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In the reign of Amun-hotpe IV-Akhenaten of Dynasty 18 the royal family espoused the worship of the sun disk, the Aten, and neglected the older state and local. Can you find contemporary poetry, song lyrics, or religious verses that are similar to one of these poems? In Akhenatens Hymn to the Sun, Akhenaten is the speaker. His tone is full of admiration, exaltation, praise, thanking and paying homage to his God of gods Aten: the sun disk. And in Thy might.” Akhnaton — Longer Hymn to the Sun .. priests of the oldest Sun-god, Ra — which they also called Aton, the Disk, in the sacred city of Son of the sun, living in Truth, Akhenaten, great in his duration; Nefer. neferu. Aten.

Akhenaten Hymn To The Sun Pdf

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The Sun King Akhenaten of Egypt (ruled BC according indicating that the famous hymn to Aten by Akhenaten which is seen as a. The Sun King Akhenaten of Egypt (who ruled during BC that the famous hymn to Aten by Akhenaten which is seen as a precursor to Psalm Akhenaten's new religion saw the sun god Aten replace the entire pantheon of . 'Hymn to the Sun' is sung in English. The words of the.

A specific literary interdependence is not probable. Smith has commented that "Despite enduring support for the comparison of the two texts, enthusiasm for even indirect influence has been tempered in recent decades. In some quarters, the argument for any form of influence is simply rejected outright.

He views the word 'hymn' as suggesting "outpourings of emotion" while he sees them as "eulogies, formal and rhetorical statements of praise" honoring Aten and the royal couple.

He credits James Henry Breasted with the popularisation of them as hymns saying that Breasted erroneously saw them as "a gospel of the beauty and beneficence of the natural order, a recognition of the message of nature to the soul of man" quote from Breasted.

Redford argued that while Akhenaten called himself the son of the Sun-Disc and acted as the chief mediator between god and creation, kings for thousands of years before Akhenaten's time had claimed the same relationship and priestly role. However Akhenaten's case may be different through the emphasis placed on the heavenly father and son relationship.

Akhenaten described himself as "thy son who came forth from thy limbs", "thy child", "the eternal son that came forth from the Sun-Disc", and "thine only son that came forth from thy body". The close relationship between father and son is such that only the king truly knows the heart of "his father", and in return his father listens to his son's prayers.

He is his father's image on earth and as Akhenaten is king on earth his father is king in heaven.

Thou takest away their breath and they die. And return to their dust. These wait all for thee. That thou may give them food in due season.

When thou hast brought him together to the point of bursting it in the egg To chirp with all his might, He goeth about on his two feet When he hath come forth therefrom. How manifold are thy works, They are hidden from before us O Sole God, whose powers no other possesseth. Thou didst create the earth according to thy heart While thou wast alone Man, all cattle, large and small All that are upon the earth That go about on their feet All That are on high That fly with their wings The foreign countries, Syria and Kush, The land of Egypt Thou settest every man into his place Thou suppliest their necessities And his days are reckoned The tongues are divers in speech Their forms likewise and their skins are distinguished For thou makest different the strangers.

And here is a comparison of the Hymn to the Aten with other Biblical and LDS parallels And the Hymn to the Aten in full: Let your holy Light shine from the height of heaven, O living Aton, From estern horizon risen and streaming, you have flooded the world with your beauty. You are majestic, awesome, bedazzling, exalted, overlord over all earth, yet your rays, they touch lightly, compass the lands to the limits of all your creation.

There in the Sun, you reach to the farthest of those you would gather in for your Son, whom you love; Though you are far, your light is wide upon earth; and you shine in the faces of all who turn to follow your journeying. When you sink to rest below western horizon earth lies in darkness like death, Sleepers are still in bedchambers, heads veiled, eye cannot spy a companion; All their goods could be stolen away, heads heavy there, and they never knowing!

Lions come out from the deeps of their caves, snakes bite and sting; Darkness muffles, and earth is silent he who created all things lies low in his tomb. Earth-dawning mounts the horizon, glows in the sun-disk as day: You drive away darkness, offer your arrows of shining, and the Two Lands are lively with morningsong.

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Across the face of the earth they go to their crafts and profession he herds are at peace in their pastures, trees and the vegetation grow green; Birds start from their nests, wings wide spread to worship your Person; Small beasts frisk and gambol, and all who mount into flight or settle to rest live, once you have shone upon them; Ships float downstream or sail for the south, each path lies open because of your rising; Rish in the River leap in your sight, and your rays strike deep in the Great Green It is you [who] create the new creature in Woman, shape the life-giving drops into Man, Foster the son in the womb of his mother, soothe him, ending his tears; Nurse through the long generations of women to those given Air, you ensure that your handiwork prosper.

When the new one descends from the womb to draw breath the day of his birth, You open his mouth, you shape his nature, and you supply all his necessities.

Hark to the chick in the egg, he who speaks in the shell!

You give him air within to save and prosper him; And you have allotted to him his set time before the shell shall be broken; Then out from the egg he comes, from the egg to peep at his natal hour!

And up on his own two feet goes he when at last he struts forth therefrom. How various is the world you have created, each thing mysterious, sacred to sight, O sole God, beside whom is no other! You make Hapy, the Nile, stream through the underworld, and bring him, with whatever fullness you will, To preserve and nourish the People in the same skilled way you fashion them.

You are Lord of each one, who wearies himself in their service, Yet Lord of all earth, who shines for them all, Sun-disk of day, holy Light!

Akhenaten_and_the_Great_Hymn_to_Aten.pdf - Akhenaten and

All of the far foreign contries— you are the cause they live, For you have put a Nile in the sky that he might descend upon them in rain— He makes waves on the very mountains like waves on the Great Green Sea to water their fields and their villages. How splendidly ordered are they, your purposes for this world, O Lord of Eternity, Hapy in heaven!

Although you belong to the distant peoples, to the small, shy beasts who travel the deserts and uplands, Yet Hapy, he comes from Below for the dear Land of Egypt as well. And your Sunlight nurses each field and meadow: when you shine, they live, they grow sturdy and prosper through you.

You set seasons to let the world flower and flourish— winter to rest and refresh it, the hot blast of summer to ripen; And you have made heaven far off in order to shine down therefrom, in order to watch over all your creation. You are the One God, shining forth from your possible incarnations as Aton, the Living Sun, Revealed like a king in glory, risen in light, now distant, now bending nearby. O God, you are in the Sun disk of Day, Over-Seer of all creation passed on to all who shall every be; For you fashioned their sight, who perceive your universe, that they praise with one voice all your labors.

And you are in my heart; there is no other who truly knows you but for your son, Akhenaten. May you make him wise with your inmost counsels, wise with your power, that earth may aspire to your godhead, its creatures fine as the day you made them.

Once you rose into shining, they lived; when you sink to rest, they shall die. Some continued to privately worship their traditional gods. There is material evidence that deities other than the Aten and the royal family were worshipped at Amarna.

Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun”

Fertility figurines and statues of gods such as Bes and Taweret have been found. Kemp, Ancient Egypt, Anatomy of a Civilisation, 2nd edn. Akhenaten in some sense may well be attempting to reclaim earlier Middle Kingdom views that encouraged loyalty to the king over personal piety.

Atenism failed. Following the death of Akhenaten there was a rapid return to traditional worship. Yet Akhenaten continues to engage us, symbolising perhaps the beauty and mystery that is ancient Egypt. Breasted, James H. Ancient Records of Egypt, Vol.

Foster, John L. Waddell, William Heinemann, London, Murnane, William J. Texts From the Amarna Period in Egypt, ed. Meltzer, Society of Biblical Literature, [e-book], Wilson, John A.

Pritchard, 3rd edition with supplement, Princeton University Press, Princeton, , pp. Allen, James P.

Allen, Yale University, New Haven, , pp. Kozloff, Arielle P. Redford, Donald B.You rouse them for your son who came from your body. During the festival, Amenhotep III endeavored to gather all the deities of the Two Lands to perform its ceremonies in front of the shrines containing their various divine images Vol II, p.

This can be read in the Book of Gates, which may have been written during the Amarna Period. It replaced Middle Egyptian developed at the end of the Old Kingdom. Under Pharaoh Ramesses II ca. Sole one, unique one, who traverses eternity.