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Friday, September 27, 2019

Get 2 ebook store PHP scripts on CodeCanyon. download ebook store PHP scripts from $ All from our global community of web developers. Get 3 ebooks selling PHP scripts on CodeCanyon. download ebooks selling PHP scripts from $ All from our global community of web developers. This is a brilliant idea to start your own E-Book Store with our PHP e Book Script. After analysing all the needs of eBooks Store and with our vast experience in.

Ebook Store Script

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Start your own business in internet. Using eBook Store script you can easily launch your own eBook shop. Script has nice design and you are free to create your. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 best Ebook PHP script you to sell Ebooks, but it also allows you to quickly set up an online store for. Could you please suggest a PHP script or a WP theme designed for an ebook sore? Thanks!.

Once you have done that please make sure you have filled in your PayPal account where you want to receive the payments. How to contact support? Simply by email support shopfiles.

The details view, comes with a nice 3d effect that works trough all modern browsers. This embed box shows up on every page or post you edit, upon clicking on it, you embed the ebook order. Installation Getting started is really easy and just takes a few minutes, no coding skills required. The new ebook will appear in the list along with the needed shortcodes to embed the order form.

There are three types, full order form, just download button that you can style or a direct order link. You go to the post or page where you want to insert the order form or button and paste the shortcode on the desired position. Once you visit the page you will see the form or button you created.

This is what your customers will see and they can start order with a single click and then pay via PayPal or Stripe. In case you use WooCommerce integration, you can use all available payment methods suppored by WooCommerce. Once order is completed, users will see a dedicated thank you page that the plugin created and you can modify or if you use WooCommerce integration, they can access their downloads from their order confirmation page. Optional e-mail will be sent with the ebook s as attachments, watermarked and password protected.

The password is available on the order confirmation page and the email delivery. If you use WooCommerce integration from the Pro version: 1.

Ebook store script

Upload all ebook files and set a title and price. Go to the new Ebook Store tab in the product editing screen and select the ebook store ebook you just created.

Save and once someone downloads that WooCommerce product, on the order confirmation page they will see Downloads section with all ebook formats and the password s if encryption is enabled. FAQ What is the flow?

How do I use this?

Is there a quick guide? You install the plugin.

Further, after applying this script to your site, it becomes very easy for your users to download the Ebooks in PDF format from the site. Features The script supports powerful admin panel where you can take full control on your Ebook selling site.

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Admin can categorize the Ebook on the basis of the author, publisher, and more. Using this Ebook PHP script you can share the books directly from your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Also, it has an option for Facebook comment for each book. There is an option for advertisement creation in the categories section. Also, it allows admin to place ads on the book page sidebar in just a few clicks.

It has an advanced search option where your users can find the Ebooks by book or author name. Further, users can search for books in no time by filtering the categories.

PHP Scripts for sale

Click Here For More Details 2. This script helps your users to download the book in just a few clicks by paying the required money. The script supports payment gateways such as PayPal, Skrill, Stripe and more.

Admin can collect money from their users for the individual book download. Features It not only help you to sell Ebooks, but it also allows you to quickly set up an online store for digital downloadable media like CD keys time-cards, and more.

The admin is allowed to categorize their selling items in various categories so, it is easy for users to download or download the book in just a few minutes.

Using this script, you will be up to date about users comment on each book. Also, you can view all the stats such as total registered users, active users, total products and more in the admin panel. After applying this Ebook PHP script in your site, you can display books images, name and their price on the homepage of your website. Also, there is an option for your users to add the books into the wishlist which they want to download later.

Also, you will get 6 months of support. Click Here For More Details 3. This script permits you to edit your books content with the help of an integrated editor.

Further, you can create ebooks, save them for writing later and download the book on your device with ease.

The script provides you sorted dashboard through which you can view all your created documents with its name. Further, you can edit, add, download or delete documents according to your wish.Web Templates. Cristobal Crespo, http: I have to thank you on your great site and helping me to achieve my dream of becoming an internet marketer.

Hosting plans cost less than seven bucks a month generally. Benjamin Bellville, Marietta, United States drivetothetop. There are so many unique features present in these scripts. Robert Klimt, Missouri Robert Klimt.

In just a short time I've went from a babe in the woods to feeling like I may be ready to go on my first big hunt and it's all thanks to your awesome site. You install the plugin.