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Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science It_Starts_With_Food__ Discover_the_Whole30_-_Hartwig,yazik.info It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and. \t.~ lnt~mational Faminarmns. Cambridge. IGCSE®. Computer. Science. -.,.,,.,. . Although this book has been written with the Cambridge lnter11atio11al. Read "Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science" by Helen Williams available from This book covers the IGCSE (), O Level () and US IGCSE entry.

Cambridge Igcse Computer Science Book Pdf

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Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science by David Watson. Read online, or download in secure PDF format. Computer Science IGCSE and GCE O Level courses. The textbook is Although this book has been written with the Cambridge International. Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Computer Science - Editable Teaching Resources Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science: Programming Book for Microsoft®.

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Free BookCambridge IGCSE Computer Science Study and Revision Guide

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Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science Study and Revision Guide

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You may have used data-logging for science experiments. For example, a data logger can be used to make automatic, regular measurements of temperature in an experiment. A data logger used in a school may have multiple input channels for sensors, software and a screen for displaying the data. It may create and display a graph of temperature change over time and send these data as files to a printer. If not, the data can be downloaded to a computer. Data-loggers can gather data without human intervention for as long as required and at higher sampling rates than would be convenient or possible for a person.

There is also less risk of missing any unusual data and no risk of making Figure 1. Programming We study programming in more detail in Chapters 10 and For convenience, most programmers use a single program called an integrated development environment IDE for their chosen programming language to do these and other tasks Figure 1. Chapter 1 Generic application software 23 Figure 1. Customising generic application programs A readily available, standard application program is often described as off-the-shelf software because it is a product that can be literally picked up off the shelf in a shop.

Most computer users find that an off-the-shelf program is reasonably adequate for their needs. However, it is likely to have a few disadvantages. One of these may be that there are far more commands and options available than needed, which can slow the user down when they are trying to find the features that they do want.

In a large organisation, this can have an important impact on training requirements and business efficiency.

Fortunately, an off-the-shelf generic application program can often have some of its menus and toolbars hidden. Also, some new menus or toolbars can be created with the essential requirements Figure 1. This is called customising the generic software because it is being altered to suit the needs of a particular customer.

A second disadvantage of generic software is that there may be no command for some processing that is repetitive, requires a long sequence of commands or involves several layers of menu or a particular option hidden away in a dialogue box. In this case, if the program has a scripting language, we may customise the software by creating a macro. A macro is a small piece of program code that can be run by clicking a toolbar button or pressing a keyboard shortcut Figure 1.

Bespoke software Figure 1. You may have to write the macro, but in some application programs you can record a sequence of commands as a macro without needing to understand the details of its code. Trying to understand what the macro code means is quite a good way to learn how to write program code see also Chapter If an application has a macro capability, it is likely to have an IDE to let you annotate a macro with comments, edit it and write new ones see Figure 1.

SAQs 4 When using a word processor, you frequently have to remove multiple new lines where only one is required. You want to be able to do this easily throughout documents without manually deleting each one.

How would you do it? Sometimes it is necessary to have a piece of software specially written to solve a particular problem. Ideally, it will do exactly what is required. It is called bespoke software because it is designed to suit the needs of a particular client.

Both off-the-shelf and bespoke software have many potential advantages and disadvantages relative to each other. All these advantages may help the customer to make long-term savings through increased efficiency that compensates for the much greater initial download cost. A macro is program code that can be written in a scripting language or recorded automatically. Generic application software may be customised to improve access to existing commands or to create new ones by the use of macros run by toolbar buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

It can be tailored, to a certain extent, to the requirements of a downloadr. Its disadvantages are that it may be overly complex; it may not have exactly the facilities required; errors may not be fixed rapidly.

It is often very efficient, easy to learn and has good customer support and maintenance. You have been asked to produce a presentation on the social impact of computers on shop workers. What software features would you use to make your presentation interesting?

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