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Oracle10g Advanced PL/SQL Programming. Oracle 10g Advanced PL/SQL Programming. Contributing Authors: Robert Freeman, Mary Gable. Oracle Database Advanced Application Developer's Guide, 11g Release 1 () Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feuerstein. Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Professional Guide focuses on advanced features to learn the latest, best practices of PL/SQL programming in terms of code writing.

Advanced Pl Sql Programming Pdf

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the heart of much of Oracle's software is PL/SQL—a programming language that incorporates many of the most advanced elements of procedural languages. Optimize PL/SQL performance with tools and techniques such as PL/Scope and the PL/SQL hierarchical profiler. Explore datatypes, conditional and sequential. DBO11G Oracle 11g Advanced PL/SQL Programming. Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. About this course. PL/SQL is Oracle's embedded .

The query should return the object name and type and its status. Order the output by type of object.

Section , Exercise 1 A-E, 2, 3, 4 1. This question shows how exceptions are propagated.

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Examine the following code. Create the procedure in Application Express. Save your work you will need to modify the procedure code later.

Write and execute an anonymous block to test your theory. Test it again as in step c. Make sure the lines of code are listed in the correct sequence.

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Section , Exercise 1, 2 1. Another user TOM creates a table called tomtab, and does not grant you any privileges on it.

If you try to execute the following statement, will it work? Will it work now? Why or why not?

TOM then writes the following procedure. That initial value may or may not be modified by the called program. Any changes made to the parameter are returned to the calling program by default by copying but - with the NOCOPY hint - may be passed by reference.

The use of packages promotes re-use of code. Packages are composed of the package specification and an optional package body.


The specification is the interface to the application; it declares the types, variables, constants, exceptions, cursors, and subprograms available. The body fully defines cursors and subprograms, and so implements the specification.

They support object-oriented programming features like function overloading and encapsulation. Using package variables one can declare session level scoped variables since variables declared in the package specification have a session scope.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 6th Edition

Main article: Database trigger A database trigger is like a stored procedure that Oracle Database invokes automatically whenever a specified event occurs. Unlike a stored procedure, you can enable and disable a trigger, but you cannot explicitly invoke it. While a trigger is enabled, the database automatically invokes it—that is, the trigger fires—whenever its triggering event occurs.

While a trigger is disabled, it does not fire. This condition must be satisfied into table tablename clause. Ans: Oracle 7.

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In static cursor database servers executes only one select statement at a time for a single active set area where in ref cursor database servers executes number of select statement dynamically for a single active set area that's why those cursor are also called as dynamically cursor.

Generally static cursor does not return multiple record into client application where as ref cursor are allowed to return multiple records into client application Java,.

This is an user defined type so we are creating it in 2 steps process i. What are The Types of Ref Cursors?

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Ans: In all databases having 2 ref cursors. Strong ref cursor Weak ref cursor Strong ref cursor is a ref cursor which have return type, whereas weak ref cursor has no return type.

What is Difference Between trim, delete collection method?You can pass variables as parameters to subprograms. You now feel that it would be much easier if you had conditional statements.

The purpose of this practice is to show the usage of predefined exceptions. Log on to your machine. The code of the script file is displayed in the SQL Worksheet area.