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Kiyomaro Takamine, genius middle schooler, is greeted one morning by Gash Bell, a boy with a mysterious red book. Tasked by his father to decipher it, Kiyomaro soon learns Gash is no ordinary boy. With Kiyomaro being the only one who can read Gash's book, the duty of partner is. Also known as:* Zatchbell!* Konjiki no Gash!!* 金色のガッシュ!!* GASH! Zatch Bell! , Volume 1 (Zatch Bell! #1), Zatch Bell!, Volume 2 (Zatch Bell! #2), Zatch. Zatch Bell!» 25 issues edits to this page. English translation of the Japanese manga Konjiki no Gasshu!! published by Shogakukan. Expand full wiki summary .

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Zatch Bell Comic Volume Complete Set Makoto Raiku Manga Japan C The Zatch Bell! manga (known as Konjiki no Gash!! (金色のガッシュ!! Konjiki no Gasshu!!, lit. "Golden Gash!!") in Japan, Gash! in Germany, 魔法少年賈修!!. First published in Shonen Sunday magazine in , Zatch Bell was one of hundreds of manga competing to be Number Two in the newly.

A Mamodo whose spell book is burnt is then forced to return to the Mamodo world and lose all claim to the position as king. The last Mamodo standing without their book destroyed becomes the new Mamodo king.

When the last ten books and their owners are left, a change takes place. All the Mamodo whose books have been burnt or were living in the Mamodo world are turned into spirits.

On winning the title of King, the Mamodo can erase any of the Mamodo which are in spirit form and can rule for the term of the next years. Main article: List of Zatch Bell! His father, Seitaro Takamine, discovers an unconscious child named Zatch Bell while in a forest in England , and sends Zatch to live with Kiyo.

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Unlike the other Mamodo, Zatch lost his memory of the Mamodo world. Kiyo learns about the spell book when he reads a spell causing Zatch to fire lightning from his mouth the spell is mentioned in the first episode.

As Kiyo and Zatch begin to encounter different Mamodos and learn more about the Mamodo battles, they discover that there are those who do not wish to fight and there are those who fight for the wrong reasons. After meeting a Mamodo named Kolulu and seeing how this kind Mamodo was forced to fight due to the power of her spells, Zatch decides to become a kind king in order to stop the battle from ever happening again. As the story progresses, Zatch and Kiyo meet other Mamodos that share similar views to them and become allies.

They meet allies such as Megumi Oumi and Tia in which they specialize in defensive spells such as different types of shields.

Zatch met Kafk Sunbeam and Umagon earlier in England. Umagon is a Mamodo who specializes in transformation spells that can put armor around his body and increase his speed. Shery Sherie Belmont and Brago who was originally Zatch and Kiyo's rival in the series later becomes their allies and he has gravity type spells.

As the number of Mamodos decreases, Zatch and his allies encounter a Mamodo called Zofis who takes control of several Mamodos who were sealed in stone from the previous battle to decide the king. With Kiyo and Zatch needing more allies, they meet Dr. Riddles and Kido. They helped teach the main allies how to unlock new spells such as Zatch unlocking the sixth spell. Kiyo and Zatch with friends make their way to South America to fight off Zofis and the thousand year Mamodos.

Many characters fell and got their book burned. The most notable one was Kido who was sent back to the Mamodo world after fighting Belgium E. Ultimately, Sherry and Brago came to help to fight Zofis.

Zatch Bell!

Zofis took control of Sherry's friend Koko who Zofis makes her do evil things such as burning a whole town. Sherry and Brago beat Zofis but not without the help of Kiyo and friends.

Sherry gets Koko back to normal and the battle in South America is over. After the battle against Zofis, the whole world is put in danger after a giant Mamodo named Faudo is brought to life by a Mamodo named Riou. Riou was looking for Mamodos that have enough strength to help activate Faudo. So he puts a curse on Li-en and Wonrei who Kiyo and Zatch befriend in the middle of the series. The protagonists make their way to Faudo to try to destroy it and to save their friends.

The battle in Faudo was the toughest battle for the characters up to that point in the story.

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May 18, [4].

Zatch Bell! Series

August 2, [8]. August 9, [12]. August 2, [13].

October 18, [14]. October 11, [15]. January 18, [16]. December 20, [17].

April 18, [18]. February 21, [19]. July 18, [20]. April 18, [21]. October 18, [22].

June 20, [23]. December 18, [24]. August 15, [25]. March 18, [26].

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October 10, [27]. April 18, [28]. December 12, [29].

June 18, [30]. February 13, [31]. August 8, [32]. April 10, [33]. November 15, [34].

This series provides examples of:

June 12, [35]. January 17, [36]. August 14, [37]. March 18, [38]. October 9, [39]. June 18, [40]. December 11, [41]. August 5, [42] [43].

February 12, [44]. November 18, [45]. April 8, [46]. January 14, [47].March 16, [71]. October 10, [27]. Friendship Curry. Just about every character could qualify for this to some degree, given the series' tendency towards Melodrama.

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