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Stephen King is hands down the Master of Horror. I have heard so much about The Shining, both book and movie are considered classics in this genre. Well. Compre o eBook Carrie, a estranha, de Stephen King, na loja eBooks Kindle. Encontre ofertas, os livros mais vendidos e dicas de leitura na site Brasil. Carrie, a Estranha () A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie. White Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (screenplay), Stephen King.

Carrie A Estranha Stephen King Pdf

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Stephen King, a biografia: Coração assombrado (Portuguese Edition) Lisa Rogak terror, suspense e sobrenatural como "O Iluminado", "Carrie, a Estranha " e "A Zona reviews epub, read books online, books to read online, online library. 11 ago. baixar It: A coisa PDF [GRATIS] Stephen King O clássico de Stephen King Fazer o Download Do Livro Carrie a Estranha de Stephen King. Carrie book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed But.

Asking her mother to relent, Carrie manifests her telekinesis. Margaret believes this power comes from the Devil and is proof that Carrie has been corrupted by sin. Chris, her boyfriend Billy Nolan, and his friends plan revenge on Carrie.

They kill a pig and drain its blood into a bucket. Margaret tries to prevent Carrie from going to the prom, but Carrie locks her mother in the closet using her telekinetic powers. At the prom, Carrie is nervous and shy, but Tommy kindly puts her at ease.

As part of Chris and Billy's plan, Chris' friend, Tina Blake, slips fake ballots into the voting box, which name Carrie and Tommy prom queen and king. At home, Sue receives a text from Chris taunting her about her revenge on Carrie. Sue drives to the prom, arriving just as Carrie and Tommy are about to be crowned. Sue sees the bucket of pig's blood dangling above Carrie and attempts to warn someone but Miss Desjardin locks her out of the gym, suspecting that Sue is planning to humiliate Carrie.

Chris dumps the bucket of pig's blood onto Carrie and Tommy. Nicki plays Chris's shower video of Carrie and it appears on all the large screens above the stage, inciting laughter from some in the audience, until Carrie pushes Miss Desjardin with her powers when attempting to help her.

The bucket falls onto Tommy's head, killing him. Enraged, Carrie takes her revenge with her telekinesis, killing nearly all of the students and staff, but spares Desjardin.

A fire breaks out and, as the school burns to the ground, Carrie walks away, leaving a trail of fire and destruction in her wake. Chris and Billy attempt to flee in Billy's car.

Chris urges Billy to run Carrie over, but Carrie crashes the car and holds the car with her abilities, killing Billy but not yet Chris. Before leaving, Carrie tips over an electric power pole on the car, setting it on fire. Carrie arrives home and takes a bath and changes into her night gown afterwards. Margaret approaches her and Carrie tearfully tells her about the prank. Carrie and Margaret embrace, and Margaret recounts Carrie's conception.

After having shared a bed platonically with her husband, they yielded to temptation one night and, after praying for strength, Carrie's father " took " Margaret, who enjoyed the experience. After the talk, Margaret stabs Carrie in the back with a knife. She declares that she must kill Carrie in order to prevent the Devil from possessing her again and attacks Carrie, but Carrie kills her with several sharp tools. She becomes hysterical and makes stones rain from the sky to crush the house.

When Sue arrives, a furious Carrie lifts her with her powers, but senses that Sue is pregnant with a baby girl. Carrie protects Sue and throws her out of the house to safety as the house collapses and sinks, apparently killing Carrie as well. As she leaves, the gravestone begins to break and Carrie's enraged scream is heard.

After placing the roses on Carrie's grave, Sue suddenly feels pain from her pregnancy and begins to go into labor. At the hospital, she seemingly gives birth and pulls up her shirt to see the baby. Suddenly, a bloodied hand bursts from her vagina and grabs Sue by the arm, causing her to scream. Sue is awoken by her mother, revealing the preceding sequence to be a nightmare.

Sue continues to scream as she still sees the hand and a hidden photo of Carrie still soaked in pig's blood holding a bloodied baby. As Sue continues to scream, Sue's baby and a backup crib in her room are shown. The two studios hired Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to write a screenplay that delivers "a more faithful adaption" of King's novel—Aguirre-Sacasa previously adapted King's work The Stand into a comic book in Cohen , who also wrote the original film.

Upon hearing of the new adaptation, King remarked, "The real question is why, when the original was so good? It's gonna be real interesting. Principal photography began on June 27, and wrapped on August of that same year. The original release date was March 15, , [14] but in early January the release date was moved to October 18, Sony held a "First Look" event at the New York Comic Con on October 13, that allowed attendees to view the film prior to the release date.

The event was followed by a panel session with several members of the cast and crew. Trailers for the film included a phone number that offered promotions to the caller, as well as a recording of a simulated encounter with characters from the film. The Blu-ray features an alternative opening and ending and nine deleted scenes. In the alternative opening, a young Carrie has a discussion with her teenage neighbor, who is sun-bathing, over the fact that Margaret believes that women with breasts are sinful.

Margaret catches them in the conversation and believes that the neighbor is offending Carrie, not before the neighbor's mother disagrees with her. Suddenly, stones begin to rain only on the White household. Margaret, believing it is a sign from God, takes shelter inside her home with a distressed Carrie. In the alternative ending, the cracking gravestone and the court speech are not present. Sue is in the hospital and is preparing to give birth to her baby.

As she struggles to give birth, Carrie's bloody hand suddenly emerges and grabs Sue's arm. Sue screams loudly as she wakes up in her own bedroom, with her mother comforting her and telling her that her nightmare is over. A subliminal frame image of Carrie soaked in pig's blood is seen carrying Sue's baby as Sue continues to scream in her room. The website's critical consensus reads, "It boasts a talented cast, but Kimberly Peirce's 'reimagining' of Brian De Palma's horror classic finds little new in the Stephen King novel -- and feels woefully unnecessary.

Kevin C. Johnson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch gave the film a favorable review, saying, "Long before the blood starts spilling, it's clear the new team has mostly nailed it. The reboot is as good a Carrie remake as possible, though it's not truly a scary movie; the film takes its time living up to its R rating. Everything discordant and all the nagging weirdness and strange feelings surrounding the original have been smoothed down, and what we're left with is a well-made, highly satisfying and not particularly deep high school revenge movie.

A sequel to the first film titled The Rage: Carrie 2 , starring Emily Bergl , was based on the premise that Carrie's father had numerous affairs and had another daughter with telekinetic powers. Amy Irving reprises her role as Sue Snell, the only survivor of the prom and now a school counselor.

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However, in this version, Carrie survives the end of the story. The film is said to be "less a remake of the De Palma film and more a re-adaptation of the original text". Released on October 18, , the movie received mixed reviews. The book and orchestrations were revised and updated for a Off-Broadway production. The Off-Broadway production was a moderate success receiving mainly positive reviews unlike its predecessor.

Playwright Erik Jackson acquired King's consent to stage a non-musical spoof, which premiered off-Broadway in with female impersonator Keith Levy also known as Sherry Vine in the lead role.

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Authority control GND: Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: She asks her handsome and popular boyfriend, Tommy Ross, to invite Carrie to prom. Carrie worries Tommy is joking.

Miss Collins encourages Carrie to accept his offer. Carrie begs her mother to let Tommy take her to prom; she refuses, saying "after the blood, the boys come". Carrie tells Margaret that she cannot stop her and slams all the doors and windows shut. Having researched her telekinesis , Carrie has mastered it. Margaret, frightened, calls Carrie a satanic witch. Carrie wears a flattering dress and makeup to prom, to everyone's surprise.

When she's crowned Prom Queen, she's met with applause and cheers.


She sheds happy tears and Tommy gives her a congratulatory kiss. As this is happening, Sue notices the rope and bucket, and tries to tell Miss Collins, who thinks Sue is troublemaking and pushes her out the door. Chris pulls the rope and Carrie is drenched with blood.

The stunned crowd goes silent, except for Norma, who points and laughs. As Tommy yells in Carrie's defense, the bucket falls and knocks him unconscious.

Chris and Billy escape. Carrie hallucinates that everyone is laughing at her. She unleashes telekinetic fury upon the crowd, guilty and innocent alike. The doors slam shut; people run and scream.

The principal is electrocuted, and Miss Collins is crushed to death. As the gym burns, Carrie calmly walks out and mentally locks the remaining students inside.

Chris and Billy attempt to run over Carrie as she walks home; Carrie causes their car to flip and explode, killing them. When she arrives home, Margaret tells Carrie she is the result of rape by her drunk father— and that she shamefully enjoyed it.

As she comforts Carrie, Margaret stabs her in the back and chases her with a knife. Carrie causes kitchen utensils to fly through the air and kill Margaret. In a supernova of power, Carrie incinerates the house with them still inside. Sue, the only survivor of the prom massacre, is then seen in her own dream, laying flowers on the remains of Carrie's home with a "for sale" sign vandalized with "Carrie White burns in Hell!

Suddenly, Carrie's bloody arm reaches from the rubble and grabs Sue's arm. Sue wakes up screaming. Carrie was the first Stephen King novel to be published and the first to be adapted into a feature film.

I read the book. It was suggested to me by a writer friend of mine. A writer friend of his, Stephen King, had written it.

I guess this was almost two years ago [circa ].

I liked it a lot and proceeded to call my agent to find out who owned it. I found out that nobody had bought it yet. A lot of studios were considering it, so I called around to some of the people I knew and said it was a terrific book and I'm very interested in doing it. Then nothing happened for, I guess, six months. Lawrence D. Cohen was hired as the screenwriter , and produced the first draft, which had closely followed the novel's intentions. Many young actresses auditioned for the lead role, including Melanie Griffith.

Sissy Spacek was persuaded by husband Jack Fisk to audition for the title role. Fisk then convinced De Palma to let her audition, and she read for all of the parts.

De Palma's first choice for the role of Carrie was Betsy Slade, who received good notices for her role in the film Our Time Determined to land the leading role, Spacek backed out of a television commercial she was scheduled to film, [13] rubbed Vaseline into her hair, left her face unwashed, and arrived for her screen test clad in a sailor dress which her mother had made her in the seventh grade, with the hem cut off, [8] and was given the part.

Nancy Allen was the last to audition, and her audition came just as she was on the verge of leaving Hollywood. De Palma began with director of photography Isidore Mankofsky , who was eventually replaced by Mario Tosi after conflict between Mankofsky and De Palma ensued.

Auer , assisted by Ken Pepiot , [16] served as the special effects supervisor for Carrie , with Jack Fisk, Spacek's husband, as art director.

The White house was filmed in Santa Paula, California. To give the house a Gothic theme, the director and producers visited religious souvenir shops to find artifacts to decorate the set location. A wraparound segment at the beginning and end of the film was scripted and filmed, which featured the Whites' home being pummeled by stones that hailed from the sky. The opening scene was filmed as planned, though on celluloid, the tiny pebbles looked like rain water.

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The original opening scene is presumed lost. The final scene, in which Sue reaches toward Carrie's grave , was shot backwards to give it a dreamlike quality. This scene was inspired by the final scene in Deliverance De Palma explains that crew members "had to bury her. Bury her! We had to put her in a box and stick her underneath the ground. Well, I had her husband [Fisk] bury her because I certainly didn't want to bury her". The score for Carrie was composed by Pino Donaggio.

The soundtrack album was originally released on vinyl in from United Artists Records. The second disc was a remastered copy of the original track album. The Kritzerland release was a limited edition of 1, copies.

Kritzerland re-released the first disc as "The Encore Edition" in February ; this release was limited to 1, copies. Carrie received widespread critical acclaim and was cited as one of the best films of the year.

The website's critical consensus reads, " Carrie is a horrifying look at supernatural powers, high school cruelty, and teen angst — and it brings us one of the most memorable and disturbing prom scenes in history. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times stated the film was an "absolutely spellbinding horror movie", as well as an "observant human portrait", giving three and a half stars out of four.

Take One Magazine critic Susan Schenker said she was "angry at the way Carrie manipulated me to the point where my heart was thudding, and embarrassed because the film really works. Nevertheless, the film was not without its detractors. Andrew Sarris of The Village Voice commented, "There are so few incidents that two extended sequences are rendered in slow-motion as if to pad out the running time In a interview, King replied that he thought, although dated now, Carrie was a "good movie.

The Rage: Carrie 2 was released in It featured another teenager with telekinetic powers who is revealed to have shared a father with Carrie White. The film received universally negative reviews and was a box office failure. Amy Irving reprises her role of Sue Snell from the previous film. In , a television film based on King's novel and starring Angela Bettis in the titular role was released. The film updated the events of the story to modern-day settings and technology while simultaneously attempting to be more faithful to the book's original structure, storyline, and specific events.

However, the ending was drastically changed: This new ending marked a complete divergence from the novel and was a signal that the film served as a pilot for a Carrie television series, which never materialized. In the new ending, the rescued Carrie vows to help others with similar gifts to her own.

Although Bettis' portrayal of Carrie was highly praised, the film was cited by most critics as inferior to the original. Aguirre-Sacasa had previously adapted King's epic novel The Stand into comic-book form in Kimberly Peirce , known for her work on Boys Don't Cry , directed the new adaptation.Take Carrie to the prom.

No wonder he is where he is today.

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When she got pregnant she tried to kill the baby. Scarica Doctor Strange Vol. And unfortunately Carrie is about to reach her breaking point Principal photography began on June 27, and wrapped on August of that same year. As she struggles to give birth, Carrie's bloody hand suddenly emerges and grabs Sue's arm. Far too many. It's very interesting to read Carrie finally.