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David Wilcock CONVERGENCE yazik.info Pages·· MB·30 Downloads. travels at super-luminal velocities and is separate from gravity or Autobiography. Convergence series is now about four or five feet tall – and you will not have As David read through the Law of One books and studied them in greater and. David Wilcock - Convergence 3 - Divine Cosmos - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Convergence David Wilcock Pdf

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CONVERGENCE DAVID WILCOCK PDF - David Wilcock was born on March 8, in Rotterdam, Schenectady County, New York, USA. He is a producer and actor, . First of all my thanks goes to David Wilcock who's work and books have had a best with your upcoming movie 'Convergence' based on your books that no. Wilcock had received identical information from a friend who spoke directly to an ex-NASA physicist in , four years before Corso's book was published, and.

Whether Wilcock is borrowing from this or using an independent source as he claims He got into the field coming off of it and it shot David Wilcock LaPresseGalactique. David Wilcock Convergence 1 - fr. Divine Cosmos- Part 1 2 2 - Fleur de Vie ; David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. The reader can then judge for himself the relationship between these supernatural manifestations and human destiny.

During this exposition, the author will make certain Author David Wilcock's first major "Ascension dream" is described, wherein he went through an experience that gave a metaphorical description of this dimensional shift process.

convergence david wilcock pdf

It's not as hopeless as you might think; in fact, it might just be perfect. Thank you, David Wilcock, for putting hope back on the table. Pay attention, humans. And keep your karma dry. Hart Pound Ridge, New York David Wilcock's The Science Of Oneness - Psychedelic Adventure ; David Wilcock's 'The Science of Oneness' Convergence Volume Two, goes deep into esoteric wisdom and brings to light much information concerning the accelerated shift in consciousness humanity is undergoing now and why he believes that consciousness is fundamental to reality and it's evolving to a much higher sense of self, awakening to cosmic By Editor February 13, A concerted effort is now underway to bring the I am working with top Hollywood people and we're going to do a dramatic adaptation of the scientific material I originally assembled into a documentary script.

Category: Documents. Their knowledge of chemistry and mathematics they hid within mythologies which the ignorant would perpetuate, or in the spans and arches of their temples which time has not entirely obliterated.

They wrote in characters that neither the vandalism of men nor the ruthlessness of the elements could completely efface. Today men gaze with awe and reverence upon the mighty Memnons Pyramids standing alone on the sands of Egypt, or upon the strange terraced pyramids of Palanque.

Mute testimonies these are of the lost arts and sciences of antiquity; and concealed this wisdom must remain until this race has learned to read the universal language - SYMBOLISM. The book to which this is the introduction is dedicated to the proposition that concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of life; which doctrine has been preserved in toto among a small band of initiated minds since the beginning of the world.

Departing, these illumined philosophers left their formulae that others, too, might attain to understanding. But, lest these secret processes fall into uncultured hands and be perverted, the Great Arcanum was always concealed in symbol or allegory; and those who can today discover its lost keys may open with them a treasure house of philosophic, scientific, and religious truths.

With these ancient keys we can indeed reveal an incredible storehouse of spiritual wisdom that has thus far almost completely eluded the Western scientific establishment, at least overtly. What we have in this book is ultimately a cosmology — a new way of understanding the Universe of physical and nonphysical matter and how it functions.

See a Problem?

Presenting these concepts in a simple and understandable manner helps to insure that such breakthrough technologies will no longer be suppressed by the existing power structures, since they can now be easily explained to others. Additionally, in this book we will discover many remarkable new energetic properties of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe that few could have previously anticipated. We will see that the quality of our emotions and thoughts are not at all isolated, but are constantly being affected by outside cosmic forces that can take our moods on a roller-coaster ride, producing inspiration at times and desperation at others.

And thus, we are all connected to the Cosmos in this very fundamental way. This functional knowledge goes way beyond the popular concepts of astrology to include many other unforeseen elements, such as precisely repeating cycles of historical events over long periods of time and advanced predictions of how the financial markets will move.

When we realize that our thoughts and feelings are not simply our own, but are part of a synchronized web of life, we can never again see ourselves as being separate from others. Humanity as a whole will be seen as a form of organism that surrounds the surface of the Earth, interacting with the planets, asteroids, comets, the Sun and the galaxy itself in a reciprocal relationship.

David Wilcock - Convergence 3 - Divine Cosmos

Strange questions will arise as to where our free will begins and where it ends, since there can be forces of will much vaster than our own that are moving us along a previously designed curriculum that we have all agreed upon in a higher sense — a curriculum that has now reached a major turning point.

Many who have read our books in the past have come away being surprised at how little they knew, or at how much there was to know that they had never even conceived of.

We will also see that just like the principle of a fractal or a hologram, within the infinity of the Many is always the signature of the All. Since , he has recorded almost every dream from every morning of his life in writing, and has actively tried to follow its guidance, rendered in the ancient language of symbolism and metaphor. Most Western scientists already see this happening to a number of their cherished models but are usually unwilling to concede to the newer truths, thus cleverly avoiding discussing the numerous problems.

Any scientific model that throws away that which it does not understand, such as the phenomenon of psychic ability, is flawed.

In our research method, to solve a particularly difficult problem, of which there have literally been hundreds, one would begin with the scientific observations at hand, and then travel into higher realms of being through dreams and trance states to see how those observations are actually working.

So, in the next phase you would go out and see if that is how the gravitational flow actually behaves. Once the solutions are obtained from that place of knowing, new doorways often emerge that lead to amazing, unforeseen breakthroughs.

This can then also open the door to solving the puzzles of quantum physics, with an understanding of how every atom and molecule is drawing off of this same energy supply in the same way.

Such knowledge has emerged from a directly spiritual source for people such as John Keely, Edward Leedskalnin, Dr. Walter Russell and Dr.

Nikolai Kozyrev, each of which led to impressive accomplishments that most would consider to be impossible. This is considered common knowledge to initiates of the Mysteries, and has been prominently confirmed by the out-of-body research conducted by Robert Monroe.

In the first few cases the new layers also appeared to be inhabited by common human civilization in some form, and were apparently realms of the afterlife. The higher he went, the less that these areas looked like conventional Earth civilization. He soon arrived in a highly picturesque and sacred place of mostly undisturbed green forest and meadows, complete with giant standing stones in geometric arrangements and charged with a sense of love and intelligence far superior to the current state of humanity.

The people of this mystical place were literally glowing with radiant energy and wore headbands, robes and sandals on their feet, and everyone smiled happily and greeted each other — including this new traveler — as they passed.

Punching through an even higher level, he suddenly found himself literally standing inside of what appeared to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft. The room was gigantic and quiet as a library, with foot high ceilings and glistening black marble floors and walls that had a tinge of blueness that seemed to give off light. A sphere was floating over a cubical platform in the center of the room, probably more of a symbol than anything else, and lining the rectangularly-spaced walls were giant open cubicles.

Each cubicle was about six feet wide, with a human-appearing uniformed person in a chair seated before a flat, desk-like surface and a gigantic hi-resolution screen that was easily five feet high. The screens could bring up images of planetary systems, routes of travel, navigation systems, energetic diagrams, different lifeforms in all levels of anatomy, et cetera in brilliant, full color, three-dimensional detail. On several different occasions, your author was seated at one of the cubicles and instructed on how to use a new form of control device for manipulating the images on the screen.

It simply consisted of a three-inch wide circular hole that had bright, smooth light coming up from itself to a visible height of perhaps four inches. By holding the four fingers together over this light, palm down, and tilting and moving the hand in a number of different patterns, a variety of tasks could be performed on-screen. Obviously in earlier stages this was thought to simply be imagination, but through such things as telekinesis — a small but definite movement of objects in the physical — it became more and more obvious that the contacts were indeed real.

This discovery took months and months to adjust to, but it was extremely fascinating the entire time. And indeed, since we have documented extensive examples of very clear, unambiguous prophecies of future events, and this source has been of inestimable value in leading the author and his fellow readers towards a more balanced, self-integrated and spiritually aware lifestyle.

Most people in the scientific community discount mystical consciousness and psychic ability for the penultimate reason that they have rarely experienced it themselves. As we shall see, the conscious mind is not and cannot simply be a function of the brain — certain hydrocephalics have mostly water in their brain case and yet are able to think and reason and remember as ordinary people.

And yet, for most people the vagaries of the day, with guilt over the past and fear over the future, rule their minds. These obsessive, looping thoughts rob the person of ever being able to focus on the present, on how they feel right in that moment and what is happening in their mind when they stop the chattering.

Overcoming this mental chatter is the main goal of all Oriental philosophy. Many people have had some level of psychic success by simply clearing out the mind through meditation, focusing on a specific question and then documenting whatever thoughts came up, whether spoken, visual or otherwise. The finest psychic achievements of modern Western initiates seem to pale in comparison to such feats.

The knowledge of the Mysteries is also of inestimable value in dealing with others. Since the Universe is truly an image of perfection, such beauty can be aspired to in the layout and construction of buildings, cities, governments and social institutions, as was often written in the works of Plato.

If our current science has made mistakes, such as the idea that the Earth has a molten core of iron, then we are missing valuable pieces of the puzzle if we just nod our heads and believe that we are living on a hot rock. Were we to learn that the center of the Earth is a source of brilliant plasma energy like what we see on the Sun, and that it is continually absorbing energy, creating new matter and gradually expanding the earth in its physical size, then that knowledge can become a part of us that stays with us every time we take a walk or sit and meditate.

Our consciousness automatically expands into higher levels of inspiration and understanding as we re-learn these timeless principles for the first time in our physical lives, and there is a very definite ecstasy that this produces, which many people are now hungrily scouring the Internet and the bookstores to try to experience. This is all part of the illumination process, the gathering of information in preparation for an intensely personal experience of initiation that can never come from any outside source.

The author of this book had to discover its elements piecemeal over the course of many years, and gradually, laboriously work over these concepts in his mind again and again to find the most suitable way to present them to the public. Many of these findings were quite exhilarating the first time they were encountered, and became an intimate part of everyday life; a lens through which all other experiences in life, even the most mundane, could be perceived.

Renowned Russian astrophysicist Dr.

Nikolai A. Kozyrev , pronounced Ko- zir-ev, proved beyond any doubt that such an energy source had to exist, and as a result he became one of the most controversial figures in the history of the Russian scientific community.

With our prominent mention of him in this book, we hope to permanently establish his historical importance and impact to our colleagues and readers.

Figure 1. Kozyrev 1. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Part of the Elementamundi. We are certain that Convergence is timely, salient and of true benefit to humanity.

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March 4, Hits: Curtains for Partial Disclosure?It is not necessary at this point for the reader to fully grasp the philosophy of spiraling energy as a manifestation of time, as this will become far clearer as we proceed. Figure 1.

For those who are actively engaged in studying the evidence, it is becoming more and more certain that the Earth was once host to an ancient, advanced civilization that had complete understanding of the physics and the timing behind the event that we are now experiencing in the Earth and Solar System. These significant energetic changes in the Sun are then radiated outwardly via the Solar Wind, dramatically increasing the charge and permeability of interplanetary space, causing charged particles to travel more quickly much as a droplet of water dashes around on a sizzling hot pan.

Many people have had some level of psychic success by simply clearing out the mind through meditation, focusing on a specific question and then documenting whatever thoughts came up, whether spoken, visual or otherwise. By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language.

E-Mail: david. However, such suppression only increases the desire and commitment that many others have put into solving the puzzle. Their knowledge of chemistry and mathematics they hid within mythologies which the ignorant would perpetuate, or in the spans and arches of their temples which time has not entirely obliterated. The other race that is here in 2nd density form is one whose body complexes are greatly able to withstand the rigors of nuclear radiation which the body complexes you use would not do -- in the event that there is a nuclear war.