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Indian History Delhi Sultanate eBook PDF Download in Hindi. Download indian history {*दिल्ली सल्तनत**} pdf notes in hindi SAS, CISF ASI, CPO ASI & Intelligence officer, FCI, Delhi Police SI etc. Tag - short notes on delhi sultanate in hindi pdf. Indian History Delhi Sultanate · Gk/GS • Notes • PDF · Indian History Delhi Sultanate eBook PDF Download in.

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Today We Are Sharing Delhi Sultanate By Rakesh Sao PDF Book in Hindi. This is Very Useful for UPSC, UPPSC, SSC etc. Exams. Under the Ghaznavid Sultan Mahm¯ud and later the Ghurid Mucizz al-DŻın, during the period lasting from the death of Harsha (–7) to the Turk invasions of. 5 फ़रवरी Medieval History Notes: Delhi Sultanate Part -1 impotant for All . Alauddin Khilji was the first Sulthan of Delhi who separated religion from.

He liquidated the Chalisa group. He started the tradition of Sijda prostration and Paibos kissing of feet. He introduced Persian festival of Nauroz.

NCERT / CBSE Book for Class 7 Social Science History

During his reign the famous governor of Bengal Tughril Khan revolted. Balban moved in person and brutally suppressed the revolt. He followed the policy of Blood and Iron.

Amir Khusro and Amir Hasan both started their literary journey from the court of Balban. Balban was to nominate Kai Khusro as his successor but Kaikubad usurped the throne. He was the first to believe that the kingship should be based on the willing support of the governed.

He established Diwan-i-Waquf. He was the first sultan to intervene in Deccan under the military leadership of Allaudin Khalji.

List of important Sultanate Literary Works

He faced the revolts of Sidi Maula and Malik Chhaju. By such harsh measures his reign was free from rebellions.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency, a strict review of army from time to time was carried out. A separate department called Diwani Riyasat was created under an officer called Naib-i-Riyasat.

There were secret agents called munhiyans who sent reports to the Sultan regarding the functioning of these markets. He was the first Sultan of Delhi who ordered for the measurement of land.

Even the big landlords could not escape from paying land tax. The Rajput women committed jauhar or self-immolation. Raja Ratan Singh and his soldiers fought valiantly but submitted.

This Padmini episode was graphically mentioned in the book Padmavath written by Jayasi. In Malik Kafur launched his campaign against Warangal.

He was defeated and a vast quantity of booty was seized and sent to Delhi. Kafur next marched against the Pandyas. He also built a famous gateway known as Alai Darwaza and constructed a new capital at Siri.

He was very tolerant in religious matters. Many people died during the rigorous journey in the summer. There was a shortage of silver through out the world in the fourteenth century. In the same manner, Muhammad bin Tughlaq issued copper coins at par with the value of the silver tanka coins.

But he was not able to prevent forging the new coins. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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( दिल्ली सल्तनत ) Delhi Sultanate By Rakesh Sao PDF Book

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Iltutmish defeated Yalduz. He was convinced that the general prosperity of the nobles, inter marriages between noble families, inefficient spy-system and drinking liquor were the basic reasons for the rebellions. Sign in Recover your password.

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Apr 15, Do you think women leaders are accepted more readily today? Choose your exam and excel with our exclusive exam prep resources: Saumya says 7 months ago. Ans : 1. Nobility and the Khalji Dynasty: Ala-ud-Din Khalji and the Nobility: Ala-ud-Din had realized from the very beginning that nobility was responsible for a good deal of unrest in the empire.