong methods. This is a generalisation you make of a past experience and if you hold on to this belief about yourself.

We all make mistakes now and again. We are so used to them that we treat them as realities that we live by. Hating maths. I understood addition was putting things together and subtracting was taking something away. The quality of life you are living right now is a direct result of the labels you have collected and pasted on yourself. For some reason. I could not do it. In this way. We especially make these generalisations about ourselves and they end up becoming beliefs we have about ourselves.

I began to really believe I could not do maths and began associating maths with frustration and failure. My parents were extremely frustrated and thought that I was just dumb. Over time. She failed maths in school too. My friends began asking me for help with their homework and I kept receiving praise from the teacher.

None of my friends in class bothered to do the same. I spent the night before reading up the chapter in the textbook I had just bought. When the teacher asked for a problem to be solved. The feeling was so good. It so happened that because I had read through the chapter. I was the only one who could give a correct answer and a clear explanation. Maths suddenly became fun.

Needless to say. I did eventually learn what multiply meant in primary school. The reason for my sudden spark of genius was simply because I had bothered to read ahead. It was a course that everyone said was very tough. My entire beliefs had changed. I failed maths repeatedly. Then something happened that changed my beliefs and my life forever. It was the beginning of a new class called Additional Maths.

The next day. If you believe that school is boring. Remember that our beliefs are never absolutely true. Then in He formed a new belief that it was possible. But if we believe in them. If you believe that learning is fun. Many made this generalisation and formed this belief because anybody who attempted had failed. Doctors reinforced this belief by showing evidence from their study of the human body that it was physically impossible to achieve this feat.

Since the s. This is called the placebo effect. What cured them was a change in their beliefs! What really cures you is your own belief that you will get cured. For thousands of years.

In fact. In an experiment where they gave cancer patients sugar water and told them that it was a new powerful drug that would melt their tumours. They are merely opinions and generalisations. In the next exercise. Fill in the note pad below now. After lots of training mentally and physically. STEP 1: Starting right now. My Current Limiting Beliefs 1. Write down beliefs you have about yourself. Instead of keeping labels others have stuck on you.

If you think hard enough. Would this be a blow to your parents? I want you to feel that it is absolutely necessary for you to rid yourself of these beliefs now. List down also. STEP 2: What could be another reason for it happening? For each of your negative beliefs. STEP 4: What kind of beliefs or labels would you like to have in order to get the results you want?

New Empowering Beliefs References 1 I am a motivated person When I was preparing for the inter-school basketball game. I practised four hours every day after school.

He imagined himself accomplishing that feat. These students treat mistakes or failures as an outcome which they can learn from and constantly change their study techniques or strategies until they succeed. He wanted to believe he could run the mile in less than four minutes but he had no references to back up that belief as he himself never came close to doing it.

Unlike other students. If you are getting bad grades. There is no failure. In the end. Since you created the situations. By putting the responsibility on yourself.

So what Bannister did was that he created references in his mind. For things to change. If we can have the same beliefs they have. Top students enjoy their studies as much as their play. Every one of us basically has the same brain capacity or neurological make- up. I will teach you to use your brain in ways that you never have done before. Absurd notion? But now. As we go on. They are able to change their behaviour and strategies to reach their goals.

They know that before you can ever be good at anything. If others can. This is because society has programmed you to follow certain rules that are not at all useful to learning or behaving. So why do some of us perform exceptionally well while the rest turn in a mediocre performance? In this book. Flexibility puts you in control. Studying is playing. In order to break free from the rut that you are in and scale to greater heights.

Chris would return home past his curfew hour each time. So a changed Chris began returning home before his curfew expired. He also began cleaning his own room without been reminded to. He felt they did not trust him and the restrictions they imposed on him were ridiculous. Most of his friends stayed out way past midnight on weekends. His mother was further pleasantly surprised when he began helping out in the kitchen.

They began to regard him as a mature and responsible young man and. When Chris approached me for advice after I had directed a few Super-Teen camps.

Chris had to be home by 7 pm on weekdays. His entreaties to his father to stop treating him like a child fell on deaf ears. Chris was surprised but he listened carefully when I explained that if he wanted things to change. While I acknowledge that there are some people who are born gifted. Many people ask me if I believe that some students are just more intelligent than others. I am a good example. More intelligent students learn faster and produce better results.

You often hear people complain that they are not as smart as other people. If you decide today that you want to increase your brain power.

They say they have a slower brain. What I mean is that if you are not intelligent. I basically trained my brain to be gifted. At the age of six. What Aaron Stern did was he gave his daughter the most stimulating environment he could think of. This indicates that we have tremendous brain power by comparison.

In comparison. You can start the training of your brain at any age! But how is it possible to increase your intelligence? To understand the whole process. The result of all his effort? At the age of one. Although extremely tiny. Our brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurones.

The good news is you do not have to start at a very young age to train your brain. Edith could already speak complete sentences. The storage capacity of one neurone is also extremely huge as each cell contains our entire genetic blueprint necessary to recreate another human being just like us!

We have on average. From the time she was born. At the age of These connections are called neuro-connections. These connections determine our range of behaviours and therefore. What makes one student smarter than another? The answer is the number of connections there are between our neurones. Another student may be brilliant at drawing because he has the necessary thought connections that allow him to conceptualise and render the drawings.

Twenty weeks after conception. If you are really good in solving maths problems. The more neuro-connections we have. I want you to change direction ou! Are you ready to play with me? This is determined by how much you use your brain. Go on! Was that easy?

Did you get a bit confused in the beginning? When you eventually did manage to change the direction in which your arms were folded. Every time you see. This is when your brain starts making more connections. After a few rounds. We tend to hate and avoid subjects we are lousy at.

Do more and you get better at something. Your brain learned to balance. You have got to keep doing more and more maths! The reason you are lousy at algebra is because you do not have enough neuro-connections to allow you to understand and apply algebra.

Think about this.

By doing more and more algebra. This sounds really simple. But most students do not follow this basic principle. If you are lousy at maths. I bet the answer will be less.

Because in the process of doing something new over and over. When asked to do something different. At the same time.A teacher used an example of 3 x 2 as having two boxes of three owers each. Our eyes must pause to pick up information. V W F Unfortunately. This is what is happening to your brain when it reads too slowly. If you believe that school is boring.

My entire beliefs had changed.