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BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. By Katherine Paterson. DEDICATION: I wrote this book for my son. David Lord Paterson but after he read it. BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA By Katherine Paterson DEDICATION: I wrote this book for my son David Lord Paterson but after he re. Why did Jess decide to get up then? 2). Who asked where he was going? 3). Why did Jess go running every day? 4). Where did Jess go to school? 5). How did.

Bridge To Terabithia Pdf

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About Katherine Paterson. 5. How Bridge to Terabithia Came About. 9. An Interview with Katherine Paterson. Chapter Charter: Questions to Guide Your . TERABITHIA. This package provides students with everything they need to complete a Novel. Study on. Study on Bridge to Terabithia. Bridge to. Write a brief biography on the author, Katherine Paterson. 2. Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer? 3. Why does Jess like May Belle? 4.

May Belle! How many times have I told you, stay out of my stuff. Is he picking on you? How'd that race go? There's this new girl moved in next door. She beat all of the boys. Even Jess. Make sure you take out the garbage before supper.

One drop. And that's the magic. Here comes May Belle's flowers. Are these ever gonna grow? This greenhouse is gonna be filled with your purple flowers. May Belle's flowers. I always wanted the one that had, like, purple all over it.

They are so cool. The bell's gonna ring! Aren't you glad that summer's over? Come and get your instruments. May I please play the castanets? Yes, you may. Everybody ready for music? Take a picture. Lasts longer. It's awfully quiet. You don't like that song? Change it! Give it Stop it. You're always fighting. We just can't keep going like this. Honey, uh I've only got what I've got to work with. We gotta You gotta figure out a way to get down on this.

It's a problem, but I'm gonna try to get going. And maybe you can pick up another shift at the store. Dead meat. You're really good at drawing. Like, better than any kid I've ever seen. I wanna share this composition for two reasons.

One, it uses adjectives well. And two, it's clear the author paid attention to what she saw and what she felt, which is important for any writing. Leslie, why don't you read it for us. Oh, man.

Can you believe this? I'm floating in silence, and breaking it up with the sound of my breath. Above me, there's nothing but shimmery light, the place where I've come from, and will go back to when I am done here.

I'm diving. I'm a scuba diver. I'm going deeper past the wrinkled rocks and dark seaweed toward a deep blueness where a school of silver fish wait. As I swim through the water, bubbles burst from me, wobbling like little jellyfish as they rise. I check my air. I don't have as much time as I need to see everything, but that is what makes it so special. Now tonight at on channel four there is a special about an undersea explorer, Dr. Bob Ballard. I want everyone to watch and write one page about what you've learned.

What if you can't watch this program? Inform your parents it's an assignment, I'm sure they won't object. My dad says the TV kills your brain cells. Your dad doesn't know anything. We watch TV, like, every day. Pick something else to write about. Yeah, like, how to live in a cave. That's enough, Mr. Hey, Leslie, come here.

What are you gonna write your essay on? Bats in caves? The big kids will kill her! You have a death wish? This row's for eighth-graders. That's right, beanpole. Move it. Out of my way, farm boy. You're really asking for it.


Seems to me she gives it out whether you ask for it or not. So might as well have some fun. Getting Janice all wound up is a weird way of having fun. Well, what's your idea of having fun?

Bridge_to_Terabithia.pdf - BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA By

Hey, May Belle! I don't use my Barbies anymore. You're lucky to have a sister. I've got four, and I'd trade them all for a good dog. I'd love to have a dog. Now let's go before she changes her mind. Race you to the end of the road. On your mark, get set, go!

What about sharks? You ever see any sharks while you're scuba-ing or whatever? I've never gone scuba diving in my whole life. I made it up. It's different from lying.

Those drawings you make, you seen those things yourself? No, but Look at that! I wouldn't trust it. Just try it. You got it? That's it. That was so much fun. You have to try it. Let your head hang back, watch the clouds.

Feels like flying. Just for us. Where there's no Janice Averys or Scott Hoagers. Yeah, but when we go back to school, there they are waiting. Yeah, but What if there was a magical kingdom only we knew about? I don't know. What if? OK, well We shouldn't be in here. This isn't our land. They'll hear you. What's that? Jess, look at this. Too bad for them. They got so close. That sound. I've heard it before. Someone's out there. That's the sound of the prisoners rattling their chains.

What prisoners? The prisoners of the Dark Master. What is it? Look at this. This is amazing. This is it. They're warriors. From the treetop provinces. This is for real. This is the ruins of a once great fortress whose people have been imprisoned.

Jess, you and I have been sent to free them. Prisoners of the Dark Master, hear me! We have come to free you. Do you hear us? Show me that you hear us! You got lucky timing. The wind's been blowing off and on all day. Can't hear you! I'll see you soon.

See ya! Hey, don't you think we should give her a hand? She's fine. Beep, beep, beep, beep. There are four of us.

Remember to bring your bag.

Why would anyone want to wear that? On purpose. OK, Aarons. Hit the road. She can shoot ketchup packets over four rows of seats. Can I wash up at your house? My mom sees this, she'll be all over the principal and everybody, and my life will be over. Why would Dad do this? Mom, this is Leslie.

You too. So are you and your family getting settled in OK? See ya later. Be glad he's found a friend. Same as my mom. That explains you. And that's what your parents do for a living. You know a lot about hardware? Well, your dad works at a hardware store. All I'm saying is that you are who you are If they work at your house, you must get to hang out with them a lot. Not really. The sneaky foot soldiers of the Dark Master. This is not good.

Up there? You can see the whole kingdom from up here. Isn't this cool? We can do anything here. Look at it. It's all ours. From the mountains to the oceans.

Just close your eyes What do we call this place? Everybody tiptoe.

OK, ready? Happy birthday! Make a wish. It doesn't even work. I don't think we have the hang of it yet, Dad. You know what? Keep the box. We'll see if we can take it back.

Daddy, there's something in the greenhouse. That's the last thing I need, some animal chewing it's way in here. What are you going to do if you catch it? These vegetables are our livelihood. Can't afford to share them with animals that get in here. Well, he's not gonna get in here now, right, Dad? Hope not. But if he does, you just let me deal with it.

Is there anything else I can help you with? No, why don't you go on and do your homework, I'll clean this mess up. Under the seat. I heard it was your birthday yesterday. It must've cost a fortune.

What's it matter what it costs? Well, I can take it back and get a cheaper one, if you want. The squogre and the vulture. Hey, here he comes. And a guy who can stand up to a squogre is scared of a Hoager?

You sure can. And you just made my day. How come you're so good at that? You're good at it for a girl. Same way I'm fast You know what I mean. You're pretty good at art OK, OK, truce. Don't your parents notice this stuff's missing?

Not when they're in the middle of writing a book. Show yourselves! It's a giant troll! No, it's a giant tree that almost killed us! You think that tree just fell all by itself?

When the Dark Master saw the squogres weren't scaring us away, - he sent a giant troll. That's how big its feet are. What should we do? If we had a troll hunter, we could track its scent and sneak up on it. Hey, look at that! I think it went that way! We rule Terabithia, and nothing crushes us! I'll race you to the rope. I love this place! Go on, get out of here.

And don't come back. What do you think you're doing? Now, how'd you do that? I took him into the forest. He's not coming back, promise. Did he tell you he's gonna stay the hell out of the greenhouse? No, he went out there and he's not coming Jess, you need to understand something, OK? This is not one of your cartoons.

This is just a pest that eats up our food, money we earn and time we don't have. Good night, sweetheart. Sweet dreams. Lights out, Jess. Night, Dad. Are we slaying the giant troll after school today? You've got your head in the clouds, Leslie.

Bridge to Terabithia Worksheets and Literature Unit

Well, you better not let the Terabithians hear you. They thought you were their king. Alexandra, my daddy gave me Twinkies! Neither one squished, 'cause I didn't put them next to my drink.

I'd shut up about those Twinkies. You're just mad 'cause I got some and you didn't. Don't cry to me when you lose them. I'll eat them, not lose them. Janice Avery stole my Twinkies! What are you gonna do? And she makes you pay to pee! It's a dollar, shorty. But I don't have a dollar. That's not fair, is it? Peeing's definitely supposed to be free.

Free to pee! Let's go. I want my Twinkies, Janice Avery. What Twinkies, Twinkie? You're supposed to beat her up. You're my brother!

Do you know what would happen if I were to pick a fight with her? You'll get your butt kicked. No, I'd get kicked out of school for fighting a girl. What's that prove? She stole my Twinkies. It's all right, May Belle. We'll get her back. Won't we, Jess? Don't let the Terabithians hear you. Look at you!

That is your very own, certified, purebred, giant troll hunter. Wow, Jess.

I name you Prince Terrien, giant troll hunter extraordinaire. I think he smells a troll. Oh, no! We've got company! Dead meat! It's a giant troll. Nice feet. Oh, my gosh! I think we lost it.

I don't know! Just making it madder! That's it!

That's its weak spot! It's ticklish! Good boy, P. Good boy! Good dog. What's Janice's weak spot, you think? Eighth-grade girl Who's she got a crush on? Let's see Willard Hughes. Write, "Dear Janice Boys' handwriting sucks. No offense. It's gotta be you. You are the coolest over all the other girls in our school.

Write this, "Let's find out if what I think we have is real. I was looking for you. I think someone threw up in the girls' room. All right, I'll take a look. We can ride home together and talk about us. That was really sweet. Willard Hughes is gonna ride Janice home today. They're totally in love. In your dreams.

Well, you better tell Willard that. It looks like he's heading home in his own bus. Look at Janice!

Hey, Janice, what happened? Didn't Willard know he's in love with you? Where's your boyfriend, Janice? Don't follow us, or I'll tell Alexandra you still suck your thumb and sleep with Mr. All right, let's go. We're on a mission. Hey, this is my friend, Jess. Can he help?

So, you're the infamous Jess. Hi, I'm Judy. Leslie tells me you're good with a paint brush. Grab one and get going. I am determined to have this wall finished so when the late sun hits it, we can watch it catch fire.

Now, that's one steady hand, Jess. That's an artist's hand. Am I right? You know, the best prize that life offers, is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Teddy Roosevelt said that, not me. Was it worth it? Hey, guys. Jess, get started on your homework, OK? I'm managing the store on weekends, starting soon, I need you to pick up on some chores around here. You know, the best prize that life can offer is working hard at work worth doing. No, I I just made them up myself. You're really talented. Jess, don't let those other kids get in your way. I just went to use the girl's room. Someone's in a stall, crying their eyes out, and I think it's Janice Avery.

It can't be the trick we played, can it? No way. But come here. Get out of here! Get out of here, now! It's not "skinned knee crying," it's something serious. It's the girls' bathroom, I can't go in there. A girl who can stand up to a giant troll is afraid of some dumb eighth grader? He, like, came up to me. Aarons lives a hard life, working from sunup to sundown to make ends meet.

He must work at a full-time job off the farm because he, like other small farmers, cannot make enough money from the land. Even though he loses his job, he never gives up and finds ways to keep the family afloat.

Affectionate with May Belle, and somewhat indulgent with Brenda and Ellie, he has different standards of behavior for Jess. He shows no physical affection toward his son for most of the story and expects him to act like "a man," shouldering many of the responsibilities of the family.

He never praises Jess for his talents but does criticize him for his faults. Although Mr. Aarons can be gruff, he is softer at heart than he seems. When Jess really needs emotional support, Mr. Aarons is there without fail. Despite feeling awkward, Mr.

Aarons breaks through his own standoffishness to hug and comfort his son after Leslie's death. He is able to treat him with compassion and see him again as a child, not yet a man, but still worthy of love and respect. Momma Mrs. Aarons's life is too exhausting to allow her much pleasure.

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She is usually working around the house and is harder on Jess than on the other children, often scolding or nagging him about chores, even though he is responsible about his work. Aarons worries about money continually since they rarely have enough and doesn't want anyone to look down on her family.

She struggles to clothe her children decently so they will look presentable to what she takes for society. Although Momma can be harsh at times, her genuine love for her children comes through, particularly when Jess goes into crisis.

She is able to show him gentleness and compassion that previously have been missing in their relationship. Janice Avery On the surface Janice Avery plays the stock character of the school bully, taunting and harassing anyone younger or weaker than she is. She takes their money, steals their lunch treats, and seems to relish the power of keeping others in fear.

However, as the story progresses, Janice's character is revealed as more complex.

She faces her own set of problems, from self-consciousness about her size to humiliation over her crush on Willard Hughes. Her troubles are darker than this, though: her father beats her.

When needing comfort and sympathy, she shares this information with her two closest friends, who betray her by spreading the story around the school.I'm getting most of it, OK? If we had a troll hunter, we could track its scent and sneak up on it. We'll just take the five dollars Daddy promised us. Inform your parents it's an assignment, I'm sure they won't object.

Are these ever gonna grow? Ba-room, ba-room, ba-room, baripity, baripity, baripity, baripity. I got it from your sisters.