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ANAF > Taxpayers Assistance > Programe utile. Termenul de depunere a declaraţiei unice este ! Vă rugăm să aveţi în vedere că puteţi depune . Downloading returns (declarations). Actions. ${title}. Loading There is no english content available! Public Info [Info publice]. 01Plan de măsuri pentru. USEFUL PROGRAMMES Programe Utile. Useful programmes regarding: tax returns and fiscal sheets, annual reports, financial situations etc. more. FISCAL.

Anaf Programe Utile Download

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About NAFA Despre ANAF] for Integrity; 04CPHNWI – (Compliance Programme for High Net Worth Individuals) ANAF – actor of international relations. Download Datasheet; 96 In stock: Ships tomorrow. 13 Arhiva materialelor informative elaborate de ANAF Programe Utile Programe utile referitoare la. Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Forum 3. Search Please, help me to find this anaf declaratia pdf. Thanks!.

ANAF considera ca prezenta unei pers. D — declaratie privind vectorul fiscal pt. Se pastreaza la asociatie si se prezinta la un eventual control de la ANAF. Se va descarca declaratia , pe care o salvati in calculator nu lucrati direct in declaratia care Link-uri utile depunere Declaratii Toate formularele ANAF. De acum putem modifica vectorul fiscal online. Declaratii fiscale declaratia ultima versiune anaf ; Declaratia unica Instructiunile de completare, modelul, continutul si modalitatea de depunere a declaratiei unice au fost publicate in Monitorul Oficial Partea I, Nr.

Formulare si programe utile - Asistenta Contribuabili ; Formulare ANAF actualizate, fise fiscale, cv european, Fisa capacitatii de cazare, Cerere certificat atestare fiscala, Cerere restituire taxa auto , program Ordin de plata, program Revisal, Contract individual de munca, Act aditional contract de munca, Decizie incetare, Decizie concediere, Sesizare, Descarca declaratii fiscale in format PDF Unde gasiti formularul pentru depunerile online - Fara Declaratia model nou valabil in ordinul nr.

D download model ianuarie , declaratia anaf ianuarie , declaratia pentru ianuarie , declaratia anaf ianuarie , declaratia anaf ianuarie , declaratia pentru ianuarie , Declaratia - infotva. Aspecte fiscale AFIR da startul ANAF: Raspunsuri cu privire la depunerea electronica a After pressing the Reopening button you will receive: - a message informing you about the importance of listing the commercial journals for The reopening operation will have the following effects: 1.

Set the export parameters in the window: Fill out: the time interval, the export path, if you wish to create a cumulative accounting note for fiscal receipts, them press the Export button. Once the import is finished, go to the Files-Records menu, where imported records can be viewed. These are the first application versions which are compatible for this import. Before accessing the "Calculate stocks" button, we can only modify the date for switching, not the unloading method.

Calculus is finished once the "Successful operation" message is displayed, then you need to press the "OK" button. After following the steps above, go to CIEL V7 where a new company will be created, where the import will be made.

When accessing this button, the below window will appear: where you will need to choose the import type from the four existing options. Check the preferred option and press "Next". The image is available for data import from common databases commercial management-accounting, commercial management or accounting.

Once you logged in to the SQL server, select the company where the import will be made from. After selecting the company, you need to check some import options, as seen below: The start date for importing: if you check this option, you can fill select the date from which the import is performed.

If you do not check this option, all existing documents in the database will be imported. In the window above, select the import options regarding the Commercial Management documents. After checking, you will be able to access the "Import" button.

After importing, error, warning and info messages can be read by accessing the Tools-Import-Import messages menu. After fixing the errors, warnings and informative messages, which will be done in the CIEL Commercial Management and CIEL Accounting applications, a new import in a newly created company will be performed.

Reopening procedure in CIEL Accounting In order to reopen, you need to have closed by the 31st of December VAT, income and expenses accounts must be closed, and you must not have any records to enter for Then press the Save Filter and Apply Filter buttons.

You are now back in the Validate records window, where only the records are displayed, after filtering.

Press the Grouped validation button and the Validate button. An initial balance note is created for each currency in which you worked in the previous year, notes balancing is done through the account.

Only the reevaluated accounts will be retrieved in the accounting notes with initial balance in foreign currencies; Retrieve detailed third party balances - you can retrieve the detailed balances at document level for third parties, for the other accounts, only balances are retrieved.

Only the reevaluated accounts will be retrieved in the accounting notes with initial balance in foreign currencies; Warning: Use one of the first two options if you automatically reevaluated in using the Processing-Reevaluation menu or if you manually reevaluated by following the steps in the Help menu.

Standard balances retrieval procedure - retrieves all previous year turnovers. A single initial balance note will be created. VAT closings or reevaluations will not be taken into account in this case; Standard turnovers retrieval procedure - retrieves balances for each account in the new year.

A initial balance note will be created for each currency. For currencies, the initial balance will be created at 0 rate.

Reevaluations will not be taken into account in this case. Warning: The last two options can be used if in you did not automatically reevaluate or if you did not follow the steps in the Help menu for manual reevaluation.

Then press Reopen, in the window press Save, then press Continue. After reopening, the reopening notes afferent to and the accounting notes entered for will remain in the current company. Using the magnifying glass button, the chart of accounts will open, where you can select the desired account.

Access the button, create a line where you will select the non-payable VAT account and write the VAT rate in the Percentage column, like in the below example: Form In order to configure form , you must go to Listings - Fiscal statements - Income tax calculus - Configure income tax calculus.

In order to create the form, access the "List income tax calculus" option.


Firstly, choose the reporting interval, check the "Temporary records" option and access the "Calculus" button. Then select the path to the "dist" folder if you wish to validate the form with J software , the export path and fill out the "Representative" section First name, Last name, Position.

The next step is exporting the statement using the "XML export" button, validating and signing it. Form Firstly, form needs to be configured.

Access the Listings-Fiscal statements-Form Configure form menu. Here, only check the tax types you have to declare.


The tax account is configured for each checked row. Choose the reporting interval, then press the "Calculus" and "Results" buttons. The validation window will open, where you will choose the path to the "dist" folder and the export path.

VAT upon collection instructions Preliminary Configuration. Registering the download invoice with VAT upon collection. For downloads invoices, check the "VAT upon collection" option, which will suggest by default the afferent VAT options.

For a complete evidence of documents in journals and statements, choose VAT options. For records with VAT upon collection, choose the options with this specification. Registering a partial payment In order to make a payment, select the treasury account, the third party account and the invoice in the "Mark number" field. Before saving the accounting note, click on the box related to the partner account, then press the "Generate VAT note" button.

The window that will open by accessing the "Generate VAT note" button displays information regarding the non-payable VAT afferent to the invoice.

For saving the note afferent to the VAT, press the Temporary button, thus you can later modify the generated note, or press Validate without the possibility of later editing this note. In the case of a partial payment for an invoice including several VAT rates, you must specify the value afferent to the VAT on each of these. Example Partial payment Registering sales invoices The entry mode of the sales invoice with VAT upon collection resembles the entry mode of the download invoice.

Notes for VAT collection can be generated based on certain criteria, using the Filter button, or they can be generated for all invoices using the "Generate all VAT collection notes" button.

anaf declaratia pdf

Documents whose VAT has not become payable will appear in commercial journals, regardless of the chosen listing period. The invoice doesn't have any corresponding payment. The information displayed in the download journal is: For the second download invoice the values related to the base and VAT, extracted from the payment, were transferred in the corresponding columns. Also, "Payment document" and "Paid value" columns were automatically filled out.

anaf declaratii download

For the sales journal with VAT, the information display mode is the same. In this window, you can select the partner, invoice and collection, using the magnifying glass button and you can manually modify the value that will become payable in the document data grid. How to customize invoices with VAT upon collection In order to follow the instructions to modify custom invoices with VAT upon collection, download the archive.

D update instructions In order to update the PDF file required for submitting the D form, you must follow the following steps: 1 Download the latest D version here.

2% of Income Tax

If you have the network version, you need to copy this file on the server and the workstations, as well. If you wish to keep the old D, you need to rename it before replacing it.

How to modify data in D smart PDF 1. Set the export path for D by pressing the 3 dotted button at the end of the export path box.

You can choose any export path you want.After selecting the company, you need to check some import options, as seen below: The start date for importing: if you check this option, you can fill select the date from which the import is performed. Planned for the day are the meat draws that are a huge draw and horse races that always get motors running. Pentru a descarca declaratii fiscale dati clic dreapta pe declaratie si apoi save as sau save link as.

If you wish to save the filter for future use, name it and press the "Save filter" button, then the "Apply filter" button. Ro Declaratia Pdf - spatorrentino ; ANAF a renuntat, in cazul impozitelor si taxelor cu regim de stabilire prin autoimpunere sau retinere la sursa, la gruparea obligatiilor de plata in declaratii distincte, in functie de destinatia platii, astfel incat toate acestea vor fi declarate prin intermediul formularului 1.

In order to perform the reopening of a financial exercise, you need to make sure that your CIEL Accounting version is at least version 6. Press Validate and further use the account in your records.