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the preceding 'Introduction to AutoLISP Programming' course which was originally published in LESSON ONE - AUTOLISP PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES. autolisp programming principles techniques pdf download - autolisp techniques autolisp programming: principles and techniques: rod r, autolisp. autolisp programming: principles and techniques by rod r. section, autolisp programming principles techniques pdf download - autolisp programming.

Autolisp Programming Principles And Techniques Pdf

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Online Source Download and Free Ebook PDF Manual Reference Free Download Books Autolisp-programming-principles-and-techniques Printablefile. An AutoLISP program consists of a series of expressions. AutoLISP . The traditional technique for combatting this confusion is indentation. The more deeply. advanced autolisp programming is an eight-lesson independent study course, originally autolisp programming principles techniques pdf download - autolisp.

Parentheses Parentheses are vital to writing AutoLisp programs. All commands are surrounded by parentheses. AutoLisp uses parentheses to nest, allowing you to write a command that acts on evaluates another command. In turn, that command can act on another.

As you add parentheses, you're nesting commands become deeper and deeper. Remember to come out of the nest with an equal number of parentheses.

Note: Always close what you open. Defun Define Function In AutoLisp the name of the program or function must be defined in the first statement, which is done by using the command: defun functionname body of program Defun is the first actual command and is followed by the name of the function or program. Defun encloses the entire program and its closing bracket comes after the main body of the program There are different ways of starting a function for example: defun drawline The first way, you are saying that all variables you plan to use in the program are GLOBAL, which are variables that do not lose their value after the program ends.

A point in your drawing is described by the value of the X co-ordinate and the value of the Y co-ordinate.

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In AutoLisp, that point can be described by a single variable, a list of two elements, the first being the X value and the second being the Y value eg: 7 The following are also examples of lists: 5 9 7 2 and 1. Atoms If a variable has a single indivisible value it is an atom.

For example, each element in the lists above is an atom e. In fact, you can try this for yourself now. Type the code above at the AutoCAD command prompt and hit enter.

Input Commands getting info from the user AutoLisp provides a number of options for getting different types of data from the user. Input Commands Needs you to pick a point on the screen. It will always give you the absolute angle using 0 degree base as EAST. The forward slash character tells AutoLisp to interpret the following character as a special character rather than just as a letter "n".

The "n" must be always be lower case. Caution: Your prompt must always be between quotes, "prompt" otherwise you will get an error. Ordinarily, AutoCAD will interpret a space in the same way it interprets a carriage return. The procedure is repeated until no more hinge lines are intersected. Features generate hinge-line network. Hinge lines with nearest intersec- tion to borehole trajectory are selected first.

Merged hinge lines One of the main features of the KINKFOLD are removed from list of parent hinge lines and offspring is program is that it accepts data from vertical, inclined added to list. A Raw data. C Structural model with hinge lines removed. Although A Raw data from inclined borehole.

C Structural model without hinge lines. KINKFOLD program can handle overturning, but overturned beds must be explicitly specified in input data file with dip angles more than B Normal fold solution no overturning. C Overturned fold solution. Unrecognised overturning may give rise to incorrect solution or program failure. Discontinuities such as faults and unconformities are shows the cross-section with an unconformity and a regarded as boundaries.

Line following key word provides depth and attitude of discontinuity plane. A Solution with no discontinuity. B Solution with fault and unconformity.

AutoLisp programming

The names and locations of the wells cannot be disclosed for proprietary reasons. The first example is from an extensional basin near the Red Sea. The fault is interpreted as a listric fault. The second example is from a compressional terrain close to the Toros—Zagros belt. The fault in this example is interpreted as a thrust fault with a ramp. The third actual example is presented as a test Fig. TURN3D utility can be used to convert two-dimen- sional structural models to pseudo-three-dimensional block The actual test examples shown in Figs.

Actual example from extensional basin close to Red Sea. C Edited and interpreted geological cross-section. Fault is interpreted as listrict fault. Although this is likely interpretation, it is not only possible solution. The first needs to be interpreted, edited and completed.

It is best column is offset in the direction of cross-section along to implement programs of this nature in a CAD the wellbore trajectory ; the second column is true platform to enable the user to edit the cross-sections.

AutoLisp programming

AutoLISP is specified by a key wordFfault or unconformity a version of LISP programming language with specific followed by the coordinates and dip azimuth and commands for performing various operations in Auto- dip angle of the discontinuity plane. An example set CAD. One additional advantage of having Tables 1 and 2, respectively. Limitations and pitfalls 6. Once the AutoCAD editor is may exist in the vicinity of the wellbore.

Undetected overturning or chaotic issued: sedimentary dips, fault drag and similar folds may cause incorrect or unrealistic results. Actual example from compressional basin close to Zagros belt. Fault is interpreted as thrust fault with ramp. Fault drag zones The KINKFOLD program cannot be used to model fault drag, growth folds, inversion structures, similar or disharmonic folds where the bed thickness changes either because of plastic deformation or deposition see Grace et al.

Faulted structures and similar folds can be modelled by KINKFOLD only by omitting dip measurements within fault drag zones and in the vicinity of axial planes of 3—————————————————————————— Fig.

Solution of example data set examp1. Data is from well in Middle East. Decreasing reliability away from wellbore Example parameter file. Accompanying data file is given in Table 2. Parameter files must have extension. When creating a network of hinge lines, the primary examp1.

Principles of Programming

This implies that maximum struc- tural detail is located at the borehole. Obviously, this is not the situation in nature. Parallel folds form above a Ver detachment plane, which may be a thrust fault.

The Raw maximum structural detail is at the detachment plane No. Normally, the location of faults and unconformities can be identified on the borehole image or dip meter Table 2 logs.

If it is not possible to determine the orientation of Example data file. Accompanying parameter file is given in such discontinuities, simple rules of thumb may help.

Table 1. Data file must have extension. The 0 The attitude of 0 Over- 0 Mere knowledge of the local geology, 0 If overturning is suspected, the program 0 It is necessary to 0 It should be noted that this limitation is in construction of near-wellbore structural models using inherent in the nature of the kink-fold solution and not a borehole image data. One of shortcomings of kink-fold method.

Reading Online AutoLISP: Programming for Productivity For Ipad

Dip measurements from fold-drag zone give rise to false anticline model. C Actual fault drag solution. Cross sections from deformation is accompanied by changes in layer dipmeter data. American Association of Petroleum Geolo- thickness. As in any kind of computer solution, it is gists Bulletin 76 5 , — An inverse problem in microtectonics for the determination of stress as faults, unconformities and sedimentary dip before tensors from fault striation analysis.

Journal of Structural attempting to generate structural cross-sections by Geology 5 1 , 51— Often it is necessary to edit manually Grace, L. Fault the crude cross-sections generated by KINKFOLD in visualization from borehole images for sidetrack optimiza- order to obtain geologically meaningful cross-section tion. Geological Society of London, Special Publication , pp. Hardy, S. Mathematical modelling of growth strata associated with References fault-related fold structures.

In: Buchanan, P. Statistical curvature analysis techniques Interpretation, Validation and Modelling. Geological for structural interpretation of dipmeter data. American Society of London, Special Publication 99, pp. Computers a Buchanan, J. The application of cross-section con- Geosciences 20, — Folding and Fracturing of Rocks.

Fundamentals of Well Log Interpretation, Vol.Yes or NO :" Initget will control the next getxxx function and is used to specify a list of valid options or keywords, getkword will accept only one of the words specifies using initget. Why not share! Trice, R. The second example is from a compressional terrain close to the Toros—Zagros belt. You can change your ad preferences anytime. I forgot my password. A Hinge line is angle bisector of vectors parallel to dip direction angle a if no overturning is present.