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truths of Fascinating Womanhood to so many women. Dedicated also to my PDF format only. Further copies of this book can be downloaded in PDF. Other things also began going wrong. She damaged the car, and it was off the road for two weeks Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood - Health House. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair What makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness .

Fascinating Womanhood Pdf

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How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair What makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman? These are. Fascinating womanhood by Helen B. Andelin, , Pacific Press Santa Barbara edition, in English. SECRETS OF FASCINATING WOMANHOOD PDF:To show you how to unlock all the love and tenderness in your husband.A book you will never forget.

February 21, History. Add another edition? Fascinating womanhood Helen B. Fascinating womanhood Close. Want to Read.

Fascinating Womanhood

Are you sure you want to remove Fascinating womanhood from your list? Fascinating womanhood by Helen B. Written in English. People Mumtaz Mahal. Times - The Physical Object Pagination p.

Number of pages Readers waiting for this title: Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Aug 28, Amanda rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Ok, my grandmother wrote this book. No kidding - my mother's mother so I kind of grew up with it and this is what I have to say about it: This is a very important, and very helpfull book about discovering who you are as a woman, and how to deal with men. I only gave it four stars because there are a couple of minor things in it that need to be updated, but my grandmother who is still alive at 88 is so old that she refuses to change anything.

Despite all that, I read this book through for the Ok, my grandmother wrote this book. Despite all that, I read this book through for the first time when I was twelve and it changed my life. I believe in its basic teachings and I'm grateful to have a better sense of what a woman is.

It has made me so much happier. It helps my marriage and it helps my self-esteem. I refer to this book often and I truly feel that my grandmother was inspired.

You have to read it through, though, to get the full idea of what she was trying to tell women. Trust me on this one when I say it's an important read. There's also a book she wrote called "Fascinating Girl" which is directed towards young single women, whereas this one is really for married women. View all 10 comments. Apr 08, Mehrsa rated it did not like it. This book is worthwhile just for comedic value. It is absolutely ridiculous.

View all 4 comments. Aug 14, Diane rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Stepford wives. Recommended to Diane by: My church young women's advisor.

Archane guide to playing your husband: You get the idea. I read it when I was a young teen and was thoroughly creeped out. View all 12 comments.

No one. A friend jokingly asked me to read this book or I mostly likely never would have done so. All I can say is that no earnest God-loving, Christ-focused woman would ever follow the manipulative teachings of this book. Instead, it appeals to those women who long to wield dominion over their husbands rather than truly partner with them. It teaches women how to cheat their husbands out of the very things men need most like honesty, open-communication, and intimacy based on Christ-centered teachings.

T A friend jokingly asked me to read this book or I mostly likely never would have done so. The instruction in this book is utterly heartbreaking.

Perhaps I'm naive but I didn't realize the extent to which some people would go to impose their will upon another. This book teaches women how to use cunning and artifice to obtain what the author calls a "righteous power" over their husbands.

I was saddened, sickened, and even brought to tears. Fascinating Womanhood is an example of evil practices being hailed as noble and even necessary. Be wary! This book could do eternal damage to marriages and individuals.

Its very design pulls adherents away from the teachings of Christ and into the realm of game-playing, manipulation, and deceit. Honor, fidelity, integrity and genuine love can never, ever be built upon a foundation of dishonesty. View all 3 comments. May 25, Kate Turner rated it did not like it Shelves: This book has contributed nothing meaningful to my marriage.

Wait, no We now make plenty of great jokes about derailing a fight by acting girlish. For example, husband says: View 1 comment. Aug 14, Dawn rated it did not like it. Absolutely horrifying. Every word. Unless women want to be weak, outwardly submissive, seemingly helpless, subtly manipulative, and encouraging of pedophilic tendencies in men. Give me Lara Croft over a Madame Alexander doll any day.

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I'm going to stop reviewing now, before I become really angry, swear a blue streak, and commit perfectly justifiable acts of violence. View all 8 comments. Dec 11, Marci rated it really liked it. This book is widely misunderstood as a book on how to oppress women by making them a servant and doormat to their husbands.

It is actually a very enlightening book on the differences between men and women, and how the feminist movement has made all of us women diminish the importance of not only being a wife and mother, but also a homemaker. Women are never encouraged to put up with abuse, but also this teaches how women may unknowingly be annoying and driving their husbands away from them.

The This book is widely misunderstood as a book on how to oppress women by making them a servant and doormat to their husbands. The best part of the book is understanding how men think. Most of the things in the book will make you want to throw up. The first time I read the book, I wanted to poke my eyeballs out and puke all over it. And the best and most annoying part of this book is that it actually works. Read the other reviews - women either love it or hate it.

It helped me to see that I was in such an abusive relationship that I would never be happy or treated well.

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We divorced in and I feel sooo much better. There will be no second guessing that I didn't try my best, that I was selfish or mean to him. It's crystal clear to me that I was a great wife and the problem was with him. So to add to Ms Andelin's advice, I really think that if a woman is married to a normal, halfway decent man, but she is acting like an idiot, and then she tries some of this stuff, he will change and treat her like gold.

I have since dated other men and I do agree that men need to be treated with respect. I think in our feminist society, we disrespect and devalue men a lot. If they are disrespectful to us, they need to be kicked to the curb. I will not have my daughters growing up thinking that they should wait on a man hand and foot so that they can be treated like a doormat.

I kept waiting for my husband to be kind to me and to treat me like an equal, and he instead continued to be a huge asshole. Ahhhhh that feels sooo good to get off my chest. So read the book with an open mind. It's okay to change yourself into a better person to make your husband happy, as long as he is a decent person and has the desire to change into a better person to make you happy.

View all 7 comments. Jun 26, Alicia rated it did not like it Shelves: I learned absolutely nothing from this book, unless you count that I found out that Helen Andelin is crazy and, in her mind, probably lives in the s. This book teaches women how to be submissive and weak, because that's the way a "true woman" is, as well as to be half-retarded, in order to treat a man right. According to Andelin, men must be catered to all of their lives, and find a weak woman fascinating because they want to scoop her up in their arms and protect her, forever.

This would be I learned absolutely nothing from this book, unless you count that I found out that Helen Andelin is crazy and, in her mind, probably lives in the s. This would be great as an advice book about years ago, but now, it is ridiculous, and dated compared with the way we live our lives now.

I also take issue with the author because, towards the back of the book, possibly in the summary? This book did do one thing, however-it made me glad that my mother, grandma, and aunts raised me to think big, succeed in the real world, and be a strong, independent woman. Apr 08, Nicole rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This book had me excited and angry the whole time.

I can see where the book was supposed to lead women in marriage. With all of my heart I understand that a man is the patriarch of the home. However, I think that so many women have been misguided in reading this and I feel sad. I am grateful to have a husband that I can discuss what I read with. I would of believed everything I read if it were not for his input. Do I recommend the book? Well, if you feel that a woman should have no voice and tha This book had me excited and angry the whole time.

Well, if you feel that a woman should have no voice and that they make nice floor mats To my daughters Jan 23, Kelly rated it it was amazing. As with any book of this type you take what you need at the time and ignore the rest. There are some things that I didn't agree with, but the overall message is about how men and women are different and how they compliment each other.

This is not a book for those deep into the feminist movement, but it is for those who are proud to be a woman. It is quite contriversial and I know that a few years ago I wouldn't have liked it. It is a proactive book and is not about changing anyone, but yourself As with any book of this type you take what you need at the time and ignore the rest. It is a proactive book and is not about changing anyone, but yourself to make your life more harmonious. I'm glad I read it. I think it has made me a better person, mother, and wife.

Oct 05, G-- rated it did not like it Shelves: Freaking hilarious. Feb 23, Heather rated it did not like it Recommends it for: People looking for a laugh. Those who like to sit in coffee shops, their mouths agog. I don't know what to say about this book. There is so much to criticize that I could write a novel. Mostly the book makes me sad.

To Andelin, a man is so breakable that he is like a delicate piece of porcelain. Something you must wrap in cotton and store on a high shelf.

A baby you must coddle and protect from the real world.

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He is so weak, and his self confidence so fragile, that he will crumble unless he is kept in a world of delusion.

A woman, in Andelin's mind, should be 1 part helpless idiot I don't know what to say about this book. A woman, in Andelin's mind, should be 1 part helpless idiot, 1 part doormat, and 1 part manipulative child.

If she wants a man to love and adore her, she must cater to a man's every whim while always discounting her every need. She mustn't display a scintilla of independence or self sufficiency. She should never pursue masculine lines of work such as carpentry or mechanics. Nor should she have a say in the life of her family. To be anything but a stupid helpless child is to discard your feminine qualities for masculine ones. For, you see, an independent, smart, capable woman turns men off.

She castrates them. She is actually serious. As I read, I kept thinking, "Who would even want a man like that?! What an unbelievable baby!!! I asked my husband if he saw anything wrong with the book as I was practicing it. He has not read it.

He has been so pleased with the new me that he describes the book as "speaking the truth in love".

As I have practiced what the book says, I have always checked my motives to make sure they were honest and pure in the things I said and did. I believe in the Trinity, which is different from Mormon belief. I believe the only way a person can truly and sincerely practice the ideas in the book is by the grace of God through the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every time I have asked God to show me how to apply the principles and to empower me to apply them He has taken over and blessed my husband and me beyond anything any human ability could do. I don't know the author, but I love her for what she has done to help me understand how to respect and win I Peter 3: Her dearly loved husband has recently died and she misses him sorely.

I pray for her often. I highly recommend both books. Gratitude Gratitude!! Thank you for your urgently needed contribution to humanity.

I wish you more and more success in fulfilling the purpose of your life in service to God and fellow man. I know of women who have and still read your book, and swear by it. They recommended it to their daughters and to friends of whom I am one. It left his face scarred and changed. Less than a year later he was involved in a horrible car accident that broke his back, injured his spine and scarred his face even more. For six months he lived in a back brace and we weren't sure what damage had been done.

Fearing that we might lose him, I desired to make whatever stay he had left on earth tranquil and full. It was such a revelation! God was so good to lead me to such knowledge.

I put it into practice immediately. I think he secretly feared because of his loss of strength and loss of part of his beard by the cobalt. The more I heaped it on, the stronger he became. I even admired his scars. I told him that they were war wounds truly received in the line of battle, and also that they gave his face a rugged look.

At first, he wanted me to run the motor mower but I refused. In a childlike manner, I told him that it took a lot of muscle to run such a monstrosity. I had none and he had plenty.

Not only did he start mowing the lawn, but one day while I admiringly watched, he laid a long strip of concrete. And he did it so joyfully and so proudly. I am so grateful to Fascinating Womanhood, and to God for leading me to these truths. Instead of being on the defensive and arguing with him as I usually do, I simply told him how glad I was to have him home.

Then, since he didn't seem to want to talk about anything, I just left him alone. Also, instead of asking him to watch our little boy while I fixed tea, as is the usual routine, I made a sympathetic comment about him working so hard and needing to rest and I took care of the baby instead. However, that evening, after tea, for the first time since we've been married, my husband didn't leave the table immediately but sat and talked to me for a whole hour.

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It was a wonderful feeling. I felt we really communicated with each other. However, this is a very important part of Fascinating Womanhood and can bring about a huge improvement in your husband's self-esteem.

This teaching has been proved right time and time again. Yes, it is true that many wives are better at handling money than their husbands, but that is no reason to shoulder a responsibility that diminishes your femininity and undermines your husband's masculinity.

Put the responsibility back where it belongs, no matter how much your husband resists, even if you have to go broke several times. Your husband will eventually learn and become twice the man he was. I couldn't see it, smell it or touch it, and I certainly couldn't download it at the supermarket. I was too wrapped up with little things to look beyond my nose. Mine was a grey self! This fact lay heavy on my heart like lead. I forced my inner self to smile and be happy, even if the world literally fell apart around me.

It hasn't been easy, but the rewards have been great! One day he told me that he thought Fascinating Womanhood was teaching some sort of witchcraft to lure him into my web.

That evening we sat for a long time talking about our future and what a great part I play in it by finally being content and at peace with myself. There is no mountain too high for us to challenge together. I never know what to expect. There have been love notes and gifts, everything from perfume to the walnut desk I have been wanting for years.

My happiness is contagious and I am glad that it has spread to my family. I have attained heavenly love from my husband by being a happy woman. My whole attitude towards my husband, children and my homemaking role has changed. Although we had four beautiful adopted children, a lovely home, plus all the modern conveniences, and my husband was successful in his own business I thought I had a rather unhappy role in life.

It seemed my work was never done. I would spend most of the time thinking about the clothes that needed ironing, the floors that were cluttered, the finger marks on the walls, etc.

How on earth did other women keep their houses so spick and span, cook terrific meals and always look so good? I was a sloppy housekeeper and a sloppy wife in appearance. I rated myself a big zero.

In contrast my husband worked hard, enjoyed it and always looked good. He did everything well. Oh yes, I was feeling very sorry for myself. I found it was the wisest thing I have ever done. I started admiring my husband and praising the way he provided so well for us. I commented on the long hours he worked, the big responsibility he had in caring for us, and how nice and trim he looked all the time.

I began to realise that my husband has always been a terrific guy. I never appreciated just how lucky I was to be married to him. Then he started sitting in the kitchen and talking to me while I ironed.

We began actually spending our evenings together and talking like we did when we first married twelve years ago. Last night, another compliment on my dinner.

Best of all, - no more criticism from him. And since I started Fascinating Womanhood my bathrooms have been retiled, wallpaper for them is on order, and my husband has spent the last weekend building an upper bunk in our motor caravan to accommodate our growing children, a project he's been putting off for the past year. I list six things I must do every day and I get them done and don't worry about the rest, and I take time to freshen up toward the end of the day before my husband returns home.

Product details File Size:Why not share! In most cases a man stops loving a woman after marriage because she stops doing things which arouse his feelings. Enabled Matchbook Price: Reflect on a past event in your marriage and think how differently you would have behaved if you had understood your husband better. What should you talk about and what should you not talk about in feminine conversation?